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In Nie Tian's spiritual sea knowledge, four star fragments were dazzlingly bright.

On the dome of the Ancient Star Fragmentary Palace, there were no longer any star aura raining down. Nie Tian was also unable to continue getting power from those star tips.

He woke up slowly from the cultivation of the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

Being separated by a seven-colored light river, he looked towards Zhu Yang from Heaven's Palace and realized that Zhu Yang was also looking at him in a daze.

The two of them looked face to face for a while. Because of the obstruction of the seven-colored light river, both sides could not converse.

Nie Tian hesitated for a while, he then stopped paying attention to Zhu Yang. Instead, he borrowed the fictional spiritual energy in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace that was incomparably pure and went back to cultivate once more.

Spiritual balls were condensed out one after another by him. He took out the spiritual energy from within and the unusual force that was in an extremely tiny amount. On one hand, he restored his spiritual energy while on the other, he nourished his mental energy.

Not knowing how long it has been, the spiritual energy in his spiritual sea at his diaphragm were already slowly being filled up.

His mental energy, too, through the nourishment of the spiritual ball's unusual force, once again climbed up to its peak.

Because of the presence of the four star fragments, he felt that there seemed to have been a mysterious change in his spiritual sea knowledge.

It's just that, because he have not had much time all along to go and feel the bizarreness of the first and second part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars, this had caused him to be unable to truly awaken the mysteries of the four star fragments.

The wounds on his body that were pierced open by Dong Bai Jie, after going through this period of time recovering, they have actually, gradually formed scabs.

From each and every one of those wounds, he no longer felt any pain. Furthermore, he felt that not too long after, all of his wounds would have completely healed.

At this moment only did he completely walk out from cultivation.

He roamed one round around the area where the Zhongtian Realm experts were at. He wanted to see if there would be any accidental gains.

A few people who got killed by Dong Bai Jie, if they had any remains, those remains might worth a considerable amount.

However, he looked one round and too did not see any valuable spiritual weapons present on the corpses that were all split up and in pieces.

He shortly understood that after Dong Bai Jie killed his opponent, he took off their storage bracelets from those corpses with no strain of politeness.

In the area where the Zhongtian Realms were, Nie Tian was wandering about. His action of wanting to have accidental gains were looked into the eyes by Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang knitted his brows slightly, he seemingly figured out that Nie Tian's status was not that high. Or else, he would not have seeked for the weapons on the body of those Zhongtian Realm experts.

He believed that if Su Lin was at the Zhongtian zone, she would definitely not waste any time.

Su Lin would spend all of her energy on cultivating.

Because, in the whole Land of Falling Stars, perhaps, there would not be any more places that were like Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, an unusual place useful for cultivating.

When he came to realize Nie Tian's did not come out from a high background, Zhu Yang thought that waited until he left Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, he should be able to easily find out about Nie Tian's identity.

Until that moment, through the inside information of their Heaven's Palace, wanting to get their hands onto the first and middle part of Art of Fragmentary Stars from Nie Tian should not be too difficult.

After thinking through this point, Zhu Yang stopped paying attention to Nie Tian. Instead, he recovered the damages to himself with the rich heaven and spiritual qi in the area for Xiantian Realm.

Not long after, Nie Tian who did not gain anything too gave up on roaming around. Right at the area for Zhongtian Realm, he took in the pure heaven and earth spiritual qi and went on to sharpen his spiritual sea.

His dantian spiritual sea, now overflowed with spiritual energy and power vortex of different attributes, was still revolving all along.

Two spiritual vortex, one flame vortex, one wood vortex, in the center of the white spiritual sea, were revolving at an extremely fast speed.

The spiritual sea that had expanded by one fold compared to the early stage of Houtian Realm, the internal spiritual odor was completely refined once more by him all the way through.

Another period of time had passed, regardless of the four power vortex in Nie Tian's spiritual sea, if it continued to revolve, he seemed to be no longer able to feel the pure spiritual energy.

At this moment, he once again grew out a feeling that he was about to break through a bottleneck.

