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Nie Tian's figure instantly disappeared into the Heavenly Gate.


The dazzling five coloured flowing light occasionally whistled past the side of his body, and his flesh seemed as if it was pulled by some kind of force that made him rapidly move forward.


Many unknown runes were like meteors that flashed past him.


Under his graceful(what) glance, he couldn't clearly see those runes.


However, he knew that, out of those runes...only a part of it was considered as the masterpieces of the immemorial Lianqi Warriors of the human race, and even more of them belonged to races that he couldn't even differentiate.


From his perception, he had only soared within that dazzling space tunnel for several tens of seconds.


After that, a squeezing force was sent over without the slightest omens at all.


He was suddenly dizzy, and was now unable to see the things beside him. His body also turned into flowing light that was thrown into an icy mysterious land.




After he fiercely landed, he rolled for a moments before gradually stopping.


He opened his eyes and looked towards the sky. All he could see was a sky full of bright stars.


In his eyes, those stars were clear. They flashed and released a clear cold light.


Some stars were extremely far away from him, and they looked as big as grains from his eyes.


However, there were also some stars that were close to him, and were as bright as millstones.


Within the ice-cold river of stars, there was no sun or moon, only the brilliant stars that adorned the curtain of night.


"Outside the domain…"


He whispered and withdrew his gaze from the sky. He turned around and measured up his surroundings.


He immediately discovered that the place he landed in was an enormous protrusion shaped rock that was floating within the river of stars.


That protrusion shaped rock was five or six Li long, and extended all the way into the distance.


He gazed into the distance, and discovered that there were even more strange enormous rocks that were also floating within the river of stars, as if they were as still as this for countless years.


The shapes of the enormous rocks were all different, and they were connected by a slender stone protrusion. Some of them were unbordered.


After roughly looking around for a while, he discovered that the number of stone pieces that were the same size as his one was countless.


His vision couldn't reach the places that were even further. Perhaps, there were even more rocks like this.


"Meteorite Land?"


He whispered while releasing some of his mental awareness to observe his surroundings even more carefully.


In the area where his mental awareness could cover, he didn't sense any auras of life, which also meant that...there was no one around him.


"There's actually no one with me. This seems to be quite different with the trial within the Green Illusion Realm." He was secretly astonished.


When he participated in the trial of the Green Illusion Realm, he was already with the Ling Bao Court's An Ying and the others after stepping into the Green Illusion Realm via the door to the secret realm.


They all appeared within the door to the Green Illusion Realm.


It was also because of this that everyone had a rough understanding of the territory in the Green Illusion Realm, because of An Ying's existence, and because he had friends beside him from the start.


But now...


When he passed through the Heavenly Gate, the Heavenly Gate's mysterious power unexpectedly seperated everyone.


The disciples of the seven sects that came from the Heaven Leaving Domain should be like him after stepping into this area, seperated on different meteors.


He was suddenly worried for the Lingyun SEct's Li Fan and Liu Yan, as well as the Ling Bao Court's An Shiyi.


If they were unluckily thrown to the areas where there were Xiantian Realm experts from the other domains, they might be immediately killed.




A burst of unknown cold wind blew over from the icy river of stars.


"How cold!"


When the cold wind blew over, his flesh unexpectedly turned a bit stiff, and his hair and eyebrows had a bit of frost on them.


He hurriedly operated the spirit force within his body to resist the cold.


Shortly after, he had another startling discovery--this place unexpectedly didn't have the slightest bibt of Heaven and Earth spirit qi that he could use!


The air that he could smell was cold, but it didn't have any traces of Heaven and Earth spirit qi that was pulled over by the spirit force whirlpool within his spirit sea.


This meant that, within this icy mysterious land, if he wanted to continue to obtain spirit force, he had to slowly cultivate by borrowing spirit stones.


Without spirit stones, the spirit force that he wasted would not be able to be replenished.


"Ka ka!"


His teeth was shivering as he unceasingly drew out some spirit force to cover it all over his body.


