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As he spoke, Nie Tian dashed towards the man who had been hit by lightning and was still trudging backwards.

The man, who was at the early Heaven stage, still had fragmentary sparks sputtering on his body and dark smoke rising from his hair. Apparently, he had sustained some serious injuries.

He sensed danger as Nie Tian rapidly closed in on him, surrounded by his chaotic magnetic field.

However, before he had the time to react, Nie Tian’s magnetic field had already enveloped him, immediately causing him to lose control of his spiritual and psychic power.

During his previous battles, Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field had been proven effective on Greater Heaven stage experts, let alone an early Heaven stage cultivator like this man.


In the next moment, Nie Tian’s flame-wreathed fist bombarded the man’s chest like a giant hammer.

The man, who had already sustained heavy injuries, obviously didn’t have the strength to fend off such a violent strike, and thus had his chest bones shattered. The light in his eyes disappeared as he was sent flying out of Nie Tian’s magnetic field.

He coughed up a mouthful of blood and was dead before his body even touched the ground.

Nie Tian grinned as he slowly approached his victim and squatted down to take his bracelet of holding. After searching his whole body for valuables, he said, “What a poor wretch.”

Somewhat disappointed, Nie Tian sent a wisp of his psychic awareness to scan the bracelet of holding, but all he discovered were a hundred spirit stones and a bunch of worthless items.

Afterwards, Nie Tian turned around and returned to the battlefield where the other six were still fighting.

Killing the man had taken Nie Tian no more than a dozen seconds.

Originally, no one on either side had attached much importance to Nie Tian, who seemed to be nothing more than a big talker. Cai Yuan didn’t even spare him a second glance.

After all, Nie Tian was merely at the Lesser Heaven stage, lower than anyone present. He didn’t think a nobody like him would be able to change the course of the battle.

That was why Cai Yuan hadn’t even bothered to reply to Nie Tian’s offer, and had only considered him as fool who had no better things to do.

However, after realizing that Nie Tian had killed an early Heaven stage cultivator in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, both Cai Yuan and his opponents couldn’t help but spare some attention to check him out.

As of now, Nie Tian’s body had already been tempered to the point where a mere glance at him would make his enemies feel nervous.

Facing Cai Yuan’s gaze, Nie Tian laughed heartily and said, “I didn’t do a thorough job on that one, so that one is free.”

Nie Tian was also aware that his successful kill was based on the fact that his victim had already sustained serious injuries.


Loud sounds were created from the friction of air as Cai Yuan rapidly swung his gloved fists, forcing one of his opponents to step backwards.

He took advantage of the opportunity and shouted to his subordinate with the wide sword, “Get the hell back to your opponents, Zhao Feng! I can handle these two at the same time. I don’t need you to help me!”

Blood was still flowing out of the Blood Skull member named Zhao Feng, while two fierce-looking men were chasing after him.

After berating Zhao Feng, Cai Yuan turned around and shot a glance at Nie Tian, saying, “Starting now, I’ll give you eight hundred spirit stones for killing one early Heaven stage enemy of ours, and two thousand spirit stones for a middle Heaven stage one. However you do it, I don’t care.”

“Wow, middle Heaven stage enemies?” After a moment of hesitation, Nie Tian nodded, “I’ll give it a shot.”

“Zhou Qi! Go kill this brat!” A late Heaven stage expert had a disdainful expression on his face as he formed several hand seals, commanding a set of two sharp claws to fly towards Cai Yuan’s waist.

The claws were iron-gray, and rust spots could be seen on them. However, bright dots of light constantly shot out of them as they whizzed through the air.

From the look of it, those bright light dots contained toxins, and that was why Cai Yuan dared not defend against them with anything other than his gloves.

Zhou Qi, an early Heaven stage cultivator, was originally chasing after Zhao Feng. However, the moment he received the order from his leader, he spun around and went after Nie Tian.

“Go!” All of a sudden, a staff with a tiger head on top shot out of his hand.

As it traveled at an astonishing speed in the air, a violent roar rang out from within it right before a enormous, white tiger emerged from the top of the staff. Its frenzied roars created a wave of strong psychic power that shot straight towards Nie Tian’s mind.

However, as soon as the wave entered Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field, it disappeared into thin air.

Even the white tiger was instantly twisted, became blurry, and was ripped to pieces the moment it entered.

With a dreadful shriek, what remained of the white tiger retreated to the staff.

Zhou Qi’s expression suddenly flickered.

He was aware that it was the incomplete soul of a fourth grade White Spot Tiger that had been sealed into his staff. However, even though the soul was incomplete, it was still as strong as a Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior, and the aura emitted could easily confuse the mind of a Qi warrior with a lower cultivation base.

Zhou Qi’s plan had been to kill Nie Tian without breaking a sweat while his mind was influenced by the White Spot Tiger.

However, he hadn’t anticipated that the staff and the White Spot Tiger’s soul would both go out of control when they were three meters from Nie Tian.

At that moment, fear could be seen on Zhou Qi’s face as he watched Nie Tian stepping towards him with a grin on his face. Not knowing what Nie Tian was capable of, he could only move backwards to keep a sizable distance from Nie Tian.


Enveloped by his chaotic magnetic field, Nie Tian stretched out his arms and splayed his hands, and then numerous flames that resembled burning snakes shot out of his ten fingertips.

