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Under the impetus of the Heavenly Gate Key, Nie Tian also slowly rose into the air.


"Ao hao!"


Sounds of worldshaking roars echoed out of the enormous space crack. Demons that were concealed in some land outside the domains seemed to be madly summoning something.


Even more dense purple-black mist rolled out from the crack, which flowed towards the Heaven Leaving Domain.


Those demons that had been sealed in the Prison Department for countless years, yet they had never given up. Their originally shriveled bodies were expanding after receiving the nourishing of the purple-black mist.


When Nie Tian rose up towards the Heavenly Gate, he personally saw a demon that was originally only several tens of meters long rapidly expand until it was close to fifty meters long.


That demon tore apart its long chains and suddenly broke free of the Prison Department's imprisoning.


It was also at that moment when enormous swords that were flickering with seven coloured light instantly cut down!


"Ka ka!"


Under the slashing of those wide swords, the bodies of those demons were instantly cut apart.


"It died?" Nie Tian was astonished.


However, in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed.



Those pieces of flesh that were torn apart squirmed about, and flew back into the sky, into the space crack that was letting out those roars.


"Even this doesn't kill it?!" Nie Tian was stunned.


If it was a Lianqi Warrior from the human race like him, he might die in an instant once his flesh was separated.


However, when those demons were cut into pieces, they unexpectedly still had a vigorous life force, and actually managed to escape.




Nie Tian's expression turned incomparably serious. He suddenly felt alarmed by these indigenous residents of the Heaven Leaving Domain.


Soon after, he thought about Li Fan's words again, and a strange look suddenly appeared in his eyes.


These kinds of strong and terrifying creatures had once been prominent figures in the Heaven Leaving Domain, and were the masters of the Heaven Leaving Domain.


However, under the attacks of the Lianqi Warriors of the human race, these kinds of strong creatures were sealed within the Prison Department, and were unable to move for countless years.


What did this mean?


Truly strong Lianqi Warriors weren't figures that could be killed at will, even when they were facing these kind of strong creatures!


"From now! All sects from the Heaven Leaving Domain must prepare to meet the counterattack of the demons!"


When the Prison Department's Department Head Qiao Yang saw the demons breaking free of the constraints of the "Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation", his expression turned as cold as ice and he loudly shouted.


The expressions of the remaining Lianqi Warriors of the Prison Department, as well as the people that were currently rising in the air towards the Heavenly Gate, turned serious.


From Qiao Yang's words, they could hear a frightening piece of news--Demons might make their counterattacks to the Heaven Leaving Domain soon!


According to Li Fan, those truly strong demons that had dominated the Heaven Leaving Domain in the past were killed by the extremely strong Lianqi Warriors from an unknown number of years ago.


The ones that were imprisoned within the Prison Department were the weak demons, which were insufficiently strong enough to be feared.


After many years, the Heaven Leaving Domain had experienced the change of many years, and only the seven great sects headed by the Prison Department were left.


Those strong Lianqi Warriors that had previously descended to the Heaven Leaving Domain to fight with the demons were mostly dead, and the remaining ones seemed to have already left the Heaven Leaving Domain.


With the current strength of the Heaven Leaving Domain's seven great sects, if they fought with the stronger demons from the outside domains, they could still have...the strength to have one more fight?


As he thought of this, he looked at Qiao Yang's grim face. He couldn't help but be secretly worried.


He was worried about the Black Cloud City's Nie Donghai and Nie Qian, and worried about the other people that he had a good relation with, such as Pan Tao, Nie Xian, and the other people from his generation.


He felt that, when he stepped into the Heavenly Gate to experience a grinding stone through bloody battles, the Heavenly Gate might also go through earthshaking changes.


At this moment, he suddenly thought of Hua Mu's words.


Hua Mu once said that the domain where a Heavenly Gate would open would have omens in advance, such as the release of the Earth Flame Beast.


However, there would still be successive omens afterwards, and even more strange changes would occur.


The invasion of the demons from the outside domains, the aftereffects that Hua Mu spoke about.


"Ka cha!"


The sounds of bones shattering suddenly echoed out from the entrance to the Heavenly Gate.


"What are you guys doing?!" The Black Mist Palace's Zheng Bin suddenly let out a piercing shout.


Nie Tian stopped his pondering and stopped looking at the Prison Department's enormous city. He stopped looking at the demons that were trying to break free from their chains, and focused all his attention on the Heavenly Gate that he was gradually approaching.


A subtle smile appeared on the mouth's of the Xiantian Realm experts that came from the other domains, who were in front of the bright HEavenly Gaet.


They had already approached the Heavenly Gate, but they weren't impatient to enter the HEavenly Gate. Instead, they suddenly attacked.


When a Zhongtian Realm Lianqi Warrior from the Black Mist Palace approached them, he was beheaded by one of the people there.


The corpse of that person from the Black Mist Palace suddenly fell to the ground.


The people from the seven great sects who were approaching the Heavenly Gate were suddenly alarmed, and they didn't dare to look at those people with confidence.


They had unexpectedly started a massacre before even stepping into the Heavenly Gate.


