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Chapter 730
“Let’s go to Queen Night, you stay here. Just listen to me for once. Everyone can go, except you.” Fatty Hai suddenly glared at Yue Yang bravely, “You are a clever man, so it should be very clear that the target of Ancient Demon King is you! If you go there, it will be the behavior of a hothead, which is the silliest move! If you do so, you will make the situation worse, not better. The one Ancient Demon King wants to kill is you. So he will not rest in peace every day, as long as you are still alive. Do you understand my words? You can’t walk into Ancient Demon King’s trap. As your brother, I will not watch you fall into his trap. So whatever happens, listen to me this time, stay here!”

“The best choice would be that we all stay here. To ignore Ancient Demon King would be the most powerful way to foil his plot. Ancient Demon King knows our weaknesses, so he is trying to lure us! His strength isn’t powerful enough yet, otherwise, he would have already killed all of us. Don’t take the bait! Let’s go to Heaven Realm and come back after Zhi Zun manages to dispose of this matter. Even if we went to Queen Night, she would give us this same advice.” Ye Kong also tried hard to persuade him.

“…” The Li brothers didn’t utter a word but knelt down directly and begged Yue Yang to follow Fatty Hai and Ye Kong’s suggestions.

“We’d better not take any action until things become clear, or we might get drawn into his ambush.” This analysis of the Prince of Tian Luo was very logical. Then he put forward some advice, “It’s better to leave it to our elders”.

“If you really want to go there, I’ll go with you!” Xue Tan Lang expressed his supportive attitude.

He was showing that he was willing to go together and die together. Anyway, it was his irrevocable decision to follow Yue Yang, regardless of the unproven plot of Ancient Demon King.

Whether it was to lure them or it was a trap or it was something else, as long as Yue Yang decided to go, then he would go without demur. Though Xue Tan’s attitude remained neutral, instead it made Yue Yang more stressed, because if Yue Yang misjudged the situation, and everyone went together, it was very likely that the whole group would be wiped out. Of course, he would be able to flee, saving his own life, but for Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang and the Prince of Tian Luo, it would be almost impossible for them to break free from such a trap.

Yue Yang had to deal with this cautiously. He became absorbed in meditation again.

Was the Ancient Demon King luring them into his trap by taking advantage of his nervousness?

What tricks did he have up his sleeve? Suppose he did not fear Ancient Demon King’s scheme and observed his trap as an onlooker, would Ancient Demon King’s plot still work? However, would he be able to carry this out smartly? When the secret was revealed, would his Fourth Mother, Bing’er, Shuang’er, other relatives, friends, and teachers, continue to maintain close relations with him?

Even if Ancient Demon King failed to lure them in, Yue Yang still might lose everything.

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Only Heavenly Sword Goddess, in his dream world, and Bing Yin, the Qilin girl, wouldn’t take the truth to heart.

How could he face his Fourth Mother if she knew the truth?

What about Bing’er and Shuang’er who he loved most?

Wouldn’t it be impossible to remain himself, wielding the ultimate will? Did he fear it in the depth of his heart? Would he continue to fear it whether they went or not? Hadn’t he dispelled the fear in the depth of his heart when he went through the Gemini Palace and Virgo Palace during the Zodiac Temple trials, as well as the Gate of Life and Death? Why was Ancient Demon King was that man? It would be much better if the Ancient Demon King had nothing to do with that man.

What should he do? Should he confess everything to his Fourth Mother and beg for her forgiveness or should he follow Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s advice and take his team to the Heaven Realm, instead of dealing with this matter, then return after the situation had been handled by Zhi Zun?

To confess or to evade?

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Why couldn’t he be more powerful? Why couldn’t he kill Ancient Demon King in an instant? All his problems would be solved if he could do that. He wouldn’t reach the level of the Divine Sovereign so long as this weakness existed deep inside his heart. No! He must tear down all the barriers and ensure that he had no weaknesses inside his heart.

Perhaps this was the difference between Zhi Zun and him.

If she was in his situation, what would she do?

What would Heavenly Sword Goddess do if she was in his situation?

Yue Yang considered these things carefully. Everyone looked at him quietly and worried about him, but nobody could help him. He must overcome these difficulties himself.

“Why would you come back!” To his surprise, Yue Yang found that Xue Wuxia was sitting beside him, quietly reading the Book of Truth that she cradled in her arms. He looked up at the sky again and found that night had fallen.

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“I missed you, so I came back for you.” Xue Wuxia closed the Book of Truth and gave him a rare smile. It was as if spring had returned to the earth. It made Yue Yang feel that his entire body and mind were being delightfully nourished. She gently stretched out her white jade hand and softly touched Yue Yang’s cheek with her slender fingers, saying, “My sweetheart, what are you worrying about? Do you still remember the illusion of the Virgo Palace? We joined together and overcame it. Also, in reality, there are many illusions, most of which are so real that people often can’t separate the true from the false, but those illusions can never become real. Besides, why would you be frightened by what’s true or false? Sometimes true will turn into false and vice versa. Isn’t your Creation Domain the same? After you’ve mastered Creation Domain you, like a god, can control everything. Why do you still cling to the concepts of true or false? Listen, little fool in front of me, I hope you remember one thing – you will never be alone. There will always be companions around you, including all the people you love; me, Qian Qian, Luo Hua, Yi Nan, and Bing’er; The Fourth Mother, Queen Night, and Zhi Zun, all your relatives and teachers care for you; Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li brothers, all these friends are fighting with you… Now that you know there are so many people supporting you, what else are you afraid of?”

With tears in his eyes, Yue Yang said in a trembling voice, “Thank you!”. He felt that the softest place inside his heart was being touched.

“Just leave the thanking to outsiders. I’m your wife for the rest of your life!” Xue Wuxia smiled, her cherry red lips approached his, her starry eyes were naughtily blinking at him, as she spoke lively words he had never heard before, “Do you think it’s good to have me around? Do you expect to kiss me? Take this chance, or soon my Tigress will come out!”

“…” Yue Yang remained silent. He held his beloved woman tightly and kissed her with infinite joy.

He loved her three thousand times more!


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