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Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumbling sounds rose up from the dilapidated city, along with beams of multi-colored light.

All of a sudden, the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of Nie Tian’s hand grew scaldingly hot, as if it had been triggered by the changes that were taking place inside the city.

“Hmm?” Eyebrows knit together, the foreign Qi warrior who had been fighting Feng Luo seemed to have noticed the fluctuations emanating from the city.

He instantly rained more deadly attacks on Feng Luo, as if he was in a hurry to finish him off and rush to the city as quickly as possible.

“Yee? What’s going on?” With a surprised look on his face, Zheng Bin looked down at the Heaven Gate pattern on the back of his hand.

Not only him, Shi Xuan and Yu Tong also experienced unusual sensations from the Heaven Gate patterns on their hands as soon as the loud sounds echoed out.

Yu Tong snapped out of her daze and rushed to Shi Xuan’s side. “Are you okay, Uncle Shi?”

She took out a dark-red medicinal pill and handed it over to him.

Shi Xuan, who had already retreated from his battle with the foreign Qi warrior, seemed completely spiritless as blood kept dripping down his garments.

He was standing in a pool of blood that emitted a strong blood aura into the surroundings. It was hard to know if it was his own blood or if it was created by the secret blood technique that he had cast.

Without without the slightest hesitation, Shi Xuan grabbed the medicinal pill from Yu Tong’s hand and swallowed it.

However, he didn’t sit down to recuperate, but rather clenched his jaw and bolted to Feng Luo’s aid as they attacked the foreign Qi warrior together after a brief adjustment.

“Du Huang! You’ve killed many of my fellow sect members. Don’t you even think about trying to escape the Heaven Gate alive!” As Shi Xuan let out an angry roar, the blood suddenly flew out of the blood pool and swirled up into the air before condensing into a blood cloud. Within the murky blood cloud, dark shadows were quietly taking shape, gradually strengthening the power of the blood cloud.

Upon hearing Du Huang’s name, Zheng Bin’s expression slightly flickered as he turned to Nie Tian and explained, “He’s Du Huang from the Realm of Earth Sieve! A powerful cultivator in middle Greater Heaven stage who has mastered the art of lightning power!

“Although Feng Luo and Shi Xuan are both in early Greater Heaven stage, Shi Xuan has clearly sustained heavy injuries. I’m afraid he won’t be able to provide much help to Feng Luo. Therefore, even if the two of them gang up on Du Huang and attack him at the same time, I doubt that they will beat Du Huang.”

Nie Tian’s eyebrows knitted together. “Du Huang…”

As a matter of fact, Nie Tian had long since discovered that even though Shi Xuan’s attacks were still seemingly fierce, he was actually quite frail at the moment.

Nie Tian unleashed his psychic power and sensed that the life fluctuations within Shi Xuan’s body were already rather weak, which meant that Shi Xuan had already overdrawn his life and potential.

It wouldn’t be long before Shi Xuan lost all battle power.

If Feng Luo hadn’t rushed to his aid, given a short while, Shi Xuan would have completely worn out his energy and been killed by Du Huang.

In Nie Tian’s eyes, they clearly couldn’t count on Shi Xuan to help Feng Luo defeat Du Huang.

On the other hand, after recuperating for some time, Feng Luo had restored his strength and healed his injuries. However, he was still only eighty percent of his peak state.

Meanwhile, Feng Luo had an early Greater Heaven cultivation base, which was one minor stage inferior to Du Huang’s. Adding in the fact that he wasn’t in his peak state, he wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against Du Huang, even if there were no mishaps.

After pondering the situation for a moment, Nie Tian realized what Zheng Bin meant by saying those words. Zheng Bin wanted him to join the fight.

“He’s the one who killed so many of my fellow sect members!” Yu Tong’s eyes once again shed their black color and took on a red color.

Gazing coldly at Du Huang, who was currently fighting fiercely with Feng Luo in midair, she quietly unleashed a Blood sect secret magic.

One after another, numerous threads of blood-colored light shot out into the surroundings from underneath her feet. Like a cobweb, they interwove with each other as they rapidly spread out.

She wanted to condense the Earth Web again.

Nie Tian was still focused on the intense fight between Du Huang, Shi Xuan, and Feng Luo. Without sparing Yu Tong a glance, he stared at the bloody light that resembled snakes slithering rapidly in the air.

However, the lightning released by Du Huang was swimming in the sky like formidable dragons, crushing the blood snakes one by one.

Seeing this, Du Huang grinned viciously as numerous dark-green Thunder Pearls floated around him.

Each and every one them shook unceasingly, as if they were controlling the green-blue lightning dragons and continuously enhancing their might.

“The Might of the Thunder!” Seemingly worried that he would miss what was occurring inside of the city, Du Huang suddenly switched to another spiritual incantation.

Immediately, the Thunder Pearls surrounding him flew up into the sky.

They came to a halt high up in the starry sky, and instantly grew incomparably bright and dazzling, like stars that stood out in the night sky.


