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Chapter 947: 947

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In the inner region by the boundary of the void, it was vast, desolate and empty .

"Sou . "

A team of blood-armored Destruction Devils was flying at high speed . They were looking vigilantly around them .

"Be careful . There is a cultivator currently moving towards us . " Within this group of Destruction Devils, a thin, small and unremarkable Destruction Devil transmitted to the rest .

"Yes, general . " The other Destruction Devils felt their hearts tightening . They did not question their general at all . Unless a 'King' ordered them, otherwise, general existences disdained from bringing these soldiers into battles .

Not too far away, Xue Ying's incarnation was currently observing this team of Destruction Devils through his control of the void: '100 blood-armored Destruction Devils? Hmph, the Destruction Devils aren't foolish, so how can they send 100 blood-armored Destruction Devils to their deaths?'

The strength of blood-armored Destruction Devils ranged from the fourth to sixth level strength . If they really sent just 100 blood-armored Destruction Devils over… the true body of Xue Ying could simply wipe them out! During the past few days that Xue Ying spent chatting with other Primal Chaos existences, he learned a lot more of the Destruction Devils and how cunning they were .

Their wisdom was not any worse off than cultivators . It was indeed tough trying to wipe them out .

"Descend . " Xue Ying's incarnation was rapidly moving closer . Following that, he did not hesitate to unleash the Destruction Flowers .


Three Destructive Flowers came down in the same instance . Each flower bud wrapped around another, and they completely enclosed around one of the blood-armored Destruction Devil that stood at the front . In this team of Destruction Devils, that unremarkable, thin and small-looking Destruction Devil was sneering instead: 'He is here . Cultivator, I shall let you go crazy for a while . '

. . .

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From the start when Xue Ying's incarnation entered battle until the end when his true body appeared, it took approximately the time taken to brew a cup of tea .

Within the Void Castle in the huge palace hall .

Xue Ying walked out with Primal Chaos Hall Master from the distorted space . Xue Ying still had a look of unwillingness .

"These Destruction Devils are really cunning . The moment you acted, Primal Chaos Hall Master, they did not hesitate to flee . " Xue Ying shook his head with helplessness . He had carefully prepared and even displayed all kinds of techniques and even deliberately asked Primal Chaos Hall Master to act at the same time . Primal Chaos Hall Master gladfully agreed . According to the plan, Primal Chaos Hall Master would hide within the Eden Treasure when Xue Ying acted, and would only sneak an attack at the most crucial moment .

Who would have thought…

Their plan could not adapt to the changes fast enough . Instead, the Destruction Devils acted first and forced Xue Ying into a predicament, forcing Primal Chaos Hall Master to appear .

"I've just killed two blood-armored Destruction Devils when they turned crazy . " Xue Ying sighed, "I knew that there must be someone powerful amongst them, yet who would have thought that there are three golden-armored Destruction Devils . "

Three golden-armored Destruction Devils with one more ruthless than the other .

The strongest golden-armored Destruction Devil should be at the ninth level strength . The single horn on his forehead shot out a rolling black flame star which tore through the void . Xue Ying had to use his full strength, unleashing a total of 25 'six-petal realm' Destructive Flowers on top of one another, yet that black star generated from that single horn had easily shattered all his flowers . Of course, because his true body was hiding in the illusory world, the black star was affected . In the end, the surface of Xue Ying's body let out a golden light . Furthermore, he had a blue light film protecting his body . The power of the 'Three-Colored Layered Cloud' was extraordinary .

Under the towering might of the golden light and the distortion of a blue light film domain, Xue Ying was able to repel that significantly weakened incoming black fire star . That black star then returned after that .

This also gave Xue Ying a new understanding of the combat power of a ninth level Destruction Devil . His Destructive Flowers were still too weak .

If there were merely a single golden-armored Destruction Devil, he would not have fallen into such a predicament! But dealing with two more Destruction Devils who should be at the eighth level, and the three of them perfectly coordinating with each other made it seem like fighting against three experts at the ninth level strength . Thus, they were able to force Xue Ying into a predicament in just a single instance . It seemed Xue Ying could only rely on his defenses to resist against the enemies .

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At this moment, Primal Chaos Hall Master who was hiding in Xue Ying's Eden treasure came out .

The moment he acted…

It shocked the world!

Primal Chaos Hall Master was extremely famous . Amongst those at the ninth level Star Pagoda strength, he was someone who lived for an extremely long time . He was respected by many, and his combative strength was exceptionally horrifying . Xue Ying had long understood that Primal Chaos Hall Master had reached the pinnacle of Primal Chaos realm . Only someone like Black Emperor could fight against him . He was known as 'Primal Chaos', and many cultivators believed in his strength without exception . It was the first time Xue Ying experienced the true strength of the other party .

This was when the other party had truly displayed strength that could fight against a Cosmos God and live to tell the tale .

If one mentioned that the 'black star' unleashed by the golden-armored Destruction Devil was genuinely at the ninth level strength, then the gigantic palms released by Primal Chaos Hall Master which easily tore the void into primal chaos and caused even the black star to shatter was something otherworldly . That black star turned back to a single horn which turned into golden light and escaped in full force from Primal Chaos Hall Master .

