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“There’s a city!”

Feng Luo’s face turned grim as he apparently didn’t expect there to be a dilapidated city within the Heaven Gate.

Surprised, Yu Tong and Zheng Bin also came to a stop. They followed Feng Luo and Nie Tian’s gazes and looked off into the distance. However, they could only see the vague outline of a enormous structure, and couldn’t tell for sure what it was.

The shockingly large meteor that the city was sitting on was about an hour away from where they were standing.

By that time, they all realized that the reason why they had seen more and more corpses along their way was that they had been getting closer and closer to that city.

Feng Luo turned to Nie Tian and asked, “Can you get a clear view of that city?!”

Nie Tian nodded.

A surprised expression could be seen on Feng Luo’s face, since Yu Tong, who had a cultivation base higher than Nie Tian’s, was still narrowing her eyes and trying very hard to get a clear look of the city.

However, by the shocked expression on Nie Tian’s face, Feng Luo was fairly certain that he had seen that city.

While everyone else was still looking toward the distant, dilapidated city, Zheng Bin, who had an inferior sight, had long since given up. He pointed to a nearby place and said, “There’re two more dead bodies over there…”

On the ground lay two frozen corpses in the Spiritual Treasure sect’s garments. Both of them had their heads cut off.

Feng Luo took a look at them. With an expression that was already somewhat numb, he said, “I believe all these men died because of that city.”

At that time, even Feng Luo, who had been eager to avenge his fellow sect members, had gradually calmed down.

They had seen quite a few corpses of middle Greater Heaven stage experts along their way to the city. He could imagine how fierce the battles were going to be inside.

According to his speculations, fierce battles were taking place within that city at this very moment.

It was just because they were too far away from it that they couldn’t see or sense them.

The numerous corpses had made Feng Luo think about the consequences and weigh things over again.

On one hand, he was already a bit shaken and doubted that the four of them would be able to come out of the city alive if they chose to barge in.

On the other, after seeing so many powerful experts be drawn to that city like a moth to flames, he was extremely curious about why that city was so attractive to them.

“Well…” Feng Luo’s gaze swept through the other three before finally stopping on Nie Tian. “As you all have seen, there are more and more dead bodies along the way as we get closer to that city. I bet you’d agree that their deaths had something to do with that city. There must be something within the city that’s been attracting people in the vicinity.

“If we go over there, it’s possible we could get killed before we can even reach the city gate.

“If we managed to get inside the city, we would undoubtedly face even bigger challenges and danger and there would be a higher chance that we will be killed. I want you to think it over and then tell me your decision!”

“How about… we circle around it?” Zheng Bin said in a low voice.

Yu Tong had already calmed down and her bloodshot eyes had also returned to normal. Apparently, she was aching over the tough choice. On one hand, she wanted to avenge her fellow sect members. On the other, she feared that she would get herself killed by approaching the city.

She didn’t give an answer right away.

“Let’s get down there and have a look!” Nie Tian said with decisiveness.

Feng Luo looked deeply at Nie Tian and with a nod, he said, “I envy your fearlessness.”

Nie Tian grinned.

Perhaps motivated by Nie Tian’s attitude, Feng Luo pondered the situation for a moment and gave his answer, “I want to take a look over there too. I know I’ll live the rest of my life in regret if I don’t!”

“Good! It’s settled then. I’ll go too!” Yu Tong also made up her mind.

“Since you’re all going. I have no choice but to go with you guys.” Helplessness was written all over Zheng Bin’s face.

He realized that he was the weakest among the group. He knew that if he ever parted ways with Feng Luo, Nie Tian, and Yu Tong, and ran into any foreign cultivator, he would end up being killed.

Therefore, even though he knew perfectly well that great danger lay ahead, he chose to go with everyone else.

“Let’s go!” Feng Luo took a deep breath and wisps of blood aura immediately flew out of him and into the surroundings. “Stick together everyone! Don’t get far from each other! I’ll slow down as we travel forward so that you’ll be able to keep up and we won’t be separated if anything were to happen along our way.”

“Understood!” Zheng Bin said loudly.

Under Feng Luo’s leadership, the four of them paid close attention to their surroundings as they approached the city at a relatively slow speed.

