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The cultivation of every spirit secret that had a special attribute required a unique Heaven and Earth spirit qi, and the Flame Spirit Secret was naturally not an exception.


The cultivation of the Flame Spirit Secret required the absorption of spirit qi that contained the power of fire, and slowly converging it into the spirit sea.


The Heaven and Earth spirit qi of many domains contained energies of different attributes. For example, the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range that the Ling Bao COurt had a spirit qi that was mixed with a dense power of fire.


It was also because of this that those fire attributed Lianqi Warrios in the Ling Bao Court, as well as Refining Masters, could borrow the power of fire within the Scarlet Flame Mountain Ragne to cultivate fire attributed spirit secrets.


If attributeless Lianqi Warriors wanted to cultivate fire attributed spirit secrets, they would have to first open up an area within their spirit sea to contain the power of fire.


The area that Nie Tian was in was an icy river of stars outside the domains, and it absolutely didn't have a strand of spirit qi that could be used, much less any power of fire.


Originally, it was impossible for him to cultivate the Flame Spirit Secret within this icy mysterious land.


However, when he was in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, he had obtained a large amount of Fire Crystal Rocks.


And the high ranked second grade Fire Crystal Rocks were spirit stones that were of a much higher rank than the Fire Cloud Stones. The Fire Crystal Rocks contained a plentiful amount of fire power.


The Fire Crystal Rocks could be completely used as the energy source for his cultivation of the Flame Spirit Secret.




A Fire Crystal Rock that was the size of a palm flew out of his storage ring following the change in his mind.


He held that Fire Crystal Rock, and felt that it was warm. He started to attempt the cultivation method that followed the Flame Spirit Secret, to pull out the power of fire within the Fire Crystal Rock.


"Chi chi!"


Strands of flowing fire light that could be seen by the naked eye flew into his palm from the Fire Crystal Rock like scarlet strings.


He used the Flame Spirit Secret to attract it, and pulled those stands of Flame Energy into the veins and muscles of his palm, and used his veins and muscles to slowly guide it into his spirit sea.


Within the white and misty spirit sea, that spirit force whirlpool that was slowly spinning suddenly increased in speed quietly.


Dots of fire light suddenly flickered from an area within the white mist.


That fire light was the Flame Energy that he had pulled out from the Fire Crystal Rock.


Once the dots of Flame Energy entered his spirit sea, they completely separated from the other spirit qi, like the separation of the Jing and Wei Rivers.


He quietly sat down and concentrated his senses as he continuously pulled out the Flame Energy from the Fire Crystal Rocks.


During this process, he felt that his muscles and arteries were becoming boiling hot following the flow of the Flame Energies.


His muscles and arteries had never experienced the flow of Flame Energy within them before, so he felt pain during the starting period of this process.


He knew that his extremely ordinary body was currently and gradually adapting as the Flame Energy flowed through his muscles and arteries.


The Flame Energy that was released from the Fire Crystal Rocks were like gossamers. The Flame Energy contained within them was limited, and it wasn't enough to condense. Due to this, it wouldn't truly burn his flesh.


Following his continuous absorption of Flame Energy, the light of that shining Fire Crystal Rock...gradually turned dull.




Within some small areas in his spirit sea, the fire light got increasingly condensed, and it quietly formed a small lump of fire.


At first, that lump of fire was only as big as a thumb. However, it seemed to have illuminated his spirit sea as it flickered with a bright fire light.


The small lumps of fire following the entering of the Flame Energy and slowly expanded and increased in size by a little bit.


His mental awareness carefully took care of those lumps of fire, lest it turned chaotic.


After an nnknown amount of time, those small lumps slowly expanded from the size of a thumb to the size of a fist.




It was also at this moment when the Fire Crystal Rock that was held in his hand suddenly shattered.


He was temporarily awoken from his cultivation. He stopped caring about the undulations in his spirit sea, and lowered his head to look at that Fire Crystal Rock.


A high ranked second grade Fire Crystal Rock was thoroughly depleted of all its fire power after his cultivation.


"A high ranked second grade Fire Crystal Stone didn't even cause the true changes in my spirit sea to appear…"


He whispered a sentence and took out a brand new Fire Crystal Rock from his storage ring without any hesitatio at all.


He immersed himself within cultivation again.




After a long time, that Fire Crystal Rock shattered again.


And the lumps of fire that had condensed in his spirit sea that was as big as a fist turned as big as two fists.


He continued cultivating according to the technique, and took out new Fire Crystal Rocks as he skipped his sleep and meals to absorb the Flame Energy within the Fire Crystal Rocks,


The icy mysterious domain on had flickering stars, without the alternating day and night.


