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After Dong Bai Jie let out an explosive howl, the large grey wolf instantly jumped out from the top of his head.

That large grey wolf was formed by the condensation of his mental and spiritual energy. It was not only vivid and lifelike, it also looked like it had intelligence and consciousness.

From what Dong Bai Jie saw, so long as Nie Tian was firm enough and could cut off his own palm which was imprinted with the Heavenly Gate Picture before the large grey wolf charged in, he would still be able to escape Ancient Fragmentary Palace alive.

He coldly stared at Nie Tian and wanted to see which option Nie Tian would actually choose. Would it be risking his life to fight? Or would it be retreating firmly?

As he looked at the large grey wolf charged in with his eyes, Nie Tian's expression changed. He was about to draw out and use the spiritual seal Wu Ji bestowed upon him. He wanted to stop the large grey wolf with the spiritual seal.

The spiritual seal could form seven layers of light halos and could block the attack of the secret mental arts.


What he was concerned of was the secret mental art that the large grey wolf gave out. He was not afraid of the vicious and murderous spirit that the large grey wolf carried.

Right at the moment when he was ready to use the spiritual seal, his mind shaked and he suddenly became aware that within the chaotic magnetic field, three bits of starry aura had appeared.

The three starry aura were extremely tiny. It was still far from being compared to the fragments of stars in his spiritual sea knowledge.

However, among the three bits of starry aura, he could sense the odor of the three fragments of stars that were in his spiritual sea knowledge,

Shortly, he confirmed that the three bits of starry aura that appeared in the chaotic magnetic field were precisely from the three fragments of stars in his spiritual sea knowledge.

At the moment when he utilized his mental energy to form the chaotic magnetic field, he had also borrowed some threads of mental energy that was even purer and more high grade from the three star fragments.

When the three starry aura suddenly appeared inside the chaotic magnetic field, the chaotic magnetic field became increasingly violent.

Inside the magnetic field, an even more powerful unusual fluctuation that was enough to twist all mental energy that infiltrated was incomparably turbulent.


Along the way the large grey wolf was charging in, it opened up its mouth and let out a breath.

A thread of grey mental shock wave that was visible with naked eyes, with a speed that was a number of times faster than the large grey wolf, charged in directly towards the chaotic magnetic field that Nie Tian created.


The grey mental shock wave, as it dropped into the chaotic magnetic field, those three starry aura suddenly became increasingly bright.

The surge that twisted mind was like countless meat grinder, it was grinding the mental shock wave that came from the large grey wolf.

Nie Tian could clearly see the shock wave inside his chaotic magnetic field, from a cylinder shape, being torn out all of a sudden into bits of grey bright light.

The grey bright light was dismantled and twisted by the chaotic magnetic field and rapidly turned into nothingness.

"Resistible Secret Mental Art!"

Nie Tian's mind shaked greatly. He touched the spiritual seal in his hand and from his trembling state, immediately became as steady as Mountain Tai.

The strangeness of the chaotic magnetic field had given him stamina, making him felt unhurried to use the last spiritual seal that his master gave him but instead, immediately motivated the ten spiritual balls to go and attack the large grey wolf.


Each and every one of the spiritual balls that were accumulated with liquid striked ruthlessly onto the body of the large grey wolf. It once again sputtered out countless fragments of lights into the surroundings.

In between him and Dong Bai Jie, light curtains interweaved, the energy clashed into each other and sputtered all over. The large grey wolf were howling madly as it waved its wolf claw that was like a true substance and continuously chopped down and pulled back.

The large grey wolf was flooded by the fragments of light that came out from the explosions from the attack of the spiritual balls. That large wolf body of it shrunk with a speed that was visible with naked eyes.

The mental energy that came through from his body, and the roaring and rushing spiritual fluctuation were also draining out rapidly.


Dong Bai Jie's face that was originally already incomparably pale, became increasingly white and eerie to the point it became scary. His cheek twitched for a while and his expression was a bit twisted and sinister.

"Merely in Houtian Realm, he was actually able to defend against my secret wolf art!"

Dong Bai Jie seemed a bit like he was finding it hard to believe. At the moment when the mental shockwave that the large grey wolf shot out, got around Nie Tian and disappeared into nothingness, he had already felt that something was not right.

However, when each and every one of the spiritual balls suddenly bombarded the large grey wolf and significantly melted the wolf's strength, he felt increasingly amazed.

