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The reason why Su Lin from the Heaven Palace sect and the white-robed young man from the Realm of Endless Ice hadn’t started fighting was that they both thought Nie Tian was too weak.

They were afraid that Wu Ling would be able to kill Nie Tian without the slightest effort, watch in safety while the two of them fought, and then reap the spoils when they were exhausted.

However, now they both realized that Nie Tian actually wasn’t as weak as they had assumed and the fight between them was actually a close one. Therefore, they decided not to wait any longer, and began fighting.


It was also at that time that Wu Ling swung his strange, long saber, and shot out numerous light blades, slicing each and every incoming spiritual energy ball into pieces.

Upon exploding, the spiritual energy balls sent out countless fragmented sparks, filling the entire sky before descending towards Wu Ling like fine rain.

Wu Ling’s spiritual armor once again emanated dazzling lights that resembled sharp arrows, killing off all the sparks.

Nie Tian realized that the five jade-like light shields that the talisman had unleashed were capable of holding off all the psychic attacks from Wu Ling.

That was why he could send out wisps of his own psychic power to direct the spiritual energy balls to bombard Wu Ling, in an attempt to wear out his strength.

Wu Ling, who was originally only ten meters away from Nie Tian, was shoved backwards by the strong impact before coming to a stop fifty meters away.

From Wu Ling’s expression, Nie Tian could tell that after repeatedly brandishing his long saber to slice open the numerous spiritual energy balls and killing off the sparks with his spiritual armor, he had already grown somewhat weary.

After all, every slash of his saber consumed a sizable amount of his spiritual power.

The light that shot out of his spiritual armor that he was wearing also began to dim.

Nie Tian examined Wu Ling with rapt attention and found that only those spiritual energy balls alone seemed to be wearing out a large amount of his spiritual power.

“My plan worked!” he muttered to himself.

With that in mind, while continuing to bombard Wu Ling with the remaining energy balls, he lifted his arm and pointed his hand towards the heavens as he attempted to condense more energy balls with the secret magic that he had learned from the mysterious land.

Within seconds, another table-size spiritual energy ball took shape. He extracted the special energy within that could help him replenish his psychic power with the fastest speed possible.

At the same time, he channeled some of the pure and refined spiritual energy into his spiritual sea.

Before long, his spiritual sea was refilled to the brim and the psychic power that he had consumed contending with Wu Ling’s evil power was also rapidly recovering.

At that time, the energy ball already shrunk from the size of a table to the size of a balloon.

As soon as a wisp of Nie Tian’s psychic power entered the energy ball, it whizzed towards Wu Ling with an amazing speed.

Without the slightest hesitation, he repeated the process to make more energy balls.

With the newly condensed energy balls, he only absorbed the special soul-nourishing energy within them and sent wisps of his psychic power into them, manipulating them to bombard Wu Ling, the moment they were drained of that special energy.

Just like that, numerous new energy balls were created and shot towards Wu Ling.

After repeating that process for awhile, not only did Nie Tian not consume any spiritual power, but he also restored his psychic power to the fullest.

Wu Ling, on the other hand, had been quite busy dealing with the bombardment of the unceasing line of energy balls. After such a large number of them exploded in front of him, the area around him had been filled with turbulent energy.

The way he brandished his long saber and stepped forward had also grown somewhat mechanical and stiff.

With more and more fragmented sparks scattered in front of him, it was as if Wu Ling was walking in a river of sparkling dots and every step he took became harder and more energy-consuming.

“His psychic power and spiritual power were both restored to their peak state!”

Stepping painstakingly towards Nie Tian, Wu Ling saw him repeatedly condense energy balls and shoot them at him. However, he found to his surprise that Nie Tian looked increasingly radiant, and the energy fluctuations inside of him showed no sign of exhaustion.

Looking at Nie Tian’s excited and unwavering face, Wu Ling’s confidence soon broke into pieces.

As a chosen one from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation, he initially attached no importance to Nie Tian, assuming that the kid from the Realm of Flame Heaven must be the easiest to deal with.

However, by now, he couldn’t have regretted his poor judgment more.

He already wished he had chosen the white-robed young man instead of Nie Tian, in which case he likely wouldn’t be in such a difficult position.

