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On an enormous hexagonal meteorite within the icy river of stars, that obese fatty from the Kun Luo Domain had a cunning grin while letting out a strange laugh.


That left hand of his that had five short fingers was currently holding three different coloured storage rings. He was currently moving the items within those storage rings into his own.


There were three people next to him that were wearing grey clothes. They were clearly Lianqi Warriors of the Grey Valley.


Out of those three people, two of them were at the later stages of the Zhongtian Realm, and one was at the early stages of the Xiantian Realm.


The corpses of the three Lianqi Warriors from the Grey Valley were split. Their destroyed limbs were scattered on the brown meteor. They had died not long ago.


"Killed another three."


The name of the fatty from the Kun Luo Domain was Jia Peng. After he transferred all the items to his own storage ring, he shook his head. His eyes were as big as a soybean, which flickered with a disdainful cold look.


"The Grey Valley is actually one of the seven great sects of the Heaven Leaving Domain. Too weak."


"This kind of sect can only continue to exist in the Heaven Leaving Domain. If they were in our Kun Luo Domain, they would've already been exterminated."


"That Prison Department clearly has the power to become the hegemon of the Heaven Leaving Domain, but they're clearly not doing so. It seems like they're using the other six sects as livestock.


"It seems like, only the cultivators from the Prison Department can make me interested."



He was whispering while releasing his mental awareness, sensing for the signals of life within his surroundings.


"None left. I've killed all the people on this meteorite. I have to move to another place."


As he said that, his ball-like plump body loudly jumped into the sky, heading towards an approaching meteorite.


He had an absolute confidence in his strength. It was as if he was not scared of exposing himself after jumping into the air.


In his eyes, only those people that he was familiar with, and the few people that came from the other domains could be able to endure a fight with him.


And those people that stepped into the Heaven Leaving Domain with him already had a mutual understanding between them.


The elders of the sects that they belonged to had already spoken privately with each other. They viewed the Heaven Leaving Domain as their target, and prepared to progressively eat away at the Heaven Leaving Domain after the demons invaded.


Their elders already had set rules towards the division of area within the Heaven Leaving Domain.


It was also because of this that they dared to expose their motives and be unbridled when the demons escaped from the "Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation" before they stepped into the Heavenly Gate.


In their eyes, the seven great sects of the Heaven Leaving Domain were already counted as dead on the day that the Heavenly Gate opened.



On the protrusion shaped meteorite.


Nie Tian, who had heard Zheng Bin's explanation, had a serious expression as he cautiously looked towards the enormous meteorites in the distance.


The hexagonal meteorite that was much bigger than the one they were standing on was already at the limit of their vision.


A vague figure that couldn't be clearly seen shot towards the sky.


That figure was Jia Peng, who was extremely far from them!


"There!" Nie TIan's expression slightly changed, "A guy just charged into the sky. He actually dared to be so wanton. He doesn't seem afraid of being noticed by the people who are hiding. He's clearly confident that he is safe. If I'm not mistaken, that guy...should be a person from the outside domains."


"Where? I can't see him." Zheng Bin had a blank expression.


"There. That hexagonal meteorite. Why can't you see it?" Nie Tian carefully pointed and explained to Zheng Bin.


"I can only faintly see the shape of that meteorite. I can't see anyone flying at all." Zheng Bin shook his head. He seemed to suddenly have a realisation as he said, "Your...range of vision shouldn't be something I can hope to reach."


Once he spoke, Nie Tian was secretly startled. He instantly understood.


After he had undergone Hua Mu's tempering, added on to the specialness of his body, his senses, vision, or hearing should have surpassed Zheng Bin by a lot.


His senses, hearing, and vision might not be something that Zheng Bin could do.


"That guy is wandering everywhere. He should be looking for people like us." Nie Tian attentively watched. His expression gradually changed as he said: "Once he hasn't found anyone in that active area, he'll chase up to us, sooner or later."


"All of the cultivators from the outside domains that came are at the Xiantian Realm. As long as he releases his mental awareness, we'll have no way to hide our traces, no matter how we hide."


"In the moment that he comes, we'll be instantly discovered, and have no way to retreat."


Nie Tian said with a low voice.


