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Chapter 811.2
Chapter 811.2 [ The Goddess Of Storm Will Be Born ]

Faster than the silver-haired old man, was the snake-haired man, the Earth Demon.

The Earth Demon’s axe in a flash, has cut to the face of Princess Qian Qian. In the absence of the law seal of the Earth Demon Palace, even if the body is heavily traumatized, even if it can only play a tenth of its peak power, it is still enough to kill all strong people below the fifth level of the heavenly rank. The Earth Demon is chopping Qian Qian at the same time, there is still time to take out the mirror of pain, shining sideways to the small Wen Li, refracting her binding talent energy to the silver-haired old man’s body …… located in the rear of the attack of the silver-haired old man, even if his body is bound and stiffened on the spot, but also completely unhindered.

A close call, Princess Qian Qian bent backwards.

The Prison Emperor divine sword blocked in front of it.

Blocked the chopping of the magic axe, but with a wave of the hand of the Earth Demon, the magic axe was born a super strong shock.

Just fell off the ground Princess Qian Qian, the whole person arrow shot out backwards, body in the frosty rock surface hit a deep crater, there was a boom sound from the head hitting the ice wall.

“When this demon regains his freedom, can just you few stop this demon?” The Standing Earth Demon Dignitary was deeply affected by the laws in the Earth Demon Divine Hall, and everywhere he needed the Mirror of Pain and the Dispatch Talent to get rid of the sealing power, and could not bring out his true strength at all. Now once he regained his freedom, even if he was seriously injured and could only bring out a tenth of his strength, it was still far stronger than his not being able to bring out a hundredth of his strength in the seal.

“Ding ding ding ding!”

Little Wen Li hundreds of chopping strikes, it lets Earth Demon be handy to resolve.

Wearing the Heavenly Demon Armor and regaining his freedom, he was not afraid of Little Wen Li’s attack at all, whether it was a skillful dissolve or a hard carry, it was more than enough.

In addition to divine weapons, divine ideas and the power of the law, other attacks, the earth demon is completely out of sight.

The black energy frenzy, after the stiffness of the silver-haired old man’s restraint, resumed and swept towards the two women, Little Wen Li and Xue Wu Xia. Little Wen Li grabbed in front of Xue Wu Xia, summoned the Diamond Treasure Code, and raised the shield. Only to prevent two seconds, the Earth Demon’s actually strong brutal hand, broke into the shield, grabbed the little Wen Li one of the two blades, even the blade with a person, a fling thrown to the ice wall.

Unluckily Little Wen Li in the process of flying and falling, six small hands, with two of which have an extra bow.

But she did not have time to open the bow and arrow, the Earth Demon chased to the front.

Not blasting her in the face just because she’s Xia Luo Li.

Princess Qian Qian grabbed in the hand of Little Wen Li’s snake tail, an emergency jerk and pull, pulling her out of danger, standing on the ground the demon’s fist blasted on the ice wall, the entire divine idea and frost condensed into the ice wall, immediately cracked.

“Poof!” The spirit of Xue Wu Xia, who was absorbing the power of the law, was damaged and her body shook slightly, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

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document.write(''); Black energy frenzy, with her as the center, spinning out millions of black demon blades, crazy rotation.

Xue Wu Xia’s Book of Truth, a storm goddess ambassador viciously drilled out, and she struck a fist angrily at the ground, freezing the entire vortex of black energy frenzy. Ten million black demon blades, frozen together, were so close to strangling Xue Wu Xia into pieces, but they will never be able to achieve this wish.

Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Xue Wu Xia’s left hand continued to channel the law energy.

Right hand, jade fingers trembling lightly.

Gently turn a page in the Book of Truth.

An ice chain, appearing on the ice wall, extended as if it had life, automatically tracked and chased after the Earth Demon dweller who was preparing to attack Princess Qian Qian.

The afterglow in the eyes of the Earth Demon glanced, like seeing a ghost, in the moment of striking a blast Princess Qian Qian, wretchedly rolled over to avoid. This is the kind of law sealing the ice chain of the Earth Demon Palace, exactly the same, only the number of different, if you let it lock, the end will be very tragic.