He felt that those spiritual balls…. Were not actually the spiritual weapons that Nie Tian held. The fragments of lights that sputtered from within those spiritual balls were clearly the highly condensed medium of the spiritual energy inside the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Nie Tian actually being able to make use of the spiritual energy in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and able refine it to the point it was like a weapon, this was simply unbelievable.

After he got astonished, he instantly calmed down. When he once again looked towards Nie Tian, he secretly knitted his eyebrows.

He began to face up to Nie Tian.


The fragments of lights that filled the whole sky burst open and came out from the ten spiritual balls. Finally, bit by bit, it thoroughly eliminated the large grey wolf that Dong Bai Jie condensed.

In the middle of Nie Tian and Dong Bai Jie, the fragments of lights were still scattered all over the place. That part of the area was completely flooded and covered.

Even if it's Dong Bai Jie, he too did not dare to go deep into it recklessly and pointlessly waste his own energy.

His silhouettes fluctuated like a lightning that was shot contorted. It easily avoided that area and rapidly shortened the distance with Nie Tian.

Dong Bai Jie were originally empty-handed. But right now, he was holding a metallic grey colored long spear.

On top of the long spear, there were exquisite and delicate flower patterns engraved on it. It was imprinted with mysterious symbols and arts.


A heaven and earth shaking battle intention suddenly shook up and burst open from the metallic grey-colored long spear. The metallic grey colored long spear condensed into a bunch of light and seemed like it had travelled across layers of space and under the situation where Nie Tian totally did not notice, appeared suddenly right inside the chaotic magnetic field.


At the moment the metallic grey colored long spear dropped into the chaotic magnetic field, it gave out battle intentions that were even more sharp.

Threads after threads of greyish white colored light shot out explosively from that long spear. That long spear was as if it had turned into a long shining medium as it continuously sputtered out magnificent light.

Inside the chaotic magnetic field, all kinds of the twisting and chaotic strength were like countless hands, it curled up around those magnificent light and attempted to twist it.

However, the chaotic magnetic field that had been successful in every endeavor, were actually also unable to, in an instant, take cover of the brilliance light on the long spear. It was unable to block its sharpness!


A thread of magnificent light dashed towards here from the long spear. It shot into Nie Tian's right arm.

Nie Tian's arm suddenly had an additional bloody hole, the flash blood spurted out madly.

Luckily, the magnificent light that pierced through his right arm did not touch his bone. Or else his bone would have been crushed in an instant.

Nie Tian was overwhelmed with shock.

The opponents that he encountered previously, there were some experts from Xiantian Realm. However, those people would either be invaded by his mental energy, or they would lose control themselves and fell into the chaotic magnetic field of their own accord.

Those opponents, both their mental energy and themselves, at the moment when they stepped into the chaotic magnetic field, were all influenced. Each of them lost control suddenly.

Only Dong Bai Jie from Hundred War Domain, through one of the mental shock waves from the large grey wolf, had taken notice of the strangeness of the chaotic magnetic field.

Dong Bai Jie did not charge in recklessly. Rather, he borrowed the power of a formidable spiritual weapon in his hand and opened up his path with the spiritual weapon.

That long spear suddenly burst out in the chaotic magnetic field. It instantly turned into threads after threads of magnificent lights, making even the chaotic field unable to take cover in a short period of time.

Also because of this, Nie Tian's right arm was suddenly penetrated.


Even more magnificent lights were still shooting out explosively from the long spear. Nie Tian who has suffered loss once were dodging everywhere right inside the chaotic magnetic field that he created.


Even though that was the case, his legs, his waist and abdomen as well as some parts on the body that were not fatal were still continuously getting hit.

He could only do his utmost to let those magnificent light not penetrate through vital parts. However, he was unable to dodge all of the magnificent lights.

Separated by around ten metres, Dong Bai Jie from Hundred War Domain coldly looked at the devastation of the long spear, the expression showing in his eyes had also become slightly serious.

"The mid-Houtian Realm, he can actually stand by for so long, it seems that this brat gathering the Art of Fragmentary Stars from Su Lin, Wu Lin and Xuan Ke's hands might not just be by mere luck."

Nie Tian's strangeness had made the final victor in the Zhongtian Zone, Dong Bai Jie also secretly shocked.

In his heart, he has already approved of Nie Tian's strength.


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