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The towering walls of the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital seemed like a curtain covering blocking off even the sky, and they were covered in arrays from bottom to top; the realm under their control was millions upon millions of kilometers wide. Everyone—even the strongest member of the team, a stage two World Deity by the name of Madam Sang—was oppressed by these arrays.

"The Calm Sea Prefecture Capital underwent more reinforcements with each prefecture master over the many generations. Long ago, it had already become a domain of unfathomable strength. Once this generation’s prefecture master wills the arrays into an active state, even stage four World Deities would be, at best, suppressed and even lose they their lives if careless enough. When it comes to small World Deities like us, we would simply die regardless of our number," Patrol Master Guan explained. "Remember, there’s an overly large amount of people here that are backed by incredible powers. It’s best if you all keep a low profile while in the prefecture capital."


"Yes, Patrol Master."

The Deity experts who got through the selections all acknowledged the reminder. Among them, Seventh Mei Yu and Xue Ying were comparatively calmer, since they were already well aware of the rules.

Patrol Master Guan continued, "Well, you can also rest a bit easier, as participants in the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast. His Majesty strictly forbids anyone from interfering with this event, so there’s likely nobody out there mad enough to dare go on a rampage against you. Alright, let’s enter."

The front entrance of the prefecture capital was marked by two enormous, finely crafted Deity imprints with the words ‘Deity Sea.’

Despite being simple words, they seemed to emit boundless might. They were also covered to the brim in mysterious arrays.

Once they were inside the prefecture capital, soldiers came over to guide them on. With the grandest occasion in the entire Deity world underway, nobody would dare mess anything up by mistake.

The Bloodshed Region of the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital housed a continuous range of caverns.

"These caverns will enter the temporary control of your Mountain Wu Star Field," the soldier responsible for guiding them relayed. "The surrounding caverns belong to other starfields. Any news regarding the Prefecture Capital battles for the Myriad Flower Feast will first be sent over to the Patrol Master, which he will then pass down to the sixteen Deity participants."

"Understand." Patrol Master Guan immediately nodded.

"The Patrol Master is also in charge of making arrangements for everyone to rest here, and any news or orders coming from the prefecture master will be first sent to him."

The arrangements were done meticulously.

Finally, Xue Ying, Jing Qiu, and Yun Hai left in the direction of their personal cavern.

"Calm Sea Prefecture Capital!"

A decadent man carrying a broadsword on his back stared at the towering city before his eyes, a faint longing in his eyes. Apparently, a large portion of the Deities from my Xia Clan will be coming over this time. It’s been too long since we last gathered."

This decadent man was none other Scarlet Flame Monarch himself!

I’ve had to sell even my weapons to just barely gather twenty Deity crystals so I could rush over. Yun Hai sent words that Dong Bo has already arrived at the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital. A teenager garbed in gray attire took a deep breath. It’s such an ordeal to cultivate in the Deity world. My life will surely improve once I start following Dong Bo around.

"Calm Sea Prefecture Capital!"

Having just arrived alongside a group of soldiers, the ever amiable elder who went by the name of Purple Thunder Emperor smiled brightly as he looked toward the still distant Calm Sea Prefecture Capital.

"Hahaha, I’ve arrived! To think a Deity of our Xia Clan would be participating in the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast…" A forthright man gazed at the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital before him and couldn’t hold back his vibrant laughter.

The cavern temporarily assigned to Xue Ying in the prefecture capital saw more and more visitors arrive, all of them ancestors of the Xia Clan.

"Brother Purple Thunder, have you only sent your Deity Avatar rushing over?" The Deities of the Xia Clan were all joyfully chatting and drinking. This gathering had been spurred by some news they received via communication treasures or through space imprints left behind in Xia Clan. A gathering on such a large scale was unprecedented since the various Xia Clansmen were spread in every direction. Gathering everyone in the same place was an incredibly costly affair.

"I had no say on the matter. I’ve joined the army, so I can’t just casually leave it. Either way, when it comes to coming over to watch the battles, there’s no real difference between sending my true body or an avatar." The Purple Thunder Emperor laughed and then turned to look at Scarlet Flame. "Come, come. Scarlet Flame, join me for a drink."

"Dragon Mountain, you too! Dong Bo was born in the generation of your Dragon Mountain Empire. Come now, there’s no need for either of you to be reserved."

Everyone here was a member of the Xia Clan. It was only natural for them to be as close as brothers with one another.

Xue Ying looked toward the decadent-looking Scarlet Flame Monarch and raised a cup with a few words in mind, "Brother Scarlet Flame, my cheers to you. Your reputation is spread far and wide… After all, you have the same name as a powerful existence."

