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Hi folks, it’s Minor Cold (Lesser Cold) today. Here’s something you might want to know about it.

The Minor Cold (小寒), 23rd of the 24 solar terms, falls between January 5 and 7 of the Gregorian calendar. It ushers in the coldest days of the year. According to meteorological data, of all 24 solar terms it is during this one, the 23rd, that temperatures are lowest. Contrary to what their names suggest, there have been few years when the weather has been colder in the Major Cold (大寒) than during the Minor Cold.

There is a Chinese saying, “The coldest days are during the third Nine” – meaning a nine-day period during Minor Cold. In this solar term, cold air masses moving from north to south cause temperatures to drop so low that both the soil and lakes throughout northern China freeze. As icy temperatures pose the risk of frost for winter crops, farmers take care to shake snow off the branches of their fruit trees after a snowfall to prevent them from freezing and breaking off.

People also need to “shake off” excess cold from their bodies. Traditional Chinese medicine defines cold in the human body as yin, and the coldest period of the year is notable for excessive yin that upsets the essential yin and yang balance. So to maintain good health during the Minor Cold, close attention must be paid to diet. As piping hot food is recommended to ward off freezing temperatures, hotpot is the perfect dish! (Baijiu does the trick too 🙂 )

But, there’s no need to stay indoors all the time when the Minor Cold comes! One aesthetic advantage of such severe winters is the annual Ice Sculpture Festival in Harbin. This traditional festival is a chance to experience and marvel at a wonderland of ice art, and attracts thousands of visitors each year.


And here a video of the the Minor Cold (23rd solar term) (Although I’m not a big fan of the guy in it):


My love, I want it all~

Had a good laugh reading about the minor cold considering it’s going to be 42 °C today where I live. That’s 107 °F.

That aside spent the last couple of days binging this. I am sad that I have now caught up. Still craving more.

It’s negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit where I am

Omg, better stay indoors then.

42 °C? Where do you live?

Melbourne. There ended up being 3 fires in my area. It was a very hot day. To hot to even go to the beach. It didn’t get me out of going to work though so the beach was never on the cards.

Lol. That reminds me that I need to spend some time on the beach. I really miss the beach.



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