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Chapter 114 - The Fight That Has To Be Fought

“Nie Tian! Sister! Don't worry about us, leave quickly!”

An Ying immediately screamed loudly as she came to her senses. She wanted Nie Tian and An Shiyi to leave as fast as possible. 

She was completely aware that the strength of Feng Luo, who was at the Xiantian realm, far exceeded her sister’s. 

For someone like her, who hadn't seen the battle between Nie Tian and Yu Tong, she didn’t think that Nie Tian would stand a chance against Yu Tong. Even if by any chance Nie Tian managed to defeat Yu Tong, there was no way he would be able to make it past Feng Luo. 

Rather than sacrificing everyone here, wouldn't it be better to get at least one or two people out? 

“Shut up!” Feng Luo coldly snorted.

- Chi, chi! -

In the next moment, bloody water suddenly emerged from the ground and rapidly climbed up their bodies. 

The bloody water was like tigers climbing up a mountain. It didn't take long for it to wrap around their bodies, making them look as if they were being shaped into dumplings by the stickiness of the bloody water.

An Ying and the party were covered in bloody water with only their heads left out. The bloody water took advantage of the situation and exuded a stinky, pungent smell which rushed into their noses.

Soon, An Ying was only able to make muffled breathing noises. It seemed like they were no longer able to speak.

After being wrapped by the bloody water, the party could only look outside with their eyes wide open without being able to move or converse. 

“You’re Nie Tian right?” Feng Luo asked with a merciless and cold-blooded smile, “Do not even think about escaping. So long as you try to escape from my range of vision, they will instantly be clenched to death right in front of you. Be more honest and fight Little Tong obediently. Wouldn’t it also be fun for your comrades to witness how you die?

- Hu! -

At that moment, An Shiyi, who had not spoken a word since confirming Feng Luo’s realm, turned into a scorching fireball and instantly smashed towards Feng Luo. 

Flocks of disruptive flames flooded towards Feng Luo like rolling fire lanterns.

- Peng peng! -

Feng Luo was surrounded by fierce spirit fluctuations. The balls of flames burst, one by one, giving off red sparks. 

However, Feng Luo, who was covered in flames, showed a sinister smile. He shook his head, and said, ”Miss An, your realm seems to be somewhat weak, so I’m afraid this level of attack cannot do any damage to me.”

As the conversation went on, Feng Luo’s eyes looked like they were being filled up with blood veins. He suddenly shook his robust body.

Layers upon layers of bloody lights emerged from his body. The bloody lights, like a layer of a thin cover, isolated him from the surging flames. 

Holding off the splashing flames that filled the whole sky, Feng Luo walked out from behind the fire burst. He held an unusual-looking magical sphere in his right arm that was as big as a palm leaf. 

Inside the transparent magical sphere lied the bloody mist, resembling strips of fleeting, bloody shadows.

“Solid Blood Technique!”

Following Feng Luo’s gentle shout, the bloody light in the magical sphere suddenly flashed. Streams of bloody water flew out from the rivers of thin blood behind him, as if they were responding to his call,

The bloody water solidified and evolved, turning into five blood dwarves. The blood dwarves didn’t have human organs, yet possessed overflowing vitality. Suddenly, they jumped towards An Shiyi.

The expression on An Shiyi's charming face changed, and a spirit force undulated from the storage bracelet on her white wrist.

- Hu Hu! -

Six burning fireballs flew out from the bracelet. Five of them flew towards the blood dwarves, while the remaining one moved towards Feng Luo.

“Spiritual Flame Pearls…” Feng Luo giggled, and with his body bent, abruptly sank into the bloody water.

In a flash, he became like the water at a beach. He merged with the bloody water that was spilling out of the ground, causing all traces of him, as well as his aura, to disappear.

As soon as he disappeared, the bloody water that spilled over the ground formed a huge wave, like seawater that was blasted by strong winds.

The great waves formed by the layers of sparkling, bloody light swept outwards like a scarlet carpet as they advanced towards Yu Tong.

“Little Tong!”

Feng Luo’s voice rang out in a wavering manner, as if it came from deep underground.

Yu Tong, who was glaring at Nie Tian, heard his voice, and seemed like she was unable to hold back the fires of anger in her heart anymore.

“You deserve this!”

Yu Tong’s thin, white hands were like a butterfly as she crossed them over her slightly bulging chest, forming various types of mystical hand signs.

Strips of bloody light, which were as thick as her arm, suddenly charged out from below Nie Tian’s feet. They looked like the arms of countless beauties, which used a rather attracting position to wrap him up.

The bloody light was like the arm of a beautiful woman. It was tender, yet tough. It also had a mysterious aura that could bewitch one's soul.

Nie Tian frowned as he looked at the bloody lights that resembled the arms of beautiful woman. He began seeing illusions in his mind.

From his point of view, the bloody lights appeared to have actually turned into the arms of beautiful women. He stopped smelling blood and instead started smelling perfume-like fragrances.

The illusions that were manifested in his mind strengthened, and he could no longer differentiate between fantasy and reality. He no longer knew if his opponent was Yu Tong or the numerous imaginary bloody hands.

“Mental sorcery!”

A while after, he abruptly bit his own tongue in an attempt to use the pain to bring him back to his senses.

With his unyielding mind, he started ignoring all of the seducing illusions and the bloody hands wrapped around him. The only thing that he focused on was the witch Yu Tong.

