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The land of falling stars, nine huge domains, Black Sky domain was ranked the first.

Heaven's Palace, it was the strongest Lianqi Sect in Black Sky Domain. Among the numerous force in the land of falling stars, Heaven's Palace had an extraordinary status.

Su Lin who came from Heaven's Palace, in the area of Houtian Realm, her strength steadily suppressed Wu Ling and the teenager in white.

The area where the Xiantian Realms were in, Su Lin's little martial uncle, facing the besieging of three Xiantian Realm experts including Tang Yang, still looked like he was handling a butcher's cleaver with ease.

The formidable power of Heaven's Place made Nie Tian secretly felt fearful.

The bloody fights in Zhongtian Realm and Xiantian Realm were even more bitter and bloody compared to the area where Nie Tian was. Furthermore, there was no trace of it ending in a short period of time.

Nie Tian watched attentively for quite a while. He took back his gazes and once again looked towards the fight between Su Lin and the teenager in white.

At this time, the spiritual energy and mental energy that he consumed in the battle against Wu Lin have all recovered.

He could faintly feel his mental energy and spiritual energy seemed to have increased by a different degree through such a severe consumption.

It's only his flesh and blood energy that had not clambered up to his peak state.

He once again took out the meats of the spiritual beasts from his storage bracelet. He gulped it into his stomach.

At this moment, thirteen spiritual balls the size of lower millstones once again floated next to him.

Those spiritual balls, all of their unusual forces that could nourish the spirit were drawn out, they were all abandoned under the situation where Nie Tian's spiritual sea was already overflown.

Threads after threads of mental energy flew out from Nie Tian's body. It quietly dropped down into the thirteen spiritual balls.

The thirteen spiritual balls evolved according to his mind. It fluttered lightly and moved to the area between him and Su Lin.

He paid attention to the battle between Su Lin and the teenager in white. He had nothing to do and was unoccupied. Once again, he continued to condense more spiritual balls.

The battle against Wu Lin had made him understood that the incomparably pure heaven and earth spiritual energy, after it condensed into the spiritual balls, could become his killing technique.

Wait until the battle between Su Lin and the teenager in white ended, he could borrow the spiritual balls that was in a huge amount and be like when he was facing off Wu Lin, to go and deal with the victor.

He could at least significantly consume the victor's energy through the spiritual balls. After that, at the time when the person was extremely tired, gave that person a severe blow.

He was counting his chicken before it was hatched as he once again gathered the spiritual balls through the spiritual energy in Ancient Fragmentary Stars Palace.

Time was rushing, another time had passed. The spiritual balls beside him had increased from thirteen to twenty-one.

At this moment, he saw from the ice-cold pupils of the teenager in white that came from Ice Bound Domain. It was already full of tiredness.

The teenager in white waved his simple and unadorned long sword. He drew his sword brilliantly. The energy fluctuation in his body too was no longer as turbulent.


Su Lin's jade finger cruised around in the hollow sky. Bent swords in the shape of a crescent moon suddenly appeared one after another.

Those bent swords, there were as many as several hundreds of them. In addition to that, it was being pushed in an odd formation, making the icebound space around the teenager in white and the earth that was frozen to tear apart and shatter into pieces.

Su Lin's eyes turned into a bright grey color. Her pupils were like two turning crescent moons that were clear and cold.

At the centre of the area where she and the teenager in white collided, fragments of crystal shaped snowflakes were all destroyed in an explosion. It sputtered into bits of ice tips.

The teenager in white seemed to have been severely injured. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His face color instantly turned as deathly pale as papers.

Su Lin's expression did not change. She said coldly:" Xuan Ke, there is a relationship between you Ice-cold sect and us Heaven Palace. I do not want to exterminate you. Abandon the Heavenly Gate picture on your hand with your own secret art."

From Ice Bound Domain, the teenager in white whose name was Xuan Ke, until this moment, seemed to have see the current situation clearly.

He knitted his eyebrows and muttered to himself for a while. He did not speak a thing and with the simple and unadorned long sword, cut off a flesh from the back of his hand.

That flesh was imprinted with the Heavenly Gate Picture. There were sixteen Sky Heavens shining within.

His way of abandoning the Heavenly Gates Pictures, compared to Wu Lin, was not as bloody and cruel.

The thing that he handed over was only a flesh. The flesh could grow back in the future.

Wu Lin on the other hand, was different, at the time of life and death, Wu Lin was as if he did not have skill like him. He wasn't that careful and meticulous and only picked out a flesh.

At that time when Wu Lin was facing Nie Tian's raging fist, he could only, with the most cruel method, cut off his palm.


Xuan Ke from Ice Bound Domain tore out that flesh. When he was just about ready to hand over to Su Lin, he suddenly looked towards Nie Tian in awe.

Su Lin got distracted and too, turned her head and looked here.

