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Chapter 15 - An Intervenor

“An adult should stay out of a fight between children, no?”

At this moment, the big fellow from the Lingyun Sect slowly walked out from the back of the noisy crowd to stand beside Nie Tian and looked unhappily at Yuan Qiuying and Yun Zhiguo.

“Who are you? And since when was it your turn to lecture me?” Yuan Qiuying questioned as her anger rose.

“Li Fan?” Yun Zhiguo took a deep look at the big fellow. His facial expression changed and he subconsciously pulled at Yuan Qiuying’s sleeve.

“Indeed, I am Li Fan.” Li Fan replied.

An anxious Nie Qian seemed to have heard of Li Fan before, and upon knowing that this big fellow before her was actually the Lingyun Sect’s Li Fan, a look of happiness immediately shone in her eyes.

“Mr. Li, please help us uphold justice!” Nie Qian hurriedly pleaded.

Li Fan nodded and immediately said loudly, “You bring the kid back to the Nie family household first. I would like to see who dares to stop you!”

Even Yuan Qiuying, who had always been domineering in Black Cloud City, immediately calmed down upon hearing Li Fan state his name.

She didn’t dare to argue with Li Fan, and could only, with a look of hatred, glare at Nie Qian and Nie Tian.

“Little Tian, let’s go.” Nie Qian grabbed Nie Tian without giving him a chance to talk, and quickly pulled him away from the door of the jewelry shop.

As Nie Tian was leaving, he kept looking back at Yun Zhiguo, Yuan Qiuying, and Li Fan.

“Auntie, who’s Li Fan? And why is it that the vicious lady and the Yun family are scared of him?” Nie Tian asked.

“Li Fan is a disciple of the Lingyun Sect. He is a great Xiantian stage Lianqi warrior, so even if the Yun family’s head, Yun Meng, was here, he would also definitely not dare to cause any trouble.” Nie Qian softly explained.

“Xiantian stage!” Nie Tian silently exclaimed in shock.

Based on what he knew, the Yun family’s Yun Meng only managed to break into the Xiantian stage in the past few years after encountering countless dangers.

Yun Meng, who had stepped into the Xiantian stage, was already the most prominent person in Black Cloud City, and because of that, the Yun family currently suppressed the Nie family in Black Cloud City.

Li Fan was not only a great Xiantian stage Lianqi warrior, but he was also the disciple of the Lingyun Sect’s head and hence, regardless of whether it was his background or ability, he was definitely stronger than Yun Mun by a lot.

With such a background and personality, Yun Zhiguo naturally did not dare to let Yuan Qiuying create trouble and he could only give in.

“This time, we were lucky that Mr. Li just happened to be around, otherwise Yuan Qiuying would definitely not have ceased her actions so easily. I understand that woman very well,” Nie Qian secretly rejoiced. “You’re such a naughty child, always causing people to worry about you. Yuan Qiuying is foul-mouthed, so just let her be and ignore her. She has said every vicious and poisonous thing that you can think of to me these past few years, but am I not healthier than ever?”

“Words do not cause any physical injury or harm, so just bear with it for a bit and it will all be forgotten.”

“Your main priority should now be to train and cultivate. If you can break into the ninth Lianqi level when you’re 15, then you can become a disciple of the Lingyun Sect, and there will be a hope of repaying all the humiliation that auntie has suffered.

“Auntie, please rest assured, I will not let you down!” Nie Tian solemnly stated.

“Auntie believes you.” Nie Qian smiled and said, “Although your actions earlier were not very proper, when you rebuked that cheap woman, Yuan Qiuying, Auntie was very happy in her heart.”

“Hehe.” Nie Tian also happily laughed.

“Hi, hi there, what’s your name?” Just as Nie Qian and Nie Tian were leaving, the little girl who was with Li fan originally suddenly arrived. Her spirited eyes shone brightly, as she stared excitedly at Nie Tian.

“I am Nie Tian”.

Having just beaten Yun Song, Nie Tian was in a good mood and continued to smile while casually replying.

“I am Jiang Lingzhu.” The little girl with her bright eyes and white teeth took the initiative to introduce herself and asked, “How did you beat that guy?”

“Surname Jiang and given name Lingzhu…” Nie Qian’s expression changed and she now looked at that little girl with unrestrained curiosity.

“That guy called Yun Song or something?” Nie Tian laughed heartily, as he shook his head and said, “It’s nothing special. It was only because he was too weak.”

“He was too weak?” Jiang Lingzhu laughed again and interestedly asked, “Aren’t you the weak one? His cultivation realm is higher than yours by three full levels!”

“Who said that a higher realm means that one will definitely win?” Nie Tian purposely acted shocked and then arrogantly said, “Since I was young, my opponents have always been of higher realms, but in the end, they’ve always been defeated by me.”

“You’re that powerful?” Jiang Lingzhu’s interest was aroused. “So this means that you’re sure that you’ll enter Lingyun sect in the future?”

