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Chapter 116 - Attacks to the soul

The fire dragon that was formed from the condensation of the scarlet, fiery lines held together after it hit Yu Tong’s Blood Square Shield.

Even more fiery light rays that fell from the sky gathered towards the blurry fire dragon. The fire dragon slowly became twenty metres long.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, tightly held Yu Tong from behind.

The curved sword that he picked up was pressed against her neck. He raised his voice and screamed violently, “Feng Luo! Release them!”

The situation had changed abruptly. Even Feng Luo had fallen short of adapting to the sudden change. At that time, when he sensed the unfavorable situation, he realized that Yu Tong had already been captured.

- Pu! -

Originally, the blood dwarves, formed from bloody water, had still been besieging An Shiyi. But at that time, they suddenly melted into the bloody lake below her legs.

Feng Luo stopped suppressing An Shiyi.

He had a serious face as he coldly looked towards Nie Tian and said, “Let go of Yu Tong!”

“Let her go?” Nie Tian cracked his mouth open and laughed. The curved sword in his hand lightly cut through Yu Tong’s skin.

Following the cutting move of the curved sword, a long and thin wound suddenly appeared on Yu Tong’s slender and white neck. Fresh blood immediately flowed out from the wound.

Yu Tong’s face, who had her back facing Nie Tian, was full of humiliation and unwillingness. She also felt puzzled as she looked at the fire dragon that was in the middle of condensing.

She couldn’t think of just what kind of method Nie Tian, who was in the middle of battling her, actually used to congeal a fire dragon out of nothing.

The collision of the dragon had an even more terrifying might compared to the fist skill that Nie Tian used in Green Illusion Realm.

The Blood Square Shield that she had specially prepared for the fist skill was absolutely unable to block that one collision from the fire dragon. It had immediately fell apart.

“Why are you still not letting them go?”

Nie Tian’s eyes were full of ruthlessness. His hand that was holding the curved sword was steady and powerful. He wanted to cut through once more.

This time, the part that the curved sword aimed for was not Yu Tong’s neck. Rather, it was aimed at her bright and clean face.

Seeing the curved sword moved to her face, Yu Tong finally showed a frightened look.

From what she saw, Feng Luo not only stopped Pan Tao and the other people, but he was even suppressing An Shiyi, so Nie Tian would never dare to hurt her. He would only use her to threaten Feng Luo at most.

Regarding the cut on her neck, she was confident that she could use the secret arts of the Blood Sect to heal the wound without leaving any scars.

That was why she hadn’t shown a frightened look just a moment ago.

But, the face was the hardest place for the spiritual energy to extend to. Once the face was damaged, she wasn’t confident that it could heal completely.

And her delicate face on the other hand, had always been a part of her body that she was proud of. To every woman that had wished to appear beautiful, more than one scar on their face was absolutely hard to accept.

Nie Tian didn’t see her face that was panicked and overwhelmed with shock. Feng Luo, Pan Tao, and the gang however, had all clearly seen it.

“Don’t!” Feng Luo stopped him hastily.

Nie Tian’s arm paused and stopped for the time being. He also didn’t say anything and only looked face to face with Feng Luo with a cold expression.

Feng Luo looked at him deeply. He stayed silent for quite a while, then finally nodded his head and said, “Alright! I will release them!”

As soon as his voice dropped, he formed an unusual seal with both of his hands and changed the fluctuation of the bloody water below their legs with the secret arts of the Blood Sect.

As he performed the art, Nie Tian right away saw the bloody water that covered Jiang Lingzhu, An Ying, and the rest of the gang slowly flow down their bodies. It once again flowed into the bloody pond below their legs.

Originally, Jiang Lingzhu and the others were unable to move a single step. When the bloody water disappeared from their body, however, they suddenly all became relaxed. 

Then, they realized that they couldn’t only move about with ease, but they could even communicate loudly.

“Nie Tian! You did great!” Pan Tao shouted as he felt surprised.

After Jiang Lingzhu, An Ying, and the rest of the people escaped out of the dilemma, they too gazed at him with looks that were shocked and delighted. They all felt a sense of disbelief.

- Chichi! -

The fire dragon that was formed by the condensation of the scarlet fiery lines floated ten metres high in the sky above Nie Tian’s head, staying still and motionless. It was still taking in the flame energy.

