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When Qiu Heng said these words, the party subconsciously looked towards him. In his eyes, everyone had seen a trace of uneasiness.

After Lingbao Court got intruded by Blood and Ghost Sect, it had the weakest strength. It has almost lost its asset to contend against the other six sects.

That Earth Flame Beast, after it broke free from the deepest part of the earth in Scarlet Flame Mountain Range and caused a huge change that turned the sky and earth upside down to the whole Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, the Heaven Burning Earth Fire spell that Lingbao Court had relied on to survive was also completely destroyed by Earth Flame Beast.

It was precisely because of this, each and every one of the Lingbao Court disciples were all anxious.

Before Qiu Heng stepped into Heavenly Gate and found out that the demons had arrived in Heaven Leaving Domain, he had already thought that after Ling Bao Court lost its Heaven Burning Earth Fire spell, perhaps, it would not have enough strength to stop the demons from causing a riot in Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

He did not want to hurry himself to return to Heaven Leaving Domain. This was precisely because he was worried that once he returned, he might be killed by the demons.

He had truly felt fearful.

The remaining people, even though they slightly despised Qiu Heng, however, among them, there were a few people who had became silent because of Qiu Heng's words.

They all also felt that the current Heaven Leaving Domain was already in a situation which was in an abyss of suffering. If they continued to think about it towards the bad way, Heaven Leaving Domain…… Getting completely invaded by demons, it also was not entirely impossible.

If it really was like this, them returning to Heaven Leaving Domain at this time was absolutely finding death!

"What's wrong?" Hong Can from Prison Department, with his brows knitted, looked towards the party who became silent and said: "You guys also agreed with what Qiu Heng said?"

Feng Luo from Ghost Sect snorted coldly and said: "At the time when Heaven Leaving Domain needed aid, we should return as soon as possible! Without Heaven Leaving Domain, we are a group of isolated soul and wild ghosts. Everyone walked out from Heaven Leaving Domain, receiving the kindness of the sects, naturally, at the time when the sect encountered dangerous situation, we should live and die with the sect.

Li Fan from Lingyun Sect nodded lightly, showing that he agreed.

However, Zou Yi from Ghost Sect and Guan Qiu and other people from Grey Valley had all remained silent.

After quite a while, Zou Yi said suddenly: "Among us, there were some people who might be at the edge of breaking through. This time, we should do our utmost to increase our power level to the extreme. If not, wait until we return to Heaven Leaving Domain, we will not have the free time to complete our own breakthrough. From what I see, we can somewhat wait for a while. Wait until before the energy fluctuation in the Ancient Teleportation Seal disappear, then return to Heaven Leaving Domain together."

"Everyone can borrow this short period of time to comprehend our experience in this place for a while, allowing us to feel the fortunes and lucks that we obtained."

"Being able to return with the most formidable power, this might also be a better option to the situation of Heaven Leaving Realm."

"What do you guys say?"

Zou Yi asked the party.

Guan Qiu and Qiu Heng from Ling Bao Court, and a few people from Black Mist Palace, all nodded showing that they agreed.

Hong Can looked towards them deeply, muttered to himself irrresolutely, nodded his head and said: "This will be good too, then everyone should carry on resting and reorganizing themselves. I will pay attention to the changes to the Ancient Teleportation Seal. At the moment before the surging energy in the Ancient Teleportation Seal disappears, I will remind you guys to enter as fast as possible so as to complete the transfer."

"So be it then." Feng Luo too has agreed.

After that, everyone sat down quietly next to the Ancient Teleportation Seal. The people from the seven sects spread out. They each went on to comprehend the opportunity they got in the Heavenly Gate.

Nie Tian sat in a group with Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu. He too calmed down his mind, squinted and looked over his dantian spiritual sea carefully with his mental consciousness.

Within the spiritual sea, two spiritual vortex, one flame vortex, the other one plants vortex, were slowly revolving.

The white spiritual aura, after getting refined repeatedly, seemed to have reached its limit. At the moment before his spiritual sea had any unusual changes, it seemed to be difficult to continue getting refined.

He understood in his heart that he was once again at the edge of breaking through. He only needed a right opportunity, then he might be able to take one more step forward.

Right at the moment he, with his mind, silently watched attentively at the changes to the spiritual sea and conveniently took out a spiritual stone to take in the spiritual energy within, he suddenly gave out an unusual feeling.

He suddenly looked towards the Heavenly Gate Picture on his hand.

Inside the Heavenly Gate Picture, two hexagram seals, because of his cultivation, slowly gave out a dim star tip.

As the star tips appeared, he suddenly opened his eyes, raised his head and looked towards the sky.

The external region that was ice-cold and excluded, the numerous stars that existed among the star rivers. Those stars, there were some that shone bright, and there were some that were dull and had no light.