After a long time, the icy wind that blew over slowly left.


And he had already wasted 20% of his spirit force within this short hour.


--He hadn't moved from his original place at this moment.


"Gravity...won't be that abnormal too, right?"


He was very clear, that an excessively terrifying gravity would be an extremely strong load on his body.


If the gravity in this place was the same as the mysterious land that the blood stone brought him to, he was afraid that he might not be able to move a single step in this area.


Carrying this suspicion, he moved his limbs to try jumping.




He suddenly jumped ten meters into the sky!


"It's a gravitational field that's much weaker than the Heaven Leaving Domain!" After landing, he softly tapped the stone ground and his body flew again into midair.


"Nie Tian!"


Because he rose into the sky, a familiar voice suddenly echoed out from the distance.


Nie Tian, who was about to descend, looked towards the direction of the sound, and saw the Black Mist Palace's Zheng Bin.


Zheng Bin was also alone, and he was currently on a brown coloured protruding rock that was a thousand metres away from him.


Zheng Bin had clearly deliberately hidden his tracks. He had hidden his body within the side of the brown coloured rock, as if he was scared of being discovered by anyone else.


Looking at him jump into the sky, Zheng Bin noticed him and couldn't help but shout out.


"Be careful! Don't reveal yourself!"


Zheng Bin saw him notice himself, and lowered his voice while waving over.


Nie Tian who had just landed softly tapped the ground, and his body was like cotton as he rapidly floated towards him.


He was the only living person that Nie Tian had seen until now.


Because the distance between him and Zheng Bin exceeded the range of his mental awareness, he didn't sense Zheng Bin earlier. Since he had seen him now, he also wanted to talk with Zheng Bin.


In his heart, Zheng Bin was different from Pan Tao, he wasn't a friend that had shared trials and tribulations with him.


When they were in the Green Illusion Realm, as well as the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, Zheng Bin had always withdrawn himself when they met danger.


But he didn't have any hate towards Zheng Bin.


Zheng Bin and him were like strangers coming together by chance. They weren't familiar with each other, and he had always acted by himself and caused trouble, so Zheng Bin not willing to undertake the consequences that he had caused was natural.


He was adapting to the gravitational field that was different from the HEaven Leaving Domain while floating towards Zheng Bin. Quickly, he arrived.


"You shouldn't show off that much!"


After he had arrived, Zheng Bin had an anxious expression as he lowered his voice to remind Nie Tian: "You should know that there could be mutual slaughter between all of the people who have stepped into the Heavenly Gate, no matter whether who lives or dies? By flying into the sky, you have exposed yourself. If you are noticed by other people, they will definitely come to kill you! By doing this, you'll be affecting me too!"


Zheng Bin had already started to regret. He regretted waving towards Nie Tian and bringing Nie Tian over.


Nie Tian's expression changed, and he felt that what Zheng Bin said had logic. He couldn't help but smile, "Sorry."


Zheng Bin ignored him. Instead, he cautiously ans secretly observed his surroundings.


After a while passed, after he noticed that no one else discovered this place, and there were no traces of anybody coming, he secretly let out a sigh of relief.


"I also didn't think that there wouldn't be any Heaven and Earth spirit qi that we could use. A lack of Heaven and Earth spirit qi signifies that all of our losses during cultivation and fighting will have to be replenished by spirit stones." Zheng Bin's expression turned serious, "From now on, spirit stones, pills, and food will become reasons to kill for! If you want to stay here for a long time, you'll need to have large amounts of food, spirit stones, and pills!"


"Just because of this, two people could start a fight if they meet!"


"Especially unfamiliar people!"


Zheng Bin explained with a low voice.


Nie Tian nodded his head, "I just thought of this."


"Follow me, I'll let you see something. That thing is something that I just discovered." Zheng Bin waved his hand and crouched his body as he led the way with a somewhat wretched movement.


His expression was clearly somewhat excited.


Nie Tian subtly followed up. He was also curious about what he had noticed within this area that made him to cautious.


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