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Chapter 233: The Truth About Dongfang Mansion (4)

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow. She had thought that she would have to do it herself, but it seemed like Dongfang Yuechu was long prepared.

Dongfang Yuechu walked to Old Master Dongfang’s side and stopped. She looked at Second Aunt and said, “If Nanny Dan didn’t have a good memory and happened to bump into this midwife at the market, I wouldn’t have known that she lived nearby and found her so quickly.”

The midwife was initially a bit confused, but when she saw Second Aunt and Old Master Dongfang, her expression changed drastically, and she vaguely understood something.

“Tell me quickly, what did Second Aunt ask you to do back then?”

Mdm Zhou gloated at the side.

It was true that she hated Mdm Bi, but the person who disgusted her the most was Second Aunt. She had long suspected that Mdm Bi’s death was related to Second Aunt. However, helping her kill Mdm Bi was equivalent to taking revenge for herself.

This was also the reason why she did not make things difficult for Second Aunt despite being disgusted by her for so many years.

“I… I…”

The old woman looked at this and then that. She mumbled for a long time, unable to say anything.


Nanny Dan scolded coldly.

The old woman seemed to have broken down. She suddenly wept and kowtowed. “I didn’t kill anyone on purpose. It was Second Aunt who said that as long as I tampered with Mdm’s labor and caused her to have a difficult labor, it would be fine. My grandson is in her hands. If I didn’t agree, he would have been beaten to death. Old Master Dongfang, please spare me. I had no choice!”

Second Aunt could not stand straight anymore and collapsed onto the ground.

She had calculated everything, but did not expect her remaining compassion from back then to harm her.

She should have killed all these people back then. There was no need for them to stay until now to spoil her plans.

“Initially, I suspected Mdm Zhou. After all, she had always suspected that my mother killed her son. Later on, after Miss Lu’s reminder, I realized that I had investigated the wrong direction in the past.”

At this moment, Dongfang Yuechu no longer had the gentleness from before. She walked in front of Second Aunt and looked at her coldly. “As for the curse you put on me, you got Nanny Zhu to recommend that master to Mdm Zhou. Then, you got Xianger to lay a hand on me. When I’m gone, Nanny Zhu will betray her and expose what Mdm Zhou did. In his fury, Father will definitely divorce her.”

“In this way, you can naturally take over the position. Your children will naturally become the legitimate children of Dongfang Mansion. One of them can successfully inherit the Dongfang Mansion’s family business, and the other can marry to the Shi family in the capital on my behalf. At that time, even if my grandmother has a grudge, she will only blame Mdm Zhou and not the entire Dongfang Mansion. Then, the cooperation between the two families will not be canceled. Am I right?”

Mdm Zhou, who was bent on Dongfang Yuechu’s death, could not help but admire Second Aunt’s schemes when she heard this.

“You b*tch!”

Old Master Dongfang was furious. After scolding her, he kept coughing.

He had thought that Second Aunt was at least better than Mdm Zhou. After all, she had only praised Dongfang Yuechu when she was sleeping beside him. She had never mentioned anything about her children.

He thought that she liked Dongfang Yuechu from the bottom of her heart. He did not expect her to plot against not only his daughter, but also him. He did not even realize it. What a good trick.

How old was Second Aunt back then? She was only seventeen or eighteen years old. He did not expect her to be so scheming.

She had planned for more than ten years. She was really shrewd!

“One more thing.”

Lu Sheng spoke at the right time. “About the cause of Mdm Dongfang’s son’s death.”

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