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On the cold and hard meteorite ground, a corpse that had decayed for god knows how many years was silently placed.


That corpse had a dark green skin, and was clearly not of the human race.


There was a metre long tail on the butt of the corpse. That tail had no flesh on it, and only had ash coloured joints left on it.


The top of the joints were similar to forks in the ground. Those forks stabbed into the stone ground. Even after it had experienced countless years, a faint green light was still flickering on it, and there seemed to still be energy contained in it.


"This is…" Nie Tian observed it for a long time and furrowed his brows as he said: "The body of a different race?"


Zheng Bin nodded his head and softly said: "I've been in the Heaving Leaving Domain since young, and I've never seen a different race before. But this guy is clearly not from our human race. He's been dead for god knows how many years, but that tail of his still possesses an obvious energy undulation."


"What are you so excited?" Nie Tian was puzzled as he spoke.


"The energy contained in that tail has a dense life force, and that life force is extremely unordinary." When Zheng Bin spoke, he quietly measured up his surroundings again, as if he was worried that he was discovered, "I want to try cutting his tail off and taking that tail, but I'm a bit scared…"


"Scared? He's already been dead for so long, what are you scared for?" Nie Tian curiously said.


"I've already tried…" Zheng Bin bitterly laughed, "But the spirit equipment in my hand can't even cut that tail. That tail only has joints left, but it's still scarily sturdy."


"You can't be thinking of asking me to help you?" Nie Tian was stunned for a moment. Shortly after, he reacted and shook his head as he said: "I also don't have such a sharp spirit equipment."


"You are Wu Ji's disciple, could it be that your master didn't bestow a high ranked spirit equipment upon you?" Zheng Bin impatiently looked at him.


Nie Tian didn't hesitate and shook his head again, "Nope."


Before he had stepped into the Heavenly Gate, Wu Ji had indeed given him many life protecting items, but there truly wasn't a sharp spirit equipment within those items.


Wu Ji only told him that, since he had a Spirit Grade Flame Dragon Armor, he only needed to patiently and slowly establish a deep relationship with the weapon spirit within the Flame Dragon Armor, and use the Flame Dragon Armor to obtain everything that he wanted.


With the Flame Dragon Armor, why should he care about other spirit equipments?"


"Oh, then it's fine if you don't have it." Zheng Bin had a face full of disappointment.


In his opinion, Nie Tian was clearly shirking away, unwilling to help him.


He also knew about the relationship between him and Nie Tian. They weren't even close, and he had even abandoned Nie Tian two times out of three.


At that time, he and Han Xin were trapped in the Scarlet Flaem Mountain Range. And when Nie Tian and the others were riding the Dark Thunder Beast to leave, they didn't stop for him either.


He felt that it was natural for Nie Tian to do this.


After that, Zheng Bin didn't continue to pay attention to Nie Tian. Instead, he was squatting beside the tail of the corpse of the creature of a different race. He took out a sharp sword and continued trying with an unresigned heart.


Zheng Bin slashed out.




Dots of white and green light suddenly splashed out from the tail of the corpse.


Nie Tian carefully looked at it, and noticed that when Zheng Bin's sword landed on a joint, the faint green light that was flickering on the joint suddenly brightened up in an instant.


A strange energy that was filled with a vigorous life force suddenly rushed out from that bone, as if it was strengthening that joint that the sword was slashing towards.


That joint didn't have any marks on it. Instead, the sword-holding Zheng Bin faintly shook.


Zheng Bin was still unresigned. Since this joint failed, he made a move towards the other joints.


"Ding ding! Ding ding!"


However, in the instant that his sword fell, every single joint would release a green light.


That green light would eliminate the attacking force and the sword light of Zheng Bin's sword.


When his sword landed, its spirit force had already dulled, and the sword was no longer sharp.


"It's a little interesting…"


Nie Tian's interest had also been piqued. He squinted his eyes and seriously measured up that joint. He was pondering what method he should use to break open the resistance of the strong life force of that joint.


He quietly sent a strand of mental awareness into his storage bracelet, and tried to find any equipments within his storage bracelet that could break open the self-defense of that joint.


Unfortunately, besides his Flame Dragon Armor, he truly didn't have any spirit equipments that he could use.


And the Flame Dragon Armor was currently in a dormant mode to refine the energy in the Earth Fire Crystal Strings, self-recovering its damages.


He couldn't possibly awaken the Flame Dragon Armor from its sleep to try using it, just for Zheng Bin.


In addition, the Flame Dragon Armor was an extremely precious treasure of the Spirit Grade, and it came from the Hidden Underworld Domain.


