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Nie Tian was about to open his mouth, but he realized that Dong Bai Jie, under the power of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, had disappeared without a trace.


The Heavenly Gate Picture, carried along with the flesh, when it flew next to Nie Tian, the other hexagram mark in the picture smoothly dropped into the back of Nie Tian's hand.

At the moment when that hexagram flew into the Heavenly Gate's Picture on Nie Tian's hand, Nie Tian sensed each of them with rapt attention. It was just like when he was reading through the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Star, he saw within the hexagram, there were also numerous ancient seal-writings hanging highly.

All of the ancient seal-writings were arranged neatly and tidily. It could be understood clearly just with one glance.

"The middle part of Art of Fragmentary Stars!"

Nie Tian shaked suddenly. The corner of his mouth showed a cheerful look. He only felt that the wounds on his body had seemed to no longer feel any pain.

In order to obtain the first and middle part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars, the three of his life-saving spiritual seals, three of his explosive ice beads, have all been used up.

However, he knew that the three life-saving spiritual seals and explosive ice beads, compared to the middle part of Art of Fragmentary Stars, they were absolutely not worth mentioning.

The areas where the Xiantian Realms were, because Dong Bai Jie withdrew of his own accord, it once again recovered peacefulness.

He sat down quietly, took out spiritual beast meats from his storage bracelet and swallowed them in silence.

At this moment, on his body, there were more than ten bloody holes that had been pierced through. Those bloody holes were still flowing with bloody water.

In order to stop too much of the blood from flowing thus dying, he had to stabilize his injury as soon as possible. He could not allow those fresh blood to flow out.

He attempted to guide the spiritual energy from the dantian spiritual sea as he wanted to stop the injuries from becoming more severe.

At this moment, he suddenly felt within the plants vortex in his dantian spiritual sea, there were threads after threads of plants essence that was stored with living odor flying out one after another.

It's not just that, his heart was also giving out rather abnormal heartbeat sounds. A rich vitality seemed to have also grown from his heart.

Plants essence, and the rich vitality that originated from his heart, they got poured into his flesh together.

The two powers that were a bit similar surged along the arteries and veins in his body. Very quickly, they gathered together at the bloody holes on his body.

At the next moment, he discovered from the wounds on his body, the fresh blood was suddenly stopped from flowing out.



He who was incomparably shocked lowered his head and looked towards the bloody hole on his arm. He immediately saw that bloody hole, after stopping the fresh blood from flowing, the flesh and fibre looked like they were wiggling slowly.

The bloody hole that tore apart, it was like a space crack that was requesting to heal. It was shrinking at an extremely slow speed.

The speed at which the wounds shrank, it might seem really slow, however, Nie Tian could still sense it.

Normal people on the other hand, if their flesh were pierced and they wanted to recover the wound, this might possibly take as long as a number of days.

However, under the aid of the plants essence and the rich vitality in his heart, he could directly sensed the wounds slowly healing.

This kind of recovery speed, compared to an ordinary recovery, was much faster by who knows how many folds.

"Speed up the recovery of the human body!"

Nie Tian's eyes shone, he suddenly became excited and stirred up. He realized that perhaps the blood veins energy that he had not completely awaken might be even more mysterious than he thought.

Very quickly, he had already stopped feeling any major pain from the wounds on his body.


Also at this moment, from the boundless star river on the dome of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, there were once again star tips raining down.

Dong Bai Jie withdrawing and throwing the second part of the Art of Fragmentary Star to Nie Tian seemed to have violated some kind of restriction in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As soon as he saw there were once again more star tips raining down, Nie Tian immediately raised his spirits. He knew that those star tips were stored with mysterious power and that those power could be guided into his spiritual sea knowledge.

He say down quietly at once and with the secret art that he previously comprehended, drew in the splashing star tips.

Bits after bits of star tips followed along his Heaven Spirit Lid and escaped into his spiritual sea knowledge.

Within his spiritual sea knowledge, the fourth star fragment quietly condensed and appeared.

"Zhu Yang! You won!"

At the same time, in the area where the Xiantian realms experts were, Tang Yang who came from Dark Underworld Domain, with fresh blood all over his face, tore out the Heavenly Gate Picture that he obtained from the back of his hand.

He threw out that Heavenly Gate Picture. Shortly, he was binded by the strange force inside the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and got thrown out of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Thus, inside the area for Xiantian Realms, there was only Su Lin's little martial uncle, Zhu Yang who was left.

Zhu Yang who also came out from Heaven's Palace blended the heavens glory Tang Yang gave into the Heavenly Gate's Picture on his hand. Shortly, there was also one more additional hexagram mark on his hand.

Inside that mark on the other hand, was the last part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

Zhu Yang, after going through repeated hand to hand combats and eventually forcing Tang Yang to leave and completed the last part of Art of Fragmentary Stars, his mind was also a bit dispirited.

At this time, he had also taken notice of Nie Tian.

"He is actually not Su Lin……"

Zhu Yang blanked out for a while. He looked towards Nie Tian with his brows knitted and thoroughly took measure of him.

"He is also not Dong Bai Jie, not Wu Lin and Xuan Ke." Zhu Yang became increasingly astonished.

In his heart, the person who could obtain the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars must be Su Lin who was from Heaven's Palace just like him.

He was not really convinced that Su Lin could obtain Dong Bai Jie's middle part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars in the Zhongtian zone. However, he did not think that there would be anyone capable of taking the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars from Su Lin's hand.

Waited until he noticed, a brat whose name was never heard of, when he eventually stopped over at the Zhongtian zone, he had already known that the first and second part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars have both been obtained by that person.

He felt incomparably surprised.

However, after being somewhat distracted for only a while, he too had taken notice of the star tips that were raining down from the dome.

Zhu Yang whose condition was also not exceptionally good too, like Nie Tian, slowly sat down.

His mental consciousness have only swept across a few times inside the mark of that hexagram and he seemed to have already figured out the method to gather up the star tips.

The star tips that fell from the dome originally was only attracted to Nie Tian, they rained towards the Zhongtian zone.

However, when he also secretly performed a sorcery, those scattered star tips, there were actually two third of them that had fallen directly towards him.

His divided feedings towards the star tips had immediately got Nie Tian's attention. Nie Tian opened up his eyes in the middle of the way and looked at him from far away for a while. His eyebrows knitted slightly.

Zhu Yang who had forced Tang Yang out of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, compared to the previous Dong Bai Jie, seemed to be in a slightly better condition.

Zhu Yang on the other hand, was in the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm.

In Nie Tian's hand, all of the life-saving spiritual seal and explosive ice beads, had now been completely used up. There was also a huge gap between the cultivation level between him and Zhu Yang.

Even if Nie Tian had overestimated his capabilities, he would still not, under the situation of seeing Zhu Yang in a pretty good state, madly pass across the seven-colored light river.

He knew that if he dared to pass across the seven-colored light river, the Heaven's Palace from Black Sky Domain would favorably be able to collect all three parts of the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

After taking a glance at it, he stopped bothering about Zhu Yang. Instead, he focused on fighting over the falling star tips.

Not knowing how long has passed.

Inside his spiritual sea knowledge, there was yet again another star fragment that condensed from the star tips. At the time when the star fragment was shining with its glistening starlight, he stopped feeling the presence of the star tips.

The dome of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the star river which he was not aware how far it was, was still present.

It's just that there was no longer any more star tips falling from the star river.

However, for some unknown reason, through the four star fragments inside the spiritual sea knowledge, he faintly felt that there seemed to be a mysterious connection between him and the boundless star rivers.

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