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“How long will it remain active this time, Nie Tian?” Brow furrowed, Li Jing asked with certain grimness in her voice.

“A few days,” Nie Tian answered.

“Are you sure you are in total control of it?” Li Jing reconfirmed with Nie Tian.

Nie Tian nodded in reply.

“Everyone, there’s a change of plan.” Li Jing said decisively, “We’ll march out to the Ghost sect today. Now that the Bone Blood Demon is awakened, we need to make the most out of it. We need to use it to kill as many outsiders as we can and as fast as we can.”

As she gently raised her jade-like arm, more than twenty Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors from the Blood sect, as well as Hong Can and Zou Yi, gathered by her side, as if they had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“Unfortunately, the outsiders killed every last one of my spirit beast mounts.” After a moment of hesitation, she said, “I won’t be able to get you all to the Ghost sect by myself. According to my estimation, you will need at least two days to get there, and that’s assuming you don’t run into any outsiders on your way there.”

At that moment Nie Tian, who was still yet to recover from the dizziness, realized, to his surprise, that Li Jing planned to set off at that very moment.

The Bone Blood Demon that was more than thirty meters tall seemed to have seen through Nie Tian’s concerns and suddenly crouched down next to Nie Tian.

Even crouched, the Bone Blood Demon was still more than ten meters tall, so it wouldn’t be easy for Nie Tian to jump onto its shoulder.

As soon as that concern was born in Nie Tian’s heart, the Bone Blood Demon lay prone on the ground so that he could easily mount its shoulder.


With a swift leap, Nie Tian mounted the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder and got ready to move out to the Ghost sect under Li Jing’s leadership.

In this way, he wouldn’t need to spend any of his own energy to get there.

“Hmm?” Li Jing noticed the actions of Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon.

“Nie Tian!” she called out to him. “The Bone Blood Demon is strong enough to carry more people. Since you’re in control of it, tell it to carry the others on its back so that we can get to the Ghost sect as soon as possible.”

The expression of every Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior flickered; anticipation could be seen in their eyes.

“Let me see if I can.” The moment the thought of it entered Nie Tian’s mind, the Bone Blood Demon, who was rising from the ground, once again lay prone. Then, Nie Tian beckoned for Hong Can and Zou Yi to come over.

Under Li Jing’s gaze, the two of them stepped cautiously towards the Bone Blood Demon.

As they approached, a fluctuating aura suddenly spread out into the surroundings from within the Bone Blood Demon’s body, within which Nie Tian detected enmity.

“Calm down,” Nie Tian said in his mind.

In the next moment, the Bone Blood Demon’s fierce aura became peaceful again.

“Over here.” Standing on the Bone Bone Blood Demon’s broad shoulder, Nie Tian beckoned for Hong Can and Zou Yi to come to his side.

The two were slightly frightened by the sudden energy fluctuations, but stepped forward with caution and jumped onto the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder.

The Bone Blood Demon seemed fine with it.

“Go, all of you,” Li Jing issued the command.

After seeing that nothing had happened to Hong Can and Zou Yi, the Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors from the Blood sect jumped to Nie Tian’s side one after another.

After everyone got a firm foothold, Li Jing nodded and said, “Let’s move out.”

After those words, the blood-colored lotus whizzed out of her ring of holding and, with a swift move, she sat on top of it and floated up into the air.

“Keep up with her,” Nie Tian issued the command with his mind.

All of a sudden, an incomparably strong aura burst forth from within every vein in the Bone Blood Demon’s bony body, and it rose up into the sky, as if it was no longer bound by gravity.

Hong Can’s expression flickered as he shifted his gaze between the Bone Blood Demon under him and Nie Tian to his side. Utterly amazed, he said, “The Blood Demon created from a level eight Bone Giant is truly a marvelous weapon! It’s your great fortune that Li Jing took you in as her disciple and made you master of this Bone Blood Demon.”

Flying beside them on her lotus, Li Jing said ironically, “No, the pleasure is mine.”

At the same time, a dark-red medicinal pill flew out of Li Jing’s lotus and towards Nie Tian.

“You must have consumed a lot of essence of Qi and blood to awaken the Bone Blood Demon.” Li Jing said lightly. “Here’s a Blood Pill, refined from the blood of fourth grade spirit beasts. One third of it should be enough to restore all the Qi and blood essence you’ve expended.”

The blood-colored lotus soared side by side with the Bone Blood Demon in the dawn sky, hundreds of meters above the ground.

The Blood Pill that Li Jing had gifted Nie Tian somehow remained within a reachable distance as it floated in front of him.

As soon as Nie Tian reached out to grab the pill, he sensed the wisp of spiritual energy that had been wreathing the pill rapidly returning to its master, Li Jing.

“One third will be enough?” He muttered to himself.

Hong Can from the Hell sect reassured Nie Tian in a low voice, “Blood Pills refined from the blood of fourth grade spirit beasts contain extremely rich Qi and blood essence. I know that you’re quite special, but I’m certain that one third will be more than enough to recover all the energy you’ve lost. Senior Li treats you well. These pills are rather hard to get in the Realm of Flame Heaven. Don’t force yourself with it.”

He knew that Nie Tian had become a key factor to the situation of the whole realm, and thus didn’t want anything to happen to him before they even arrived at the Ghost sect.

Nie Tian understood his good intentions.

Therefore, since he also couldn’t be sure of the medicinal efficacy of the pill, he pinched one third of of the pill and threw it into his mouth.

The moment it entered his stomach, it started to unleash an amazingly large amount of energy.

Nie Tian used his soul to examine himself and found numerous wisps of energy rapidly spreading out from his stomach to every corner of his body, filling every drop of his blood.

It wasn’t long before he felt enlivened and filled with thriving life force.

As energetic as he felt, he could tell that he hadn’t reached his peak state.

Knowing that the medicinal efficacy of one third of the Blood Pill wasn’t enough, he opened his eyes and glanced around, discovering that Li Jing was sitting on her red lotus, looking forward.

The other Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors were either cultivating with their eyes closed, talking to one another, or observing the situation on the ground.

No one was paying any attention to him.

With a frown, he quickly shoved another third of the Blood Pill into his mouth.

Immediately after that, another surge of extremely rich energy filled his abdomen before it gradually dispersed into every part of his body.

It wasn’t long before his Qi and blood essence were restored to the fullest, and even with a large amount to spare.

Just as the extra Qi and blood essence couldn’t find a place to go, Nie Tian’s heart beat abnormally strong for a moment.

In the next moment, the wisps of energy that had been swimming aimlessly in his flesh and blood seemed to have found their destination: his heart.

Without the slightest hesitation, he sent a wisp of his soul to examine his heart, and found countless fine wisps of energy madly pouring into his heart.

Upon such scene, the originally calm thread of green aura immediately grew ecstatic. It rapidly swooped toward one wisps of energy after another.

Only several minutes later, all the energy wisps were ripped apart and devoured by the thread of green aura.

However, the restless green aura was still slithering up and down in Nie Tian’s heart, as if it was looking for more.

After a moment of hesitation, Nie Tian secretly shoved the last third of the Blood Pill into his mouth, wanting to see if that could satisfy that mysterious green aura.


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