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“The fourth time!”

An Ying and the gang were unable to speak, but unusual colors suddenly became visible in their eyes. They were clearly shocked by Nie Tian’s words.

Could it be that… Nie Tian had already defeated Yu Tong three times in a row while he was in the Green Illusion Realm?

They simply couldn’t believe it. 

However, Yu Tong, to everyone’s surprise, didn’t refute him. She appeared to have approved of Nie Tian’s words, admitting that she had lost to him three times consecutively while she was in the Green Illusion Realm.

Yu Tong’s silence made everyone feel more and more shocked. Suddenly, they too had a bit of confidence in Nie Tian. 

“It has been three times?”

Feng Luo’s profound, fleeting voice came through from deep underground.

He only knew that a brat called Nie Tian held a great responsibility in Yu Tong’s failure to complete the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect’s trial.

But, he too absolutely didn’t think that Yu Tong, who the Blood Sect had placed high hopes on, would have actually suffered defeat three whole times by the hands of Nie Tian.

He finally understood why Nie Tian had become Yu Tong’s heart demon, why Yu Tong would often repeatedly talk about Nie Tian, and why she almost left the Blood Sect secretly to go to Black Cloud City and kill Nie Tian.

Yu Tong’s pride would definitely not allow Nie Tian, whose cultivation level was lower than hers and yet had consecutively beaten her three times, to live.

Only with Nie Tian’s death could the demon in her heart be washed away, letting her once again pick up her confidence.

“There won’t be a next time.”

Yu Tong, who was verbally accused by Nie Tian, stayed silent for a while and suddenly raised her hand slowly.

- Chi! -

Shaft after shaft of curved swords in the shape of a crescent moon, which were only half an arm long and flowed with scarlet blood, suddenly chopped towards Nie Tian. 

The curved swords that looked like daggers were like a shoal of blood-thirsty fish. Almost in a flash, they had already interweaved into bloody lights, that seemed to suck people in, and drowned Nie Tian.

- Pupu! -

Threads after threads of detailed, bloody patterns suddenly became visible on Nie Tian’s body. The bloody patterns were all overflowing with fresh blood. They were all cut open by the curved swords.

Nie Tian, who was instantly attacked, dodged hurriedly all over the place. But, the curved swords followed him like shadows; they continuously followed his movements to pursue and attack him.

The wounds on Nie Tian’s body steadily increased as he dodged uninhibitedly. However, he secretly got closer to Yu Tong as he dodged.

Yu Tong had long since prepared for him though. As soon as she saw him getting closer, she immediately raised the blood shield in her hands.

The thick blood and vitality, that was dispersed all around, suddenly rushed into the blood shield. The delicate patterns on the surface of the blood shield wiggled like an earthworm. It seemed as if the blood and vitality had triggered the spell on the shield’s surface. 

“I have specially refined this Blood Square Shield just for you.” Yu Tong’s expression was as cold as a forest. She coldly stared at him, getting ready to face his terrifying fist skill.

- Pu! -

Nie Tian’s back was once again cut by the crescent-shaped dagger. A long and narrow wound split open. 

He felt scorching stabs of pain across his entire body. 

He had already noticed that the incomparably sharp, crescent-shaped daggers that continuously pursued him, required Yu Tong to exquisitely control them with her spiritual energy and her mental consciousness.

Because a great amount of spirit and strength was needed in order to freely control the numerous daggers, the power in each of the individual daggers was very limited.

Also because of that, when the shafts of the daggers pierced and cut open his body, they didn’t actually have power that was excessively frightening. 

If not, it wouldn’t have just been his flesh that was cut open, but rather he would have been cut into pieces and died right away.

“Anger fist…”

While he was moving and dodging, he could still think calmly. He was thinking about whether he should go all out and use the anger fist. 

He knew for certain that the anger fist was one of the most formidable skills that he could use fully.
However, the aftermath of the anger fist was terrible.

Once the anger fist was triggered, it wouldn’t matter if he was able to defeat and kill Yu Tong because he would still be powerless after that. 

If Yu Tong was killed by that skill, he believed that Pan Tao, An Ying, and the gang would also be killed without restraint by Feng Luo.

Maybe even An Shiyi would find it difficult to run away from his evil schemes.

Once Yu Tong died, the irritable Feng Luo wouldn’t spare any cost to kill all of them, including himself!

And that was still thinking on the bright side.

Right now, in Yu Tong’s hand, there was a Blood Square Shield that was specially refined for her. This shield might be able to withstand the anger fist’s explosive attack.

If the Blood Square Shield blocked the anger fist, he would exhaust all the power in his flesh, leaving him only able to be insulted and tormented by Yu Tong like a slaughtered sheep.

“This won’t work…”

He somewhat contemplated for a while and right away decided to give up on the anger fist. He turned his thoughts back to looking for other chances. 

He continuously dodged around Yu Tong. The daggers, that looked like a school of fish, also continued to increase the number of wounds on his body. He thought hard but couldn’t think of a method that could instantly defeat Yu Tong.

At that time, he extremely regretted not practicing exquisite spiritual skills when he was at the rear part of Lingyun Mountain. There weren’t any methods he could use at that crucial moment.

His only spiritual weapon, the animal bone, was also not with him at the moment. 

Following each and every wound on his body, he constantly lost blood. He clearly felt that the power of his qi and blood were also dissipating. 

If it went on, even if Yu Tong didn’t make her move, he would also die from blood loss.

He secretly felt anxious. 

- Boom! -

Right at that moment, a frightening earthquake came from deep below the short mountain they had ran away from previously.

