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Chapter 117 - Descending Catastrophe!

“Nie Tian!”

Behind him, Yu Tong’s elated screech echoed out. That sound was filled with a bone-chilling hate.

“Brat! You won’t be able to run away!” 

Feng Luo’s roar was like a sudden clap of thunder that was filled with rage.

However, Nie Tian completely ignored him and had no plans of turning around at all. Instead, he increased his speed even more to chase after An Shiyi, Pan Tao, and the others.

“That woman’s fragrance is quite aromatic…” He secretly thought.

He was also slightly unclear why he had become dazed and licked Yu Tong’s ear.

At the time, he had felt that the fragrance on Yu Tong’s body was really quite nice to smell. He looked at the fine arcs on Yu Tong’s chest and her jade-like earlobes that had been right next to him. He wasn’t able to control the desire in his heart and committed a preposterous action.

After he did that, he also felt that it was inappropriate. Therefore, when he resisted against Yu Tong, he didn’t slash out with the blade.

However, when he turned around and left, he stopped regretting his actions. He felt that him not slashing out with the blade had already cancelled out the rude action that he had done.

He stopped feeling that he was in the wrong.

- Hong long long! -

The world-shaking rumbles still echoed out from the short mountain. That area seemed to have caused an enormous surge that was gradually affecting the surrounding mountains.

He, who was anxious to rejoin with Pan Tao and the gang, didn’t know what was happening there. However, he knew that time was of the essence.

He was also unclear about how long the Flame Dragon could delay Feng Luo, and didn’t know when Feng Luo would come again.

He unceasingly released his mental awareness and spread it out to the surroundings. He advanced forward while looking for traces and the spiritual aura of An Shiyi and the others.

- Hong! -

An enormous rumble suddenly came from a short mountain beside him. That short mountain violently shook, as if it were about to collapse.

- Ka ka ka! -

A large and narrow gorge suddenly cracked opened below him. Within that gorge, fire faintly flickered, as if it wanted to spill over.

“Not good!”

He avoided those gorges that were gradually opening up. His heart sank. He suddenly sensed that an even more terrible thing was happening.

The Heaven Burning Earth Fire formation had been used to seal the Earth Flame Beast deep underground and to stop the eruption of magma. After the Flame Dragon Armor and the Earth Flame Beast chiseled a hole through it, the butterfly effect occurred, which led to the giant, underground formation collapsing!

Only when the Heaven Burning Earth Fire thoroughly lost its effectiveness would the entire Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, those short mountains, as well as the earth, abnormally change like this!

The magma which existed within the depths of the earth’s core of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, had found a small crack within the formation, causing every area within the mountain range to explode outwards after the Heaven Burning Earth Fire formation lost its effectiveness!

Not long after, all of the so-called “dormant volcanoes” in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range would become active volcanoes that would spew out horrifying magma.

“Nie Tian!”

When he was pondering and was absent-minded, he suddenly heard An Shiyi’s lovable cry.

He followed the direction of the sound to look, and noticed that An Shiyi and the others were anxiously looking at him from beside the bald mountain.

They waited for him to walk over, and after he did so, they quietly let out sighs of relief.

However, the impatience and the uneasiness within their eyes were still there, as if they had an enormous problem.

“Why are you guys here?” Nie Tian asked with an astonished tone.

By his calculations, An Shiyi and the others should’ve been able to run even further away with the 15 minutes worth of time, and shouldn’t be here.

With such a short distance, once Feng Luo and Yu Tong broke free, they could continue to pursue them without wasting too much time.

If Feng Luo truly wanted to kill him without any apprehensions, if he didn’t want Yu Tong to wipe away her mental demons, perhaps Nie Tian would have no chance at all, and would’ve already died.

“This place is not safe! Quickly go!” Nie Tian urgently said.

“We also want to escape further, unfortunately…” A bitter look filled Pan Tao’s face. When he truly walked closer, Pan Tao pointed in front of him and said, “See for yourself.”

Nie Tian looked over, and immediately understood why Pan Tao and the others had stopped.

In front of Pan Tao and the others, a massive gorge tore open the earth, and boiling lava filled the gorge, as it slowly surged up.

The gorge was too wide, and so they had no way to cross it with their cultivation realms.

If they forcefully tried to cross it, they would have an eighty or ninety percent chance of falling into the boiling lava, which would melt them into a pile of blood, without even leaving any bones.