Perhaps, even facing the strongest competitor, Su Lin from the Realm of Mystic Heaven, he wouldn’t have such a hard time approaching her.

“How come a character like this is from the Realm of Flame Heaven?!” Wu Ling exclaimed inwardly.

After madly condensing and casting energy balls for quite some time, Nie Tian suddenly came to a stop. “It’s about time.”

He realized that by that time, the seven demonic eyes on Wu Ling’s blade had all opened up, and the light that shot out of each of them was no long fierce and suffocating. Apparently, it had also consumed a large portion of its power.

Furthermore, after killing off millions of sparks that sputtered out of the exploded energy balls, the spiritual armor on Wu Ling also began to look lifeless.

By this point, Nie Tian could no longer see the great confidence that used to fill Wu Ling’s eyes.

Therefore, he understood that after a long period of attrition, Wu Ling was now actually on the verge of breaking down.

It was about time he ended the fight.

Without any hesitation, he summoned his psychic power, flesh power, flame power, and wood power, to create a three-meter radius chaotic magnetic field around him.

As soon as the magnetic field took form, he stepped towards Wu Ling.

The moment he entered the region that was filled with scattering sparks and turbulent energy fluctuations, the magnetic field surrounding him started to grow even more frenzied and disorderly.

By falling into the chaotic magnetic field, the countless fragmented sparks seemed to fuel the chaotic, twisting power within the magnetic field.

Only seconds later, he arrived right in front of Wu Ling.

Wu Ling’s expression flickered.

The seven demonic eyes on his blade started to emanate lights of various colors.

As soon as the magnetic field took form, the five light shields that had been protecting Nie Tian seemed to be assimilated by the magnetic field.

Before, Wu Ling had repeatedly tried to attack Nie Tian with his evil psychic power.

However, seeing the attacks that the seven demonic eyes had launched were blocked by the five layers of intense spiritual energy around Nie Tian, he had temporarily stopped.

Now that he noticed that the protective light shields were no longer there, he assumed that it was about time he attacked again. Countless rays of blinding light shot out of the seven terrifying eyes and, along with a formidable, evil psychic power, shot towards Nie Tian.

However, the moment they entered the chaotic magnetic field, he lost connection with them.

Wu Ling’s expression changed drastically as he suddenly experienced an excruciating pain in his mind and simultaneously, a heart-wrenching wail rang out from within his long saber.

He immediately realized that the fiendish devil that had been sealed within his blade had also sustained injuries to its soul, and was now struggling to break away from the weapon.

Just as he was about to lose control of it, Nie Tian took another step forward, completely enveloping Wu Ling in the magnetic field.

In a flash, Wu Ling’s psychic power, flesh power, and spiritual power became chaotic and disordered.


He coughed up a mouthful of blood, feeling as if his body had been thrown into a meat grinder, unbearable pains coming from every piece of his flesh.

“It’s over!” Enveloped by the magnetic field, Nie Tian summoned strength from all the different kinds of power within him, and blasted out a rage punch towards Wu Ling’s head.

The punch was full of devastating energy fluctuations and the might of it surpassed any of his former attacks.

As soon as Nie Tian launched the fist strike, Wu Ling realized how powerful it was and how much damage it would inflict.

Meanwhile, the devilish saber in his hand began to scream madly, as if it were also trying to warn him against the incoming attack.

Face distorted, Wu Ling gritted his teeth after communicating with the devil soul within his saber.


At that crucial moment, after receiving a positive answer from its master, the saber, to Nie Tian’s surprise, cut off Wu Ling’s left hand with a clean, quick slash.

The moment Wu Ling’s Heaven Gate pattern bearing hand was severed from his arm, before it could even drop to the ground, Wu Ling seemed to be dragged by a unknown, irresistible force, as he blurred into a flash, disappearing from Nie Tian’s sight.

Even though he saw that Wu Ling, his original target, had vanished in the blink of an eye, Nie Tian knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop the momentum of his full-force punch, and thus continued the strike anyways.


The moment the blast of his destructive punch hit Wu Ling’s left hand, which hadn’t had the time to fall, it exploded into a pink mist of fragmented flesh and the Heaven Sparks within it rapidly flew into the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of Nie Tian’s hand.


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