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Beside the Ancient Teleporation Spell, all of the survivors of the seven sects from Heaven Leaving Domain was captivated and looked towards the sky.

Nie Tian who was enveloped by a seven-colored light rays, his body figure thoroughly appeared. He was slowly descending.

When they were looking towards Nie Tian, Nie Tian was also lowering his head and looking downwards. His eyes were showing an unusual color.

He originally thought that Tang Yang, who came from Dark Underworld Domain, after getting thrown out of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, would land on that city like him.

However, he had looked around carefully and he did not actually see Tang Yang. He also did not see any Lianqi Warriors from the external domains.

Li Fan, Jiang Lingzhu, An Shiyi, Zheng Bing, one after another, their figures appeared in his line of sight, making him secretly felt surprised.

"Nie Tian!"

When Jiang Lingzhu and An Shiyi at the bottom saw him about to land, they waved their hands at him with an excited look.

"This guy was actually fine!"

Yu Tong from Ghost Sect, whispered to herself with a cold face, secretly cursing Nie Tian for being lucky.

Nie Tian who was binded by the seven-colored light ray, the direction in which he descended was exactly at the shabby Ancient Teleportation Spell.


When his body dropped to the ground, those seven-colored light rays that had binded him all along blended into that Ancient Teleportation Seal like water.

The damaged Ancient Teleportation Seal was originally dull and had no light. The stones that constructed the seal, a lot of them have even had rifts. Even the seal diagram of the Ancient Teleportation Seal looked like it had defects.

However, at the moment when the seven-colored light rays blended into the Ancient Teleportation Seal, everything was undergoing changes.

The stones that constructed the seal, its rifts that were cracked previously for some unknown reason were filled up and healed by the light rays.

The damaged seal diagram was also connected by the light rays that were like illuminated lights. It turned into a complete picture.

The Ancient Teleportation Seal that had no light and energy poured in it also suddenly became dazzlingly bright. It was as if it was instantly filled up with energy that was sufficient to take all of the people and leave this place.


Gathering at this place, the party that have wanted to leave this place with the help of Ancient Teleportation Seal yet was unable to find any solution, suddenly became excited.

"Nie Tian's arrival! Prompted the Ancient Transportation Seal, making the Ancient Teleportation Seal to gain energy and repair its deficiency!" Feng Luo from Blood Sect was emotionally moved in secret.

He subconsciously shot a glance at Qiu Heng from Lingyun Sect, snorted coldly and said peculiarly:" Didn't you say that you have got some knowledge towards spacial energy? In these three months time, we have each taken out all kinds of spiritual material for you to squander. Have you managed to cause any changes, even in the slightest, to the Ancient Teleportation Seal?"

Qiu Heng from Lingyun Sect had an awkward face. He smiled embarrassingly and did not go and justified anything.

Recently, for a period of time, the party that have investigated all of the meteorites in their area yet did not have any gains, have all wanted to leave this place.

The only thing they found that could bring them and depart from this place was the damaged Ancient Teleportation Seal.

Qiu Heng from Lingyun Sect, among them, his cultivation level was not high. However, this person had secretly comprehended a bit of the secrets behind spacial energy.

Also because of this, everyone have put their hopes on him. They passed on all kinds spiritual materials related to secret spacial art that they have collected to Qiu Heng's hand.

All of them was counting on Qiu Heng to repair the Ancient Teleportation Seal. And then after that, leave this unusual place by relying on the Ancient Teleportation Seal.

Unfortunately, Qiu Heng had wasted quite a lot of spiritual materials, yet he was also unable to cause any changes to the Ancient Teleportation System.

Ancient Teleportation System was still the same as before. It was dull and did not have any light. The damages to the spell diagram was not able to be repaired even in the slightest.

At present, Nie Tian descended from the sky. At the moment he dropped to the ground, he already seemed to have triggered the badly damaged Ancient Teleportation System through the seven-colored light rays that was binding him. This made Feng Luo extremely stirred up .

Just a moment ago, Qiu Heng was still vilifying Nie Tian. He had wished that Nie Tian would die in an unknown place.

If Nie Tian had really, like what he thought, been unable to return, then perhaps, the Ancient Teleportation System would be unable to open. All of them would be trapped in this place.

"If you don't have such a great skill, then don't waste our spiritual materials!" Hong Can from Prison Department also said with an unhappy expression.

The remaining people also, one after another, looked towards Qiu Heng from Lingbao Court with an unfriendly look. They all thought that this person was just a cheap glib talker. In actuality, he had not done any contributions to anyone.

An Shiyi who was standing on the same side with Qiu Heng put on a smiling face that was like flowers and suddenly said gently:" I have told you before, Nie Tian would be fine. Look, hasn't he returned looking well and alive?"

"Oh." Qiu Heng responded without thinking the matter through, his face however did not look too good. In his heart, he secretly cursed "Slut".

