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Chapter 118 - Purgatory of Lava!

At the same time.

- Hu chi, hu chi! - *rapid breathing

While the 40-metre long and vague Fire Dragon was fighting with Feng Luo, it seemed to receive some kind of summon. It suddenly went towards the shortest mountain at an explosive speed.

There was the aura of a Flame Dragon within the formed Fire Dragon, which had gathered a considerable amount of strength.

Currently, it seemed to be attracted by the Flame Dragon Armor. It abandoned Feng Luo and stopped fighting to give Nie Tian more time to escape.

The Fire Dragon had left. However, Feng Luo didn’t have the slightest bit of happiness on his face. Contrarily, it became increasingly dark.

Not long before, he had flown into a rage and wished that he could refine all of the blood in Nie Tian’s body.

The frivolous action that Nie Tian did to Yu Tong made him, who was of the older generation, extremely angry.

However, he currently didn’t care about the possibility that Nie Tian could damage Yu Tong’s soul. He only looked at the nearby mountains and looked at the earth that was unceasingly splitting.

Yu Tong had also calmed down from her previous angry state.

“Uncle Feng, this Scarlet Flame Mountain Range… why would it become like this?” She anxiously said.

Mountains collapsed and burst and lava-filled gorges appeared in the earth. This all signified that something astonishing was happening to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Facing this kind of heavenly power, she felt a deep powerlessness. She felt that she might be buried here.

That threat of death was extremely terrifying. It even made her temporarily ignore the frivolous action that Nie Tian had done to her.

“I finally know why An Shiyi would say something like that at first. They… already knew what would happen, and already knew about the upcoming changes to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range!” Feng Luo took a deep breath and looked towards the distant position of the Ling Bao Court. His expression sank like water as he said, “This time, our operation against the Ling Bao Court could suffer enormous casualties due to the changes in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.”

The area that they were in was already extremely far from the Ling Bao Court’s mountain gate. However, he knew that the main disaster zone, as a result of the changes in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, might be in the area of the Ling Bao Court’s mountain gate.

There were many experts from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect over there, but the people there who could truly soar into the sky only included the two people in the Mysterious Realm.

The remaining people hadn’t reached the realm that would allow them to travel across the horizon. This signified that the remaining experts of the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect would all die, besides those two. They would have to face the nasty situation that Yu Tong and Feng Luo were currently looking at.

However, the situation that the others would face would be more desperate than theirs.

“What should we do?” Yu Tong asked.

Feng Luo didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he released the enormous mental awareness of the Xiantian Realm to look for the location of An Shiyi and Nie Tian.

After a long time, he opened his eyes and said, “Even Nie Tian and those people seem to have no options. Instead, they’ve charged towards the peak of a mountain. If they do that, they can delay their deaths, and will be trapped in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range for a long time. Perhaps, they will meet all kinds of danger in the future. However, their method is extremely wise!”

“What about us?” Yu Tong inquired.

“We’ll do the same thing as them. Choose a mountain that won’t collapse and go to its summit to quietly observe the changes!”

“Ok!” Yu Tong replied.

The two people learnt from Nie Tian and An Shiyi’s method and also found a nearby mountain that looked like it wasn’t about to collapse. After that, they rapidly charged over.

At the summit of another mountain.

Nie Tian and the others were all panting. They had managed to climb up with much difficulty and exhaustedly sat down.

If it were a normal situation, they would take out spirit stones at the first possible moment and use them to recover their lost energy.

However, they didn’t have the interest or the mood to restore their energy now. Instead, they despairingly looked at the surrounding mountains and rivers. Panic and uneasiness filled their faces.

In their eyes, enormous rumbles echoed out from the mountains beside them. There were two mountains that were violently shaking, and many cracks had appeared on the bodies of these two mountains as they were about to loudly collapsed.

On the ground below, countless cracks, that were densely packed, were formed by the terrifying shaking below the earth.

Magma was already flowing out of the cracks and gradually spread out.

Many rivers were crammed full of magma and had turned into blazing rivers of fire. Once any living things fell inside, they would become like Fei Li, disappearing without even leaving behind their bones.


A terrifying howl echoed out from the short mountain that they had left.

They, who were standing on the summit of the mountain, surveyed the scene with full attention. They noticed that the short mountain had thoroughly collapsed and turned into rocks that disintegrated into the surroundings.

The figure of an enormous beast that was covered in raging flames suddenly flew out of the collapsed short mountain. Once the enormous figure of the beast suddenly emerged, it faced the heavens and let out a loud roar to release its rage.

The area where the beast was, which included the short mountain, was hit by the magma from the earth’s core and madly shook.

The figure of that beast roared for a moment and chose a direction to suddenly run in.