In a flash, numerous thick, long lightning bolts were born from the middle of the circle of Thunder Pearls.

One after another, they shot like raindrops down to where Feng Luo and Shi Xuan were, forming a fence of lightning bolts, completely surrounding the two.

As soon as the formation was completed, the lightning dragons that had been fighting the blood snakes seemed to have been instantly bolstered, and smashed every last one of the blood snakes in a few seconds.

Feng Luo and Shi Xuan let out muffled groans at the same time, their eyes filled with anxiety and fear.

They both noticed that they had been besieged by lightning bolts that were even thicker and carried even more copious lightning power!

“Dammit!” Feng Luo exclaimed at the unfavorable situation.

At the same time, Shi Xuan’s pale face was now completely devoid of any color.

His pupils shrunk while his body fell uncontrollably down towards the earth.

Nie Tian, Yu Tong, and Zheng Bin, who had been standing on the meteor’s surface below them, realized that Shi Xuan had used up all his energy and lost all his battle power.

At that moment, Shi Xuan was so weak that any Qi Refining stage cultivator would be able to kill him effortlessly.


A thick, long lightning bolt broke free of the formation and shot after Shi Xuan.

From the look of it, Du Huang intended to take the opportunity to annihilate Shi Xuan before he could hit the ground.

“Nie Tian!” At that crucial moment, Feng Luo called out Nie Tian’s name without thinking.

Looking at Nie Tian from far up, Feng Luo’s eyes were filled with supplication and urgency. He hoped Nie Tian could step forward and help him save Shi Xuan’s life.

Subconsciously, he believed that only the strangely resourceful Nie Tian would be able to help Shi Xuan escape death.

Nie Tian realized that it was too late to form the chaotic magnetic field. After a moment of hesitation, he took out an Ice Blast Pearl and threw it up toward the lightning bolt that was after Shi Xuan.

The Ice Blast Pearl shot up at an amazingly fast speed, and intercepted the bulky lightning bolt when it was still quite a distance from Shi Xuan.


Lightning sparks splashed out in all directions. Countless ice shards and ice blades, accompanied by cold light beams, shot out into the surroundings the moment the Ice Blast Pearl exploded, causing splendid and dazzling icy light and fragmented lightning to cloak the sky.

“Ice Blast Pearl!!” Feng Luo’s expression flickered. Face filled with fear, he sped away at the fastest speed possible.

The explosion of the Ice Blast Pearl gave rise to a formidable ice storm, engulfing every single one of the large lightning bolts that Du Huang had condensed.

Numerous icy light beams and lighting bolts interwove in midair as they madly attacked each other, which formed quite a spectacle to everyone present.


Du Huang, who was concentrated on manipulating his lightning bolts, coughed up a mouthful of blood. As soon as he did, six of his Thunder Pearls shattered into pieces.

Face pale, Du Huang glowered at Nie Tian, eyes wreathed in boundless killing intent.

All of a sudden, he sped away from Feng Luo and Shi Xuan, and roared towards Nie Tian, making him his primary target. “Die, you little bastard!”


Even more intense energy fluctuations rolled out from the remaining Thunder Pearls.

In Nie Tian’s eyes, Du Huang seemed to have turned into a giant lightning bolt himself as he thundered toward him with the intent to utterly annihilate him.

At that moment, Feng Luo held up his long saber that suddenly emanated scarlet light from its tip. The bloody light seemed to have extended the incomparably sharp blade by more than ten meters. Carrying a raging blood aura and an desperate killing intent, Feng Luo slashed towards Du Huang’s back. “Go to hell!”

Du Huang was completely focused on Nie Tian at that moment, and thus was totally off guard when it hit him on the back.


Although he wasn’t cut in half by the violent attack, his flesh was sliced open, and blood poured out of the wound like water.

Eyes fixed on Nie Tian, he fell from the air. The way he fell was clearly uncontrolled as he had already lost control of his fleshy body.

Apparently, Feng Luo’s attack had inflicted great damage to him.

However, his cold, ferocious gaze was still locked on Nie Tian, as if he was still thinking about killing Nie Tian with his inner powers as soon as he got close enough.

When he fell near Nie Tian, Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field had already expanded to a three-meter range.


The moment Du Huang fell into the magnetic field, the spiritual power and psychic power inside of him was instantly distorted.

Within seconds, he lost control of all the power within him.

“You kept me waiting for so long!” With a grin, Nie Tian took out a sharp blade that he had looted from Jia Peng’s bracelet of holding, and thrust it into Du Huang’s forehead without any hesitation.

Like a giant nail, it went straight into Du Huang’s skull.

Du Huang died instantly.


The scarlet light dots on the back of his hand seemed to have detected the death of their host and flew out, before they entered the Heaven Gate pattern on Nie Tian’s hand one by one.

Nie Tian looked down and delightedly watched as six red dots were added to the back of his hand.


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