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Dong Xiao was feeling truly regretful at the moment. Had he known that Xue Ying's combat power was so strong, there was no way he would have let himself be muddied into his affairs!

He became a stage two World Deity within five thousand years, and he could already face stage three World Deities without losing out. He even has His Majesty as a backer! Of course he wouldn't be afraid of offending my master. Dong Xiao was afraid, afraid that Xue Ying would kill him to cover his bases. He hurriedly replied, "Your Highness, Dong Bo, please show me mercy. I have come under orders."

Xue Ying chuckled. "You're right. Human testimony would never triumph over real, hard evidence."

The rules and regulations by which the Deity world was governed were extremely strict. Someone could only be judged guilty of a crime under concrete evidence.

It was not sufficient to say someone was guilty for them to be convicted with a crime.

Furthermore, someone like the Venomous Ying World Deity, who had a fifth rank official position and had great status and authority, could not be killed even by stage four World Deities. Powerful existences, on the other hand, would certainly have the necessary authority.

Xue Ying was in a similar situation; he had a third rank official position, and it was unusual for anyone who was not a stage four World Deities to be given such a high rank. His status and authority were higher than Venomous Ying's, and he would, at most, be heavily punished even if he were to publicize killing Venomous Ying, instead of being sentenced to death. Even so, a 'heavy punishment' was still a truly terrifying outcome. It was precisely for this same reason that the Venomous Ying World Deity said she would rather die than to go to the Bloodshed God Palace—she was afraid of that heavy punishment.

"Exactly! This can't be considered actual evidence." Dong Xiao was truly nervous.

"Hurry off," Xue Ying said casually with a chuckle.

"Of course, of course. I'm going!" Dong Xiao did not hesitate to once again display his spacetime related secret technique to flee at the top of his lungs. After entering the spacetime passage, he couldn't help but keep looking behind his back to make sure Xue Ying was not chasing after him.

"Hmph." Xue Ying let out a chuckle before waving his hand to store the treasures left behind by the Venomous Ying World Deity.

While he was unhappy with how Monarch Wu Chen had treated him, it was not to the extent that he wanted to kill of Dong Xiao as well. Dong Xiao was, after all, nothing more than a subordinate under Monarch Wu Chen and had only interfered on his master's orders. Xue Ying didn't have any enmity with Dong Xiao, and he saw no need to kill off someone who acted purely on orders.

It was only toward Venomous Ying herself that his killing intent reached an extremely deep level, and that was precisely why he had shown her no mercy!

Oh? These items are still attached to their owner? Xue Ying immediately discovered an issue with the treasures left behind by the Venomous Ying World Deity. As expected, she should have an avatar left alive somewhere.

It was overly common for World Deities to cultivate the avatar technique.

Just now, he had killed off one of the Venomous Ying World Deity's bodies, but she was sure to have another one alive. Before long, she could just use the avatar technique to recreate this body she just lost.

But she still lost an avatar alongside all of these treasures. I'm sure her heart must be aching by now. Xue Ying returned to the Starfield Flying Ship before rapidly refining the storage ring. Whatever. This poisonous trident is a blood-refined Deity warrior and is known to be her favorite weapon. This weapon she personally groomed and refined over a few billion years is now in my hands.

It was similar to the importance he placed on the Scarlet Cloud Spear. Losing a blood-refined Deity warrior would definitely make anyone's heart ache.


The Starfield Flying Ship flew through the spactime tunnel at great speed, on a course back toward the Nest of Myriad Devils.

"Ahhhhh!" The Venomous Ying World Deity was standing with her enormous tail laid down in a certain courtyard, her savage face contorted from malevolence and madness. "My poisonous trident, my treasures, my hexing poison materials… Damn it! Damn it all! Ahhhhh! I just lost half of all the treasures I've been gathering over countless years!"

In Xue Ying's case, his true body in the Xia Clan World was absolutely safe, which was why he left most of his treasures back there with it. A good example of this was Crimson Rock Mountain itself.

Even then, the body he used in the Deity world still carried extreme importance because it wielded many of the treasures he received from His Majesty, such as the Scarlet Cloud Spear and some others. This body was also the one to cultivate the Luminous Sun Force! The absolute art "Luminous Sun" required the absorption of energy from external materials during training. Materials like the Golden Fiend Beads and Demon Bone Ash carried exorbitant prices. The more he improved, the higher the cost of training the Luminous Sun Force would become!

If he were to die in battle, he would lose his blood-refined Deity warrior, and the Luminous Sun Force he cultivated would be gone, alongside all of the treasures he carried!

Even if his true body condensed another body, he would still have to start cultivate the Luminous Sun Force from scratch and also redo all of the grooming of a blood-refined Deity warrior!

