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Chapter 826: Do You Plead Guilty? The Black Trial

The tauren was startled by Yue Yang’s words.

But he reacted almost instantly: “You said I am the smartest, and I agree with that, but what is your explanation for saying that I am the worst?”

Yue Yang spread out his hands in a flamboyant manner: “If you weren’t terrible enough, you wouldn’t have taken the initiative to have me knock you out! What else is there if you aren’t the worst?” Before he even finished speaking, he sped over in a flash, slapping the tauren with movements as quick as lightning. As soon as the tauren was about to get angry and prepared to fight back, Yue Yang had already slid back in mysterious steps. When the tauren lowered his fist and was going to swear at him, Yue Yang went face-to-face with the tauren again. This time, he used his backhand to slap the tauren’s other cheek.

He did it so well that it seems he was born just to beat people up.

Pa pa pa[1]… the tauren couldn’t speak at all.

TL note:[1] slapping noises.

As soon as he opened his mouth, Yue Yang would slap him back.

If he attacks, Yue Yang will just retreat back to Lie Yan’s side. The tauren was not a fool. He understood that it was impossible to single handedly fight Lie Yan with just his own strength, let alone a super fast kid who was holding him back.He knew he would die a painful death if he tried to go against the pair.

With no way to speak, the tauren suddenly stretched out a thumb to Yue Yang.

What was going on?

Yue Yang was puzzled.

Was this guy a masochist who derived pleasure from being slapped? When Yue Yang thought about it this way, he felt goosebumps all over his body. How abhorrently cold!

“Your speed is very commendable, it was much faster than the vampire just now. Your strength for the slap in the face was also strong, very good.” The tauren praised Yue Yang sincerely, as if he wasn’t the one who was enduring the attacks, but instead as a commentating bystander. After the tauren finished speaking, he paid a deep tribute to the sky as he turned to the side: “Master City Lord and Master Yu Mu, in order to buy time to prevent the criminals from escaping, this face of ‘Lima’ has been brutally attacked. I plead the Master City Lord and Master Yu Mu to seek justice for this ‘Lima!’ “

“A well-deserved beating!” There was a majestic-looking middle-aged man who wore a gorgeous brocade robe. He floated down from the sky, expression furiously enraged: “ ‘Lima’, you sickeningly sinister excuse of a tauren, you deliberately used the concubine of mine as bait and even ignored whether or not she would die. Even this City Lord can’t help but want to beat you up, let alone outsiders!”

Judging from his appearance, he was about to tear apart the tauren.

Fortunately, there was the presence of a Captain of the Guard and a steward. Both of them restraining the City Lord.

Besides, there was also the wanted criminal, the leader of the Raging Flames. The tauren did not want the City Lord to immediately attack him to prevent Lie Yan from taking the opportunity to escape.

The tauren smiled slyly: “Actually the City Lord is not short of women, hence it does not matter if there is one more or one less. Besides, even one can get tired of having the best delicacy if you have it too much [2]. Sometimes, it’s good to have a change of taste. If you don’t blatantly favour only one and treat everyone equally, there will be no need for anger or resentment, hence the City Lord will definitely have a harmonious home. This action of killing several birds with one stone is clearly a blessing for the City Lord, so why bother to be angry.”

TL note: [2] Also pretty direct, it means ‘too much of one thing can make you get sick of it’.

“This seems to make some sense…”

The City Lord was short-tempered, yet his anger dimmed faster than it came. He immediately stopped being angry ,no longer appearing fierce and infuriated.

Yue Yang watched coldly, not expressing any of his opinions.

City Mistress Luo Hua ordered the onlookers to help move the flowers into a shop, as the fight would ruin her treasure collection. Those powerhouses of the Heaven Ranks were actually rather well-known figures in the Southern Heaven Realm, but it seems that Luo Hua had a noble temperament and was full of prestige. She had the unceremonious ability to command others to work as if they were her subordinates, which caused the people to presume she was definitely a High Ranker from the Heaven Realm. In addition, Yue Yang and Lie Yan were both carrying flowers for her, trailing behind her like hard workers, so it was even more daunting and they dared not refuse.

“You guys are idiots. You can’t even move potted plants properly, yet you claim to be some kind of Heaven Ranker!”

“Put it down slowly. If any of you damage my flowers, I will cut off your hands!”

“Is it that difficult to handle them with care?”

City Mistress Luo Hua ordered those hapless guys to work endlessly and even criticized them severely. This made them panic, lest they offend this arrogant girl of the Heaven Rank.

