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The place Nie Tian previously left.

The drifting broken city had long since dropped down to the ground. From within the city, there was no longer any seven-colored light rays being released. There was also no longer any unusual energy of that sort undulating and coming out.

Within the city, there were bizarre buildings situated in it. There were some that were shaped like cylinders, whereas some shaped like cones.

There were also some buildings which you could tell were the dwelling places for the unusual tribes at first glance. They were like a tall and huge tree.

In the middle of the city, at the side of a dilapidated ancient transportation spell, a lot of experts from Heaven Leaving Domain gathered there.

After Miao Chen and Tang Yang left, those Lianqi Warriors from the external domain that stepped into this place through the Heavenly Gate in Heaven Leaving Domain were now all dead.

Originally, the seven sects disciples that took cover in different places, under the summon of their seniors, had all gathered at this place one by one.

Jiang Lingzhu and Li Fan from Lingyun Sect, Feng Luo and Yu Tong from Blood Sect, An Shiyi from Lingbao Court, Zheng Bing frfom Black Mist Palace, Hong Can from Prison Department and Zou Yi from Ghost Sect, Guan Qiu from Grey Valley, nearly all of them were next to the dilapidated ancient transportation spell.

The disciples from the seven sects that came from Heaven Leaving Domain, there were originally eighty of them. At this moment, there were only about ten people that were still alive.

Those people that survived, after coming to this place, through Li Fan and Feng Luo, had found out about what happened previously at this place.

According to Feng Luo's description, they knew that the only person who got admitted by the broken city, the first person to step into the city was actually Nie Tian from Lingyun Sect.

When Nie Tian soared up the sky from the broken city and went towards the boundless star river, Feng Luo and the party had seen it clearly.

Right after Nie Tian, only did Tang Yang and Miao Chen fly up step by step into the deep part of the star river.

Li Fan who possessed a unique timekeeping device told Jiang Lingzhu and An Shiyi who was deeply concerned for Nie Tian that Nie Tian had disappeared for as long as three months.

Three months time, Nie Tian did not return once more. There was not even the slightest trace of him.

According to Li Fan's judgement, he feared that there might not be any positive signs for Nie Tian.

No matter where Nie Tian had went, the people that had gone along with him, there were still Tang Yang and Miao Chen.

Tang Yang and Miao Chen both had the cultivation level of Xiantian Realm. Tang Yang was even at the late-Xiantian Realm. His formidable strength was simply overwhelming even just by listening.

If it had not been because Tang Yang and Miao Chen leaving at the same time, with the strength of their seven sects, perhaps, they would still be unable to annihilate the visitors from the external domains.

They did not think that merely Nie Tian would be able to kill Tang Yang and Miao Chen.

The biggest possibility was that at the moment when Nie Tian was brought to a certain place, Tang Yang and Miao Chen had immediately laid down their murdering hands and killed Nie Tian right away.

Counting from the time when they stepped into the Heavenly Gate, roughly half a year had passed. The disciples from the seven sects that were scattered across each of the meteorites, some permanently buried their body here, some took shelter for a long time. Only then were they summoned by the seniors from the sects to this place. There were also some who obtained a bit of bizarreness from the meteorites.

Right now, they have all gathered at the ancient transportation spell inside the city as they seemed to have known that they could leave the Heavenly Gate through this transportation spell that was a bit dilapidated.

Because, for the past one month, they had each spread out and looked all over the place for miracles.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, they had investigated nearly a thousand of the meteorites nearby and still did not have any discovery.

They walked to the extreme border of the meteorite and saw another meteorite area that was even wider. That meteorite area was also scattered with numerous meteorites.

It's just that, the meteorite area and the area where there were at, there was a vast star river lying in between. Furthermore, at the centre, there wasn't any stone protrusion to serve as a passage.

They quietly thought over it for a while and had right away known that the meteorite area might be the arrival points of the Lianqi Warriors from the other two Heavenly Gate.

The other two Heavenly Gates opened at Black Sky Domain and Thousand Extinction Domain. The strength of Black Sky Domain and Thousand Extinction Domain on the other hand, were far stronger than their Heaven Leaving Domain.

Black Sky Domain in particular which was ranked the first among the Nine Heavenly Domains. The experts that rushed in the Heavenly Gate from there were definitely more terrifying compared to those that came in from Heaven Leaving Domain.

Don't mention about the meteorite area where they were at, in between that meteorite area, an impassable star river was present.

Even if there really was enough time for the stone protrusion to connect, they would definitely not dare to step across the field. They would not dare to pick on the survivors from Black Sky Domain and Thousand Extinction Domain to avoid stirring up fire and getting burnt.

"That Nie Tian should be dead. Even though there was a bit of friendship between you and him, you do not need to feel too sad."

On the side of Lingbao Court, the Lianqi warrior Qiu Heng who was in the mid-Xiantian Realm, with his eyebrows knitted, reprimanded An Shiyi with a soft voice,"Your luck in the Heavenly Gate is quite good, your strength had improved extremely fast. By relying on those things that you obtained, it should not be too long until you can step into Xiantian Realm."