The two people that were engrossed in fighting previously indeed did not keep an eye on Nie Tian and Wu Lin's battle. They too did not have the energy to be distracted.

Originally, they had thought that the battle between Nie Tian and Wu Lin should still be going on.

But when they really looked, they realized that there was no longer any traces of Wu Lin. Nie Tian on the other hand, the Heavenly Gate Picture at the back of his hand, there were eighteen additional Sky Heavens that were shining.

The additional eighteen Sky Heavens meant that Wu Lin who had lost his presence had been defeated in Nie Tian's hand.

Beside Nie Tian, there were twenty one spiritual balls floating. They were all giving out socking energy fluctuations.

Xuan Ke and Su Lin secretly sensed for a while, they once again noticed that Nie Tian's power level, compared to before he faced off Wu Lin, there did not seem to be too much of a difference.

This meant that Nie Tian had not only beaten Wu Lin, he had also recovered the energy that he consumed.

"Heaven Leaving Domain…...:"

The expression when Xuan Ke and Su Lin looked towards Nie Tian had both become a bit complicated.

The both of them did not expect that the person who emerged victorious between Nie Tian and Wu Lin, was actually Nie Tian.

Heaven Leaving Domain that was ranked last in the Heavenly Nine Domains, a brat that had never been heard of and furthermore was only at his mid-Houtian realm, had actually forced Wu Lin away?

For a while, they were shown to be finding it difficult to accept it.

However, merely in an extremely short period of time, Xuan Ke who tore his flesh was already enveloped by an unknown energy.

He disappeared without foundation under Nie Tian's eyelid. He seemed to be brought away from Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in a short while.

Only the flesh that he tore out still remained in mid-air. As Su Lin extended her hand and caught it, the sixteen sky heavens at the top flew out like stars fragments and blended into Su Lin's lily-white hands.

Xuan Ke was like Wu Lin. After he lost his Heavenly Gate Pictures, he was also sent out of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

In this area of Houtian Realm at the moment, only Su Lin from Heaven's Palace remained, along with Nie Tian who came from Heaven Leaving Domain.

The both of them naturally looked towards each other.

Nie Tian only saw an ancient and unmoved serene look in Su Lin's eyes. That Su Lin had a tranquil and calm expression. She took out three medicines which aroma assailed one's nostrils and swallowed them right in front of him.

"I do not want to waste my energy on you." Su Lin thought for a while and convinced him sincerely:"My real goal is to be the final victor in the area of Zhongtian Realm. I want to maintain my best state and battle the victor on that side."

"Hence, I can not kill you. You only have to be like Xuan Ke, tear out that flesh and abandon the Heavenly Gate Picture. Then you can be like Xuan Ke and leave Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace."

"I hope you understand that even though you have beaten Wu Lin, you will definitely not be my opponent."

"If you do not know what's good for you and insist on fighting over it with me, then let me tell you, once you have made your move, I will not show any mercy. I will undoubtedly kill you."

"You should think over it yourself clearly."

Su Lin from Heaven's Palace convinced Nie Tian really seriously. She hoped that he would abandon his Heavenly Gate's picture of his own accord and leave the Ancient Fragmentary Stars Palace alive.

She had an even bigger ambition. She did not want to kill Nie Tian to consume too much of her own energy.

However, the meaning in her words were filled with a strong self confidence. She was confident that once Nie Tian made his move, she would definitely kill Nie Tian.

Nie Tian laughed involuntarily and said:" You just finished your battle with Xuan Ke. Your mental and spiritual energy have been consumed by quite a considerable amount. From what I see, your power level at the moment, could possibly only be around sixty or seventy percent when you are at your peak."

"I on the other hand, because I have disposed of Wu Lin early, right now, I have almost recovered."

"You really think that, you can defeat me steadily? Once we crossed arm, the person who will die, will certainly be me?"

Su Lin nodded lightly," I am really sure."

Nie Tian's intention to fight had also been triggered by her overconfidence. He cracked his mouth, laughed loudly and said:" I want to try!"

As his tone dropped, all of the spiritual balls, right under his fluctuating mind, had all drifted rapidly towards Su Lin and bombarded her.

Su Lin knitted her brows slightly and shook her head. She said:" You disobedient brat."


As her silhouette moved, she was like a clear and cold moonlight. At the moment before the spiritual balls approached her, she had already passed across each and every one of the spiritual balls.

Previously, Nie Tian and her originally had a distance of a hundred metres. From Nie Tian's perspective, it was still considered to be quite safe.

However. At the moment she moved her body, she had already, with an unimaginable speed, suddenly crossed over the spiritual balls that were drifting towards here. She had pulled closer the distance between her and Nie Tian in a short while.

Nie Tian on the other hand, at this moment, he had not even been able to make his spiritual balls burst open in time.

Because he absolutely could not focus his attention on Su Lin with his mental energy. Even his eyes, too could not accurately capture Su Lin's position.


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