“Yes, definitely!” Nie Tian was full of confidence.

“Haha, I am looking forward to you being like Nie Xian, who was brought up the mountain by the Lingyun Sect’s own intiative,” Jiang Lingzhu smilingly said.

“Definitely.” Nie Tian wasn’t humble in the least.

“Nie Tian, you’re quite an interesting person and I’ll remember you.” Jiang Lingzhu waved, before she skipped toward Li Fan’s direction. She began to walk away, but turned back and said, “I am Jiang Lingzhu, you must also remember that. We’ll meet again in the future.”

“Ok,” Nie Tian unconcernedly replied.

“Jiang Lingzhu, together with Li Fan...” Nie Qian looked at the little girl who was leaving as though she was entranced.

“Auntie, shall we go?” Nie Tian pressed Nie Qian to hurry.

“Ok, let’s go.” Nie Qian suddenly reacted and left without giving any further explanations to Nie Tian.

The Nie Family household was full of bright decorations and lights, as well as loud voices.

When Nie Tian and Nie Qian returned from the jewellery shop, they discovered that every Nie family member that they met had big smiles on their faces.

“Young master is back. He has only gone to the Lingyun Sect for a few years, but he has already reached the middle Houtian realm. With young master having such a stable position in the Lingyun Sect, our Nie Family will definitely be prosperous in the future.

“I heard that this time, young master has brought the Lingyun Sect head’s top disciple Li Fan here with him. Young master has such great face!”

“This shows clearly that young master is doing well in the Lingyun Sect”.

“Of course!”


On the whole journey back, Nie Tian heard countless praises of Nie Han from the Nie family members. 

“Today, the family will definitely focus on Nie Han and Nie Xian. That has nothing to do with us,” Nie Qian said to Nie Tian when no one was around. “I hope that one day, everyone in the Nie Family will cheer and clap for you.”

“There will be such a day.” Nie Tian ambitiously vowed.

“You go back first. I am going to look for Grandfather to discuss something with him,” Nie Qian told Nie Tian before heading off alone towards Nie Donghai’s residence.

Since Nie Donghai had given up his position as family head, he had moved out of the main mansion of the Nie family and was now living in a much humbler building.

Nie Qian came over to see Nie Donghai standing by the window. He was looking in the direction of the mansion.

There were many Nie family elders gathered there and occasionally, happy laughter and voices would float over.

Nie Qian didn’t need to think to know that currently in the mansion, everyone in the family was flattering Nie Beichuan, Nie Han, and Nie Xian.

The noise and laughter in the mansion had nothing to do with the father and daughter pair. Ever since Nie Donghai had moved out of the mansion, those people in the family had almost never once visited Nie Donghai.

“Grandfather, I was with Nie Tian at the jewellery shop and met Yuan Qiuying.” Nie Qian softly stated.

Nie Donghai immediately turned his body around violently and with a dark look yelled, “What? Did you get insulted and humiliated by the words of that vicious and poisonous woman again?”

“No.” Nie Qian shook her hand. “Little Tian helped me retaliate and even taught Yuan Qiuying’s son a lesson.”

Nie Donghai was shocked. “That little boy called Yun Song has a higher cultivation level than even Nie Hong. I heard that he has already broken into the seventh Lianqi level. How could Nie Tian have taught him a lesson?”

Nie Qian told Nie Donghai the events that had transpired with all the relevant details, as she didn’t hide a single thing.

After she finished, she worriedly said, “That woman has never been a good person; she only didn’t act because Li Fan was around. I am worried that if Li Fan leaves, she won’t let things rest and may look to cause trouble for us. The present is not like the past, and since you have stepped down from the position of Nie family head, if she was to cause trouble, I’m afraid…”

“You must help me watch over Nie Tian closely. In the near future, he mustn't leave the Nie family household. If he is in the Nie Family household, the Yun family will definitely not dare to cause any trouble.”

“Sorry,” Nie Qian softly apologised,”I failed to look after Little Tian properly.”

“Some things are unavoidable. You shouldn’t blame yourself.” Nie Donghai said.

At this moment.

Nie Tian had returned to his bedroom and blocked out all the various noises and disturbances from his mind. He understood the urgency of time and immediately began to cultivate.

He still remembered his last fight with Nie Hong, when the sudden power had emerged from his body and caused him to have a high fever which wouldn’t cease.

This time, he had similarly borrowed that unknown power for the fight with Yun Song. He had a sudden thought and secretly observed the occurrences in his body while cultivating.

Without knowing how long had passed, he was cultivating when he gradually felt that his left waist suddenly heated up.

He quickly shifted his attention to look at his waist area as he was afraid of another sudden fever.


A single glance told him that the warmth didn’t come from his body, but rather from the piece of animal bone that he had obtained from the Assembly of Drawing Lots.


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