Zheng Bin was startled. Shortly after, he looked behind him. There were also some meteorites floating in space over there, "How about we go over there to escape? However, when I went to check it earlier, there were also many people that died on that meteorite."


Nie TIan shook his head and said: "There isn't a place that we can guarantee our safety forever. Once the Xiantian Realm experts kill all the weaker people surrounding them, they'll gradually hunt around their surroundings step by step."


"If we go to where you pointed, there's a very high possibility that we'll meet Xiantian Realm experts from the other domains."


"Even if we don't meet them, that person that's nearby us will also catch up to us sooner or later, due to his extremely quick speed."


"Since it's like this, why don't we stay here and fight to the death once he comes over!" Nie TIan had a decisive expression.


"However…" Zheng Bin had a sullen expression, "You and I only have the cultivation of the early Houtian Realm. With our power, there's absolutely no chance of us escaping from the hands of a Xiantian Realm expert."


"Only when we gather with the other Xiantian Realm experts from the other sects of our Heaven Leaving Domain, can we have a slight hope of escaping."


"However, I don't know where the others are at."


Nie Tian furrowed his brows and said: "I don't care what you've decided. I'll still stay behind, using the unchanging to fight against the changing!"


After he said that, he truly stopped caring about Zheng Bin. Instead, he looked at that person gradually approach while quietly making plans in his mind.


After 15 minutes.


That previously unclear figure had already became clearer, due to the distance shortening.


"It's that fatty." Nie Tian narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath as he said: "He's from the Kun Luo Domain. Before he stepped into the Heavenly Gate, he said that all the people form our Heaven Leaving Domain would die in here, and that we shouldn't think of coming out alive."


Since the distance shortened, Zheng Bin also saw a figure that continuously jumped into the air. He was like an artillery shell that flew up.


He could only see his figure, and was unable to see his face. He was unable to tell that person's identity.


When he realised that the person that Nie Tian was pointing at was the fatty who spoke those vicious words in front of the Heavenly Gate, Zheng Bin was astonished: "That guy seems to be at the middle stages of the Xiantian Realm!"


Nie Tian used an unclear look to look at him.


"Since we arrived early, I secretly heard some news. That fatty is called Jia Peng. He's from the Kun Luo Domain, and has a cultivation of the middle Xiantian Realm. He's a person with an astonishing background." Zheng Bin hastily explained.


"Middle stages of the Xiantian Realm…" Nie Tian whispered out some words and nodded his head as he said: "You don't need to care about me. You can leave if you want, I won't blame you."


After saying this, he quietly calculated the time that Jia Peng would take to arrive. He was already setting up preparations.


His first idea was using the Chaotic Twisting Magnetic Field that he cultivated in the mysterious land.


Because it didn't affect him, he didn't know what effect that magnetic field had.


However, he faintly felt that the Chaotic Magnetic Field that required an enormous consumption of mental force, spirit force, and fleshy power to condense would definitely be special.


Zheng Bin looked at Nie Tian who was preparing to stand firm in this place with a hesitant expression. He was fighting an inner war in his heart.


During the incident in the Green Illusion Realm and the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, he had abandoned Nie Tian.


At those times, he felt that Nie Tian would undoubtedly die, and had absolutely no hope of surviving.


However, Nie Tian managed to survive at the end, and he managed to survive pretty well.


This time, he was faced with a choice again. Leaving Nie Tian and letting him perish on his own? Or fight side by side with him?


He deeply looked at Nie Tian.


He didn't see any traces of fear or panic on Nie Tian's face, only a grave and serious expression.


Nie Tian slowly adjusted his breathing. Within his eyes, there seemed to be...a trace of excitement and expectancy.


Not only did Jia Peng's arrival not destroy Nie Tian's confidence, it seemed to actually arouse his inner fighting spirit!


Zheng Bin had a strange expression as he suddenly said: "I'll fight with you together!"


When Zheng Bin, who abandoned Nie Tian twice, was faced with another choice, he finally made a different decision.


"That's also fine. Move slightly away from me for a while, I need to make preparations." Nie Tian replied without thinking. After that, he placed his palms opposite each other and held them high, operating his mental power, his spirit force, and his fleshy power.


He started building that strange Chaotic Twisting Magnetic Field.


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