While Xue Ying would suffer some loses from his body dying in battle, other World Deities would be in an even worse situation, for most did not have an absolutely safe location to store their treasures and would usually just split them between the two bodies. Like this, they would only lose half of their treasures upon the death of a body.

But even losing just half was enough to leave one grieving!

"Give them back, Dong Bo Xue Ying! Give back my hexing poison materials!" The Venomous Ying World Deity felt urgent and angry. She had thought of so many ways to steal and accumulate a great amount of faith energy, just for the sake of purchasing materials for her hexing poisons, yet half of all those treasures were now in Xue Ying's hands.


Suddenly, the figure of a sloppy-looking man appeared in the distant void.

"Monarch!" The Venomous Ying World Deity hurried out of her courtyard. The region she just left had been built atop one of many mountains that were connected into a range floating amidst the starry sky.

"Venomous Ying," the sloppy man began speaking as he looked at her. "I was simply too far away from the Calm Sea Prefecture. It wasn't long after I started moving that Dong Xiao already informed me that your avatar was killed. I couldn't make it in time."

"Monarch, I must ask for your help in demanding my treasures back from Dong Bo Xue Ying," Venomous Ying immediately said.

"You want to make demands? I might be able to force him back if he tries to kill you right in front of me," the sloppy man began, his previously indifferent eyes now showing a strand of coldness, "however, I have no way to snatch back any treasures he has on his hands. Do you think I can just steal his storage treasure?"

Monarch Wu Chen was certainly not afraid of Xue Ying, but that was not to say that Xue Ying feared him! He had a third rank official position that only stage four World Deities would normally have, and he was backed by his status as a personal disciple under the Bloodshed God Emperor! Wu Chen could attempt to protect Venomous Ying, but he would not go as far as to act against Xue Ying. As soon as he went out and forcibly took away Xue Ying's treasures, even if he made sure not to leave behind any evidence through treasures that obscured spacetime, he would still have offended Xue Ying. Wu Chen was not willing to do such a thing.

"But…but you said Dong Xiao would resolve this matter, and that you would protect me," Venomous Ying anxiously cut in.

"Dong Xiao tried his best." The sloppy man shook his head. "Alright now. Don't push your luck!"

"I… I gave you that piece to the "Myriad Poison Record" though. Are you planning on breaking your promise, Monarch?" The Venomous Ying World Deity was angered to the point of anxiety.

The reason Venomous Ying gained such accomplishments in hexing poison, to the point that she was seen as the strongest expert in the entire Calm Sea Prefecture in this area, was precisely because of a miraculous encounter she had undergone to receive a supreme inheritance relic, the "Myriad Poison Record". Unfortunately, however, it was nothing more than a fragmented relic.

The Dao of hexing poison, of insects, or of medicine…

If one had incredible achievements in any of the side Daos, they would be just as terrifying as any other path.

"Are you not here, in my Heavenly Cloud Mountain, receiving my protection?" The sloppy man glanced at her. "As long as you remain here, I'll make sure you remain in good health," as he said this, the sloppy man took a single step to enter a palace within one of the mountain peaks.

Damn you, the Venomous Ying World Deity cursed inwardly.

The entire Nest of Myriad Devils actually covered an immense area, so only a part of it had been damaged. At the moment, more than a hundred million Deities and huge amount of World Deities could be seen right outside that region. They were Venomous Ying's subordinates. All of them were currently trembling in fear after witnessing the terrifying scenes of battle from just before. It had been sufficient to cause them all to lose their guts!


A gap suddenly appeared in the distant void, followed by an emerald ship soon flying out of it. A black-robed teenager could be seen standing on its deck.


"Your Highness."

"Your Highness Dong Bo."

All sorts of excited voices sounded out at once. Dong Bo Yu, Qing Yao, and Commanders Bai Li Shang and Jiu Qi, together with the soldiers under their command, all looked toward Xue Ying with a look of extreme fervor. That same Venomous Ying which two legions working together could not defeat had just been easily dealt with by Xue Ying alone. Even Dong Xiao had been helpless in front of him.

A strong combat power was enough to turn them frenzied.

Up until this point, they had been listening to Xue Ying's orders and respected him only because of the potential he showed for the future, as well as his status as a personal disciple under His Majesty. But now, they revered Xue Ying in view of his powerful combat ability! It was one's combat power that would genuinely lead people to respect them!

"Commander Bai Li, take your men to investigate the Nest of Myriad Devils. Check all of Venomous Ying's subordinates to see whether the million Deities who were responsible for faith energy collection are truly dead," Xue Ying ordered.

"Yes," Commander Bai Li Shang responded, his words resounding and filled with vigor.

"Follow me," he ordered loudly, leading his soldiers to proceed with the task he was given.

At the same time, Xue Ying looked down at the storage ring in his hand. Using his Luminous Sun Force, he wiped out all the energy left behind by Venomous Ying in the ring.

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