The onlookers, including the Redemption City Lord who had the strength of the peak Level 5 Heaven Rank, did not dare to go against Luo Hua, let alone the workers.

Beside the Redemption City Lord, there was another person who was deathly pale and his whole being was thin as if he was machinery.

In his hand, he held a black scale that was enveloped in weird energy.

While Luo Hua ordered the people to move the flowering pots, Lie Yan and Yue Yang confronted the Redemption City Lord and the tauren. The robot-like guy raised the black scale and pointed it at the tauren. Then, he placed a silver feather on the scale on the left and asked: “Tauren ‘Lima’, do you admit to your actions of fraudery?”

“I plead guilty.” The tauren replied respectfully.

Under the command of the Heavenly Ghost execution officer were the two punishment elders, Yu Mu and Nan Xuan.

Yu Mu was in charge of tracking and capturing the offenders, whereas the other was in charge of interrogations.

Upon that black scale, it was useless for anyone to deny their crimes. This is because according to the Laws of the Underworld, all beings in the Heaven Realm except the Gods were all guilty of something, as what differed was only the magnitude of the crime. Moreover, once denied, the questioned individual would be severely punished. The suspect can only hope that their crime was very minor. If that was the case, then the side of the black scale representing fairness will cause the silver feather to fall, proving that the questioned individual’s ‘goodness’ was more than the ‘sins’. Hence, the suspect can be forgiven and redeem themselves.

The tauren answered honestly, acknowledging the fact that he had indeed tricked the vampire into hurting the City Lord’s concubine.

A burst of energy emanated from his body, floating to the right of the black scale.

The brilliance flickered, and the black scale shook slightly. Eventually, the side with the silver feather representing kindness fell down on the left, while the right side, which represented crime, rose up.

Yu Mu nodded without any expression, “Tauren ‘Lima’, you can be forgiven for your crimes. Your nature is kind!”

The tauren was overjoyed and bowed repeatedly.

Yue Yang was dumbfounded.

This guy was even shadier than Judge Wang of the Heaven Court who used common sense to make a verdict on Peng Yu’s case… Is this OK?

The indifferently robot-like Yu Mu then pointed the black scale at the City Mistress Luo Hua: “You are associated with the wanted criminal. Do you admit that you are guilty of being accomplices?”

City Mistress Luo Hua’s beautiful eyes became cold: “So what if I’m guilty?”

She hadn’t finished speaking, but the energy floated up again, descending onto the black scale.

The side with the silver feather representing kindness fell quickly, while the right side representing crime soared high.

Watching this scene unfold, the onlookers and the Redemption City Lord breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, things were okay. If she was caught by Yu Mu, that would probably stir up a big commotion!

Yu Mu still remained expressionless with dead eyes and monotonously said, “Although you have the crime of being accomplices, you are extremely kind by nature. You were just being tricked by the wanted criminal hence your soul is just confused. You who have such a light sin, can be forgiven!” The onlookers applauded enthusiastically. If one doesn’t mention crimes or evil deeds, a beauty like this should not be arrested!

Then, Yu Mu asked the leader of Raging Flames: “As a wanted criminal in the Palace, you have committed a heinous crime. Are you now conscious of that and willing to confess to your sin?”


This was Lie Yan’s answer.

The energy floated up, and the right side of the scale representing crime fell rapidly, while the left side of the silver feather representing kindness rose high in the air.

It was confirmed; Lie Yan was guilty! She should be arrested… Yu Mu didn’t speak those words aloud, but everyone knew the result.

Yue Yang suddenly raised his hand.

“I also want to participate in this good and evil test.” If student Yue Yang hadn’t raised his hand, everyone would have almost forgotten about him. Yet, there he was, offering himself to be judged.

“You are an accomplice of the wanted criminal, acting as a ghost for a tiger [3]. Do you know that you are guilty?” Yu Mu asked.

TL note: [3] Metaphor for being an accomplice for someone with wicked or evil intentions.

“I don’t know.” Yue Yang shook his head.

“Your sins are serious. You are lost and you don’t know how to return.” After Yu Mu finished speaking, the right side of the black scale in his hand that represented his sin sinks, while the silver feather on the other side representing goodness was lifted high. This proved that Yue Yang was guilty, and he appeared to be in a more serious situation than Lie Yan! The onlookers were a little eager to see how this would play out. No one was unfamiliar with the name of Leader Lie Yan— she was definitely a hard bone to chew, but the strength of this kid is not too high, only at Level 3 of the Heaven Rank. If everyone joins forces to attack, they believe they could capture them in one fell swoop. Of course, to claim the reward from the Lord Yu Mu would still be a secondary priority. The most important thing was to set up a good relationship with the people of the Central Palace like ‘Lima’, the Tauren.

