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Chapter 14 - The strange force comes yet again!

“The disparity in strength is too much.”

The big fellow that had come from the Lingyun Sect shook his head, deeply sighed, and said, “This child should be ten years old by now, however, he has only reached the fourth Lianqi level. His father shouldn't be anything outstanding, otherwise…. his talent should not be like this.”

“My senior sister's talent was really that amazing?” The girl asked curiously.

“Your senior sister has just turned ten years old and was already at the ninth Lianqi level. In addition, she was able to accomplish this while staying with the Nie Family. One could say that this sort of talent was outstanding.” explained the big fellow explained.

Respect welled up in the little girl's heart and she said, “It really is impressive.”

The little girl had also reached the ninth Lianqi level, yet she knew that it was only possible because of her family background.

During her training, she had consumed lots of precious and rare heavenly treasures. This was also an crucial factor.

Nie Jin, being in the Nie family which was only a vassal of Ling Yun Sect, surely could not be compare to her, who was wantonly taking bizarre medicine.

In this case where Nie Jin could achieve the ninth Lianqi level at the age of ten, there could be no other explanation other than her talent.

According to common sense, since Nie Tian was Nie Jin's son, he ought to have inherited a portion of her talent.

Solely relying on his mother’s talent, Nie Tian should not be so weak, even if his faher was only a mortal. 

“Little Tian! Go back home with me! Don't force yourself!" Nie Qian saw that Nie Tian had suffered a loss, and with her mind in a flurry, she said, "Your aunt's vengeance and hate isn't for you to resolve. Come back with me quickly!”

"Since the battle has started, it also must be finished!" Yuan Qiuying’s expression became cold as spiritual energy surrounded her body. In a flash, she moved towards Nie Qian. She clearly wanted to stop her from interfering with the battle. "The one who is battling that brat is my son, so this cannot be considered bullying from disparity of age.”

“They are both the same age, so if he loses, it will be because he was weak. It will not be my fault."

Yuan Qiuying raised her head slightly, looking at Nie Tian whose head was on fire. She felt relieved, and could not wait for her son to attack Nie Tian again to make him even more flustered.

Nie Tian's earlier words had hit her right in the heart, and now she hated him to the bone.

Yun Song laughed heartily, clearly he had understood his mother's intentions. When he saw Yuan Qiuying step in front of Nie Qian and gesture for him to make the final blow, he attacked again.

“Chi chi!”

Clusters of red-orange flame, along fluctuations within his body , once again flew towards Nie Tian.

These flames, after leaving his palm, seemed as if they still followed his command. Their arrangement was unexpectedly something similar to a 品 ‘Pin’ character which successively flew towards Nie Tian from different directions. 

Nie Tian, after having his hair and clothes burnt, immediately knew the power of the flames, and therefore, he did not try to fight it, instead, he put in all his efforts in dodging them.


Yun Song’s face was filled with smiles as he continuously released flames, causing more and more balls of flames to roar out .

More than ten fireballs revolved around Nie Tian like miniature suns.

The intermittent heat released from these fireballs raised the temperature of Nie Tian’s surroundings. 

Nie Tian, in the midst of the fire balls, could only rapidly dodge in order to prevent the flames from burning his body.

When more flames were released from Yun Song’s body, Nie Tian‘s space to move about became smaller.

Yun Song deliberately released numerous fireballs which needed control over his state of mind. Because of that, his forehead filled up with sweat with the large consumption of spiritual strength and energy.

"It’s gaudy and flashy but lacking in substance!" The youngest daughter, clad in makeup and jade, stopped eating the melon seed. She shifted her attention on Yun Song and Nie Tian's battle. She frowned gently, "He condensed many fireballs and consumed too much spiritual energy in controlling the flames. Despite its attractive flashiness, it’s not very useful.

The big fellow beside her nodded his head, appraising him fairly, “That Yun family boy’s fighting technique is indeed too gaudy. He has only reached the seventh Lianqi level. If he was able to fully control three fire balls, then the speed and flexibility of that three fire balls would be heighted by two grades. If it were only 3 flame balls, the Nie family's kid might have already been hit. By now he should’ve already lost. The energy was spread too much, causing all the fireballs to become slow. This has allowed the Nie family's kid to have space to move until now.”

The man hesitated before continuing, “However, because of the increasing amount of flames, the Nie family's kid’s movement area has become increasingly smaller. Losing is just a matter of time.”

“It’s because of the large gap between the two sides’ realms." said the little girl while feeling very sorry for Nie Tian.


At this moment, a small, fist-sized fireball arrived in front of Nie Tian. He couldn’t avoid it and the fireball hit him squarely in the chest. 

Nie Tian’s clothes were lit on fire and the flames seized the chance to enter his body. 

Nie Tian grimaced in pain and his steps became more chaotic. Even more fireballs that were surrounding him rushed out toward him, and it was as if he would soon drown in flames.

“Nie Tian!" Nie Qian shouted mournfully. If it wasn’t for Yuan Qiuying’s obstruction, she would have long since prevented the fight from continuing. 

At this moment, inside the crowd, the face of the big fellow from the Lingyun sect suddenly darkened.

Nie Tian was only at the fourth Lianqi level, but the strength hidden inside Yun Song's fireballs was at the seventh Lianqi level.

If these fireball hit Nie Tian many times, even if he didn’t die, he would still suffer from severe injuries.

He was from the Lingyun Sect, and since Nie Tian was from the Nie Family, which was a vassal of Lingyun Sect, he absolutely could not stand by and watch the Yun family’s kid kill Nie Tian.

“Dum dum dum!”

At a moment of desperation, Nie Tian’s heart began beating rapidly. 

Nie Tian suddenly felt a strong power in his flesh and blood exploding out.

The wandering flame in his body dissipated, and he no longer seemed affected by the flames.

Ignoring the flames, he dashed toward Yun Song with his eyes shining like a beast.

“Peng Peng!”

A small flame struck his body, yet it didn’t affect him at all..

The spiritual power in the flame was immediately extinguished. The power was unable to penetrate his body through his pores. 

From within the surrounding flames, he suddenly burst out!

The big fellow of the Lingyun Sect was just about to open his mouth to stop the battle. He wanted to loudly shout for them to stop, but then he restrained himself.


Nie Tian was just like lightning as he arrived beside Yun Song in a flash.


A suprised sound could be heard as Yun Song was toss high into the air. He flew backwards and then heavily hit the ground.

Nie Tian stood at Yun Song’s original position.

From about five meters away, he stared at Yun Song and loudly shouted, "Come, stand up!"

"Hack!" Yun Song opened his mouth and coughed violently. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth.


Yuan Qiuying and Yun Zhiguo witnessed the sudden change of events. After letting out a scream that seemed as if their buttocks were on fire, they hurriedly tried to assess Yun Song’s injuries.

“Ah! What happened just now?”

“Did I see correctly? Why is the Nie family's kid standing there but the Yun family's kid is lying on the ground?”

“What exactly happened just now? I didn't see clearly.”


Many observers were confused as to what had happened. They looked at Nie Tian and Yun Song with a dejected expression while discussing loudly.

However, the big fellow from the Lingyun Sect saw very clearly that after Nie Tian rushed out from the flames, he charged into Yun Song’s chest like a giant war tank, and with enough brute force, he sent Yun Song flying. 

“Little son of a bitch! You dare to hurt my family’s Song-er, I am going to kill you right now!” When Yuan Qiuying had checked her son’s injuries, she discovered that one of Yun Song’s ribs was broken. She immediately became furious.

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