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Chapter 192
Chapter 192

Returning back home

Yuntian Mainland, Tianjin Jingdu .

It had just rained, and the streets on the outskirts of Jingdu were muddy .

A simple carriage rolled over the mud, and headed North .

In the carriage, two indignant female voices were faintly heard –

“This is so infuriating . Six years ago, they kicked the young lady out of the Feng Family . They only thought of you now that something has happened . ”

“Moreover, Feng Yue Lou came with the news that the reason why they took the lady back was in order to let the young lady replace the other daughter of the Feng family marry a fool!”

“We should not have come back, the Feng family treats the lady so, why should the young lady care about whether they are dead or alive?”

“This Feng family should really be executed!”

This duet was sung by two comely looking women .

Both of them were dressed up as servants with simple hairpins holding the simple buns on their heads .

They sat on the right and left, their faces full of resentment .

The two still wanted to say something but the woman who has been leaning against the side in the middle – catnapping, has finally opened her eyes slightly .

The woman wore a simple white dress, her black silky hair was scattered indiscriminately and was only rolled up with a simple ornamental hairpin and blue silk .

She leaned on the horse carriage with her eyebrows like a green hill . A sort of jest flashed across her flawless face as her eyes went round . “Calm down, don't you want to go back to Feng's House? Besides, what's so fun about staying in the Feng Mansion all day? Why not give you another environment to do some stretching exercises?”

“But we don't feel it's worthy for the lady! The group of people outside will simply say that you are an ugly trash…” Zi Lan muttered .

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Ugly trash?

If her miss was a waste and ugly, then no one is a genius beauty .

“They can say whatever they like to say until they get tired of it . In any case, even if they tear their mouths out for gossiping, we'll not lose any piece of meat . ”

Feng Chuge casually stirred up a wisp of hair and lazily said .

When Zi Lan and Bi Luo heard her, their lips curved up .

When did their miss become so gentle?

In the past, as long as someone dared to slander the young miss, which time did the young lady ever let the other die without rhythm?

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Seeing that Feng Chuge was no longer speaking, the two crickets also stayed quiet .

Feng Chuge leaned on one side and looking at the scenery outside through the curtain of the carriage, she couldn't help but squint .

Six years…

It has been six years since she crossed the sky and landed on this Yuntian continent .

Six years ago, the ten-year-old Feng Chuge became a disgrace of the entire Feng family just because there was no spiritual power in the body . She was eventually driven out of the Feng Family home to die on her own .

But now, because the Feng Family offended another respected family, the Yun Family, the Yun family exerted pressure and requested a daughter of the Feng Family to marry the fool of the Yun family who is also terminally ill in an attempt to expel evil influences . The Feng Family has then thought of Feng Chuge .

Thinking of this, Feng Chuge could not help but curve her lips up .

It was really lamentable .

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Who would have thought that the daughter of the first wife of the Feng Family would be reduced to this state?

What's more, the most ironic thing was that the real Feng Family daughter Feng Chuge died in the wilderness shortly after being expelled from her home at the age of ten . Now in her body is a soul of the first killer from the 21st century .

The carriage continued on its way .

Suddenly, the green bamboo in front of the carriage yanked the reins violently, and the carriage stopped with no precaution .

“What happened?” Zi Lan who slammed into the carriage burst out in pain .

“Miss, there is a little child here . ”

Feng Chuge lifted the curtain of the carriage to have a look and indeed, there was a small shadow lying on the ground ahead .

It was very dangerous . The child was only a few centimeters away from the horse, if the horse has taken one step further, it was estimated that it would step on him .

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