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Chapter 13 - Renewed Conflict

“Don’t cause trouble.” Nie Qian glared at him. “We still have things to do, so don’t waste your time on annoying people. Let’s go.”

As she spoke, she pulled hard on Nie Tian’s sleeve, in an attempt to drag him away from the front door of the jewelry shop as quickly as possible. 

“Don’t be anxious, we haven’t seen each other in a long time. Why don’t we sisters catch up on things?” Yuan Qiuying smiled, as she was evidently filled with malicious intent. “Is this Nie Tian, the child without a father? Haha, didn’t I hear somewhere that he was about to die? How pitiful, a father- and motherless child. Living like that is a joke.” 

“Old lady, you have a mother and a father, yet they don’t seem to have properly raised you!” Nie Tian wrinkled his nose and coldly snorted, “Only rotten women without face would still insist on seducing a man, even though he already has a wife!” 

“Little bastard! Who taught you your manners? You have the guts to insult me?” Yuan Qiuying exploded with anger. 

Nie Tian’s words perfectly poked at her weakspot. These past years, what she hated the most, was when other people used this fact to talk about her. 

She knew herself that it wasn’t a very honorable thing to have taken Yun Zhiguo away from Nie Qian. 

Inside Black Cloud City, when a lot of people mentioned this matter, they would also talk about her shame. She was naturally well aware of this. But, because she came from the large and powerful Yuan family, nobody dared to speak of the matter in her presence. 

Originally, she had wanted to humiliate Nie Qian a bit. However, Nie Tian’s sarcasm seemed to instantly ignite a fire of rage inside her heart, which immediately made her go ballistic. 

“I am just stating the facts. Everyone knows what you did. Why then, is it that you are afraid to speak of it?” Nie Tian snorted, “You’re afraid that people will gossip about it, yet you still did it... Don’t you have a sense of shame? Was it your wish, to lose face?” 

“Little Tian!” Nie Qian anxiously said. 

Nie Tian’s remarks were also what she had always wanted to say, and although she listened, secretly pleased, she knew about Yuan Qiuying’s character, and worried that Yuan Qiuying would recklessly create a public spectacle. 

“Father- and motherless little bastard! Today, I will teach you how to behave!” 

Yuan Qiuying’s eyes burned with rage as she suddenly raised her left hand. Circles of light, amethyst-colored spirit force ripples, immediately appeared in the middle of her hand.

“Qiuying! This is right in front of the jewellery shop. Don’t lower yourself to this child’s level. You would only make a laughingstock of yourself!” Yun Zhiguo hastily discouraged. 

At this time, a lot of people entering the jewelry shop felt that the place would soon have a showdown, and had slowly stopped in their tracks, engrossed with watching the two sides on the verge of breaking out into conflict. 

“Hey, it’s the Nie family’s and Yun family’s people.” 

“There’s a good show to watch then!” 

“Yun Zhiguo’s woman, still unbridled and arrogant as usual, eh!” 

“Her father, however, is the Yuan Family’s house-master. In our Black Cloud City, she does have the means to act arrogant.” 

“Sigh, the Nie Family is also unlucky to have unexpectedly irritated the Yuan Family’s pungent bitch. Because of her, Nie Donghai not only had to bear a serious injury, but also had to recently lose his position as house-master. This really is tragic.” 


The people from Black Cloud City that had been standing there, listening and watching, slightly pulled away from Yuan Qiuying and Nie Qian, and began to quietly discuss amongst themselves. 

In the midst of the crowd, a jade colored little girl with a powdered face held hands with a square faced, middle-aged, big man. They also quite curiously observed the spectacle. 

The little girl and Nie Tian were about the same size. She was dressed in a yellow skirt, and many bright, silvery bracelets covered her white wrist. She appeared to look rather quick-witted and crafty.

“Uncle Lan, what is happening over there?” The little girl curiously asked, as she ate melon seeds. 

The square faced, middle aged, big man looked at Yuan Qiuying’s threatening gestures and faintly frowned and wrinkled his brows, as if he knew more details about what was happening. In a low voice, he explained the circumstances. 

“The woman surnamed Yuan stole another family’s man. How can she be so arrogant?” The little girl exclaimed. 

“It’s because her last name is Yuan and also because she is Cloud Stone City’s Yuan Fengchun’s daughter.” The big man sighed. “Because of this reason, the Nie Family decided to attach themselves to us. Nie Donghai, during these years, can be considered to have done his best, however, this matter cannot be the Nie Family’s fault. We should have acted to uphold justice, however...” The big man shook his head, his eyes betraying a conscious-stricken thought. 

“Aren’t we supposed to protect our friends?” The little girl angrily said.