"Ah." Scarlet Flame Monarch was startled. "Is that true?"

"Yes." Xue Ying grinned.

This name, Scarlet Flame, was shared with the forefather who saved his wife—Forefather Scarlet Flame!

In any case, it was ordinary for a number of experts in the Deity world to share an identical name.

After all, someone randomly shouting the word ‘bloodshed’ wouldn’t alert His Majesty, the Bloodshed God, since there were just that many people who would use this common word. For instance, it was used in the name of the Bloodshed God Palace or the Bloodshed Tavern. It truly was a commonly uttered word.

In a similar sense, the Temporal Island Lord would not immediately react just because someone said the word ‘temporal,’ since that was also a commonly used word.

It was only when their full title was uttered that the powerful existence would sense it.

Saying Temporal Island Lord, or Bloodshed God Emperor, for instance! Once that combination of words was used, they could immediately tell.

"It would seem, then, that this name of mine is quite proper." Emperor Scarlet Flame grinned. He normally lived a solitary life, so meeting this group of people from the Xia Clan left him in an exuberant mood.

"Oh, right. Dong Bo," Dragon Mountain Emperor began with a smile, "how do you feel about your chances in the upcoming Prefecture Capital battle?"

"That’s right; Dong Bo, do you feel like you can do it? We’re all looking forward to you moving on to the Bloodshed God Palace! At that point, we could use that as an opportunity to follow alongside you. Hehe, from what I’ve heard, the price of teleporting there is no less than a hundred Deity crystals! We wouldn’t be willing to spend so much under any normal circumstance." The Deities all focused their vision on Xue Ying.

Xue Ying replied, "There are so many starfields in the Calm Sea Prefecture, and I’ve been made aware that a total of thirty-two thousand Deities have passed the previous selections. The Prefecture Capital Battle means selecting the hundred most formidable Deities of those thirty-two thousand participants. With an elimination rate that steep, I can only say I’m confident in myself but not certain of my chances."

"Just one hundred Deities out of all thirty-two thousand participants?" Purple Thunder Emperor and all of the others were shocked at the thought.

"A number of those participants are disciples of powerful World Deities, while others were even taught by powerful existences. Not only that, there are some who cultivated for a few million years," Yun Hai said from the side.

It was a very harsh selection..

Xue Ying and the other Xia Clan Deities were in a joyous mood all throughout the gathering. At the same time, the other Deities who got through the Starfield Selections were busy preparing for the upcoming fights. The Prefecture Capital Battle…was known to be a very brutal selection! The death rates were always high.

In the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital within a towering palace, the Prefecture Master was sitting together with four other personages.


A candid laughter left the surrounding void vibrating. A man with skin like black metal walked into the palace hall. He was actually a member of the metallic race and was known by the name King Rong Hai. Throughout the Calm Sea Prefecture, the mere mention of him brought terror into the hearts of many World Deities.

Upon entering the hall, the black metallic man first gave a slight bow in the direction of the old man sitting high above. "Greetings, Prefecture Master!"

"Rong Hai, come in," the old man replied. He seemed like a very amiable elder with a big smile ever present on his face, but he was actually widely-accepted as the strongest expert in the entire Calm Sea Prefecture, as well as its Prefecture Master!


The black metallic man swept over with his gaze to investigate the four other existences sitting by the old man. All of their auras were quite mighty, not one any weaker than his. His vision finally fell upon a white-robed plump man sitting with his head lowered, focused on stuffing his face with food non-stop, and his eyes brightened. "Elder Brother White Sand, were you not in deep sleep? Why is it that you’d come over to watch the battles?"

As he spoke, the black metallic man positioned himself in a seat next to the White Sand City Lord.

"I was, indeed, in deep sleep. However, a small fellow woke me up early." White Sand City Lord laughed.

"Who would be so daring? Was he not afraid you would chomp down on him in a bid of anger?" the black metallic man asked in confusion.

"I might enjoy eating, but that does not extend to humans." The White Sand City Lord glared back.

"The chap he’s talking about goes by the name of Dong Bo," a yellow-robed woman in the seat opposite to him said with a laugh. "And he is one of the participants in this time’s Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast."

"Oh?" the black metallic man mouthed in surprise.

"His name is indeed Dong Bo, and he passed the Starfield Selections of Mountain Wu City," White Sand City Lord touched his upwards-slanted beard and happily explained. "This little brother of mine is quite formidable, and I feel quite good about his chances to get through the Prefecture Capital selections."

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