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After a few attempts, Nie Tian had already mastered the method to control the Bone Blood Demon. He needed to either lock his psychic awareness onto an enemy as a way to command the Bone Blood Demon to attack it, or he needed to see the enemy with his eyes and command the Bone Blood Demon with a gesture of his hand.

Only in these two ways would the barely-intelligent Bone Blood Demon with an incomplete soul be able to realize what was the target.

However, because of the high-tier outsider’s profound magic, Nie Tian’s psychic awareness wasn’t able to lock onto him.

At the same time, since he was surrounded by surging demon Qi, Nie Tian couldn’t accurately point to him and issue a command to the Bone Blood Demon.

Therefore, at this point, Nie Tian couldn’t find a way to command the Bone Blood Demon to kill the high-tier outsider.

“Protect Nie Tian!” After realizing that Nie Tian couldn’t use the Bone Blood Demon to kill the high-tier outsider for the time being, Feng Luo immediately changed his tactics.

He was very well aware that Nie Tian was the only one who could manipulate the Bone Blood Demon. If anything should happen to him, they would immediately lose control of the Bone Blood Demon. At that point, not only would they have no weapon with which to dispose of the outsiders, but the Bone Blood Demon could also potentially attack and kill them.

By that time, everyone within the Bone Blood Demon’s sight would become its target.

Every single one of them had witnessed how it had slaughtered the other outsiders, so they all knew how deadly it could be.

They knew what would happen if this frightening creature ever applied the same method to them.


As the high-tier outsider approached, the raging demon Qi rapidly spread into the surroundings.

More demon Qi that had been floating in the sky seemed to answer his broad saber’s summons, and rushed down from the heavens.

The disciples of the seven sects didn’t have any notion of what to do while facing the approaching demon Qi.

All they did was step backwards to put distance between them and the demon Qi.

After all, there wasn’t any demon Qi in the path they had taken to get there, so it was the only direction that could be considered relatively safe.


Nie Tian followed everyone as they rapidly retreated to stay away from the demon Qi’s reach.

Face grim, everyone from the seven sects hastily summoned power from within their spiritual sea, and with their spiritual power of various attributes, they rapidly formed shimmering light shields around them.

The shields were of different colors due to the different attributes, such as fire, ice, thunder, and water.

Since they were all worried that the demon Qi might bore into their fleshy bodies, they could only form light shields to prevent it from happening.

“Hahaha, it won’t work.” The high-tier outsider’s clear laughs rang out from within the cluster of blackish-purple demon Qi. “We are transforming the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into our Qi. It won’t be long before every corner of the Realm of Flame Heaven is full of it. By that time, the Realm of Flame Heaven will be rid of your kind.”

As he let out loud laughs, the demon Qi that kept pouring down from the heavens suddenly changed its course.

One cluster after another, the dense demon Qi flooded down towards the area that Nie Tian and the others were escaping to, and only seconds later, a sea of demon Qi blocked their escape route.

As a result, they had no choice but to stop and fight the high-tier outsider in a sea of demon Qi.

Apparently, fighting in the demon Qi was very advantageous for the high-tier outsider.

On the other hand, Nie Tian and his group would have to use their spiritual power to maintain a protective shield around them at all times, so as to keep the demon Qi away.

Furthermore, during their fight, their psychic awareness would definitely be affected by the demon Qi and their senses would be weakened.


The sounds of blades whizzing through air echoed out as bright, purple lights flashed within the demon Qi like slithering, purple lightning bolts.

Hong Can realized that the outsider was about to launch attacks with his saber and cried out, “Watch out, Nie Tian!”

Having seen that their escape route had been cut off, the other disciples of the seven sects realized that it would only be a matter of time before they were engulfed by the demon Qi.

Therefore, upon hearing Hong Can’s words, they gathered around Nie Tian and braced for battle.

Enveloped by shields of different colors, everyone had taken out their spiritual tools, but because of the dense demon Qi, their facial expressions were no longer clear to Nie Tian.