He saw Yu Tong’s lily white hands pulling, which seemed like they were dragging and controlling something. Her body was flowing out with amental energy fluctuation that was really obvious.

“Mental strike!”

He let out a violent scream in his mind and solidified his extraordinarily enormous spiritual power into an invisible spiritual tower. He ruthlessly plunged it towards Yu Tong.


Yu Tong snorted. Unusual colors appeared out of nowhere in her bewitching pupils.

“Surprisingly, your spiritual power is so well-trained!” She glared at Nie Tian as she put down both hands. “Thousand Hands Tangle!”

Strips after strips of bloody hands suddenly sped up, and before Nie Tian managed to come to his senses, the bloody hands had already tangled themselves around him again like numerous vines.

As that happened, Nie Tian wasn’t able to smell even the slightest trace of the perfume-like fragrance and could only feel himself being flooded by thick, bloody water.

Little by little, his body was dragged by the bloody hands towards Yu Tong.

Yu Tong didn’t get ahead of herself just because of that. On the contrary, she observed him with even more caution, as if she was ready for Nie Tian’s counterattack.

She had past experiences and was aware that Nie Tian possessed a terrifying fist skill. She believed that once Nie Tian used the fist technique, the bloody hands that were currently tangling Nie Tian would be no match for him.

She sneakily took out a scarlet-colored blood shield and proceeded to wait for Nie Tian’s counterattack.

The shield was different from the one in the Green Illusion Realm. Unlike the illusory shield that was made out of her own solidified blood spirit that time, this was an actual, real spiritual weapon.

There were fine-looking, red-colored patterns carved on the surface of the shield. They were unique signs that added durability to the shield.

The blood shield was something that was made at her request with the sole purpose of defending against the terrifying fist skill that Nie Tian possessed.

She had made many preparations just to kill Nie Tian. The blood shield was to ensure she could protect herself.

Though not able to speak nor move, An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the rest of the party who were tangled by the bloody water were able to observe the changes happening in their surroundings.

They watched as Nie Tian was tangled by the bloody hands and was slowly drawn closer toward Yu Tong. .

Their eyes were filled with anxiety.

Nie Tian, who they were all worrying about, twisted his shoulders in an attempt to break free from the bloody hands. As he did so he felt an even stronger power emerging from the strips of bloody hands.

Even with his valiant body, he was unable to break free from the bloody hands. He could only be dragged helplessly, and slowly drew closer towards Yu Tong.

He also noticed Yu Tong taking out a delicate blood shield as he drew closer, as if she was facing an incredible enemy.

He quickly came to understand how long Yu Tong had been preparing and coming up with methods all for the sole purpose of this battle. 

He secretly took a quick glance at An Shiyi and noticed that the Spiritual Flame Pearls that An Shiyi released a while ago had not killed off the blood dwarves.

Feng Luo’s voice, on the other hand, could be heard from time to time, drifting around without a resting place.

It suddenly became clear to him that Feng Luo, who had stepped into the Xiantian Realm, wasn’t giving it his all as he was battling An Shiyi.

Feng Luo was only trying to temporarily trap An Shiyi. His main focus had always been the battle between him and Yu Tong.

“Do not be so passive. The only way for us to survive is to capture Yu Tong alive! Only if we manage to ransom Yu Tong’s life in exchange for the others’ freedom will we have a chance to live!”

Nie Tian, who was in a dangerous situation, didn’t lose his cool. On the contrary, he calmly analyzed the situation. 

Not only did he know about the special identity that Yu Tong held in the Blood sect, but he also understood Feng Luo’s intentions. This scheme was clearly to aid Yu Tong in annihilating the fear in her heart. Her own master was also Feng Luo’s martial brother, so surely, he wouldn’t let himself witness the death of Yu Tong. 

“The power of flesh!” 

He screamed in his mind as he attempted to bring forth the mysterious power that was hidden within his body following the beating of his heart. He wanted to forcibly turn the tide of the situation with the power.

He noticed that this time, there was already power surging within his flesh and bones before his heart even began to beat violently. 

He had spent the past half a year at the back side of Lingyun Mountain, feeding on the flesh of Grade Two spirit beasts. 

The flesh that he ate wasn’t guided into his spiritual sea after it was digested by his stomach. Instead, it naturally dispersed within his body.

Most of the time, he wasn’t able to sense the power. Yet it erupted explosively at that very moment.

Furthermore, the power that erupted was extremely fierce!

- Bang bang bang! -

Once again, he twisted his shoulders and struggled with force. One after another, the strips of bloody hands that were tangling him burst into bloody water and splashed all around.

“Here it comes!” Yu Tong thought, as she fully focussed on the situation.

“Huh!” Feng Luo’s gentle voice could be heard coming from somewhere. It was as Nie Tian thought; he had been keeping an eye on the battle between him and Yu Tong.

An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the rest of the party who were trapped by the bloody water also kept their eyes wide open as they blindly stared at him.

They all noticed that Nie Tian’s body was letting out an immense, bloody aura. There were astonishing vital fluctuations bursting from within his body. 

- Bang! Bang! -

All of the bloody hands burst into bloody water as Nie Tian struggled.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, arrived right in front of Yu Tong with eyes full of savageness. He stared at Yu Tong and declared, “Today, I will defeat you for the fourth time!”


Translator: Amazon Aaron
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse

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