They stared at the fire dragon, then looked back at Nie Tian again as they all guessed that the fire dragon should be the strongest spiritual weapon in Nie Tian’s hand.

“I have released them, so how about you?” Feng Luo said in a calm manner.

Nie Tian was still seizing Yu Tong and absolutely had no intention of letting go of his advantage. “Sister An, take them and leave first, I will catch up in a while.”

An Shiyi, who had severely consumed her spiritual energy, wrinkled her umber-black eyebrows and said, “Take that brat and leave this place first. Just wait until all of us have escaped, and then let her go.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Feng Luo’s face suddenly looked heavy. He casted an angry look at Nie Tian. “I have conceded. You remember the deal, don’t you? If you take Yu Tong along and leave now, and then back out of your promise and kill her, wouldn’t I have been deceived by you for nothing? The other people can leave, but you… you have to be the last one to leave!”

“Sister An, you all can leave first. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Nie Tian anxiously urged them.

He also knew that Feng Luo would absolutely disagree if he wanted to do as An Shiyi said and take Yu Tong along and leave.

Feng Luo would absolutely not let Yu Tong disappear from his range of vision, therefore preventing Nie Tian from murdering Yu Tong and then running for his life.

The reason why he had dared to stay behind was because he had noticed the aura of the drop of fresh blood exuded from the body of the flame dragon that was assembling little by little.

The flame energy that the flame dragon had gathered at this moment was already terrifying enough. Even if it was Feng Luo, he too would possibly not be able to defeat the flame dragon that was condensed by flame energy.

An Shiyi was still hesitating.

- Honglonglong! -

A world-shaking explosion suddenly came through from the short mountain in the distance. It seemed as if the short mountain had completely exploded and was going through terrifyingly great changes.

“I will be fine!” Nie Tian hinted with his glance to An Shiyi, reminding her of the flame dragon.

An Shiyi heard the explosion in the distance that shook the earth. She then looked at the flame dragon that was still getting bigger before finally nodding her head and saying with clenched teeth, “Take care of yourself!”

After she finished her words, she urged Pan Tao and the others to follow her quickly and leave that place as soon as possible.

They knew that Scarlet Flame Mountain Range was about to undergo a world-shaking change and were worried about Nie Tian’s safety, but when they looked at the presence of the flame dragon, they once again felt that Nie Tian would be fine.

They firmly withdrew under An Shiyi’s shout.

“Nie Tian, be careful!”

“We will wait for you up ahead, so come as soon as possible!”

“You know what is about to happen, so don’t waste time!”

As they left, they repeatedly warned Nie Tian, one after the other, to make him more cautious and remind him to take note of the huge changes that were about to happen in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Nie Tian nodded his head heavily. He smiled brightly while revealing his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, I will be alive and well!”

Very quickly, the crowd, with An Shiyi in the front, disappeared right away from Feng Luo’s and Nie Tian’s line of sight.

Nie Tian’s body was like a boulder. He once again pressed against Yu Tong’s neck with the curved sword and said calmly, “We will wait for half an hour. After that, I will release her.”

“Alright!” Feng Luo also agreed.

He knew that Nie Tian was doing this to fight for enough time for An Shiyi and the gang. He believed that with his strength, even if he gave An Shiyi and the gang a bit more time, he would still be able to catch up to them before they left the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

He thought that the final result wouldn’t have had any fundamental changes just because Nie Tian had captured Yu Tong.

He was just curious, curious about why Nie Tian, who had not been heard of previously, was able to defeat Yu Tong again and again, even making the pride of their Blood Sect have no way out.

“The Nie Family from Black Cloud City… A small clan that is not so well-known, and a brat whose name hadn’t been heard until a year ago. He had, to everyone’s surprise, created such huge and great waves.” Feng Luo knitted his brows while contemplating secretly. He felt that there was a need to seriously investigate Nie Tian and observed his path as he grew.

He had already began to face Nie Tian squarely and considered Nie Tian as the most outstanding junior in the Lingyun Sect. He thought that Nie Tian, in the future, if he could manage to continue becoming stronger, would definitely be a formidable opponent to Yu Tong, Mo Xi, and the other disciples.