At the time when the Ancient Transportation Spell slowly went back to normal, Li Fan from Lingyun Sect suddenly asked Nie Tian:" You brat, where have you been? How come it has taken you as long as three months?"

"Three months?" Nie Tian stunned.

Inside the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, he was constantly fighting. After that, it was continuously recovering.

After that, all of the fights have ended. He still remained in the area where the Zhongtian Realm experts were, taking in the pure heaven and earth spiritual energy and went on to refine his spiritual sea.

He also did not miss out on several times when the star tips dropped. He guided them towards his spiritual sea knowledge and condensed out seven star fragments.

He did not have any sense of time when he was there. He also did not think that he had actually stayed for as long as half a month inside the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

"Yeah, to be more precise, it was three months and more." Li Fan gave a more accurate answer. Shortly, his mind shaked. As he secretly observed Nie Tian, his eyes shone and asked suddenly:" Broken through into the mid-Houtian Realm?"

Nie Tian nodded lightly," Before I went it, I have already broken through."

Li Fan became increasingly astonished. He said again:" How about now?"

Nie Tian opened up his mouth and said:" It seemed that I am only one step away from advancing into the late stage. From what I see, I might break through at any time."

Li Fan was obviously a bit shocked," Just what kind of good fortunes have you actually gotten?"

Talking in this way, he noticed inside the Heavenly Gate Picture on Nie Tian's hand no longer only have the heavens glory. Instead, there were two more additional hexagram seals.

He did not understand what the hexagram seal represented. However, he faintly felt that the seal had something to do with Nie Tian's good fortune.

Nie Tian was just about to explain when suddenly, he saw the people from the seven sects beside him were also secretly paying attention to the conversation between him and Li Fan.

Those people's eyes were also filled with curiosity. They too clearly wanted to know what happened to him.

Nie Tian was not foolish. He chuckled and did not answer Li Fan's question. Instead, he asked:" How about you guys?"

He looked towards Jiang Lingzhu," Have you gained anything?"

"Of course!" Jiang Lingzhu raised her head and said proudly:" I found a cultivation art on a meteorite. I have even gotten a bizarre tool from a person from an unusual tribe."

"Oh, not bad, you are quite in luck." Nie Tian smiled and once again looked towards An Shiyi who was approaching him. He said:" Sister, how about you?"

An Shiyi pursed up her lips and smiled. She said in an exceedingly fascinating and charming manner:" I have also gained a fortune. If there isn't any accident, wait until I return to Heaven Leaving Domain, I should be able to advance into Xiantian Realm really soon."

Those people in the surroundings that had paid attention to Nie Tian knew that he purposely changed the topic. However, they felt that it was not good to ask in detail.

Every one of the survivors, being able to survive up till now, they more or less have gotten their rewards.

The numerous meteorites in this area, a lot of its places were hidden with secrets. A lot of people among them have already gotten some stuffs.

It's just that those people with gains were all unwilling to share with other people.

The very first person who got close to the broken city have accepted a lot of pictures and secret seals from the unusual energies undulating inside the city.

Those pictures and secret seals had nothing to do with Art of Fragmentary Stars. They however were stored with all kinds of bizarre strength.

Furthermore, each and everyone of the pictures and secret signs that were obtained were all closely connected to the attributes of their own body and the spiritual art that they cultivated.

Merely those pictures and secret signs, from what they see, had already made it a worthwhile trip.

"From what I see, this Ancient Teleportation Spell…… It might be connected to the Heavenly Gate in our Prison Department."

At this moment, Hong Can from Prison Department, as he watched with his naked eyes the centre of the Ancient Teleportation Spell, a seven-colored light door slowly condensed out, his look changed. He said to everyone:" The trial in the Heavenly Gate may have ended. So long as we stepped into it, we might appear in Heaven Leaving Domain."

After stopping for a while, Hong Can said again:" Heaven Leaving Domain on the other hand, not long after we left, what kind of huge changes have happened there, none of us knows."

"Everyone, be mentally prepared, it would be best if you recover your strength back to its peak. I think the light door will continue on for a period of time. Before we step in, we will definitely be in our best shape."

"I am worried that after we entered, we will face challenges that are even more cruel."

Hong Can's words had made everyone's mood became solemn. The look everyone had as they looked towards the light door had a bit of distress in it.

Including Nie Tian.

Before he entered the Heavenly Gate from Heaven Leaving Domain, through the mouths of those foreign Lianqi Warriors, he has already known that Heaven Leaving Domain has already been set as a target by other domains.

Even if there weren't other domains glaring like tigers watching their preys, the demons may also rush into Heaven Leaving Domain.

In the current Heaven Leaving Domain, the people there might have already been in a terrible situation, being involved in repeated bloody battles which was an abyss of sufferings. As soon as they returned to Heaven Leaving Domain, the things that they would face, if it wasn't the local demons in Heaven Leaving Domain, then it would be intruders from external domains.

"Maybe, we can choose to not go back so urgently." Right at this moment, Qiu Heng from Lingbao Court said such words in a soft voice.


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