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Chapter 23 - Not Leaving a Single Trace

"Little brat, just accept your fate!"

The man dressed in blue walked briskly towards Nie Tian, slowly raising his hand as he approached Nie Tian.


His hand instantly gathered a rich ice cold spiritual power, and looked as if it was suddenly frozen into ice.

Bone-biting coldness arose from his hand, making Nie Tian, who was three meters away from him, feel as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.


From a distance, He pointed his hand towards Nie Tian, and wisps of cold, white fog slithered around Nie Tian’s whole body like a long, slender, white snake.

Due to the surge of gravitational force beneath his feet, Nie Tian, who already had trouble moving, was in an increasingly dangerous situation as the cold fog struck. 

Not far away, the roar of clashing metal could be constantly heard. There was also the wild laughter of the man with the scar at the edge of his eye.

He didn’t need to look to know, that Nie Qian was in a precarious situation, just like him.

"Power! I need power!" Nie Tian cried in his heart.

As if an invisible force heard his cries, he first felt the heat from the animal bone in his hand.

In the next moment, the burning heat of the animal bone felt as if it had spread from his palm to his whole body.

He clearly perceived the staggering heat wave suddenly flow along his veins to his feet, like liquid magma. 

He suddenly experienced a kind of strange sensation, as if he was in a monstrous flame.


A low growl, from the drop of fresh blood within the animal bone, suddenly roared out in his mind. Suddenly, the horrible gravitational force from the depths of the earth no longer seemed to have any effect on him.

His body, that had seemed pinned to the ground, suddenly moved two steps back.


The attacking man dressed in blue with the frozen hand, which was about to be slammed against Nie Tian’s chest, suddenly noticed that Nie Tian could move freely. He couldn’t help but let out a slight exclamation.

Immediately after that, the plumes of white, cold fog that were wrapped around his fingers suddenly went roaring towards Nie Tian.

In the eyes of Nie Tian, it was as if there were dozens of white ice snakes eager to engulf him.

As the white ice snakes were flying towards him, the extreme ice cold spiritual power was one step ahead and had infiltrated the space around Nie Tian, making it as if it were a land of ice.

"Chi chi!"

However, it was only for a brief moment. The strong coldness seemed to be engulfed by a ball of heat, evaporating it into more white fog.


Nie Tian suddenly gasped. Subconsciously, he glanced down at the animal bone.

The animal bone was like a piece of red, hot iron, so hot that even he could no longer hold onto it.

The single drop of fresh blood within the animal bone slowly loomed out, as if it was a little sun erupting with raging flames.


It was another roar that only he could hear coming from that drop of fresh blood. That roar... it was full of intolerance and irritability.

However, Nie Tian seemed to understand the meaning behind the roar.

Hoping for the best, he threw the animal bone mercilessly towards the man dressed in blue with the icy expression.

The animal bone transformed into a crimson flame as soon as it left his hands, dragging along a long trail of fire, in a faint dragon shape. It flew with a whistling sound towards the man dressed in blue.

"Chi chi!"

The white ice snakes, that were biting towards Nie Tian, mysteriously dissipated into white fog when the crimson flame passed by it.

The man dressed in blue, that released the ice cold spiritual power, had a drastic facial expression change, when he saw that the ice snakes materialised by pure spiritual power were dissipated one by one.

However, without waiting for him to take any further action, the animal bone, that had become a crimson flame, had already arrived in front of his body.

At the same moment, Nie Tian who was staring at him, noticed that there was a large amount of water vapour rising from his body. Nie Tian also clearly saw the fear and despair that was flashing in his eyes.


The animal bone pounded heavily on his chest, and sparks of flames flashed out. 

The fire became clusters of small crimson flames after a moment.

Those little flames seemed to have their own consciousness, as they went rampant all over his body.

And that man, even before he could scream, had his whole body melted, like a piece of ice thrown into a smelting pot. Even his blood was evaporated.

In just a few seconds, the previously nasty assailant had completely disappeared.

On the earth where he once stood, there was not the slightest trace of the fact that he had once been there. There were no bones and no blood.

There was only the red animal bone left on that patch of earth.

The clusters of crimson flames, that were scattered everywhere, returned to the animal bone as if they had a consciousness. While the area surrounding the animal bone, which had possessed a gravitational force five times that of the norm, seemed to have been forcibly normalized.