No matter whether it was Hua Mu, or his master Wu Ji, they had both reminded him to never use the Flame Dragon Armor, unless it was a situation of life and death. This was the prevent this information from leaking, which would attract the attention of the Hidden Underworld Domain.


He, who had no methods, didn't say anything. He was even more disinclined to care about Zheng Bin's waste of effort.


"You continue, I'll go walk about."


After speaking, he separated with Zheng Bin. With Zheng Bin's warning, he didn't dare to randomly charge into the sky this time.


He controlled his body to adapt to the gravity here. He used light and quick steps and moved about on the protrusion shaped meteorite that Zheng Bin was on.


It was only a meteorite that was five or six li long, and he had quickly wandered around it. He had always been using his mental awareness to sense his surroundings.


He was convinced that there was no one else on this protrusion shaped meteorite except for Zheng Bin and him.


Not long after, he arrived at the edge of the protrusion shaped meteorite.


At the edge, a slender stone protrusion which was several hundreds of metres long stabbed towards another meteorite that was even bigger than the one he was on, which conencted them.


The slender stone protrusion was only a footstep away. If he wanted to, he could move towards the meteorite that was close to his via the stone protrusion.


But he didn't do that.


Previously, when the cold wind blew over, he had used the spirit force in his body to withstand the cold air, causing him to have already wasted an amount of energy that wasn't small.


With the experiences that he had from the battles within the Green Illusion Realm, he knew that his cultivation realm was low in the first place. If he couldn't maintain in his peak state, he would definitely pay bitterly once he met a stranger.


Thus, he sat down and took out the spirit stones that his master Wu Ji gave him to first use Lianqi(qi refining) secrets to recover his lost spirit force.


During this process, he even took out the command medallion from his storage ring.


When his spirit force had recovered, he sent a strand of his consciousness into the command medallion, to check the three spirit secrets that Wu Ji had branded within it.


Following Wu Ji's instructions, he could choose one of them or three of them to cultivate.


Because time was pressing, he had only roughly looked at them for a moment while he was at the Heaven Leaving Domain, without excessively caring about them.


Currently, he was at this cold mysterious land. He was temporarily safe, and he wanted to use this good opportunity to quickly master a spirit secret cultivation to raise the power of his body.


"Flame Spirit Secret, Illusion Spirit Secret, Soft Water Secret…"


Up till now, he had also never confirmed his own cultivation attribute, and didn't know what direction his cultivation would continue in the future.


Because of this, he had oonce asked Wu Ji.


According to Wu Ji, not everything was bad for people who didn't have a special cultivation attribute.


People with no attributes can choose many types of spirit secrets to cultivate, and they can continue to cultivate any type of spirit secret.


This is the superiority of people with no cultivation attribute.


However, their disadvantages are also extremely obvious.


If people without cultivation attributes want to cultivate a spirit secret that carries an attribute with it, then their cultivation speed will be much slwoer than people with matching attributes.


Not only that, but they would have to waste much more energy and time to comprehend the exquisities of the spirit secret.


For example, An Shiyi. Because she had a fire attributed cultivation, she would have rapid advances if she were to go cultivate Fire Spirit Secrets. When she was comprehending the attribute of fire, she would have deeper comprehensions and understandings.


If he, who had no cultivation attributes, went to go cultivate the Flame Spirit Secret, his improvement compared to An Shiyi would be much slower, to the extent where he could have no hope during his entire lifetime to breakthrough to the pinnacle of fire.


However, if An Shiyi who possessed the fire attribute didn't cultivate Fire Spirit Secrets and comprehended Soft Water Secrets instead, it would be extremely difficult for her.


Compared to a person like him who has no attributes, it would be countless times more difficult, so much so that she could descend into a hysterical-demon like state due to the conflict between attributes.


Although a person with no attributes could cultivate all kinds of spirit secrets, his improvement in every type would be slow. Possibly, he might be unable to comprehend the true profound mysteries within the spirit secret for his entire life.


The lifespan of the human race was limited. This caused people with no attributes to directly burn out their lifespan and die due to beingunable to comprehend the exquisities of a spirit secret and breaking through to a new realm.


It was also because of this, that the seven great sects of the Heaven Leaving Domain would frequently choose talents that originally had attributes while choosing disciples.


After that, they would bestow spirit secrets that were specialised to their talents, letting them continuously breakthrough with a much faster speed, which let them increase their lifespans even more, allowing them to continue cultivating.


"The Flame Dragon Armor is definitely of the fire attribute. Since it's like this, I'll naturally want to cultivate the Flame Spirit Secret."


Nie Tian thought for a moment and quickly determined the direction that he was going on. He prepared to view the Flame Spirit Secret as the first type of spirit secret that he used to cultivate.


He carefully studiewd the Flame Spirit Secret and set out to cultivate.

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