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As the trio with Zhao Haifeng stepped into Black Cloud City, they immediately saw that the street was already packed with people.

The collapse of the stone tower, which caused many falling stones to roll onto the street, coupled with the wailing and howling of the crowd, similar to a group of ghosts or pack of wolves, had caused the wide street to become unbearably suffocating.

The trio's cultivation realms were still far from allowing them to soar through the sky, so the crowded people clearly made their advancement a bit tough.

- Pu! Pu pu! -

The three bone spears that had been closely following Zhao Haifeng turned into three threads of gray lightning and pierced through the bodies of three of the mortals that were crying in Black Cloud City.

The trio used the force of impact of the bone spears to jump high into the sky.

"Who are you?"

All of the civilians of Black Cloud City were drowning in extreme sorrow. However, after the three deaths, their eyes turned red.

They became barbarous and suddenly charged into Zhao Haifeng.


Zhao Haifeng knitted his brows and whispered a sentence. The three bone spears swiftly flew backwards and pierced through each and every person who attempted to attack them.

"Prison, Prison Department disciples!"

The bloody massacre had forced many people to rapidly quiet down. They stared at the trio's apparel, scanning through it for a while before suddenly losing their mind and shrieking.

There was a vivid and lifelike picture knitted on each member of the trio's chests. The picture resembled a roaring devil.

"Don't block our path."

Zhao Haifeng had a cold face. As he waved his left hand, the three bone spears that had fallen onto the the ground once again whizzed forward.

The citizens of Black Cloud City, who were still blocking the path in front of the street, were scared to death. They all squeezed by each other, trying to create a path for the trio.

Zhao Haifeng coldly nodded his head and stopped paying attention to townspeople. He led Duan Yuan and Hu Qingwen and headed directly towards the Yun Family Household.

The Yun Family Household.

Nie Tian stepped down from the ice-cold meteorite and once again stood at the front door of the Yun Family Household along with Nie Donghai, An Rong, and the others.

"Where's the master?"

"The Yun Family has fallen! How did it end up like this?"

A few of the remaining clan members of the Yun Family quickly ran past Nie Tian and rushed into the Yun Family Household. Those people were all sobbing painfully to the point that they were losing their voice as they looked at the remains of the Yun Family Household within the huge hole created by the meteorite.

They could not believe that the Yun Family that had stood so steadily in Black Cloud City would have instantly turned into ruins overnight.

They were all unable to accept the truth in front of their eyes.

"The Yun Family, was destroyed just like that?" The An Family master, An Rong, let out a sigh and shook his head. He also felt deeply regretful. "Facing this kind of catastrophe, besides the Lingyun Sect, the rest of the subordinate families are absolutely not able to withstand even a single meteorite. The Yun Family has existed in Black Cloud City for such a long time. Who would have thought that it would be wiped out by a catastrophe in an instant?"

"It's a pity. It had taken me so much effort to recondense my spiritual sea. I had even planned to settle the debt with Yun Meng." Nie Donghai was also feeling regretful.

Beside him, Nie Qian had a dim expression. She did not say a word.

Even though she had hated Yun Zhiguo, they were once husband and wife. During the past few years, she looked on as Nie Tian slowly grew up. When he began to develop into a towering figure, she had even planned to one day borrow Nie Tian's help to get justice from Yun Zhiguo and Yuan Qiuying.

She too had never anticipated that the whole Yun Family would turn into nothing in an instant.

"It is better this way. This has saved me some work in tracking down people from the Yun Family and settling my debts with them." Nie Tian said.

In his mind, as soon as he became strong enough, he would have faced the Yun Family on his own and held all of the people from Yun Family accountable for their past misdeeds.

Unfortunately, the Yun Family was not able to survive until that day and had already been destroyed.

"Quickly get out of the way!"

"The three people from Prison Department don't even blink when they kill people!"

"Open up a road for them!"

Right at that moment, frightened shouts rang out from the street where Nie Tian and the gang had come from.

"The Prison Department!"

Nie Donghai and An Rong looked at each other. Both of them had a flash of understanding and their faces changed color. Their expressions became incomparably serious.

They all knew that numerous experts from the Prison Department had surrounded Lingyun Mountain to prevent the people from Lingyun Mountain from assisting the Ling Bao Court.

Generally speaking, the battles between the Lingyun Sect, Prison Department, Ghost Sect, as well as the Blood Sect, would not involve the commoners from the various cities.

The Lingyun Sect had been surrounded by the Prison Department for many days. However, not a single expert from the Prison Department had entered Black Cloud City to massacre people.

At that moment, it seemed a person from the Prison Department had arrived in Black Cloud City. That clearly violated the unwritten rule that all sides had heeded for a long time.

"Who is the person from the Prison Department?" An Rong felt deeply worried and sick at heart.

Nie Tian was also secretly shocked.

When he was in Green Illusion Realm, he had seen the disciples from the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect before. He had even battled with the witch Yu Tong over and over again.

He was fully aware that the disciples from both the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect had more abundant battle experience when compared to the other four sects' disciples, but he had never encountered any disciples from the Prison Department.

However, he had heard Jiang Lingzhu, Pan Tao, and the gang mention before that the people from the Prison Department were a bit more scary than the people from the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect.