Nie Tian was staring at the animal bone with a look of horror, subconsciously licking his lips.

A Lianqi master with a good control of ice cold spiritual power and at least at the middle Houtian realm, was burned by the flames from within the animal bones until not even a drop of blood was left, and most terrifyingly, all of this had happened in a very short time. The power displayed by the animal bone left him unable to believe what he had seen with his own two eyes.

He always felt that the animal bone was strange, especially after it had absorbed all the flame energy from the Fire Cloud stones in the mountains to condense that single drop of fresh blood. He was convinced, that the animal bone was absolutely extraordinary.

However only at this moment, after witnessing the power of the animal bone first hand, did he realize that he had underestimated the horror of this animal bone.


When he was in his daze, Nie Qian, who was not far away, vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and looked sluggish.

The man dressed in blue, with the scar at the edge of his eye, was approaching her slowly with a smile on the edge of his lips and his hand holding the shield.

With her back against a tree, Nie Qian, who was holding a silver bracelet in each hand, couldn’t help but turn her head towards Nie Tian’s position, as if she knew it would be impossible for her to escape.

She wanted to know if Nie Tian had been killed before her.

"Little, little Tian..."

When she saw that Nie Tian was still alive and the fierce man that was attacking Nie Tian had somehow disappeared, she was a little bit confused.

The man who was originally going to kill her noticed her strange expression and also looked curiously at Nie Tian.

The man looked stunned, then he shouted angrily, "Second Brother, I told you to hurry up... Where the fuck did you go?”

Previously, he was concentrated on dealing with Nie Qian and didn’t pay any attention to Nie Tian, since in his opinion, Nie Tian had already been trapped by the five times gravitational force. He should have been killed immediately and it was impossible for something to go wrong, so there was nothing interesting to see anyway.

The man, who had cultivated the ice cold spiritual power, was burnt up in almost a few seconds after being hit by the animal bone, and not even a drop of blood was left.

So when he looked over and saw nothing, he only assumed that his brother had walked away.

"Little Tian! Take advantage of that person’s absence and run! Escape to the Lingyun Sect!"

Nie Qian quickly reminded him again after recovering from the momentary shock. She didn’t know what had happened, but in her view, the sudden disappearance of that man was the only chance for Nie Tian to escape.

"Second Brother! Where the fuck did you go?” The older brother, who was the leader, was looking all around with a gloomy face, as he was becoming increasingly impatient.

"He had a stomach pain, and so he was in a hurry to go shit." Nie Tian suddenly answered one sentence, and then he walked to the location of the animal bone. He hesitated for a while, then he slowly reached down to pick up the animal bone, that had become dark brown again.

In the meantime, he had become very cautious, for he feared that the sparks of fire from the animal bone would also swallow him.

The horrible scene of that previous person’s death had created a trauma in his heart, making him fear that the animal bone might undergo that change again.

Fortunately, the animal bone had returned to its original form and no abnormality occurred when he picked it up.

When he held the animal bones in his hand, he somehow had a sudden strong faith. He felt that he could control the animal bone!

"Run away faster!" Nie Qian was so anxious, that she was going crazy.

In her eyes, Nie Tian was simply acting recklessly. For whatever reason, since the assailant wasn’t here, Nie Tian should seize the time to flee, for every second he stayed, the chance of survival would decrease.

Instead of escaping hurriedly, he spoke useless things to the assailant instead. This made her want to slap Nie Tian a few times to make him realise that he should run away.

"I won’t escape." Nie Tian walked step by step towards her while clutching the animal bone with a surprisingly calm face.

"Boy, where’s my younger brother?" The man dressed in blue, with the scar at the edge of his eyes, finally noticed that Nie Tian wasn’t affected by the gravitational field and could actually walk step by step towards him.

He wasn’t stupid. Nie Tian’s calmness and the abnormality of him getting rid of the effect of the gravitational field made him understand that some unknown and strange event must’ve happened previously.

Otherwise, his younger brother would never have disappeared without any explanation.

"Uncle, didn’t I just say that he went to take a shit in the grove?" Nie Tian said gravely.

"Little beast! Don’t give me this bullshit!" The man’s face sunk. Suddenly he didn’t look at Nie Qian anymore but targeted Nie Tian instead. "I don’t care what magic tricks you played, but when I catch you, I’ll crush every bone in your body. Then I’ll naturally know what just happened!"

"Ten Times Gravity!"


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