However, he knew in his heart that, at that moment, no one wanted anything to happen to him, except maybe Qiu Heng.

After all, he was the only one who could control the Bone Blood Demon, so he was of the utmost importance if they wanted to survive the fight against the powerful, high-tier outsider.


As they swung their spiritual tools, multi-colored lights shot out and immediately clashed with the purple lightning bolts.

Spots of various colors sputtered about around Nie Tian as the power of different attributes slammed into the demonic power, making the area they were in surge with violent energy fluctuations.

Since Nie Tian was in the center of the circle of protectors, he wasn’t harmed.

He could see that everyone was fighting with difficulty and they all had fear in their hearts.

However, since they had no other choice, they could only go all-out to fight the high-tier outsider.


One of the purple lightning bolts cut through their line of defense and shot towards a Heaven stage Qi warrior from the Grayvale sect.

As soon as the lightning bolt made contact with the water-blue light shield surrounding him, the shield shattered into pieces and the lightning bolt struck him right on his chest.

That man immediately went limp and collapsed to the ground. No more movement was made.


Like a snake, another bolt of lightning wreathed a Heaven stage expert from the Hell sect.

The icy light shield surrounding him was instantly crushed into ice shards and the purple lightning bolt coiled around his fleshy body. It continued to contract. Even though the man struggled with all his strength, he soon stopped breathing. Only until then did the lightning bolt dissipate into the demon Qi.

In such a short time, they lost two Heaven stage experts to the purple lightning bolts.


At the same time, the high-tier outsider’s laughs constantly echoed out from the demon Qi as it seemed that he wanted to take his time to kill them and he enjoyed the process very much.

Nie Tian and the others couldn’t see the outsider himself, but could only see numerous purple lightning bolts flying towards them from all directions like evil spirits.

They wanted to rush out to find the high-tier outsider and fight him up close.

However, they knew that once they left Nie Tian, considering his Lesser Heaven stage cultivation base, he probably would be instantly killed.

When Nie Tian was dead, the Bone Blood Demon would uncontrollably massacre everyone it saw. It would be a disaster for everyone.

Therefore, the only sensible move was to protect Nie Tian.

Nie Tian realized that they were in an unfavorable situation and understood why everyone had gathered around him and were protecting him.

After his attempts to located the high-tier outsider had failed, he suddenly dropped to the ground in the middle of the defensive circle.

As soon as he sat down he rapidly cleared his mind. He forced himself not to think about the people who had died protecting him, the difficult situation they were in, and the fierce fight that was going on.

With a deep breath, he adjusted his aura and focused his attention on his soul.

The seven fragmentary stars were still shining with bright light, but after he had taken the four Soul Restoring Pills, they had grown bigger in size and the light they emanated lit up his soul.

He focused on the thought of drawing power from the fragmentary stars.

In the next moment, seven light spots wrapped in his psychic awareness suddenly flew out of his soul.

The moment the light spots, which were only detectable to him, flew into the dense demon Qi, a strange feeling occurred to him.

He felt like each one of them served as an eye to him!

Before, he could only scan the area around him and search for movements and signs of life with his psychic awareness.

But now, he was able to command the seven spots of starlight to move around and thus gain an incomparably clear view of what was happening within the demon Qi.

Not only that, the upgraded psychic awareness the light spots contained could even enable him to see through the bodies of the disciples from the seven sects when the starlight shone on them. He could actually see their blood flowing and accordingly judge how powerful their souls were and how high their cultivation bases were.

With the help of the seven “eyes” that were shining with bright starlight, Nie Tian could now see even the finest hair on the high-tier outsider’s face!

He instantly locked onto him, and no matter where the outsider went, the “eyes” could shine bright starlight on him and help Nie Tian’s determine his location.

The Bone Blood Demon, who had been in a daze in the demon Qi, suddenly received Nie Tian’s command as it heaved a ferocious roar and bolted towards the high-tier outsider!


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