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Nie Tian shaked loudly.

The mysterious word-symbol that originated from the sky heavens were mostly messy and irregular. It seemed like it would need to be assembled and arranged once more in order to clarify its true meaning.

However, among the irregular word-symbols, there was a strand that was arranged neatly.

The strand of mysterious word-symbols were written with the ancient symbols of the Lianqi Warriors during the immemorial era.

The word-symbols represented: Ancient Palace of Fragmentary Stars, passing on, Arts of fragmentary stars, first part.

"The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!"

Nie Tian was emotionally moved secretly. He withdrew his mind and looked at the wide palace. He looked at the fragments of stars that were shining on the dome and suddenly came to realize something.

This place was what was called as the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. They who had entered, they all had come for the inheritance of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!

Before he stepped in, his mental consciousness was unable to go into the sky heaven all along. He was fully aware that the sky heavens had taken in quite a lot of unusual drawing patterns in the broken city, yet he was unable to investigate into it.

Fifteen sky heavens, there was an invisible membrane that had existed in it which blocked his mental consciousness from peeping into it.

However exactly not long ago, at the moment when the stars on the ancient palace dome shone, when he drew in the delicate drawing patterns with his mental consciousness and guided it into his sky heavens, the obstruction of the sky heavens that blocked his mental consciousness had disappeared all of a sudden.

It seemed like, only the people that had arrived at this place, inside the Ancient Fragmentary Stars Palace were able to permeate their mental energy into the sky heaven and go on to resolve the mysteries within.

Wanting to understand this point, Nie Tian took a deep breath and once again concentrated his mind to go and observe the glistening pictures that were engraved on the wall.

The pictures were sputtered by the light spots of the stars. They all blossom with bright and glowing lights.

Each and every one of the pictures had become incomparably clear. The most meticulous vein lines could be captured through the naked eyes.

There were pictures that looked like stars, sun and moon. There were pictures that looked like ravines and earth networks. There were some that looked like tree patterns that belonged to old trees. All of which represented the kinds of mysterious about the heaven and earth.

However, the different kinds of pictures, not all of them could be absorbed and drawn in by his mental consciousness.

As he saw one after another, he noticed that the mysterious communication between him and those pictures did not actually build up.

His line of sight was cruising around and continuously sweeping across the wall. It suddenly dropped towards the picture that was decorated with numerous fragmentary stars. The picture seemed like a mysterious star atlas. It was dazzling and bright.

The wondrous mental communication, at the moment his line of sight dropped, got built up instantly.

At the back of his hand, the fifteen sky heavens once again became extremely hot. It once again transmitted a powerful attractive force.

At the next moment, the mysterious picture that was like a star atlas was being pulled by his mental consciousness. It once again flew towards him gradually and blended into his sky heaven once more.

He felt with rapt attention and immediately noticed that the pictures that were like star atlas, at the moment it channelled into the sky heavens, seemed to have been decomposed suddenly.

The complicated and mysterious star atlas burst opened and turned into ancient seal-writings. It scattered inside the fifteen sky heavens.

His mental consciousness was cruising around inside each of the sky heavens. After that, he saw the mysterious pictures that the sky heavens had previously taken in in the broken ancient palace hall were also turned into ancient seal-writings.

Within the fifteen sky heavens, there were nearly hundreds of ancient seal-writings. It shone brightly and looked like fragments of stars that were drifting indefinitely as it cruised around quietly.

He knew about the majority of those seal-writings. But because it was arranged irregularly, he could not decipher the true meaning of it.

But he understood in his heart that each of those writings of the ancient seal-writings, after being dissolved and fluctuated, should be recorded with the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

It's just that, merely just the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars could already possibly include several thousands of ancient seal-writings.

If he wanted to truly obtain the inheritance of the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Star, he did not only need to take in all of the ancient seal-writings into his sky heavens, he even needed to, through his own understandings, consume numerous effort to resolve and arrange each of the seal-writings that were irregular and in disorder.

Only by truly and fully understanding the order and arrangement of the seal-writings was he able to clearly comprehend the secret of the Art of Fragmentary Stars and from it, begin cultivating.


Spitting out a mouthful of muddy air, after he took in the two pictures and took it into his sky heaven, he had already realized that his mental consciousness was slightly exhausted.

He slowed down temporarily. He did not rush to continue taking in the pictures on the way. Rather, he observed the other three people.

He was really convinced that the three people were just like him. In the area of Houtian Realm. Therefore, they were also at the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars and were also for the inheritance of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Everything that he did previously, the three people were also doing it. They were, just like him, taking in the pictures on the wall and obtaining the ancient seal-writings that were scattered all around, taking it into their respective sky heavens.

He purposely looked towards the girl in blue.

From the time the girl in blue had entered, both of her hands were already spread out flatly on her knees. Hence, all along, he was not able to see clearly how many sky heavens the girl in blue had actually obtained.

Right now, that girl in blue also, through her mental consciousness and the sky heavens that she had obtained, was taking in the mysterious pictures on the wall.

This had made Nie Tian able to clearly see at the back of her left hand that was as white as a jade, there were as many as twenty sky heavens!

"Twenty of them!"

After counting secretly and confirming that there were actually as many as twenty sky heavens, Nie Tian changed color secretly.

According to his cognition, the more sky heavens one received, the more trial takers they killed. This too represented how formidable they were.

The teenager in white had sixteen sky heavens. The teenager in black on the other hand, had eighteen sky heavens. These two people had let him felt incomparably afraid of the consequences.