The figure of the beast was like a meteor with a trailing flame behind it. The place that it chose to charge to was the location of the Ling Bao Sect’s mountain gate.

Because of the exceedingly far distance, Nie Tian couldn’t see it clearly. He could only faintly see that the Earth Flame Beast resembled a lizard. It had four feet, and its head was like a Qilin’s. However, it had three enormous flaming tails.

That Earth Flame Beast was maybe a hundred metres long, and it released a suffocating pressure.

“It’s a spirit beast that’s at least of the Sixth Grade!” An Shiyi’s expression turned pale white.

A Sixth Grade spirit beast had a strength that was actually comparable to a Lianqi warrior of the Mysterious Realm. Even Nie Tian’s master Wu Ji was only at the Mysterious Realm.

The Mysterious Realm was already a pinnacle for Lianqi warriors in the Heaven Leaving Domain. Except for the Prison Department, which had two of them, the other sects merely had one person each who had stepped into the Mysterious Realm.

Even if the Earth Flame Beast was only at the Sixth Grade, it would still be a terrifying existence in the Heaven Leaving Domain that was at the peak of the pyramid.

Besides Wu Ji, Fang Hui, and the other Lianqi warriors at this level, anyone else who met it would definitely be drowned by the lava that it released and would be melted into bloody water.

- Hu! -

The Earth Flame Beast only appeared in their line of sight for a moment, before it gradually moved further away. It was like a fleeting, flaming meteor that shot towards the area where the mountain gate of the Ling Bao Court was.

“Perhaps, it wasn’t a bad thing that it broke out from the earth’s core.” Pan Tao suddenly said.

The crowd was puzzled as they looked at him.

Pan Tao bitterly laughed and said, “If it was at another time, the release of this Earth Flame Beast would be a catastrophe for the Ling Bao Court. However, now… the Ling Bao Court has been invaded by the alliance of the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect, and is already on the verge of being destroyed.”

“After it charged out of the earth’s core, it might not view only us of the Ling Bao Court as its enemies! It’ll attack all of the Lianqi warriors!”

“The Earth Flame Beast is extremely violent. It has been sealed within the depths of the earth’s core for many years. It definitely hates all of the Lianqi warriors of the human race. The Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect should also be viewed as targets for it to exterminate.”

“That’s logical.” An Shiyi’s expression changed as she nodded her head and continued, “Due to its appearance, perhaps… the situation of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range can be changed. Those guys from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect definitely wouldn’t think that there would be such a terrifying spirit beast hidden within the depths of the earth’s core in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.”

While they exchanged ideas, Nie Tian didn’t speak. Instead, he used his mind to sense the existence of the Flame Dragon Armor.

He noticed that, when the Earth Flame Beast charged out of the earth to head towards the Ling Bao Court, the unusual Flame Dragon Armor didn’t go along with it.

He felt that the Flame Dragon Armor was still in the depths of the earth in the short mountain, as if… it had sank into the magma pool and borrowed the raging flames within the magma to restore something.

“The Flame Dragon Armor was originally somewhat broken?” He suddenly realised.

“Look over there!” Jiang Lingzhu let out an astonished cry and pointed to a location.

When everyone looked in that direction, they noticed that there seemed to be two figures standing on another standing mountain not far away from them.

“It’s Feng Luo and Yu Tong.” An Shiyi squinted and carefully identified them. She said, “The luck of those two isn’t bad; they actually managed to also live and find a safe area like us.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Pan Tao was secretly rejoiced as he said, “It’s good that they didn’t catch up to us. If they managed to catch up to us here, and also arrived at the peak of this mountain, we wouldn’t have anywhere to run, even if we wanted to.”

As he said this, everyone carefully thought about it, and they all secretly rejoiced.

They all felt that the reason why they could escape from Feng Luo and Yu Tong was completely because Feng Luo tried to delay things and make Nie Tian a grinding stone for Yu Tong to help her cut away her mental demons.

Without Feng Luo delaying anything, even if Nie Tian’s ability was even higher, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to help everyone escape if Feng Luo started a massacre.

Everyone was talking to each other about the current situation, how happy they were to still be alive, and how remote they felt that their future prospects were.

They didn’t know how lucky they were to have a place to stand on and talk to each other.

Because, the current Ling Bao Court was already full of corpses everywhere. Many experts from the Ghost Sect, the Blood Sect, the Lianqi warriors of the Ling Bao Court, as well as the foreigners that had participated in the Treasure Viewing Gathering had terrifying injuries.

While they were intoxicated within their battles, the three volcanoes within the valley, that were standing straight, suddenly erupted with blazing lava following the shaking of the earth.

Now, the eruption made the valley become a purgatory of lava!

While everyone was letting out fearful cries and trying to escape, that Earth Flame Beast that broke free turned into a flaming meteor that crashed into the valley.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse

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