“Rather than falling into the lava and dying, it’d be better to have a battle to the death with Feng Luo. Even if we die in battle, it’d still be better than dying within the lava.” An Ying sighed.

A strong red mist emerged from the boiling lava within the gorge, making everyone drip with sweat.

That lava was still unceasingly rising. It seemed like it would soon spill over, flowing everywhere.


Nie Tian looked at the lava and was also helpless. He didn’t know what he should do.

Only a Lianqi Warrior that had stepped into the Mysterious Realm, like his master, would have the power to soar through space and cross the gorge, passing this dilemma.

Besides that, spirit equipment that had special abilities that let its user fly, coupled with Lianqi Warriors which had a strong enough body, could allow one to borrow the power of a spirit equipment to cross the gorge.

However, looking at An Shiyi and Pan Tao, he knew that they didn’t have that kind of special spirit equipment.

While they were pondering on how to cross the gorge, an even more violent surge came from a bald mountain peak nearby.

“Look over there!” Jiang Lingzhu cried out and pointed to a place.

On the sides of the mountain, boiling magma suddenly spilled out of an enormous cave. Following the shaking of that mountain, that magma seemed to be pushed by some kind of force, and shot into the sky like a fountain. After it reached the peak, it was like a flaming waterfall that loudly fell to the ground.

In an instant, that part of the sky and earth seemed to have become a sea of lava that didn’t contain any more lives.


Not far away, a vague yet somewhat familiar figure let out a miserable wail and directly flew out from an enormous entrance to the cave.

He had just left the cave, and the cave behind him erupted with scarlet lava.

When his figure, that rose to the sky, was about to land down, he was suddenly hit by the magma.

Although the onlooking crowd was quite a distance away, they saw his flesh and blood instantly melt.

When that fountain-like magma reached its peak and landed, the bones, that were stripped of his skin, also melted and fell together with the raging flames.

All of the people knew that it was like that, before he completely fell, his bones… had already thoroughly been melted.

“That was Fei Li.” An Shiyi’s expression was complicated as she spoke.

Nie Tian didn’t see any schadenfreude on her face. Contrarily, her face displayed a kind of sympathy for a person that was having the same troubles as her, a kind of a helpless and bitter feeling.

Nie Tian knew how much An Shiyi hated Fei Li, and wished that she could kill Fei Li. However, now that Fei Li had truly died, and with extreme misery, she actually didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy.

The reason why she felt that way was because she felt that Fei Li’s misery would soon descend on her too.

“Staying here isn’t the way.” Pan Tao looked at his surroundings and suddenly said, “There are some mountains nearby that haven’t collapsed yet. Currently, it would be almost almost impossible if we want to leave before the magma fills the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. Rather than staying here, why don’t we go look for a mountain that hasn’t collapsed and temporarily hide on its peak.”

“But of course, this might not change anything in the end, and we might still die in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.”

“However, we might be able to persevere for a period of time, and live a bit longer before the lava fills the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.”

“Perhaps, we can find the hope to escape within that period of time. Or… we might be discovered and saved by other people.”

Pan Tao looked towards the crowd and spoke his ideas, giving a decision that seemed to currently be the wisest.

“What Pan Tao said is right!” An Shiyi was the first person to agree.

She forcefully made herself calm down and observe the surrounding mountains. She saw that there weren’t too many caves on the wall of one mountain, and that mountain stood tall despite the earthquakes. It didn’t show any signs of collapsing.

“Let’s go to that one!” She pointed towards that mountain.

When she spoke, Nie Tian also noticed the tenacity of that mountain. He nodded and said, “Alright! Then it’s decided. Let’s use our maximum speed to charge towards the peak of that mountain!”

Everyone had the same opinion and stopped having any delusions of crossing the enormous gorge. Instead, they turned around and went towards that mountain that wasn’t far away from them.

- Ka ka! -

The earth that they crossed violently shook, and long and narrow gorges were unceasingly forming.

A few nearby mountains couldn’t bear the heavy load. Under the rumbling quakes, some of them were about to collapse, and some of them were spewing out lava.


They urged the spirit force in their body and madly ran, crossing many long gorges as they dodged the slow-moving lava to gradually reach that mountain.

“Hurry and get up!”

Everyone helped each other to pass through the craggy stone path, and unceasingly went towards the peak of the mountain.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse

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