The silver-haired old man couldn’t be bothered to continue his long-range attack, closed the ancient book and blasted a flying kick at Xue Wu Xia’s face.

The Earth Demon also realized that Xue Wu Xia was the second greatest enemy, more terrifying than Princess Qian Qian, who was holding the Prison Emperor divine sword, and the silver-haired old man, one after the other, blasted with heavy fists.

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On the ground, Princess Qian Qian flung the little Wen Li in her arms out of the way.

Like a furious vector chasing towards the little Wen Li, the speed is of course no faster than the Earth Demon, however, under her divine beast’s incomparable will and binding talent, the Earth Demon and the silver-haired old man were shocked to find that the speed of the two was getting slower and slower, and finally almost stagnant. All three of them slow will be ‘swimming’ in mid-air, compared to the little Wen Li who let Princess Qian Qian fling out to be a line faster.

“Late, too late!” What kind of person is the Earth Demon, he calculated the distance and estimated that it was still a short distance until Little Wen Li caught up with him, and, even if he caught up with himself, there was still an attack ahead, so he could not stop the wave of attack at all.

“Joke!” Princess Qian Qian’s back bore wings and the Vermilion Bird blaze filled the entire ruins of the Earth Demon Palace.

She was still as fast as a shooting star even under the pressure of the divine beast’s will.

In the blink of an eye, it overtook Little Wen Li.

Caught up with the Earth Demon.

Princess Qian Qian did not immediately attack the enemy, but rushed to the front of the Xue Wu Xia, only to raise the prison emperor divine sword, with the blue dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird, xuanwu four saint power combined with six sense talent, a sword cut on the silver-haired old man’s hand that ancient book. The earth devil and the silver-haired old man face a stunned, do not understand so, the prison emperor divine sword will be the ancient book everything in half.

Xue Wu Xia, who hadn’t been moving halfway, was ten times faster than Princess Qian Qian.

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Her left and right hands each pressed on top of the ancient book, while the Book of Truth shone with a thousand times more light behind her …… The Storm Goddess screamed as she rapidly faded and evolved, and with the perfect combination of the Heart Mirror Sense, Law Power, and Ancient Book Knowledge provided by Xue Wu Fei, she advanced to the next level. The divine light is like a pillar, pointing straight to the sky, although not yet a full-fledged god, but promoted to become a god general, but has already begun to take on divine power. Although she has just stepped into the peak of the divine General realm, control of power and realm wisdom is not yet as unique as the inheritance of Barbara at that time, but this self-evolution is more powerful, more potential.

When the standing earth demon daddy a fist blast in the snow flawless undershirt, intended to kill her in one punch the moment.

When the Earth Demon fist blast in the Xue Wu Xia undershirt, intended to kill her in one punch the moment.

The Storm Goddess, still in the process of being promoted to Storm Goddess General, exploded in anger.


Her empty hand reaching out to grab the Earth Demon in her hands, and viciously thrown out, the Earth Demon will be heavily smashed in the ice wall ……

Her empty hand to explore a grasp, the Earth Demon to grab backwards in the hand, and viciously thrown out, the Earth Demon is heavily smashed in the ice wall …… ice wall pierced a hundred meters, the Earth too painful to moan, that just picked up the mirror of pain ready to transfer the master damage to silver-haired old man, and let the goddess of the storm will be a slap smashed flat, into the ground a hundred meters.

The Mirror of Pain spun in mid-air, shining a light on Princess Qian Qian, and then the light was refracted onto an ice sculpture.

The ice sculpture jumped up with an ‘ow’ of pain.

Covering his head, he groaned in frustration, “This young master was shot even while lying down!”

Princess Qian Qian found her previous injuries, but really let the mirror of pain transfer, slightly surprised, they can not have the gift of repatriation aye? And then look at that ice sculpture awakened man, more dumbfounded, because she saw a second snake-haired demon man …… with the exact same snake-haired demon man, could it be, there are two demon men on the ground?
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