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An outsider covered in black scales, with a horn growing out of its jaw, suddenly popped up from behind a mountain.

Without any hesitation, it rushed towards Feng Luo with a fierce roar.

As it did, clusters of purple-black demon Qi shot towards him as well, like plummeting meteors.

Only moments later, Feng Luo was submerged by the demon Qi. He formed a shield of blood-colored light to hold off the attack of the demon Qi.

He knew very well that once the demon Qi found its way into his body, he would lose consciousness and fall victim to the outsider.

The outsider that had black scales from head to toe laughed in a sinister fashion while the curved horn that grew out of its jaw shone with purple light.

Nie Tian, who was not far behind Feng Luo, saw what happened and, pointing at the outsider, issued a command to the Bone Blood Demon beside him. “Go!”

As soon as he focused his killing intent on the outsider, the Bone Blood Demon made it its target.

The Bone Blood Demon, who was almost twice as tall as the outsider, strode towards the outsider, and before it could even respond, the Bone Blood Demon had already reached out its hands, which resembled two unstoppable blades and thrust them towards the outsider’s chest.


Before its bony hands reached the outsider, numerous beams of blood-colored light shot out of its hands, blowing off the black scales that had been covering the outsider’s chest.

The outsider’s torso immediately became a bloody mess, and without any protection, its blackish-purple flesh was shown.

Screaming, the outsider attempted to grab the Bone Blood Demon and bite it with its teeth. However, with a heave, the Bone Blood Demon once again ripped the outsider apart with its bare hands.

As soon as the outsider’s blood sputtered onto its body, its dark eyes began to flicker with a strange light, as if it were trying to use the Blood sect’s blood refining magic to extract and absorb the essence within the outsider’s blood.

The raging demon Qi gradually dispersed and, enveloped by a blood-colored light shield, Feng Luo noticed that the Bone Blood Demon had already torn apart the outsider. With gratitude in his eyes, he briefly nodded towards Nie Tian.

He was well aware that the level of the outsider seemed to be even higher than his.

If it weren’t for the fact that Nie Tian had commanded the Bone Blood Demon to help him, he probably would have been suffocated by the demon Qi and soon fallen prey to the outsider.

“Nie Tian! Give our Blood Demon back!” Yu Tong screamed as she arrived in a blood-red dress that brought out her curvy frame.

“Not now, Little Tong!” Feng Luo let out a snort. With a weary expression on his face, he said, “We need the Bone Blood Demon to save our sect. We couldn’t have awakened it without Nie Tian and arguing about who it belongs to is not our priority. We should consider ourselves lucky now that we can use it to help us.

“Especially in this time of peril!”

His tone grew increasingly stern as he continued, “Huge calamities have stricken the entire Realm of Flame Heaven. If my speculations are correct, every sect is under attack as we speak!

“The fact that Nie Tian awakened the Blood Demon is not only the Blood sect’s fortune, but it’s also the entire Realm of Flame Heaven’s fortune!”

“That’s right.” Hong Can from the Hell sect also arrived at that time.

He leaned in and said, “Yu Tong, I hope you can put aside your grudge against Nie Tian for the time being. At least wait until the Realm of Flame Heaven is safe. Everyone in the Realm of Flame Heaven needs him, none more so than your sect!”

Zou Yi from the Ghost sect also jumped in and said, “Hear me out, Yu Tong. You have to understand what’s better for your sect and make the right choice.”

They all urged Yu Tong to look at the bigger picture and temporarily put away her personal feelings.

Standing off to the side, Nie Tian rubbed his nose and smiled, not saying a word.

Seeing that Nie Tian looked rather proud of himself, Yu Tong grew even more angry. However, facing everyone’s urging and scolding, she could only bear with it for now.

As a matter of fact, she never expected that she would end up in the position that she was currently in.

Not only had Nie Tian repeatedly defeated her in the Green Illusion dimension and the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, he had even daringly taken advantage of her. This had made her want to kill him at any cost.

Originally, Feng Luo was her solid backer.

However, now that the Realm of Flame Heaven was going through a difficult time, and due to Nie Tian’s importance, Feng Luo had actually taken Nie Tian’s side. Even the Ghost sect and the Hell sect had done the same.

She was so enraged that she wanted to kill herself.

“Alright, alright. Just don’t do it again.” Feng Luo saw Yu Tong’s expression, so he stopped berating her and said a few words to lighten her mood. He turned to Nie Tian and said, “Keep doing what you just did and unleash the Bone Blood Demon as soon as you see more outsiders. Since we don’t know how long the Bone Blood Demon will remain active, we’d better make every second count and inflict as much damage on the outsiders as we can!”

