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At an unknown place.


Throughout the entire year, the sky was dusky. There were no suns, stars, or moons. There was no daytime or nighttime.


Nie Tian, who comprehended the chaotic magnetic field via the two enormous arms, repeated the process of condensing the magnetic field, nearly exhausting all of his mental power, then sleeping.


He was completely unaware of the passing of time.


Today, he who was sleeping was suddenly awakened by a jolt of pain.


He, who hadn't fully recovered his mental power, was somewhat blank. Shortly after, he discovered that the pain...came from the "Door" shaped pattern on the back of his arm.


That tattoo-like pattern had a slight flicker of light, and it was like a thin needle that unceasingly stabbed into his flesh.


Before now, that tattoo-like pattern had never acted abnormally.


"The Heavenly Gate Key…" Nie Tian's mind shook, and suddenly, he somewhat realised something.


He guessed that the Heavenly Gate was definitely about to open, so the Heavenly Gate Key that fell from an unknown domain would have an abnormal change like this.


"It seems like it's time to leave again."


He stood up and walked to the area where the Flame Dragon Armor was. He extended a finger outwards and tapped the blood stone that was on the chest part of the Flame Dragon Armor.


He was using his own method to send his soul out.


The Flame Dragon Armor that had become dull without colour ever since entering the mysterious land suddenly flickered with dots of fire.


Those lights of fire were like moving stars that flowed within the armor.




In the next moment, the Flame Dragon Armor turned into a clump of burning fire, and was wrapped up by the surging fire.


The heart of fire, which was a grain sized dot of light, expanded at a rapid speed.


An absorbing force was suddenly generated!


Nie Tian's figure turned into a stream of light that suddenly went inside it.


At the same time, at the rear mountain of the Lingyun Sect.


Wu Ji, who had waited for a long time, suddenly felt something. He narrowed his eyes, and the surrounding Heaven and Earth spirit qi immediately turned into a partition that was hard to see with the naked eye.


Not even a single bit of the abnormal sounds on the mountain was exposed, under the blocking of the partition.


"Ka ka!"


A space crack suddenly appeared, and a dot of fiery light suddenly flickered and came out. In the same instant that it rushed out, it formed a corridor of fire.


Nie Tian's figure emerged from that newly formed pathway of fire as he loudly came out.


"Pa ta!"


And the Flame Dragon Armor, which came out with Nie Tian, was overflowing with a fiery light as it released a mysterious aura from it.


Wu Ji's pupils flashed, and his line of sight immediately landed on the Flame Dragon Armor.


The Flame Dragon Armor that had fallen to the ground seemed to have noticed Wu Ji's attention and rapidly shrunk, becoming a small dot of fire that took the initiative to hide itself on the storage ring on Nie Tian's wrist.


"It has intelligence…" Wu Ji was slightly amazed.


It was also at this moment, when the space crack that suddenly appeared rapidly shrunk and gradually disappeared.


Nie Tian, who had crossed domains and returned, had a slight headache. After he became clear-headed, the first thing he saw was Wu Ji. He brilliantly smiled and said: "Master."


Wu Ji gently nodded his head and followed up with a question: "Did you reap any rewards?"


Nie Tian had a smile across his whole face as he said: "I've learnt two mysterious hand techniques."


Wu Ji's eyes brightened for a moment. He didn't ask for any further details. Instead, he asked: "Why did you only come back now?"


"I didn't have any idea of time over there, and I didn't know when the Heavenly Gate would open." Nie Tian extended his hand and pointed towards the door shaped pattern on the back of his hand, and said: "It's because of its reminder that I knew that the Heavenly Gate was about to open. Therefore, I quickly realised that and hastily rushed back."


Last time, it was because too much of the power of fire within the blood stone was wasted, so it took the initiative to send him back.


This time, the Flame Dragon Armor and the blood stone had absorbed many Earth Fire Crystal Strings within the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, and had clearly stored up an extremely plentiful amount of the power of fire, which let him spend an extravagant amount of time inside without noticing at all.


"When you were over there, you could feel the abnormalities of the Heavenly Gate Key?" Wu Ji was slightly startled.