"Wait until you advanced into Xiantian Realm, your status and position in the sect would improve one step further. Previously, the mistake made due to the Green Illusion Realm would also be written off at one stroke by the sect owner. He absolutely would not deliberately make things difficult for you anymore."

"Your An family, your sister An Ying, they would all feel proud and got benefited because of you."

"It's just Nie Tian, he had already died, what's the point in you damaging your spirit because of him?"

Qiu Heng said in a cold tone.

He somewhat knew about a bit of secret space art. In the past, because of the space rift that Nie Tian's blood pit tore out, he had even gone to Black Cloud City before.

Judging from the seniority in the clan, he was considered to be An Shiyi's martial uncle. All these years, he had also considered to have taken care of An Shiyi.

It's just that however, when An Shiyi faced hardships from Gan Kang whose position was more precious than his and got forced step by step by Gan Kang, he secretly disappeared.

Because he, Qiu Heng could not bear to pick on Gan Kang. He too would not, because of An Shiyi, openly offend Gan Kang.


However, at the moment when he found out Gan Kang attempted to betray Ling Bao Court and got disdained by the sect only did he appear once more and asked An Shiyi about her health.

At the moment when An Shiyi, at the wasteland in Black Cloud City, also got a Heavenly Gate ket, he had increasingly regarded An Shiyi as important and once again expressed his goodwill towards An Shiyi of his own accord.

"He will not die, I believe in him." An Shiyi said in a neither hostile nor friendly manner.

During the conversation, An Shiyi shot a glance at Qiu Heng. Her beautiful pupils were hidden with a deep hatred.

She understood in her heart that Qiu Heng was just the same as Gan Kang. He has always had intentions towards her.

Even though Qiu Heng had never revealed it, she, as an intelligent woman, could still see through Qiu Heng's thought.

At the moment when she, due to the failure in Green Illusion Realm, got refrigerated by the sect master and got threatened by Gan Kang and a few people, Qiu Heng did not actually stood up for her. He did not defend her.

Because Qiu Heng feared, he feared Gan Kang's retaliation, and feared the positions of the other few people.

However, even though Nie Tian had only been a nodding acquaintance with her but yet was still calculated by her and sent into Green Illusion Realm, he still stood up by her side at the times when she needed help the most.

For her, Nie Tian risked everything and offended Gan Kang, so much so that he threw away the spirit accumulating medicine that was extremely important to him.

For her, Nie Tian had played dumb from time to time, letting even himself fell into dangerous situations.

In her heart, that Qiu Heng, compared to Nie Tian, he was not even a fart.

Therefore, upon hearing Qiu Heng said Nie Tian had died and convinced her to not injure her spirit for Nie Tian, not only did she not hear even one sentence in, she was even holding in her fury while not letting it out.

"Hey, don't think that because he is Wu Ji's disciple, he would be that extraordinary." Qiu Heng put on a false smile. The corner of his mouth was full of sarcasm," Wu Ji might be really good at accepting disciples, but him letting Nie Tian stepped into the Heavenly Gate, was precisely the biggest mistake. He was merely at the early stage of Houtian Realm and he has already dared to come into the Heavenly Gate to look for good fortunes. I do not know whether I should say that Wu Ji had already gone dotard, or Nie Tian did not know death."

"Qiu Heng! Who are you talking about?" From a spot not far away, Li Fan from Lingyun Sect snorted coldly.

Even Feng Luo from Blood Sect too coldly looked towards Qiu Heng and said:" Can you shut up?"

Zheng Bin from Black Mist Palace too ferociously stared at Qiu Heng and accused in a low voice :" What the heck?"

It even went to the extent that Hong Can from Prison Department and Zou Yi from Ghost Sect, including Guan Qiu who was from Grey Valley, they too snorted coldly. They simultaneously directed their displeased look on Qiu Heng.

Qiu Heng who exaggerated as he talked, seeing as the people from Prison Department, Ghost Sect, Blood Sect and Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley all looked at him with a hateful look, his heart trembled.

He did not understand those people, why they would reveal a displeased look just because of his words.

He actually did not know that prior to his arrival, Feng Luo, Hong Can, Zou Yi and Guan Qiu had all fought together with Nie Tian before.

These people, they were filled with admiration for Nie Tian who was only in Houtian Realm.

Hong Can from Prison Department said in an even more unrestrained manner:" Even though Nie Tian's cultivation level is not high, the three Xiantian Realm experts from the external domains were all dead because of him! Who do you think you, Qiu Heng are, how many Xiantian Realm experts from the external domains have you killed? Just with you, what position do you think you are in to criticize Nie Tian?"

"Nie Tian, that brat, if he is in the same realm as you Qiu Heng, he would be able to kill you in an instant, believe it or not?" Feng Luo from Ghost Sect said in a cold tone.

"That, that……"

Qiu Heng had an awkward face. He who was being directed against by the group of people suddenly felt terrified and did not dare to speak any more words.

An Shiyi took a cold glance at him as she became increasingly contempted.

Also at this moment, in the upper sky of the broken city, a seven-colored light ray appeared.

Within the seven-colored light rays, a silhouette, slowly turned from being fuzzy to being clear.

"Nie Tian!"


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