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Chapter 795.2: - Yue Yu's Puzzlemen
Chapter 795.2 [Yue Yu’s Puzzlement]

Does Fourth Mother have a way to make Yue Yang contract the Divine Grimoire?

This news was simply even more incredible than Ah Man fusing with the Five Element Pillar’s Divine Power to advance to Earth Divine General!

Exactly what kind of history did Fourth Mother and her sister have, and why did they possess such mysterious powers, yet were so obscure?

Yue Yang was thinking of another possibility, could it be that even now Fourth Mother was still in contact with her sister using some special method? Fourth Mother’s sister, the most mysterious woman in the entire Tong Tian Tower, the only woman who was able to enter the God’s Ruins.

Was she still in the God’s Ruins?

Or, perhaps she was cultivating in the Heaven Staircase itself, maybe she was cultivating above the millionth step or perhaps even the ten millionth step?

Xue Wu Xia was the first to break out of their trance and gently hugged Yue Yang from behind: “Don’t think too much about it, no matter what Fourth Mother does, she will surely have our best interests in mind!”

Princess Qian Qian also nodded, affirming Xue Wu Xia’s statement: “How about this, the two of us will accompany you to the Heaven Realm to cultivate, and when we break through to become Supreme Innates, we will go back to the Tian Luo Palace, find Fourth Mother, and go to the Divine Grimoire World together. If you can’t contract it, then it’s fine, I’m sure your current grimoire will definitely upgrade to become a Divine Grimoire in the future too!”

“Yes!” Yue Yang secretly wiped cold sweat from his brows, he actually already had a Holy Grimoire, he was just unable to use it.

Currently, he already had a Diamond Grimoire and a Holy Grimoire.

Was it possible to contract another Divine Grimoire?

Yue Yang doesn’t dare to think of this answer!

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Out of his mentality of ‘good things must not flow out to outsiders’’, Yue Yang secretly made up his mind that even if he could no longer contract a Divine Grimoire in the future, he must not let any outsider contract it either, be it Fourth Mother, Xue Wu Xia or Princess Qian Qian, if any of them could contract with it, then he would let them contract with it! If none of them were capable, he would rather free Empress Fei Wen Li, who was trapped in the black hole seal, and let her contract the Divine Grimoire instead….

One must know, there are only ten Divine Grimoires in total!

In the Heaven Realm, not to mention Holy and Divine Grimoires, even Diamond Grimoires were rare, and even a Heaven Rank warrior who had a Platinum or Gold Grimoire was already considered a powerhouse! So how can you let someone else have such a good thing as a Divine Grimoire?

If Yue Yang was still able to continue contracting with other grimoires, in his mind, he wouldn’t mind it if he could contract with all ten of the Divine Grimoires in the world.

If he really couldn’t contract that many himself, letting those around him contract them would be alright too….

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Anyway, all ten of the Divine Grimoires must be obtained by the people around him, he would never let anyone else get it. A Divine Grimoire was without a doubt the most powerful Divine Equipment, and the Guardian Beasts living inside should all be of Divine Rank as well, not to mention possessing Divine Grade Innate Talents, a Divine Grimoire World and also Divine Consciousness. The Divine Grimoire should also have Divine Power and a unique Godhood etc. How could he allow a treasure like this to fall into the hands of the enemy?

After Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian decided that they had rested enough, they returned to the Heaven Realm and entered the Training Grounds once again, the time to fight against the enemies of the Central Palace Hall had come!

At the platform on the four hundredth step.

It was the ninth time Yue Yu and Sickly Beauty had climbed up to this point and they were watching over Liu Ye as she challenged the shadow consciousness at the four hundredth step, the Fogmen.

Amidst the white fog engulfing the entire platform was a fogmen wielding a sickle made from fog, for the exhausted Liu Ye who had spent all her energy climbing up to this point, it was an almost impossible feat for the current Liu Ye to defeat this Fogmen. The Fogmen at the four hundredth step was a tough opponent, it did not have an actual body and was just a cloud of fog and could change its shape as it liked within the fog, including transforming any weapon it wanted from the fog and attacking the challenger with it! If it wasn’t for the fact that the teleportation of her Perforation Deer was really too fast, plus the fact that Liu Ye could already synchronise her teleportation and her mind as one, allowing her to narrowly dodge the attacks of the Fogmen every time, otherwise she would long have been sliced apart by the Fogmen’s deadly sickles…

“Come on, I can’t tell you its weaknesses, you must overcome them yourself to get the highest recognition, no one has gotten the reward of the four hundredth step and maybe it’s yours, so go for it!” Yue Yu had gone to a lot of trouble to defeat the Mistmen and she was anxious for Liu Ye, but couldn’t help.

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“I know!” Liu Ye was distracted when answering and was almost cut by the sickle of the Fogmen, startling her and causing her to teleport a hundred meters away with her Perforation Deer.

A few strands of silk like hair on her head had been shaved off by the Fogmen’s Sickle.

They drifted into the air.

Yue Yu stomped her feet in frustration when witnessing this close shave, making Liu Ye climb up to the four hundredth step still seemed a little too forced.

This Liu Ye had no attack power at all!


Just as Yue Yu’s heart was racing, suddenly, she saw a bit of golden light shining out of the corset that Liu Ye was wearing which had been split open by the Fogmen earlier, that…was that a golden locket? Why did that little thing look so familiar?
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