Using his mind, he commanded them to hover around Zhou Qi, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The close to a dozen fire snakes Nie Tian had created with the Flame Spirit Incantation managed to confine Zhou Qi in a very small area, while Nie Tian gradually closed in on him.

As he did, Nie Tian once again raised his hand and used the secret magic he had learned from the mysterious land to gather the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.


Watching the tainted spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth converging from every direction, Nie Tian stopped moving forward, a mysterious smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

It took only a few seconds for a spiritual energy ball the size of a watermelon to form in his palm.

Unlike the spiritual energy balls he had created in the mysterious land or the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, this spiritual energy ball was gray and misty inside, filled with toxins and filth that hadn’t belonged to the Realm of Split Void until the catastrophic upheaval.

Therefore, Nie Tian didn’t dare to try to absorb power from it to cultivate; he only wanted to test it out on his enemies.

For some unknown reason, the spiritual energy ball filled with foreign impurities rattled within the chaotic magnetic field.

It seemed that numerous types of strange forces were countering one another within the gray spiritual energy ball, sending out mysterious, yet strong, energy fluctuations.


With a thought, Nie Tian commanded the gray spiritual energy ball to fly madly towards Zhou Qi.

However, the internal conflicts within the spiritual energy ball caused it to explode before it could reach him.

The explosion sent countless spots of light into the surroundings; some were gray, some were brown, some were purple, and some were green.

Each and every one of them contained the same strange power that filled every corner of the Realm of Split Void. Like a rain of rainbows, the light dots enveloped the entire area that Zhou Qi was standing in.


As soon as the strange light spots made contact with Zhou Qi’s white, defensive light shield, it shattered into shreds.

At that very moment, the fire snakes that had been slithering around him swarmed in and shot towards his chest and back.

Meanwhile, the multicolored light spots also converged on him like countless fine raindrops.

Under the combined attack, Zhou Qi let out bloodcurdling screams as parts of his skin began to fester.

Some parts of him rapidly turned black and reeked with horrible smells, while others had bulging veins, as if they were going to pop at any moment.

Screaming and shrieking, Zhou Qi gradually collapsed to the ground, with the life aura coming from him growing weaker and weaker before disappearing completely.

“Eight hundred spirit stones!” At that moment, Cai Yuan called out, giving Nie Tian an approving glance, signaling for him to keep at it.

After witnessing Nie Tian killing another early Heaven stage enemy with such miraculous methods, the other two Blood Skull members got a huge boost to their fighting spirit. The pressure that had been weighing on them seemed to have suddenly been removed.

However, to their surprise, Nie Tian didn’t follow his victory with another strike against other early Heaven stage enemy.

Instead, he stood there and stared blankly at the corpse of Zhou Qi, since he had a feeling that Zhou Qi’s death didn’t have much to do with his fire snakes; it was the spiritual energy ball that had killed him.

Nie Tian’s eyes shone with the light of enlightenment as he suddenly realized that he had just discovered a favorable attacking skill to use in the Void Illusion Mountain Range, or even the entire Realm of Split Void, which was to use the polluted spiritual Qi!

Even though the spiritual energy ball he had formed with the polluted spiritual Qi was extremely unstable, its might had been proven to be surprisingly great!

The explosion of the spiritual energy ball had easily broken the defensive shield of an early Heaven stage cultivator and rapidly eroded the victim’s body, causing him to die within seconds.

“Let’s try again!” Thrilled after finding this extremely powerful weapon, Nie Tian created another similar-sized spiritual energy ball with the same method.

He used one Heaven Eye to conduct a thorough examination of the gray spiritual energy ball, and found that there were at least six different types of power within the watermelon-sized spiritual energy ball.

The six types of power had their distinct traits; some were toxic, some emitted horrible smells, some were colder than ice, some were violent and uncontrollable, and some were void-like and mysterious.

Each and every type of power shared the same origin as the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. It was just that they were from other domains, or the void hidden deep within some spatial rifts.

Originally, the various types of power had been scattered in the tainted atmosphere, keeping a peaceful distance from each other.

However, when Nie Tian forcefully bound them together, the six types of power were densely confined to a small space, and thus began to fight with each other and grow violent.

That was why the might of this kind of spiritual energy was so ragingly formidable.

“This spiritual energy ball is like a bomb made up of a variety of unstable energies that could go off at any moment! This is awesome!”

Ecstasy could be seen on Nie Tian’s face, as if he had just solved a profound mystery. Without any delay, he charged towards another early Heaven stage enemy, carrying the newly-formed spiritual energy ball with him.

As soon as he noticed Nie Tian’s actions, a tremor ran through his enemy’s body, who was still engaged in a fierce battle with the black spear-wielding Blood Skull member.

Interestingly, even the Blood Skull member and his other opponent showed fear in their eyes after realizing that the spiritual energy ball was floating their way.

That was because they had both noticed that the previous spiritual energy ball had exploded before even reaching Zhou Qi, and the light spots and impurities that had shot out of the spiritual energy ball had covered a very large area like a rainstorm.

From what they could tell, Nie Tian didn’t have complete control of the spiritual energy ball, and thus wouldn’t be able to use it to bombard a specific target.

Whenever it exploded, everything within it would shoot out in every direction and deal indiscriminate damage to both its target and friendly forces.

“What the…!” Without the slightest hesitation, the three of them scattered in different directions.

Nie Tian was dumbfounded at the scene, and soon realized what the three of them were afraid of.


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