And this was even the Heaven Leaving Domain!


When they were in front of the master here, the Prison Department, the people from the other domains actually didn't leave Qiao Yang any face. They were simply out of control.


"Brazen!" Qiao Yang roared.


The outsider who made a move had a thin body, and he carried a longsword that had a green light around it. He let out a low laugh as he said: "Senior Qiao, the rebellion of the demons has just started. Soon, those even stronger demons who have already locked on to the Heaven Leaving Domain would be able to accurately obtain the location of the Heaven Leaving Domain. At that time...they will also surge into the Heaven Leaving Domain."


"Hei, their arrival will turn the Heaven Leaving Domain into an earthly purgatory."


"When we leave the Heavenly Gate, your Heaven Leaving Domain's seven sects might have already been exterminated."


"At that time, perhaps Senior Qiao might have already left the human realm. What face do we still have to give you?"




After speaking, he loudly laughed and was the first person to step into the Heavenly Gate and disappear within the blink of an eye.


The remaining outsiders from the other domains also had a mocking appearance, as if they felt that the rebellion of the demons would thoroughly collapse the structure of the Heaven Leaving Domain.


When they returned, not one of the seven sects of the current Heaven Leaving Domain might even remain.


The ones that would replace the Heaven Leaving Domain's seven sects to take over the Heaven Leaving Domain would either be the madly killing demons, or...the elders that didn't open the Heavenly Gate.


No matter which scenario occurred, they would have to be afraid of angering the Prison Department, and wouldn't have to be worried about Qiao Yang's anger.


"Senior Qiao, our Kun Luo Domain's Virtuous One has told you about the omens that would occur with the appearance of the Heavenly Gate, but didn't he tell you that the opening of the Heavenly Gate would cause the Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation to lose effect and cause those imprisoned demons to escape?"


In front of the Heavenly Gate, an obese Lianqi Warrior from the Kun Luo Domain grinned and also let out a loud laugh as he said: "But we know that the opening of a Heavenly Gate will cause such startling changes."


"A lot of people have been watching your Heaven Leaving Domain to take the opportunity to make a move."


"You guys may feel that the opening of this time's Heavenly Gate may be a great fortune, but we view this as a once in a thousand years opportunity."


"Once those demons from the outside realms that were sealed within the Heaven Leaving Domain escape, and after they exterminate the seven sects of your Heaven Leaving Domain, we'll take over the Heaven Leaving Domain."


"Hei, even if you guys won, you would still have no strength to obstruct us."


"The Heaven Leaving Domain will definitely exchange masters, you guys should make your preparations."


After he finished speaking, that obese Lianqi Warrior from the Kun Luo Domain also made a move to enter the Heavenly Gate.


The Prison Department's Qiao Yang stood on the enormous city, and his face turned ashen. He suddenly shouted: "Kill him for me!"


After he spoke, the experts of the Prison Department that were close to the Heavenly Gate, which included Zhao Haifeng and Duan Yuan, made a move to kill him.


"Don't be impatient. After entering the Heavenly Gate, you guys will die too."


The obese Lianqi Warrior from the Kun Luo Domain coldly snorted, completely ignoring them as he turned around to disappear within the Heavenly Gate.


Once he left, the remaining foreigners from the other domains also coldly looked at the people from the Heaven Leaving Domain who were about to enter the gate.


"We will be waiting inside for you."


Those people grinned with a mad smile and disappeared into the Heavenly Gate one after another, as if they didn't place the people from the Heaven Leaving Domain in their eyes at all.


Over at the Lingyun Sect, Li Fan and Liu Yan's expressions turned ugly as they had a gloomy look in their eyes.


The information that the people from the other domains told them made them apprehensive.


The Heaven Leaving Domain...would be attacked from the demons from outside domains, and those various big domains that didn't open Heavenly Gates would coldly look from the side and wait for the moment to take over the Heaven Leaving Domain?


When the returned from the Heavenly Gate, what would the Heaven Leaving Domain become?


They didn't dare to think of it.


"Don't leave! We'll stay behind and fight with the demons!" An expert from the Prison Department shouted.


"Go fuck their Heavenly Gate!"


"I'm also not going!"


When the people who possessed Heavenly Gate Keys suddenly recognised the truth, they let out angry roars and used all their power to control the influence of the Heavenly Gate Key.


They decided to give up on entering the Heavenly Gate.


"Go in! Kill those guys from the other domains for me!" Qiao Yang coldly snorted and said: "If you haven't entered the Mortal Realm and stay in the Heaven Leacing Domain, you'll be useless! Rather than doing this, why not make a breakthrough within the mysterious land in the Heavenly Gate. When you return with a cultivation that exceeds the Three Heavens Realm, you might be able to do something for the Heaven Leaving Domain."


"Now, obediently get inside!"




It was also at this moment when an even stronger pulling force came from the Heavenly Gate.


The Heavenly Gate seemed that it was already tired of waititng!


"Xiu xiu xiu!"


Those people who were using their full strength to control themselves, including Nie Tian, were unable to resist and were all dragged into the Heavenly Gate.


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