“Nie Donghai had a second daughter called Nie Jin. If she was still alive, she would have been considered to be your senior female apprentice. She, like you, also had an exceedingly outstanding innate cultivation talent. At the sect, she was already considered as a ‘seed’ and as such, was given special treatment; there was an excess amount of cultivation resources spent on her. However, the sect also expressed high expectations of her. 

The big man looked sad. “Except she… she unexpectedly in the best of times, made an enormous mistake. She, to a man, whose identity remains a mystery, birthed a child and in addition, soon after childbirth, passed away. The sect had spent so many heavenly treasures on her, only for it to end up like this. A lot of people from the inner sect think that Nie Donghai failed to teach her correctly and are secretly resentful. 

“The Yuan and Cloud family were well aware of this matter, and knew that Nie Donghai had lost our favor.” 

“Because of this, Yuan Fengchun and Yun Meng could do as they pleased.” 

“Also in this way, after this event had occured, those in the inner sect who had most highly regarded Nie Jin and deposited high stakes on her, simply ignored the situation.” The big man softly explained, clearly narrating one of the main causes of the situation. 

When the little girl had finished listening, she looked at the distant Nie Qian and Nie Tian, quietly whispering, “That family’s people really have bad luck.” 


At Yun Zhiguo’s discouragement, Yuan Qiuying also noticed the numerous groups of onlookers gathered in their surroundings. She resisted her anger with great difficulty, while she still coldly glared at Nie Tian and suddenly said, “Fine! I’ll restrain myself and preserve my dignity by not bullying the young!” 

“Yun Song!” She shouted and lowered her head to look at her son, commanding: “Go! Help your relatives on your mother’s side teach that little low-classed person a lesson!” 

Yun Song had early on felt that Nie Tian was not pleasing to the eye, so after hearing what was said, he immediately rushed out, almost like a leopard. 

“I’ve heard that three months earlier, Yun Zhiguo’s son had broken through to the seventh Lianqi level. This Nie Tian... it seems that after his high fever, he has only advanced to Lianqi forth level. But all the same, a level seven versus level four? The gap in power is really too big! This is clearly bullying!”

“This woman is always bullying people. What is there to fuss about?” 

“That’s true.” 

Everyone was continuously commenting, but because they feared the Yuan family’s strength as well as the bad-tempered Yuan Qiuying, they didn’t dare to come out and say even one sentence of justice.

“Nie Tian! Don’t fight with him! Let’s just leave!” Nie Qian’s heart burned with anxiety. 

Nie Tian and Nie Hong’s fight not too long ago had left a lingering fear in her heart. After the fight, although Nie Tian was victorious, he had contracted a very high fever. If not for the lucky coincidence of Hua Mu being in Black Cloud City, Nie Tian would perhaps have already had an accident. 

At this time, Hua Mu had already left Black Cloud City without a trace. If Nie Tian were to get sick again, who would save him?

Even though it would obstruct her from shouting, Nie Tian suddenly vigorously strugged free from her grasp and recklessly, without any regards to danger, turned and rushed towards Yun Song. 

“Such courage.” The square-faced big man in the middle of the crowd, with his diferent coloured eyes, softly said to himself, “ Unfortunately, the difference between both of the parties’ level is too large. Only having courage simply isn’t enough.” 

When the little girl by his side, who seemed naturally addicted to battles, saw Nie Tian and Yun Song move their hands, she immediately got excited and repeatedly cheered and applauded.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!” 

[Note: This is the sound of the little girl panting.]

Balls of flames whizzed out of Yun Song’s clenched fists, as if they were burning stones, and directly flew towards Nie Tian’s face. 

Yun Song’s fist had yet to arrive, but the flames were one step ahead, flying towards Nie Tian! 

The seventh Lianqi level, where spirit power can leave the body! 

The external overflow of sixth Lianqi level’s spirit power only let spirit power from the navel flow out. However, spirit power couldn’t completely separate from the body, and could only curl up in the arm and fist. 

The spirit power separated from the body, forming a fist that flew out and directly attacked the enemy. This was equivalent to the seventh Lianqi level’s spirit power!

The current fist in front of him, was more powerful than the power Nie Hong had exhibited on that day. Who had caused for lightning to crackle along Nie Tian’s clenched fist, while Nie Tian had been formidably resisting!

- Puff puff! -

Clouds of orange flames flew towards Nie Tian’s face, but the majority of it hit his forehead and back. 

Nie Tian’s clothes and hair instantly ignited as the flames burned. The flames burned his flesh and the pain was so unbearable that he had to cry out. 

Before Yun Song’s fist arrived, he hurriedly lay on his stomach and rolled about, extinguishing the flames on his body and hair. 

When he stood up again, the clothes on his back looked pitch-black, somewhat like a cave entrance. The hair on his head also smoked giving him an unbearable appearance. 


Seeing him in such a sorry state, Yun Song didn’t move to help him, but instead started to laugh. 

He decided to properly humiliate Nie Tian. 

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