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Heaven Leaving Domain, Eastern Area, Prison Department.


Beside an enormous lake, there was a lofty city of stone. It was created by a pile of enormous black stones, and was the strongest Lianqi Warrior sect within the Heaven Leaving Domain--The Prison Department.


Beside the lake that was as clear as a mirror, the crowded Lianqi Warriors were incessantly talking.


Those people were wearing different coloured clothes, and they respectively came from the seven great sects of the Heaven Leaving Domain. They were converged here to wait for the opening of the Heavenly Gate.


According to the Prison Department, the Heavenly Gate which was about to appear within the Heaven Leaving Domain would open on the isle on the lake after two hours.


In the area where the Lingyun Sect and the others were.


Li Fan, Liu Yan, Jiang Lingzhu, and thirteen other people were gathered together as they whispered.


Liu Yan, who was trapped within the Scarllet Flame Mountain Range, had a lonely expression as he indifferently/idly talked with Li Fan. It seemed like his expression was somewhat bad.


His master Wu Xing and his Junior Sister Luo Xin had returned alive from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, and he had even luckily saw a fallen meteor when he was returning. From there, he obtained a key to enter the Heavenly Gate.


However, he was unhappy, because his Junior Brother Shi Yi had died within the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.


The person who killed Shi Yi was a Xiantian Realm Lianqi Warrior from the Ghost Sect who wasn't that far away, but he was helpless.


"Didn't Nie Tian obtain a key? Why hasn't he come yet?" Li Fan furrowed his brows as he said.


"I also don't know." Jiang Lingzhu shook her head and thought for a while before saying: "After he was taken away by the Dark Thunder Beast from Black Cloud City, he went to the rear mountain and hasn't appeared since then."


"Could it be that Senior Uncle...has other arrangements? Does he not want Nie Tian to train within the Heavenly Gate?" Li Fan suspiciously said.


"It shouldn't be?" Jiang Lingzhu was stunned for a moment before saying: "My cultivation realm is the same as his, at the early stage of the Houtian Realm. My father also knows that the Heavenly Gate has many dangers, but he still decided to let me follow you guys."


"Senior Uncle regards him so highly, and also know what the Heavenly Gate signifies. He shouldn't be willing to let him miss such an extremely rare opportunity?"


When those people from the Lingyun Sect were talking to each other, there were only a very few people from the Ling Bao Court over there. An Shiyi constantly looked over with an impatient look in her eyes.


She was also secretly doubtful. She was doubtful why Nie Tian, who clearly obtained a Heavenly Gate Key, hadn't arrived.


The time until the opening of the Heavenly Gate got closer and closer, and she was worried that Nie Tian would miss this opportunity.


In an even further place, within a group of experts from the Blood Sect who were wearing bloody clothes and were releasing a faint bloody smell, Yu Tong also looked over from time to time.


However, Yu Tong didn't have concern in her eyes, unlike An Shiyi and the rest. Instead, she was full of rancor and unwillingness.


She was also awaiting the appearance of Nie Tian.


On the other side, Zhao Haifeng who had previously appeared in the Black Cloud City, as well as Duan Yuan and Hu Qingwen, who actually had the pattern of the Heavenly Gate on the back of their hands too, also looked over from time to time.


They had also obtained the key to stepping into the Heavenly Gate.




It was at this moment when the sound of a flying spirit beast suddenly echoed out.


When the Dark Thunder Beast who carried Nie Tian flew above the Prison Department, it seemed to be frightened by something and dropped Nie Tian off from a distant place.


Once Nie Tian landed, that Dark Thunder Beast flew away at the first possible moment, unwilling to stay for a moment longer within the Prison Department.


"Prison Department!"


When he was in midair earlier, Nie Tian saw the enormous city that was as lofty as a mountain from an extremely far distance away.


The enormous city belonged to the Prison Department. It was as pitch-black as metal, and was solemn.


When he landed, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the enormous pitch-black city. He discovered that there were the portraits of numerous unknown demons and ghosts on the city walls.


Those demons and ghosts were extremely lifelike. They were either letting out fierce roars, or tearing apart meat to swallow, or killing each other.


He had only seen the portraits of the demons on the stone wall, but Nie Tian was already feeling oppressed. He felt that those demons and ghosts...seemed as if they would break out of the constraints of those portraits at any moment, and would directly kill their way out.


"Could it be...that they are alive?" A strange idea suddenly popped in his mind.


"Nie Tian! Over here!"


Li Fan, who was beside the lake, waved his hand to indicate for him to hurry over.


He carefully looked over, and noticed that it wasn't just Li Fan over there. There was also Liu Yan and Jiang Lingzhu.


When he saw that Liu Yan was unexpectedly alive, as well as him appearing here, a smile immediately appeared on his face.


When he left from Black Cloud City, he hadn't received the information about the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. He was directly taken to the rear mountain by the Dark Thunder Beast.


Not long after, he had relied on the Flame Dragon Armor to go to that unknown mysterious land to bitterly cultivate.