"Yeah." Nie Tian replied.


Currently, there were only two days left before the opening of the Heavenly Gate. All of the people who had obtained Heavenly Gate Keys felt the piercing pain from the door shaped pattern.


Those people didn't need the reminder of the Prison Department, and also knew that the Heavenly Gate was about to open.


The Heavenly Gate would open in the Heaven Leaving Domain, and the Heavenly Gate Keys that appeared within the Heaven Leaving Domain would make a warning. Wu Ji didn't find this strange.


However, Nie Tian clearly wasn't within the Heaven Leaving Domain. Instead, he was in mysterious land that was separated from the Heaven Leaving Domain by some unknown distance. That Heavenly Gate Key...unexpectedly still gave a reminder.


This made Wu Ji secretly uneasy. He felt that every few years, the Heavenly Gate that appeared in the Meteorite Land really had an endless amount of secrets.


He believed that every Heavenly Gate Key that came from outside the domain could be existing within a mysterious space undulation.


That space undulation could actually so strong that it could ignore the endless distance of space!


"The Heavenly Gate is worthy to be called one of the enigmas of the Meteorite Land." Wu Ji whispered out a sentence and said: "It's almost time. The sect's thirteen people who obtained Heavenly Gate Keys have already set off to the Prison Department. This time, the Prison Department won't make any obstructions, and will let anyone who obtained a Heavenly Gate Key to step inside."


"Originally, if you exited earlier, I would still have a lot of things to hand over to you/explain to you. However, there's not enough time now."


"You also have to set off as fast as possible."


As he said that, he snorted and coldly looked somewhere, "You still haven't rolled over?"


The low cry of the Dark Thunder Beast who felt wronged came over from the distance. Its figure gradually appeared as Wu Ji coldly snorted.


"Give that command medallion to me." Wu Ji said.


Nie Tian hurriedly used both hands to pass over the command medallion that Wu Ji gave him to allow him to choose three items from the Ling Bao Court from his storage ring.


Wu Ji received the command medallion, and a mysterious spirit suddenly emerged from his body, as if there were many underworldly figures of dark light that flew out of Wu Ji's body and rapidly flew into the command medallion.


"While you are going to the Prison Department, you can use your mental power to read over this. There are things that you must pay attention to inside, as well as three cultivation secrets. You can go comprehend it by youself. See whether you want to cultivation them together or choose one of them."


After Wu Ji directly placed his spiritual imprint on the command medallion, he passed it back to Nie Tian.


Furthermore, he continued speaking: "Besides this command medallion, here are two spirit talismans that I made. These two spirit talismans can withstand two attacks from the majority of cultivators at the Three Heavens Realm. The method to use it in also within that medallion. You'll know once you see it."


As he said that, he handed the two triangle shaped spirit talismans that were made out of some kind of precious stone over to Nie Tian.


Nie Tian extended his hand to receive it and hastily said: "Thanks for master's deep love."


The two spirit talismans could withstand two attacks from experts at the Three Heavens Realm. This would greatly increase his chance of survival within the secret realm within the Heavenly Gate.


"You should remember this point. I don't dare to say that those two spirit talismans are absolutely safe. Because, once you step into the Heavenly Gate, the people that you face won't just be those guys from the Heaven Leaving Domain."


"The other eight domains have even more youth genuises, and they also have a figure like me who is supporting them from behind."


"I'm afraid that those people more or less have some special treasures. If you unluckily meet them, then those two spirit talismans aren't hundred percent safe."


Nie Tian hastily said: "Disciple will remember."


"You should also keep these three Ice Bursting Pearls well. The Ice Bursting Pearls are one time usage items. Once they explode, they can instantly spray out several hundreds of small ice spikes. You should be careful while using it. If you don't use it right, you'll hurt your own men."


"Here are some spirit stones, as well as a few pills. These spirit stones and pills should be used for emergencies, not for cultivation or forcefully exciting your potential.




Wu Ji took out the items that he had prepared for Nie Tian, one by one. He warned Nie TIan while passing it to him.


Nie Tian widely opened his eyes as he received the precious items. This was the first time that he felt how lucky he was to get a strong master like Wu Ji.

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