Some stars were extremely far away from him. It was small to the point that it had the size of a granule. There were also some stars, in his eyes, had the size as big as a lower millstone.

Those stars, at the moment when he was meditating and peeping on his spiritual sea with his mind, seemed to be getting drawn up by the hexagram seals.

He felt with rapt attention. Suddenly, he felt that those lights that were shining from the stars seemed to have coagulated around him a bit.

He originally thought that those lights that were shining here could be refined into the spiritual sea knowledge.

However, when he performed the sorcery, he could not felt any changes in his spiritual sea knowledge.

On the contrary, it was that one star bit that formed as a result of spiritual energy gathering within the dantian spiritual sea suddenly flashed once.


He felt slightly shocked and shortly stopped bothering about his spiritual sea knowledge. Instead, he concentrated all his attention on the spiritual sea in his dantian.

At this moment, he once again noticed that the two hexagram seals on his hand were becoming increasingly bright.

The starlights that shone from the ice-cold star river, because of the presence of the two hexagram seals, when they shone on him, seemed to be extremely condensed.

Starlight, following the operation of his Lianqi Art, bit by bit, permeated into his body.

Not long after, that one star tip that shone in his dantian spiritual sea had become a bit bright.

Nie Tian whose interest got piqued paid attention to the changes in his spiritual sea from time to time. When he looked at the star bits shining and coming out, there was once again a new star bit slowly condensing.

Shortly, that tranquil and quiet dantian spiritual sea of his seemed to, because of the presence of the two star bits, have lifted up raging waves.

The white spiritual aura in the spiritual sea was stirring up and surging madly. The unusual high-speed revolutions of the two spiritual vortex were once again taking in pure spiritual energy.


A spiritual stone that Nie Tian held in his hand had actually disintegrated in an instant.

The spiritual energy hidden within the spiritual stone seemed to have, in an extremely short time, been sucked out by him completely.

Nie Tian did not say a word. From the storage bracelet, he immediately took out six spiritual stones. Each of his hand was individually holding three spiritual stones, they were absorbing the spiritual energy stored within.

This place was not Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Even a trace of heaven and earth spiritual energy could not be borrowed. If he wanted to evolve his spiritual sea, he would have to draw support from the spiritual stones.

Six spiritual stones, at the moment they appeared in his palm, Li Fan at the side who was closing his eyes and feeling the energy suddenly opened his eyes.

Jiang Lingzhu who approached him also opened her eyes with a confused face. She looked at him with a shocking look.

Jiang Lingzhu, just like Li Fan, felt the strong spiritual fluctuation that suddenly rushed out of his body and noticed his abnormal condition.

Li Fan's tiger eyes burst out with shiny light. He secretly felt the movement of spiritual energy with his own mental consciousness. After that, he grinned and said:" This brat really is extraordinary."

He had seen through that Nie Tian was in the key stage of advancing into a higher cultivation level at this moment.

"Is he about to advance into the late-Houtian Realm?" Jiang Lingzhu was shocked.

Li Fan nodded, lowered his voice and said:" His gains at this place might possibly be far more than what we have guessed. Those three months in which he disappeared had made his aura, in a whole, seemed to change. I don't know what actually happened to him. But I believe that those three months might possibly have given rise to an extremely important influence to his whole life!"

"I even believe that in the Heavenly Gate trial this time, the biggest fortune and luck have all been taken by him!"

Jiang Lingzhu was increasingly astonished. She did not dare to say more things. Instead, she carefully took measure of her surroundings as if other people beside her would hear Li Fan and her conversation.

"Do we need to protect him?" She finally asked softly.

Li Fan shook his head while smiling," If it was before, we would naturally have to put our guards up. However, as of now, this is no longer necessary. At the moment when Heaven Leaving Domain was intruded by demons and encountered a huge catastrophe, the seven sects will naturally hug each other tightly. Furthermore, that brat had even gotten Hong Can, Feng Luo and Zou Yi's approvals. They would only be happy to see Nie Tian becoming stronger. They will not stop Nie Tian's growth."

"This guy, the speed in which he breaks through the cultivation level was indeed unbelievably fast." Jiang Linzhu felt a bit disheartened," When we first knew him, he was only at the fourth level of Lianqi Realm. Who would have thought that in such a short time, he had actually surpassed me."

"The person that grand martial uncle fancied was definitely no small matter." Li Fan smiled slightly.

Also at this moment, Nie Tian, in his dantian spiritual sea that was turbulent and restless, a third spiritual vortex and a small vortex gathered by tiny bits of starlight showed up almost at the same time.

At that moment, Nie Tian's spiritual sea that was continuously surging instantly became tranquil and calm.

He also shortly understood that he had once again completed the breakthrough of cultivation level and stepped into the late stage of Houtian Realm!


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