“Little Tong, your failure this time was due to him having a formidable spiritual weapon.” Feng Luo had deliberately made up an excuse and spoke to Yu Tong, whose eyes were completely dispirited, “The spiritual weapon is really unusual. Even I cannot see through its abnormality. I don’t know its exact level, but I guess that it must be a formidable spiritual weapon that Old Devil Wu bestowed upon him.”

“Being defeated by such a formidable spiritual weapon is not your fault. You shouldn’t be too concerned about it.”

“I believe that if it wasn’t for that unusual spiritual weapon, this brat would have long been cut by the flame blades of yours and died of blood loss.”

He feared that Yu Tong would be in despair and be unable to rise because of the defeat she suffered this time. That’s why he took the advantage of the time he still had and enlightened her in front of Nie Tian.

“Heh, don’t listen to his rubbish talk.” Nie Tian moved close to Yu Tong’s ears, lowered his voice and said, “If I hadn’t relied on that spiritual weapon, then you… wouldn’t you still have been defeated?”

“If you didn’t have that shield, I would have been able to defeat you with my fist skill.”

“You remember that when I was at the eighth Lianqi Level, I was already able to beat you twice with just that skill.” 

“During the third time, you used the forbidden Earth Web of the Blood Sect. And yet you were still unable to kill me. Instead, you suffered the backlash yourself. Wasn’t that the case?”

“Yu Tong, Yu Tong, you will never be my opponent, just accept your fate already.”

“No matter how many times we go at it, you will still be defeated by my hands. Just like today. 


While Feng Luo was attempting to convince Yu Tong, Nie Tian was also continuously attacking her with a low voice, leisurely and carefreely. He wanted to manifest a traumatic experience of defeat in her heart that would haunt her and make her feel humiliated and powerless every time she thought of him. 

He was doing it in a spiritual way to make Yu Tong grow a negative seed that gave way to the idea that it would forever be difficult for her to surpass him.

He knew that perhaps the battle between him and Yu Tong would last for a long time. For this kind of opponent, so long as he managed to grab a chance, he would attack her without any restraint.

Yu Tong, who was repeatedly provoked by him, had a face that was as cold as frost. She wished that she could turn around and kill him regardless of everything.

Every so often, Nie Tian’s curved sword would, intentionally or otherwise, move towards that delicate face of hers to remind her that she was being controlled by other people at the moment, and also what would happen to her if she dared to move recklessly.

Yu Tong’s breath was rushed. Her soft breasts that bulged were shaking slightly, and formed an elegant curve.

Nie Tian was so close to her that he was able to smell the tempting, sweet fragrance on her ears. When Nie Tian opened his mouth softly, his eyes also noticed that her breasts rose and fell, following the motion of her breathing.

For some unknown reason, an unusual feeling suddenly grew in Nie Tian. While dizzy and confused, he stuck out his tongue and licked Yu Tong’s ear.

Yu Tong’s body suddenly became stiff.

She seemed a bit puzzled as if she was unable to react momentarily and didn’t know what had just happened.

But merely in a flash, she came to realize what was going on.

“Nie Tian!”

No longer taking the curved sword that was on her face into consideration, Yu Tong forcefully turned around, like she had gone mad, and, preferring to die rather than surrender, tried to do her utmost against him.

Yu Tong’s beautiful pupils were burning with a raging flame. She was like a female lion that had been enraged thoroughly. She wished that she could swallow Nie Tian and tear him apart alive.

“You slutty brat!”

Feng Luo saw Nie Tian’s tiny action and was also enraged in an instant. He stamped his foot in fury.

Nie Tian had the impertinence to take Yu Tong lightly!

Bloody shadows and bloody lights abruptly flew out, one after another, from the bloody water below his legs and swiftly shot towards Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, who was in the wrong, didn’t cut her when she forcefully struggled. Waiting until the moment when Yu Tong madly turned around, a cowardly thought was generated in him for the first time. 

He too felt a bit embarrassed as he came to realize what the small movement that had come from his heart had meant to Yu Tong.

“Cough, cough. Erm… I also don’t know what happened just now.”

He withdrew and retreated at once with an awkward face. He was also trying to communicate with the fire dragon.

The fire dragon twisted its flame body that was almost forty metres long and suddenly charged towards Feng Luo.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, turned his body around and stopped looking at the furious Feng Luo and Yu Tong behind him. He didn’t even turn his head as he chased after Pan Tao and the gang. 


Translator: Amazon Aaron
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse

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