Lie Yan clenched her fists, blatantly showing her attitude.

She would show no mercy to whomever who dared to approach them!

She will definitely resist to the end…The onlookers believed that with the strength of the peak level 5 Heaven Rank of the Leader of Raging Flames combined with the ancient dragon power, except for the Redemption City Lord and the Yu Mu execution elder, everyone else had to stand aside. So, this battle would still be a little more relaxed as to not provoke her easily.

Of course, no one here knew that the Lie Yan had gone to the Tong Tian Tower to cultivate. She had learned to conceal her aura by lowering her realm, otherwise they would have fled in fright long ago. With her arduous cultivation between life and death and the Heaven Stairway, she had already broken through the fifth level of the Heaven Rank, where she was elevated to the sixth level of the Heaven Rank and entered the state of Quasi-innate Supremacy. Later, she made a breakthrough in Yue Yang’s energy field and fully realized the Supreme Realm. Although she has just recently been promoted to a Supreme Innate, the current leader was not a force that a few Heaven Ranked powerhouses could compete with.

She didn’t want to ruin this trip, but how could she allow such a stubborn guy like the tauren to show off in front of her, who had the staunch temperament of flames?

“It looks like a good scale, let me have some fun with it!” Yue Yang’s figure flashed and turned into a stream of light.

He hadn’t finished his sentence yet, but the black scale had already reached his hands.

Everyone was shocked.

Even Yu Mu’s eyes widened.

He hadn’t felt anything at all and he couldn’t understand why the treasure would fall into the opponent’s hands. This treasure was obviously controlled by his own will, so how could it be possible?

Yue Yang deliberately imitated the expression and tone of the elder Yu Mu, raising the black Libra scale in his hand: “Yu Mu, you pretended to be the incarnation of justice, but your intelligence is severely insufficient. You have drunk San Lu[4] too much since you were young, and it caused your brain to become damaged, facial paralysis, and severely affected your appearance. Do you plead guilty?”

TL note: [4] The brand ‘San Lu’ was a famous company that produced baby-formula milk powder. It was found to be contaminated with melamine (a type of chemical to form plastic) which caused a scandal in 2008, and resulted in kidney failures of infants, a few died afterwards but most babies were hospitalised.

The people on the sidelines had their mouths open wide, as if they could stuff a hippopotamus into it.

They’ve seen prideful people before, but this? They’ve never seen anyone like him!

They’ve seen arrogant people as well, but never have they ever seen such arrogance!

This kid…he really was looking to die. Whether he was truly guilty or not, the execution elder Yu Mu will not let him go!

When Luo Hua saw that Yue Yang was being cheeky, she couldn’t help but laugh. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled as if no one else was around, unscrupulously and unusually bold. Unlike ordinary women, her unique hearty laugh did not affect her perception and noble temperament at all, but it made people feel that she had the aura of a real superior. The entire crowd was speechless, only Luo Hua’s light laughter echoing throughout the street for a long time.

Lie Yan originally wanted to make herself appear slightly fierce but she couldn’t do it.

Her lips pressed hard, making an arc.

Had it not been for the imminent war which required her to endure forcefully, she would have probably laughed uncontrollably like Luo Hua.

“You, you are asking for death!” Elder Yu Mu’s expression trembled slightly, but he didn’t have much feeling. He was as still as a rigid rock, and his eyes that were like robots had no emotional fluctuations—they just stared at Yue Yang firmly.

“Wrong answer.” Student Yue Yang didn’t absorb energy to judge crimes like Yu Mu did, but directly pressed down the right side of the black scale with his fingers. This caused the side of the silver feather that was representing kindness to elevate. Student Yue Yang pressed the right side, motioning for everyone to look as he stopped smiling and mimicked the tone of Yu Mu: “This treasure has made the best explanation. Not only do you have a brain disability and facial paralysis, you also have extremely serious crimes, which are extremely heinous. Your sin deserves ten thousand deaths and is unforgivable… As I am very kind and just, I have made a difficult decision. In addition to confiscating your tools of crime, I will also help you cleanse your sins and send you on the road to clarity. In conclusion, you will die early and be reborn!”

Yue Yang had just finished speaking, but the pointer and middle fingers of Yu Mu’s right hand had already pierced his eyelids.

Yu Mu’s attack speed was fast.

None of the onlookers could react.

Even Lie Yan, who has the strength of a Level 6 Heaven Rank and the comprehension of the Supreme Realm, had only managed to turn her head just in time to see the phantom of a shadow.

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