When he had returned, because he was rushing for time, Wu Ji didn't have enough time to tell him everything. Wu Ji could only directly imprint his spirit on the command medallion and give him a few things before sending him off.


Therefore, he still wasn't clear now on what happened in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, and how many people were still alive.


"Nie Tian…"


Beside the lake, the scattered Lianqi Warriors of the remaining six sects looked at him with different expressions.


Within the eyes of the Blood Sect's Yu Tong, a bone piercing hate suddenly appeared, a kind of hate that wanted to swallow him whole.


Over at the Ghost Sect, Mo Xi cunningly laughed and spoke with a low voice: "He's actually come too."


"He's finally arrived!" The Prison Department's Duan Yuan coldly snorted.


Over at the Black Mist Palace, Zheng Bin thought of something and shook his head while sighing.


Over at the Ling Bao Court, a trace of happiness appeared in An Shiyi's beautiful pupils.


Under the curious gazes of the crowd, Nie Tian followed the stone path to arrive beside Li Fan and the rest.


"Uncle Liu, it's good to see you." Nie Tian said.


Liu Yan nodded and forced out a smile as he said: "It's good that you came."


"What happened?" Nie Tian asked.


"Nothing much." Liu Yan didn't explain. Instead, he said: "You shouldn't care about the incident that happened in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. We're going to step into the Heavenly Gate soon, and everyone else knows about it. Only you might not have known about it…"


As he said that, he introduced the people from the Lingyun Sect who were about to also enter the Heavenly Gate to Nie Tian.


"Little Uncle Master."


"Greetings to Little Uncle Master."



The age of those people were generally much higher than him. They were at the Zhongtian and Xiantian Realms. In the past, if they had appeared within the Black Cloud City's Nie Family, Nie Donghai and Nie Beichuan would have to personally receive them.


However, currently, no matter whether they were willing or not, when Liu Yan introduced them, they could only politely greet him.


Because Nie Tian was Wu Ji's disciple.


After he had introduced the other people from the Lingyun Sect, Liu Yan pointed towards the people from the Prison Department, the Ghost Sect, the Blood Sect, as well as the Black Mist Palace, the Ling Bao Court, and the Grey Valley and spoke with a low voice to talk about the people that came.


Nie Tian only recognised one of those people. He wasn't familiar with most of them.


He carefully listened and silently remembered those people in his heart. He knew that, once he stepped into the Heavenly Gate, an overwhelming majority of those people...could be his enemy.


This was different from the Green Illusion Realm's trial. As long as their strength was high enough, the opponents from this time's trial could want his life any time!


When he came, he knew that, once he stepped into the Heavenly Gate, he would face bloody and cruel grinding stones.(trials basically)


Following Liu Yan's introductions, he carefully observed the people that came from the seven sides, including the Lingyun Sect.


However, besides the seven great sects of the Heaven Leaving Domain, there were a group of people that were solitarily standing beside the lake.


Those people had a lazy attitude as they talked and laughed at each other. They pointed at the people from the seven sects, and their manner was very wanton.


Liu Yan didn't introduce them.


"Uncle Liu, they're also entering the Heavenly Gate?" Nie Tian curiously asked.


Liu Yan nodded his head with a heavy expression. He slightly lowered his voice as he said: "Yup, they're not from our Heaven Leaving Domain. They're from the other domains. There will always be three Heavenly Gates that will appear in our Meteorite Land, and only in three domains."


"And the Meteorite Land has a total of nine domains, so there will definitely be six domains with no Heavenly Gates."


"The experts of those six domains will use their methods to send their most talented individual or ones that have strong backgrounds to the other domains which have a Heavenly Gate."


"I also don't know about the origins of those people. They came over via the Prison Department."


"They could have come from the same domain, or many different domains. I don't recognise any of them, so I didn't introduce them."


Only after he said that did Nie Tian react and say: "So it's them. But how did they obtain the Heavenly Gate Key?"


"The meteors that landed in the Heaven Leaving Domain were spread out across various lands. Besides the seven great sects, there were also some remote areas that meteors landed on." Liu Yan explained, "I heard that, when the meteors fell, they used a space teleporting formation to cross domains to come over. They respectively spread out to snatch the keys within the various scattered meteors."


As he said that, Liu Yan's expression became somewhat ugly as he turned silent.


"What happened?" Nie Tian asked.


Li Fan's expression had an expression of loathing as he interrupted: "Because those guys weren't from the Heaven Leaving Domain, so they used cruel methods to kill many people from our Heaven Leaving Domain while they were fighting for the Heavenly Gate Keys that were imprinted on the meteors."


"Every one of their hands are covered in blood. At least a hundred people from our Heaven Leaving Domain were killed by them."


"Most of the killed people were Lianqi Warriors from the subordinate families of our seven great sects, and they died extremely miserably."


"It also includes a few clans under our Lingyun Sect."


Li Fan talked about the bloody events that occurred.


"Oh." A cold look appeared in Nie Tian's eyes.


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