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Everything happened so fast that by the time Nie Tian had realized the danger, the purple flowers had already left the plants and chased after all the Greater Heaven stage experts like countless rotating blossoms made of sharp blades.

Meanwhile, the Bone Blood Demon had been tangled up by the plants and was experiencing great difficulty in moving its legs.

Nie Tian unleashed his psychic awareness to examine his surroundings, and was vaguely able to sense that a continuous stream of strange aura, which thrummed with fluctuating surges of a mysterious energy, was flowing out of Zelia and quietly infusing into the ground.

“This is her bloodline talent!” Nie Tian, who had recently awakened his first bloodline talent, immediately realized that Zelia was using her bloodline talent to infuse the plants with rich demon Qi, and therefore provide them with the life force they needed to grow rapidly.


For every bit the Bone Blood Demon moved its legs, numerous vines would break and fall to the ground before they turned into purple liquid and seeped back into the earth as a fertilizer.

At the same time, more new plants would crawl up the Bone Blood Demon’s legs in an attempt to hold it down.


A purple flower rammed right into a Blood Sect expert’s chest like a cannon shell. His chest immediately became a bloody mess, with big chunks of flesh flung out from his body by the rotating, razor-like petals.


Then the devilish flower exploded, filling the area with a cluster of raging, purple flames.

Engulfed by the flames, the Greater Heaven stage expert’s skin and flesh rapidly melted away from his bones as he soon became nothing but a skeleton.

“Corrosive flames!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered.

The flowers alone were already dreadful enough. He didn’t expect that they could also create acidic flames that even Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors couldn’t withstand upon exploding.

“It’s your turn now.” A vicious smile appeared on Zelia’s face as her eyes that resembled two glittering, purple gems fixed on Nie Tian.


Several flowers suddenly exploded and turned into a dozen clusters of purple flames.

The corrosive flames seemed to have their own souls as they swiftly avoided the Bone Blood Demon’s blocking hands and flew towards Nie Tian, who was standing on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder.

Faint, lavender-colored smoke lingered in the space that the purple flames sailed through.

Face very grim, Nie Tian racked in his brain for a way to defend against the incoming flames while controlling the Bone Blood Demon with his will.

Just as he felt that he was at his wits’ end, he heard a series of rapid and vigorous heartbeats from the Bone Blood Demon.

He immediately turned around to look at the Bone Blood Demon’s eyes, which were a mysterious green color, similar to Ghost Eye’s pupils.

As its heart pounded faster and faster, its grayish-green eyes gradually shed their original color and took on a dark-gray color.

Numerous fine threads could be seen swimming about within those eyes as they occasionally glittered with bright light.

Then, Nie Tian looked down towards the Bone Blood Demon’s chest, and saw its giant heart throbbing abnormally rapidly behind those impenetrable rib bones.


The Bone Blood Demon threw its head back and roared. An intense aura of death spread out with it at the center.

Nie Tian unleashed his psychic awareness to scan his surroundings, and saw that the gray aura was rapidly extending in every direction, as if it were bringing death to the entire area.

“Bloodline power!” For the first time, Zelia’s expression flickered, her delicate face turning pale all of a sudden.

In the next moment, Nie Tian noticed that the twisted plants around the Bone Blood Demon that were still madly growing out of the ground seemed to have suddenly reached the end of their lives and rapidly withered away.

The clusters of purple flames that were coming straight at him also immediately dissipated.

“Eighth level bloodline power!” Face ghastly, Zelia coughed up a mouthful of blood and stumbled backwards, before dashing straight back into the enormous vortex of demon Qi.

As the aura of death spread further into the surroundings, all the plants withered and died.

Upon seeing this scene, Hong Can, Zou Yi, and the others also ran away from Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon at the fastest speed possible, fearing that the gray, deadly aura would catch up to them.

After all, they had witnessed all the plants withering away and all the flowers exploding as soon as they were enveloped by that aura.

Even the flames that were created from the explosion of the flowers only lasted for a second before being extinguished.

Not a single sign of life could now be found within a three hundred meter radius of the Bone Blood Demon.

Nie Tian, who was still standing on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder, was also greatly shaken by this scene. Just as he began to fear for his own safety, he suddenly sensed, with his psychic awareness, that he was enveloped by a green energy shield that was invisible to the naked eye.

It was the green energy that had protected him from the harm of the deadly aura.

“Bloodline power: Death! A bloodline talent that only Bone Giants can awaken!”

Nie Tian trembled slightly and experienced a numbing sensation in his scalp, since he was shocked to his core by the might of the Bone Blood Demon’s bloodline talent.

Back when Li Jing had taught him the Demon Driving Incantation, she had explained the uniqueness of this Bone Blood Demon to him, and told him that Bone Giants were a strong race who lived in the depths of the river of stars.

The mysterious truths of death ran through their veins, making them extremely powerful and dangerous.

Perhaps that was the reason why infusing one of them with life power and turning it into a Blood Demon had been so difficult.

After all, life power and death power were like fire and ice; they negated each other.

After snapping out of his daze, Nie Tian said, “Let’s get over there!” pointing towards an area where a significant amount of low-tier outsiders were gathered in the rich demon Qi.

He wanted to kill as many outsiders as he could while the Bone Blood Demon was still unleashing that deadly, gray aura.


The Bone Blood Demon strode in the direction that Nie Tian had indicated, the three hundred meters-radius field filled with a deadly aura moving along with it.

Nie Tian watched, his eyes wide, as one low-tier outsider after another collapsed to the ground with loud crashes soon after they were enveloped by the aura of death.

As the Bone Blood Demon marched on with huge steps, more and more low-tier outsiders dropped dead.

Their power levels were all far too low to possess the ability to awaken any powerful bloodline talent or profound soul power.

The unbridgeable gap between their strengths and the Bone Blood Demon’s made it impossible for them to escape its sphere of death.

Just like that, the Bone Blood Demon killed more than one hundred low-tier outsiders with its aura of death in a few seconds.

It was at that moment that Nie Tian sensed that the Bone Blood Demon’s eyes gradually began resuming their original grayish-green color, and the death power in the field it had created was also becoming unstable and weakening bit by bit.

At the same time, the coverage of the gray aura shrunk from three hundred meters to one hundred meters.

“It must have awakened its bloodline power with the energy it had absorbed from the outsiders’ blood, and now it’s running out of energy.” Nie Tian instantly realized that the Bone Blood Demon’s sphere of death wouldn’t last much longer.

Therefore, he hastily commanded it to lunge into the heart of the demon Qi vortex, where more low-tier outsiders were gathered.

Before entering the demon Qi vortex, Nie Tian summoned every type of power to form a chaotic magnetic field that could barely envelop him.

“Is that death power?!” Li Jing exclaimed while flashing about in the deepest part of the demon Qi vortex, fighting two high-tier outsiders at close quarters.

She suddenly sensed the arrival of the Bone Blood Demon and turned her head, eyes glittering with bright light.

Under her gaze, waves of low-tier outsiders fell like countless withered weeds as the Bone Blood Demon approached. Wherever it walked, all lives went extinct.

Li Jing’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me that it awakened its bloodline power as a Bone Giant!”

Looking at Nie Tian, who was standing atop the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder, her slender eyebrows twitched as a subtle elation appeared on her face.

Seeing that the little girl had returned, another high-tier outsider approached her and said, “Lady Zelia!”

“Bad news,” Zelia said. “The Blood Demon created from a Bone Giant has awakened its bloodline talent: Death.”

Upon hearing her words, all the high-tier outsiders shot their gazes toward the Bone Blood Demon and the young man on its shoulder, Nie Tian.


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