He forgot about the passing of time, and forgot that he was currently in the Heavenly Gate to partcipate in the bloody trials.


He was carried away as he cultivated the Flame Spirit Secret.


One after another, the Fire Crystal Rocks were taken out by him. After they, they shattered.


When half of the Flame Energy within the twentieth Fire Crystal Rock was pulled out by him, the rock turned slightly dull, and the lumps of fire within his spirit sea that had increased in size by tenfold, suddenly changed!


The lumps of fire which were already at the initial stages had a surging scarlet spirit qi within them, and it started to become berserk and irregular!


Nie Tian, who knew about this because of the Flame Spirit Secret, was happy instead of startled.


He knew that, if an attributeless person like him wanted to cultivate a special spirit secret that had an attribute, he would have to condense a new spirit force whirlpool within his spirit sea!


He had experience of something that was similar to that berserk and irregular surge. It was when he broke through from the Lianqi Realm to the Houtian Realm.


It was also because of this that he didn't deliberately stop the rioting surges within the lump of fire. Instead, he relaxed his body and mind to continue using the Flame Spirit Secret to absorb the Flame Energy within the Fire Crystal Rocks.


At this moment, he noticed that the Flame Energy that flowed into his spirit sea as a result of the abnormalities of the lump of fire only appeared within the lump of fire.


After even more Flame Energy poured into the lump of fire, it became increasingly violent and irregular.


He looked at it as a bystander. He didn't do any guiding, and only looked silently.


After a moment, fire light suddenly splashed out of the lump of fire, causing a scarlet mist to emerge.


At the most berserk moment, the mist that contained Flame Energy seemed to have suddenly found a method to operate.


He clearly saw that the fission of the lump of fire, the splashing of fire light, as well as the spewing of fire mist, all started to develop facing the state of the whirlpool.


Quickly, a tiny scarlet spirit force whirlpool slowly condensed in his spirit sea.


Compared to the new whirlpool, the whirlpool that was completely made from Heaven and Earth spirit qi couldn't even be mentioned together, whether it was the power contained wihtin or the shape.


The flame whirlpool was more than ten times smaller than the spirit force whirlpool.


Howeverm as long as the smaller fire whirlpool formed, it could gradually expand following the pouring of Flame Energy into it.


The forming of the fire whirlpool signified that he had already competed the most important first step in cultivating the Flame Spirit Secret.


After today, he could guide the Flame Energy within the spirit qi of fire attributed spirit stones to strengthen and expand that fire whirlpool to make it slowly increase in size.


"Nineteen Fire Crystal Rocks. Currently, I only have seven left."


After a small success in the Flame Spirit Secret, he took out all of the remaining Fire Crystal Rocks within his storage ring.


Looking at the Fire Crystal Rocks that he only had seven left of, he secretly furrowed his brows. He knew that if he wanted to continue cultivating the Flame Spirit Secret within this icy mysterious land, the Fire Crystal Rocks in his hand was far too little.


At this moment, he thought of An Shiyi and Jiang Lingzhu.


When those people were in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, they had also collected a large amount of Fire Crystal Rocks.If he could meet them and borrow a few Fire Crystal Rocks, he might be able to cultivate for a longer time.


Furthermore, he believed that no matter whether it was An Shiyi or Jiang Lingzhu, he should be able to borrow some Fire Crystal Rocks for his own use, as long as he spoke out.


"Nie Tian!"


When he was secretly pondering, Zheng Bin quietly arrived, and there was clearly some fright and uneasiness on his expression.


"What happened?" Nie Tian wasstunned.


"When you were cultivating, I've went to other Meteorite Lands. Over there...many people have died." Zheng Bin's eyes had a frenetic look.


"Oh, is it also people from different races?" Nie Tian asked.


Zheng Bin promptly shook his head, and he had a somewhat pained expression, "No, not different races! People like us, the people who died are of the human race! Out of those people, two of them were from our Black Mist Palace, and they had a cultivation of the Zhongtian Realm!"


"And a few other people came from the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect! And the person who had the highest cultivation realm should have been of the Xiantian Realm!"


"They've already died, and their bodies are cold. There's nothing much in the storage rings on their bodies, it was all taken away."


"I feel that those guys from the other domains that entered along with us have already started to make a move."


"Perhaps, they'll find us not long after!"


Zheng Bin had a fearful look in his eyes.


"That stone?" Nie Tian seriously said.


Zheng Bin extended his hand out and pointed towards an enormous stone that was separated from them by six meteorites, and said: "That meteorite."


Nie Tian looked at it and did some calculations in his heart. He felt that, to come from that meteorite, you might just need a few days of work.


His expression suddenly turned as gloomy as water.

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