Several minutes passed.

As they were marching along a slender stone protrusion, passing from one meteor to another, Feng Luo’s expression suddenly flickered. He called out, “Watch out for what’s in the starry river beside you!”

Nie Tian’s eyes widened as he turned his head to looked at the vast starry sky on both sides of the stone protrusion.

He saw numerous corpses, which clearly neither belonged to humans nor belonged to the same species, floating silently in the starry sky.

With a single glance, he could tell that some of them belonged to the same species as the demons that had escaped from the Hell sect’s Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation.

The demon corpses were gigantic, extremely muscular, and wore armor with interesting and exotic patterns.

Unlike the demons that had escaped from the Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation, they had accessories, armor, and sharp weapons on them.

From their dilapidated state, the weapons probably had undergone many years of erosion, and had long since lost their energy.

Aside from the large demons, there were numerous outsiders of other kinds; some had multiple eyes, some had long tails, some were covered in dense body hair, and some had scales all over their body.

Nie Tian looked blankly at them for a while before his expression suddenly flickered. “Outsiders! There are so many of them! It seems that a bloody war once broke out between them in this river of stars! But how come the bodies didn’t fall after they died, but rather floated in the starry sky for all eternity? Does it…”

He suddenly looked towards the dilapidated city and said, “Does it have something to do with that city?”

Upon hearing Nie Tian’s words, the other three, who were still amazed at the scene of the numerous outsider corpses, grew even more curious about what secrets were hiding within the city and what the outsiders had been fighting over.

“Let’s go!” Feng Luo exclaimed. “Whatever happens, I want an answer!”

As of this moment, even the most reluctant Zheng Bin had become intrigued, as he was also determined to march over to the city and find the answer.


Without spending much effort, Feng Luo shot into the air, as if he only had the weight of a feather.

Just as Nie Tian was about to follow Feng Luo and leap forward, intense battling sounds suddenly echoed out of the meteor that they were heading to.

One dazzling light after another shot into the dim, starry sky in front of them, like numerous shooting stars.

“There are people fighting over there!”

At that moment, Zheng Bin and Yu Tong snapped out of their daze and readied themselves for battle.


The three of them followed Feng Luo as they rapidly flashed past the stone protrusion and landed on the mentor in front of them.

This meteor was right next to the gigantic meteor that the city was located on.

As soon as they passed this meteor, they would be able to find out what was happening on the meteor where the city was located.


The clashing sounds of spiritual tools rang out from the meteor ahead of them, along with occasional cursing.

Feng Luo, who was dashing forward wreathed in a thick, bloody mist, pulled out a long saber that shone with a terrifying blood-colored light from his back, and asked, “Who is it?”

“Feng Luo! Is it Feng Luo?” A voice that sounded both surprised and elated rang out before Feng Luo could see the person. Apparently, that person was also from the Blood sect, since he was able to tell it was Feng Luo’s voice in such a short time.

“Shi Xuan!” After racking his brains for a moment, Feng Luo also recognized the voice of that person. He immediately accelerated, leaving Nie Tian and others behind.

Nie Tian sped up after Feng Luo.

Before long, he arrived at a place that was covered in a thick blood aura and discovered that Feng Luo was already fighting a Qi warrior from the other realms.

Behind him sat a Qi warrior from the Blood sect, gasping for air, blood continuously flowing out of his back and arms.


At the same time, numerous shadows that had been condensed out of blood were hovering in the air as they constantly attacked the foreign Qi warrior from every direction.

With a look at the foreign Qi warrior, Nie Tian realized that he had seen him before entering the Heaven Gate.

The man was able to spare the energy to check out and taunt Nie Tian while fighting Feng Luo. “Good. Another one that has come to his own grave. Four more Heaven Gate keys delivered to my door.”

Upon hearing these words, Nie Tian took a closer look at the man’s left hand, and discovered that there were six dots of red light on the back of his hand.

This meant that he had already slaughtered five people and snatched their Heaven Gate keys.


At that very moment, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound thundered out from within the dilapidated city, which now everyone had a clear view of.

The tall and majestic city shook violently, as if it were on the verge of collapsing.


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