He immediately understood that so long as he could improve himself by one more step, he would be able to advance from the middle Houtian Realm, to the late stage!

No longer feeling hurried to refine the spiritual sea, he calmed his mind down and recalled the thrilling battles that he faced one after another after stepping into the Heavenly Gate in his brain.

Those one after another of terrifying battle scenes continuously reappeared within his memory. The different kinds of exquisite attacks from a few of the Xiantian Realm experts, Tang Yang's frightening repressing might towards him, Wu Lin's mental sorcery, Su Lin's schemes, Xuan Ke's aid to him from the dark, and the battle of wits and bravery against Dong Baijie.

He went through those scenes in his thought over and over again and awaken the things that he realized during battles and his insufficient experience one by one.

This experience of improving himself in Heavenly Gate, compared to the trial in Green Illusion Realm, was far more complicated and dangerous.

From this experience, he has gained a lot. He found out about the capability of the proud heaven's son from the external domain. He had also found out about the tangled and complicated things from each and every forces in the Land of Falling Stars,

After that, he calmed his mind, focused his attention and stopped thinking about the different kinds of experiences.

He started to comprehend the bizarreness of the spiritual energy, mental energy, blood and flesh energy even more meticulously with the instructions that his master Wu Ji taught him.

It might be because of the presence of the seven-colored light river, it might also have been because of the bizarreness of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace itself, at the moment he sensed the mysteries of all kinds of the power, his brain was unusually awake.

Before that, a lot of places that were unclear and difficult to understand, when he pondered over it this time, it was as if a murky darkness suddenly opened and he suddenly came to a wide clearing.

Right at the moment when he faintly felt that he was about to break through the bottleneck and stepped into the late stage of Houtian realm, there were once again star aura raining down from the dome of that Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He immediately gave up on the understanding towards the different kinds of power. He focused his attention and once again took in the star aura.

A new wave of star aura rained down. It was once again divided up and fed by him and Zhu Yang from Heaven's Palace to be refined. Within his spiritual sea knowledge, there was one additional star fragment.

Not long after, the star aura disappeared. He once again indulged himself in his own cultivation and sensation.

After that, after a while, from the dome on the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, there were once again star aura raining down.

This process was like a cycle and kept coming back to the start. It continued for a number of times.

Within Nie Tian's spiritual sea knowledge, at the moment it condensed out the seventh star fragments, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace that stood tall deep within the star river suddenly vibrated.

Inside the ancient palace, two seven-colored light rivers suddenly flew towards Nie Tian and Zhu Yang who similarly got the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

Two light rivers, as it dropped into Nie Tian's and Zhu Yang's body, it suddenly shrunk. They seemed to have turn into two seven-colored wiggling snakes. They drilled into Nie Tian and Zhu Yang's dantian spiritual sea.

Seven-colored light river, it shrunk by a thousand and hundred folds. At the moment it appeared in Nie Tian's spiritual sea, Nie Tian's body suddenly got thrown out from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

His body, at the moment when it was falling, he saw the majestic and spectacular Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. It ascended slowly, towards the boundless star river which no one knew how far away it was, that was seen from the dome.

At the moment when he was falling downwards in an uncontrolled manner, he saw Zhu Yang from Heaven's Palace. He seemed like he had the intention to get close to him.

Unfortunately, despite how hard Zhu Yang tried, he was still unable to get close to him with his own strength.

Even if the both of them had left Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, there seemed to still exist a kind of force. It was separating the both of them, letting them unable to see each other again.

This might be a kind of rule and balance that came from Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Because the difference in cultivation between Nie Tian and Zhu Yang was too big, there was a certain rule in Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. It thought that putting Nie Tian and Zhu Yang together would be unfair.

As a result, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace flew towards the star river. However, there was still a force that was hindering them.

Also because of this, the distance between Nie Tian and Zhu Yang got further and further apart. He seemed as if he was dropping into a deep abyss as he fell at flying speed like a shooting star.

He could faintly feel that the place where he had fallen was precisely the drifting, broken city that he previously left.


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