But until this moment, when he saw there were impressively twenty sky heavens at the back of the hand of the girl in blue, he only understood that perhaps the girl in blue was the strongest one among the three of them.

His hypothesis had been confirmed very quickly.

Because he noticed that after him, the teenagers in black and white seemed to also have consumed an excessive amount of their mental consciousness. Thereby, they had stopped their pulling and channeling towards the mysterious pictures.

Only the girl in blue still had her beautiful pupils cruising around. She was still choosing a target that had mental communication with her. She drew in yet another delicate drawing pattern and channelled it into the sky heaven at the back of her hand.

"Heh, as expected from Su Lin of Black Sky Domain's Heaven's Temple." The teenager in black grinned and laughed.

"Black Sky Domain, Heaven's Temple!" Nie Tian's eyebrows picked.


Before he proceeded towards Prison Department, Wu Ji had imprinted a few matters that had to be taken notice of in the order plate, letting him observe and inspect it along his way.

Among them, Wu Ji had repeatedly mentioned about the Heaven's Temple in Black Sky Domain. He said that according to the news that he newly obtained, the other two Heavenly Gates that would open in the Land Of Falling Stars, one of them were at Heaven's Temple that was in Black Sky Domain.

Another Heavenly gate opened in Thousand Extinction Domains.

In the land of falling stars, there were in total nine domains. Individually as Black Sky Domain, Large Desolated Domain, Hundred Wars Domain, Black Pond Domain, Kun Luo Domain, Dark Underworld Domain, Heaven Leaving Domain. These nine realms, each realms had a few Lianqi sects located in it. The strength of the nine realms were also not equivalent to each other.

Among them, Black Sky Domain, Ice Bound Domains and Large Desolated Domains were publicly accepted as the three strongest domains.

千绝 域、百战域和黑泽域次之,坤罗域、暗冥域和离天域,则是排名最末。
Thousand Extinction Domains, Hundred War Domains as well as Black Pond Domains occupied the second place. Kun Luo Domain, Dark Underworld Domain and Heaven Leaving Domain on the other hand, were ranked last.

Since a long time ago, Black Sky Domain, in the Nine Heavenly Domains, have always been well known for being a formidable domain. It's strength was steadily among the top three in the nine domains. So much so that it could possibly rank the first!

Heaven's Temple on the other hand, was entirely worthy of being the strongest Lianqi Sect in Black Sky Domain. The status of Heaven's Temple in Black Sky Domain was even more steady than Prison Department in Heaven Leaving Domain.

Prison Department, along with Ling Bao Court that was the four leading sects in Heaven Leaving Domain, was dissatisfied with its status all along.

However, all of the sects that was in the Black Sky Domain had admitted the unique and unmatched status of the Heaven's Temple. Heaven's Temple was the genuine hegemon in Black Sky Domain. It only took one order, and the remaining sects could only obey it obediently.

Since Su Lin was from the Heaven's Temple in Black Sky Realm, she would be so proud and was capable of obtaining twelve sky heavens, seemed like, it's also not something that's unacceptable.

Under the secret gazes of Nie Tian and the other two people, Su Lin who was from the temple in heaven once again drew in one mysterious picture. Only after taking in the sky heaven did she stop the gazes that were roaming around.

Until this moment, even if it's her, her mental energy had also been drained significantly, she also needed time to recover.

She did not go and looked towards Nie Tian and the other two people. She sat down quietly and drew in the rich spiritual energy with her unique secret art. She seemed like she wanted to recover her mental energy through the spiritual energy.

Nie Tian showed a slight hesitation. But seeing her already doing it, Nie Tian too complied with it.

Previously, the mental energy that Nie Tian consumed could only be recovered bit by bit through long period of sleeping.

Simply taking in only spiritual energy could not actually warm up and raise the mental energy and replenish the mental energy that was damaged.

However, at the moment when he was studying Su Lin and taking in the spiritual energy with his spiritual art, he could clearly feel among the spiritual energy that existed in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, there was actually an an unusual force that was present in an extremely small amount but still could be used to nourish the mental energy.

The unusual force was right inside the spiritual energy. It seemed to have only taken up one-tenth of the spiritual energy.

However even if it's like this, the unusual force that could recover mental energy which was stored inside the spiritual energy had also caused Nie Tian to be really shocked. He was excited for the mysteries in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

"Among the spiritual energy, there was a tiny bit of unusual force that was stored within it. This means that the more spiritual energy I channel in, the more copious. Hence, the warm and supportive unusual force of the mental consciousness that I can obtain will also be even more….."

Nie Tian squinted, he muttered to himself irresolutely for quite a while and suddenly shook his mind.

He thought about when he was in the mysterious land, the secret art that he comprehended through the huge arm that was raised towards the sky.

The secret art had five fingers opened up towards the sky. It's as if it wanted to hold the sky tightly and pull it down in an instant.

At that time, he granted that form of secret art and guided all of the rather rich spiritual energy in the foreign land into himself. This had made his cultivating speed increased instantly by a number of folds.

That secret art extremely relied on the rich spiritual energy in the surroundings. He had not tried it even in Lingyun Sect because it did not have enough spiritual energy.

This place was the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. The spiritual energy that was everywhere was even more pure and rich compared to the foreign land that the blood pit had brought him into.

"There isn't anymore places other than this place that would be more suitable to be a treasure house!"

He gave a bright laugh and calmed down his mind. He started to put the secret art of his that gathered spiritual energy to use according to his feelings at that time.


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