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Chapter 525: Chapter 464: The Threat of Ferocious Beasts! (2)

Translator: Zayn_ 

At the thought of this, Tabitha couldn’t wait any longer.

Coming to the back of the thunder beast, Tabitha restrained all of her aura and prepared to activate the thunder beast’s desire.

However, at this moment, the thunder beast suddenly lowered its head and looked directly at Tabitha.

Tabitha was shocked. She quickly shifted her body and avoided the sight of the thunder beast.

At this moment, Elise held the Dragon Pool Sword and rushed forward. She directly arrived in front of the thunder beast and slashed out with the Dragon Pool Sword in her hand. Only then did she attract the thunder beast’s gaze back.

Her sword light and the lightning released by the thunder beast collided with each other and produced a muffled sound. The lightning on the thunder beast’s body was destroyed. It looked at Elise and roared furiously.

Elise released a large amount of hellfire towards the thunder beast. However, a large amount of lightning energy surged from the body of the thunder beast and directly extinguished the pitch-black hellfire.

However, this had also exhausted a large amount of the lightning energy of the thunder beast.

At this moment, Tabitha took the opportunity to once again appear behind the thunder beast. She directly stimulated the desire of the thunder beast and began to connect with it, preparing to absorb its energy.

However, just as the chain connected with the thunder beast’s body, streams of lightning power spread out. They directly followed the chain and landed on Tabitha’s body, electrocuting her.

Soon after, the thunder beast let out an angry roar and directly charged towards Tabitha, intending to attack her.

At this critical moment, Risa’s figure appeared. The dagger in her hand emitted a cold light as it directly broke through the lightning on the body of the thunder beast, directly stabbing the body of the thunder beast.

The intense pain caused the thunder beast to let out an angry roar as its body began to tremble.

Soon after, the thunder beast turned around and its gaze landed on Risa, who was holding the dagger.

The power of lightning quickly attacked her, but Risa had already escaped and quickly disappeared into the shadows.

At this time, Tabitha also resumed her action and came to Elise’s side. She cooperated with Elise and began to attack the thunder beast in front of her.

Tabitha had already realized that it was impossible to arouse the other party’s desire and then absorb the other party’s power.

The lightning covering the other party’s body could predict any attack. Even if she stealthily absorbed the other party’s power, it would be very difficult to avoid being discovered. The beast would be able to sense her instantly.

Under such circumstances, it was likely that only the plague power of the plague succubus had not been discovered by the other party.

However, Tabitha’s combat strength was not weak to begin with. Adding on the fact that she had absorbed a lot of power, even if her combat strength was inferior to Elise’s, it was not far from it.

If Tabitha had a sharp weapon like the Dragon Pool Sword in her hands, her combat strength would probably increase even more.

Under the attacks of Elise. Tabitha and Risa, the thunder beast was suppressed. However, the three of them did not have much advantage either. They did not even leave many scars on the thunder beast’s body.

This made Elise frown.

She could clearly feel that the thunder beast in front of her was much stronger than the previous one.

This made Elise a little puzzled. Why was this thunder beast so strong?

Subsequently, Elise recalled that although the aura of the previous beast was at the Demigod tier, its combat strength was much weaker than that of a Demigod. During the later stages of the battle, the opponent’s aura also slowly rose towards the true Demigod tier.

However, the speed at which the opponent’s combat strength rose was not as fast as Tabitha’s absorption speed, so Elise did not pay too much attention to it.

From the looks of it now, although these ferocious beasts were all at the Demigod tier, there should be some restrictions after they fell, so their strength was slightly weaker than the actual Demigod tier.

However, as time passed, the beasts’ strength would gradually recover towards the true Demigod tier.

The previous beast did not recover for long before it was killed by Elise and the others, so Elise did not feel much.

However, this thunder beast had survived for a very long time, and its strength had almost recovered to the Demigod tier, so it was still difficult for them to fight against.

However, although it was difficult, it was not a problem for Elise and the others to suppress the thunder beast in front of them.

Moreover, the power of the death plague was useful. They only needed to wait until the power of the plague erupted. At that time, the battle strength of the thunder beast in front of them would decrease by a lot. By then, the situation would be much better if they continued to fight.

Thinking of this, Elise and the succubi on the ground changed their battle methods and began to stall for time. They did not have any thoughts of fighting this thunder beast to the death.

The thunder beast also continued to fight and was also stalling time.

It was very smart. It knew that it had been suppressed in the black fog. Although it had come out now, it still needed some time to recover its full strength.

Therefore, when Elise and the others slowed down the pace of the battle, it was also very happy. After all, with the passage of time, its strength was also constantly increasing.

However, the increase in the power of the thunder beast could not withstand the weakening of the plague.

Half an hour later, the power of the thunder beast had yet to recover to its peak, but at this time, the power of the plague was suddenly unleashed.

The thunder beast’s body suddenly stiffened. It felt that the strength of its body had rapidly decreased by a large amount.

Elise and the rest were waiting for such an opportunity. Without any hesitation, Elise held the Dragon Pool Sword and directly arrived in front of the thunder beast. The Dragon Pool Sword in her hand released the sword Qi that she had secretly condensed earlier.


The entire Dragon Pool Sword trembled for a moment. After which, the sword Qi swept out and directly landed on the body of the thunder beast in front of him. In an instant, it broke through the defense of the other party’s body and entered its body.

A shrill scream was emitted from the other party’s mouth. After which, Risa’s figure appeared from behind the thunder beast. The dagger in her hand was ruthlessly inserted into the body of the thunder beast.

The thunder beast rolled its eyes, feeling the intense pain in its body as it cried out in pain.

Tabitha also launched her own attack, and the other succubus soldiers also unleashed their attacks. The lightning defensive power of the thunder beast had already dissipated, and a large number of attacks landed on its body, causing it to cry out in pain.

The black dragons also spat out pitch-black flames, which landed on the thunder beast’s body, to take revenge for the black dragon that was killed by the other party.

The thunder beast’s body quickly rushed out. As it looked at Elise and the rest, its eyes revealed a hint of hatred.

After that, streaks of lightning appeared on the body of the thunder beast once again. Then, with a flash of lightning, its body quickly rushed out.

However, this time, the thunder beast did not rush towards Elise and the rest. Instead, it rushed towards the back and quickly escaped from this place!

Elise was stunned for a moment. She did not expect the other party to escape.

Then, without any hesitation, she raised the Dragon Pool Sword in her hand and directly chased after the other party.

Tabitha did not chase after it because her speed could not catch up. The other party was a thunder beast, so its movement speed was very fast.

However, Elise was still able to catch up.

Moreover, Risa was hiding in the other party’s shadow, ready to launch a fatal attack at any time.

When it was attacked by a large number of attacks just now, this thunder beast was destined to die!

Fifteen minutes later, Elise returned with the Dragon Pool Sword in her hand, reporting to Ren Qi.

That fierce thunder beast had been killed!

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