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“What?!” The high-tier outsider almost simultaneously sensed the anomaly, and thus dashed towards Nie Tian, hoping to get to him before the Bone Blood Demon could arrive.

He knew that Nie Tian had already found a way to locate him and set him as the Bone Blood Demon’s target.

Moments ago, he had been certain that the Bone Blood Demon wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to him, much less the bunch of Heaven stage human cultivators.

The way the Bone Blood Demon looked at him as it ran towards him made him realize that something had changed.

His broad saber suddenly flew out of his hand while shining with dazzling purple light.

On the other hand, Nie Tian, who was surrounded by the others, saw his movements very clearly with the help of his seven additional “eyes”.

However, at that moment, none of the others knew that the high-tier outsider had already launched an attack towards Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s killing intent grew increasingly intense as he focused his mind on the high-tier outsider and issued his command to the Bone Blood Demon, “Kill him now!”

The Bone Blood Demon, which was significantly bigger than the high-tier outsider, took a few huge steps and rapidly arrived at the outsider’s side.

It lifted up its gigantic foot that was wreathed in a blood aura and stamped down towards the high-tier outsider.

At the same time, with an effortless wave of its giant hand, the Bone Blood Demon stopped the saber’s dashing momentum.

The brilliant light the saber gave out also suddenly went dim.

Even though the broad saber still managed to hack into the Bone Blood Demon’s bony palm, only a few grayish-brown sparks sputtered out of the contact point; the Bone Blood Demon’s hand wasn’t damaged at all.

Seeing the Bone Blood Demon’s gigantic foot block the heavens and crush down towards him, the high-tier outsider’s expression flickered as he blurred into a flash and escaped.

The Bone Blood Demon’s hollow eyes were fixed on the high-tier outsider as it unrelentingly chased after him and tried to stamp him with its feet. Moreover, it grew faster and swifter as it continued.

After evading for a short while, the high-tier outsider realized that he couldn’t get rid of the Bone Blood Demon. Therefore, with a cold snort, he started to release a strange soul fluctuation.

At the same time, his broad saber flew back into his hand.

“Quite impressive.” Dragging his broad saber on the ground, he took a deep look at Nie Tian with his dark-purple eyes, before turning around and dashing towards the Blood sect where the demon Qi was even richer.

Since the Bone Blood Demon had locked onto him, it sped away after him.

The demon Qi that the high-tier outsider had summoned to this place seemed to be drawn to him and also followed him towards the Blood sect’s sect gate like tidewater.

Nie Tian’s seven “eyes” also followed along as the outsider dashed to the area where the demon Qi was the densest.

However, after chasing for a while, they seemed to run of psychic power, as if they had reached the limit of the distance they could cover.

They wouldn’t be able to cover more ground unless Nie Tian moved along with them.

When the seven “eyes” lost track of the high-tier outsider, the Bone Blood Demon stopped and fell into a daze again.

As the demon Qi flowed away after the outsider, Nie Tian and the others were exposed to clear air again.

Upon seeing that the demon Qi had dissipated, everyone let out a sigh of relief and dissipated their colored light shields, so as not to lose more spiritual power.

Without wasting any time, they all took out their spirit stones to recover their strength.

“Nie Tian, did you find a way to regain control over the Bone Blood Demon?” Hong Can from the Hell sect turned to Nie Tian and asked while absorbing energy from the spirit stone in his hand.

“Yeah, I did.” Nie Tian nodded.

By that time, the seven spots of starlight wreathed in seven wisps of his psychic awareness had already returned to his soul.

He found that the psychic awareness that had returned to his soul had consumed more than half of its energy.

And when the seven light spots rejoined the seven fragmentary stars, they had also shrunk to one third of their original size.

Therefore, he realized how psychic power-consuming this process was.

Surprise could be seen on Feng Luo’s face as he asked, “Did you really? Even I couldn’t use my psychic awareness to accurately locate that high-tier outsider in the demon Qi. Considering your cultivation base, you shouldn’t be able to do that…”

After a brief moment of pondering, Nie Tian said, “It’s a magic that master taught me.”

Once again, he gave credit to Wu Ji, since he didn’t dare to tell them that he had obtained the Fragmentary Star Incantation, using which he had refined seven powerful and mysterious fragmentary stars in his soul.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Feng Luo nodded but still harbored suspicion.

According to his understandings, as powerful as Wu Ji was, he shouldn’t have the ability to enable Nie Tian, a young man in the Lesser Heaven stage, to master psychic techniques so miraculous.

“Well, do you have more Soul Restoring Pills?” Nie Tian asked softly.

“Did you consume a lot of psychic power just now?” asked Hong Can.

Nie Tian nodded in reply.

Without the slightest hesitation, Hong Can took out three more Soul Restoring Pills. He passed them to Nie Tian and said, “Here. They’re all I have left.”

Without saying a word, Nie Tian grabbed them and immediately shoved them into his mouth. Only after that did he say to Hong Can, “Thank you!”

Zou Yi from the Ghost sect also handed two Soul Restoring Pills to Nie Tian. “Here. I only have two left.”

Their previous fight had made him realize that it was almost impossible for them to turn around the situation with their own strength alone, and if it weren’t for the fact that Nie Tian had eventually locked onto the high-tier outsider and commanded the Bone Blood Demon to attack him, they wouldn’t possibly have driven him away by themselves.

Therefore, since Nie Tian needed his psychic power to manipulate the Bone Blood Demon, the wisest thing to do was to give Nie Tian Soul Restoring Pills so that he could recover his psychic power as soon as possible.

That was the reason why, knowing perfectly well how valuable the Soul Restoring Pills were, he gave them to Nie Tian anyways.

“Thank you.” Nie Tian expressed his gratitude before wolfing them down.

When Nie Tian had consumed the previous four Soul Restoring Pills, the psychic power had rapidly filled his soul and after that, most of it flowed into the seven fragmentary stars.

He was also aware that the precious Soul Restoring Pills could nourish the seven fragmentary stars to a great extent.

If they hadn’t been in such a special situation where everyone depended on him to control the Bone Blood Demon, no one would indulge him so much as to allow him to take seven Soul Restoring Pills in such a short time, including Wu Ji.

Having proved the miraculousness of the fragmentary stars in his soul, he wanted to fuel them as much as he could and make them shine as brightly as possible.

“Here you go…”

At that moment, Yu Tong suddenly held out one Soul Restoring Pill for him. Reluctance could still be seen on her face.

Nie Tian went blank for a moment before he looked at her, wide-eyed, and said, “This isn’t poison, is it?”

“What?! Suit yourself!” Yu Tong’s face dropped as prepared to take the pill back.

Nie Tian chuckled and swiftly grabbed the Soul Restoring Pill in her palm. Then he stuffed it in his mouth and said, “Thank you, ma’am.” He never imagined that Yu Tong would give him such a precious medicinal pill.

Anger could still be seen in Yu Tong’s eyes as she said, “Consider it as a loan. You’ll have to give one back to me when the Blood sect’s crisis is over! I’m only giving it to you for the sake of the Blood sect and my fellow sect members. Don’t you overthink it! We’re not over! I’m still looking forward to straightening things out with you!”

“I see. I see.” Nie Tian said, laughing heartily. Meanwhile, he thought to himself, don’t count on it, stupid.

Then he glanced around and saw everyone else staring at him, their faces filled with astonishment.

Seeing that no one else was offering more Soul Restoring Pills, he closed his eyes and directed the wisps of power the pills generated to nourish the seven fragmentary stars in his mind.


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