"Primal Chaos!" The three golden-armored Destruction Devil saw him and became greatly shocked . They did not hesitate to escape .

Within the huge palace hall .

Xue Ying was walking along Primal Chaos Hall Master . Primal Chaos Hall Master chuckled: "This team is considered to be quite strong . They have three golden-armored Destruction Devils, one at the ninth level and two at the peak eighth level strength . When they worked up, they became even stronger . If they were lucky, they might possibly kill a Primal Chaos expert with their scheme . "

"Mn . " Xue Ying agreed .

It was extremely difficult to kill a Primal Chaos giant .

Xue Ying was confident of his strength in addition to the help provided by Primal Chaos Hall Master . The two of them sufficed to wipe the other party out .

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If it were some of the weaker Primal Chaos giants, usually seven to eight of them would work together . They might even bring out arrays to coordinate their strength . They would also bring some survival treasures so that they could slightly survive for a longer period in case of danger, allowing the Void Castle to send stronger experts to aid them .

Thus, the other party must be fortunate despite having a stronger team to scheme a Primal Chaos expert to death .

"The moment you appear, all of them escaped immediately . " Xue Ying laughed . He had already reached where the group of experts from the Great Void Heaven Temple gathered .

"Haha, Dong Bo . " Seated there, Inquisitive Sky Hall Master said, "Primal Chaos Hall Master has been fighting against the Destruction Devils for a long period . They have already become frightened by Primal Chaos Hall Master for a long time! The moment they see him, they would escape . Even though there was even a golden-armored Destruction Devil who was at the ninth level, none of them could defeat Primal Chaos Hall Master . Even if their Cosmos Gods appear, Primal Chaos Hall Master could still survive for some periods . "

"The moment they see me, they escaped . They are very good at escaping too . It is too difficult to even kill a single golden-armored Destruction Devil . " Primal Chaos Hall Master shook his head .

"Mn, this time, I have only killed two blood-armored Destruction Devils . " Xue Ying nodded in agreement .

"You killed two? And they are at the blood-armored rank?"

"That's formidable already . "

Many other Primal Chaos cultivators listening from the side including these from the Great Void Heaven Temple agreed .

It was very rare for cultivators to fall when both parties fought since the 'inner region' was ultimately their home ground . But the Destruction Devils had similarly became experienced over time . It was comparatively easier to kill those gray-armored Destruction Devils . It was also possible for the cultivators to meet them when adventuring in the 'outer region' with their incarnations . But it was much harder for blood-armored Destruction Devils to be killed since they would usually work in a team . It was quite impossible for incarnations to kill them .

"The three golden-armored Destruction Devils led a group of blood-armored Destruction Devils . Actually, it is primarily because they wanted to temper those blood-armored Destruction Devils . " Primal Chaos Hall Master said, "By fighting more and experiencing some dangers, it is helpful to the Destruction Devils . If they killed us, cultivators, it would be helpful to them as their strength will gradually improve . "

"Dong Bo, your illusory realm is formidable, causing one of the golden-armored ranker to fall into it and forcing him to make a mistake in the process of saving the blood-armored Destruction Devil . That was why you could kill two of them . " Primal Chaos Hall Master said, "I think they would likely be more prepared against you after this, and trying to kill two more blood-armored Destruction Devils will become much harder now . "

"Mn . " Xue Ying nodded .

When he killed those devils, Xue Ying was able to absorb some of the unseen unique energy . The effects were quite similar to consuming Origin World Rocks, though much better than them . It was approximately equivalent to absorbing 100 rocks .

. . .

"Xiu . "

The three golden-armored Destruction Devils directly entered the Lost World Corridor . They were walking in one of the spatial corridors with great familiarity . The three of them were walking side by side, and the leading one was the silver-eyed Destruction Devil with a lone horn . He muttered: "This time, the cultivator we met should be that genius cultivator recorded in the intelligence, Dong Bo Xue Ying who reached the seventh level strength at the Unity realm . He should be the Mirage Palace Hall Master from the Great Void Heaven Temple . He is currently very powerful already, especially that illusory technique of his . Those who are weaker are easily affected by it . Ci Ya, this time you have been affected by it . "

"Mn, it is I who was slow by a single step, causing us to suffer a loss . " A relatively ugly golden-armored Destruction Devil with a huge head and a huge bloody mouth with rows of teeth muttered back .

"His offense is ordinary, and it isn't that threatening to us . But with this illusory technique… his degree of threat could be determined to reach the 'primary ninth level' . " The single-horned silver-eyed devil said . If not for the illusory technique, according to their judgment, the threat of Xue Ying would not have entered the ninth level .

"If not for that Primal Chaos, we might have gotten rid of that Hall Master Dong Bo . "

"That's right . Primal Chaos is someone with a degree of threat 'beyond ninth level' . He is indeed terrifying . This is my second time meeting him . "

"There are a total of five cultivators ranked beyond the ninth level . This also includes two of the Cosmos Gods, yet we have met one of them this time . "

The three of them were walking on a path in the Lost World Corridor . They were all currently feeling unpleasant .

The Destruction Devils also had their own appraisal criterion .

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