He quickly came to realize that the Flame Dragon Armor that he had left behind deep within the earth’s core should have launched its attack, along with the Earth Flame Beast, into the forbidden colored-ribbons that were interweaved into a crystal-like net. 

At that moment, there was already quite a long distance between him and the short mountain.

However, in the instant when the Flame Dragon Armor launched its attack, an unusual image suddenly became visible in his brain.

He seemingly saw an enormous flame dragon, with raging flames burning all over its body, releasing the secret art of blood veins as much as it liked inside the Mysterious place his soul had previously been in. It was igniting and surging the most fearsome flame like it wanted to burn the lands and wipe out the earth.

Originally, the Flame Dragon Armor and him had an indistinct relationship. But, at this moment, it suddenly became incomparably clear.

What was weird was that, as he felt the strange image within his mind and relied on the subtle spiritual communication with the Flame Dragon Armor, he suddenly saw an illusion of himself turning into a flame dragon.

The heaven and earth spiritual energy that had gathered towards the short mountain contained flame energy. When the short mountain vibrated and exploded, it was as if the energy was no longer drawn in and absorbed by the Earth Flame Beast.

The flame energy that had stopped couldn’t find a vessel and scattered in mid air into scarlet, fiery lines.

Right at that moment, the unusual image in his mind grew thicker, and the spiritual communication between him and the Flame Dragon Armor suddenly became inseparably close. The silent, fiery lines that had stopped in mid-air acted as if they had found a new target.

Numerous scarlet, fiery lines suddenly fell from the air, like meticulous, rainy threads..

At first glance, it was as if there were numerous, unnamed, and mysterious experts deep within the clouds, throwing down threads after threads of fishing lines, dropping a line to all the living creatures in the domain. 

Furthermore, the place where the scarlet, fiery lines fell was right in the area where Nie Tian was. 

- Chichi! Chichichi! -

Shafts of crescent-shaped, curved swords, one after another, pursued closely, unwilling to let go of Nie Tian. They were all at the sides of his body. Right now, one after another, they were stabbed by the scarlet, fiery lines.

The scarlet, bloody light on the curved swords quickly turned dim, as if it had been melted forcefully by the flame energy. 

- Pada! -

The shafts of the curved swords, that had instantly lost their spiritual energy, suddenly turned from an alive and agile state to a powerless state. They abruptly fell onto the ground.

Even more of the curved-swords that pursued and attacked Nie Tian, one after another, dropped onto the ground and became completely depleted of spiritual energy.

Nie Tian, who was panicking over the crisis, suddenly became relieved due to the unfathomable and mysterious method.

“Underground rebellion!”

Feng Luo, who had been hiding for a long time, slowly stood up from a shoal of bloody water and recovered his original look.

His face’s color was gloomy and his eyes were full of doubt. He frowned as he looked towards the direction of the short mountain, where an immense activity was occurring, like he was guessing what had happened.

Pan Tao and the gang, who were bound by the bloody water, on the other hand had fear across their faces. They had all guessed the cause of it.

Even An Shiyi, who was controlling the Spiritual Flame Pearls, was overwhelmed with shock and her face lost color. She said, ”This is bad!”

Feng Luo stopped his attack. He stared at An Shiyi with his tiger eyes and said, ”You know what happened?”

An Shiyi came to her senses and said in a calm tone, ”If you want to know the reason, then let us go. If not… Everyone will die together at the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. 

“You’re just saying frightening words to scare people!” Feng Luo snorted. He didn’t pay attention to her at all and urged Yu Tong, “Little Tong, make your move quickly, there seems to be something that is not right.”

“Alright!” Yu Tong took out a bloody bead that looked like an eyeball and immediately prepared to use the Blood Sect’s secret art. She wanted to murder Nie Tian, who was already covered with cuts and bruises.

- Chichi! -

But suddenly, she realized that the numerous, scarlet, fiery lines that fell from the sky slowly assembled all of a sudden. They had condensed into the body of a dragon that was still unable to be seen clearly.

The dragon body was full of fiery sparks. It began to take shape right in front of Nie Tian, and already ten metres long.

A violent and cruel aura slowly spread out from within the slowly condensing dragon. 

She glanced at it and immediately saw that only a section of the dragon’s body seemed to have been formed. It was still far from completely taking shape.

But, even though it wasn’t completely formed, the aura that came from within the dragon’s body had already made her feel extremely disturbed. 

Yu Tong’s expression changed a little.

- Hu! -

Not waiting for her to react, the flame dragon that was condensed from the scarlet, fiery lines abruptly rushed towards her and engulfed her. 

She, who had turned pale with fright, hurriedly raised up the Blood Square Shield in her hands, continuously taking in the bloody spiritual energy that was spread around nearby by Feng Luo, and forming an enormous blood-colored light curtain. 

- Bang! -

A fire dragon that was ten metres long struck it with a loud bang, and forcefully broke through the blood-colored light curtain. 

After the head of the dragon had shattered the blood-colored light curtain, it struck the surface of the Blood Square Shield ruthlessly. 

Fresh blood rushed out vigorously from Yu Tong’s mouth, bringing about a frightening feeling of being bombarded by a large mountain. The Blood Square Shield also helplessly flew out of her hands.

Also at that moment, Nie Tian suddenly moved closer. He took advantage of Yu Tong’s injury and unsteadiness and embraced her from the back. He pressed a curved sword, that he had conveniently picked up, against her slender neck. 

“Feng Luo! Immediately release my friends!”


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