During that time, when Jiang Lingzhu, Pan Tao, and the party thought that Prison Department had also intruded in the Green Illusion Realm and targeted the Black Mist Palace, they all had feared the no one from Black Mist Palace managed to survive.

Including Zheng Bin!

Clearly, they thought that the people from the Prison Department had posed a greater threat than people from the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect.

"The Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect each have only one Mysterious realm expert. The Prison Department on the other hand…… has two. According to what master said, the current head of the Prison Department seemed to have almost broken into the Mysterious realm." Nie Tian had a deep look on his face."If just the Prison Department alone has three Mysterious realm experts, then the Prison Department will surely surpass all the other sects and be entirely worthy of becoming the number one power in the Heaven Leaving Domain."

"Duan Yuan and Qing Wen, you two go take a look at that meteorite. If you see a key to the Heavenly Gate, you two can collect it first." At that moment, Zhao Haifeng's voice rang out from the distant street.

His body posture, that was as tall and straight as a sword, slowly became visible in front of Nie Tian and the gang.

"It's just three juniors?" An Rong looked at them and was stunned for a while. Suddenly, he felt that he was being insulted.

Zhao Haifeng's trio was clearly only around fifteen or sixteen years old. The three of them alone had actually dared to drove directly into Black Cloud City and kill people everywhere.

What did that mean?

From the start, the people from the Prison Department had not paid any attention to Black Cloud City. They did not consider him, An Rong, as well as the Yun Family and Nie Tian as a serious threat!

It's as if in the eyes of the experts from the Prison Department, three juniors were already enough to defeat everything in Black Cloud City.

An Rong was the house master of the An Family. Secretly, the commoners in the city had all regarded him as the city master of Black Cloud City.

The Prison Department had arranged only three juniors to come over. This had made him felt insulted.

"Duan Yuan! Qing Wen!"

Right before An Rong got angry, Zhao Haifeng knitted his brows and stopped the duo.

The two looked at him, unaware of why they had been told to stop.

He narrowed his eyes, his expression like an ice-cold sharp sword piercing towards the back of Nie Tian's left hand. He said, "The key to the Heavenly Gate from this meteorite has already been taken by him."

Both Duan Yuan and Hu Qingwen also stopped and looked towards Nie Tian's left hand.

"It's just as you said." Duan Yuan snorted coldly.

Dense, cold air swirled around the three gray bone spears. They flew out from the street behind Zhao Haifeng.

- Drip drop. Drip drop - The three bone spears were still dripping with blood.

Zhao Haifeng took a glance at Nie Tian and said in a unconcerned tone, " The reason why we came was for the Heavenly Gate keys. We do not want to waste too much time and we still need to rush to the wasteland to find even more Heavenly Gate keys, so……"

He stopped for a while and said to Nie Tian, "So long as you cut off your left hand and give us the Heavenly Gate key that's marked on your left hand, we will leave immediately and definitely not stay in Black Cloud City."

"You want me to cut off my left hand for you?" Nie Tian grinned and laughed.

"At least that way, you would be able to live." Zhao Haifeng responded.

"What if I refuse to give it to you?" Nie Tian asked.

"Then you will die." Zhao Haifeng answered.

- Xiu! -

A mail eagle suddenly swooped in and landed on top of An He's shoulder.

An He held out his hand and took out the pile of papers that was on the mail eagle's legs. His complexion abruptly became gloomy as he opened the paper and took a glance at it. He said, " House master, the An family guards that were at the city gate have already been killed."

He coldly stared at Zhao Haifeng and added," And also the high ranking official from the Nie Family, Wu Tao, was killed by the hands of these three people!"

"Mr. Wu!" Nie Tian shouted violently.

Within the Nie Family, besides Nie Donghai and Nie Qian, he had only felt warmth from Wu Tao.

Deep in his heart, he had the utmost respect for Wu Tao. Previously, before he had left Nie Family, he had even specifically looked for Wu Tao to express his thanks.

Who would have thought that Wu Tao, who had treated him generously, would have actually been killed by the three Prison Department disciples in front of him. A raging flame was instantly ignited deep in his heart. "You all deserve to die!"

"Big brother Hai Feng, it seems that it's time to act." Duan Yuan was a bit impatient.

"It's merely you three and you dare to run amok in our Black Cloud City. Does the Prison Department really think that there is no one in our Black Cloud City!?" An Rong also became angry.

"Old man, you guys didn't follow my orders when I was being nice. You guy had to make me hurt you." Zhao Haifeng shooked his head as if he felt that their decision was not sensible. "You old folks, you spent your whole life and yet you were not able to be admitted into the Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect, or the Grey Valley. You guys were not taught real cultivation methods by the four sects. You also have not experienced the most brutal blood baptism before."

"Like this, even though your cultivation realm is slightly higher than ours, you do not pose any threat to us."

After Zhao Haifeng threw out that comment, he held out his hand and pointed at An Rong and said, "Leave him to me. The remaining two old folks, you two can choose who you want to face on your own."

The two old folks that he had mentioned were clearly Nie Donghai and An He. In his eyes, only Nie Donghai and An He somewhat posed a threat.

As for Nie Tian, he was completely neglected by Zhao Haifeng.

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