“Okay, I will.” Nie Tian nodded.

Hong Can chuckled as he expressed his admiration towards Nie Tian, “I realized that you were a special lad when we were in the Heaven Gate trial. I believe that you’ll have your position in the Realm of Flame Heaven one day.”

“I’m flattered. Thank you!” Nie Tian replied, but he didn’t take Hong Can’s words to his heart.

“Shall we continue?” Feng Luo asked.

Nie Tian nodded. “Let’s go!”

With these words, Feng Luo once again moved out. Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon followed along closely.

After that, they ran into a few more outsiders on their way to the Blood sect’s sect gate.

With no exception, all of them died by the Bone Blood Demon’s hands and afterwards, it used blood refining techniques to absorb the power from their blood.

Even though the Bone Blood Demon’s life power was still on the decline, the aura it released into the surroundings grew increasingly terrifying.

Before long, Nie Tian and the others arrived at the Blood sect’s sect gate.

Standing a certain distance from the gate, they saw that the entire Blood sect, which was surrounded by mountains from every direction, had already been submerged in dense demon Qi, and so they couldn’t get a clear view of what was going on inside the gate.

However, the outsiders’ angry roars constantly echoed out of the cloud of demon Qi, and they could vaguely see a handful of gigantic figures ramming the sect gate.

Standing in the middle of the road that led to the Blood sect, Feng Luo looked deeply at the demon Qi-wreathed sect gate.

The road ahead had already been blocked by dense demon Qi. Therefore, if they wanted to get into the Blood sect, they would have to go into the demon Qi.

However, he knew that the demon Qi, which could serve as the outsiders’ power source, was very much deadly to human Qi warriors.

Even if they didn’t have to fight outsiders in the demon Qi and only needed to pass the demon Qi-covered area, they would still have to spend plenty of spiritual power to resist the demon Qi.

As soon as they walked into the demon Qi, it would be very likely that their senses would become impaired and their psychic awareness become dulled.


Another outsider roar rang out from the depths of the demon Qi-covered area, causing everyone’s face to turn grim.

“What should we do?” Zou Yi from the Ghost sect unleashed his psychic awareness to probe the demon Qi-covered area in front of them.

Moments later, his expression flickered and said, “There are at least seven outsiders roaming about a hundred meters ahead of us, and every one of them is at a rather high level. If we choose to go into the demon Qi, there’s a chance that we will be torn into shreds and devoured by those outsiders before we can even get to the sect gate.”

Meanwhile, Nie Tian didn’t say a word, but also sent his psychic awareness into the raging demon Qi ahead of him.

He closed his eyes to focus solely on scanning the demon Qi-covered area. However, as soon as his psychic awareness entered, his originally sharp senses and his ability to detect life auras dropped significantly.

While his psychic awareness swam about in a sea of demon Qi, he could feel a clear and strong obstruction.

Even still, after extending his psychic awareness for some time, he managed to detect the violent aura of a living being.

“Here’s one!” As soon as he located the life aura, he issued the command.

Almost simultaneously, the Bone Blood Demon locked on the target and dashed into the demon Qi.

To Nie Tian’s surprise, the Bone Blood Demon seemed to be completely unaffected by the demon Qi and didn’t even need to spend the least bit of energy resisting it.

In the blink of an eye, the thirty-meter tall Bone Blood Demon disappeared into the dense demon Qi.

While focusing his psychic awareness on the outsider he had just located, Nie Tian waved to Feng Luo and the others and said, “Hold on. I’ll have the Bone Blood Demon secure us a path. I’ll try my best to locate every outsider in that area and command the Bone Blood Demon to kill them.”

“That’s good.” Feng Luo felt a bit relieved. “If the Blood sect somehow lives through this calamity, our entire sect will be in your debt, Nie Tian. And when the Realm of Flame Heaven is once again stable, you’re welcome to come visit our sect as a honored guest, even if the confrontation between the seven sects is reestablished.

“I can give you my word that no disciple of the Blood sect will treat you as their enemy!”

“That’s very generous of you,” Nie Tian said with a brief smile. With these words, he focused his mind on locating the outsiders within the demon Qi.


It wasn’t very long before a bloodcurdling scream rang out from the depths of the demon Qi.

The outsider that Nie Tian had located just now had already died by the Bone Blood Demon’s hands.


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