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C716: With just you? Not worthy!

"Bastard, you're fake! I'm not afraid of you!" Pang Man grew bolder as he watched the Azure Swallowing Python slowly melt and disappear. No matter how strong Old Demon Wei was, it was impossible for him to kill the Azure Swallowing Python with a single punch. Besides, even if he could kill it, it would be impossible for it to melt and disappear. Since the opponent was a fake illusion, then why should he be afraid of him?


A super heavy punch from the Sky Execution smashed onto Pang Man's defenseless face.

Pang Man was sent flying like an arrow as he spun around in midair for 36,000 meters, unable to stabilize his body in time.

In the sky, a shadow swiftly caught up to him, and with another heavy punch, he ruthlessly smashed Pang Man's injured face once more.

It was only now that Pang Man realized the truth. The damnable Sky Execution that had struck him was not fake at all. He was not a mirage, he was real!

When Pang Man fell to the ground, he discovered a pair of feet standing in front of him. Before he could dodge in time, Pang Man discovered that Sky Execution's foot had already landed on his heavily injured face, hurting his heart and lungs … The enraged Pang Man instantly burst forth with all the strength in his body as he rapidly reversed, returning a heavy punch to the opponent in front of him.

The fist easily pierced through Sky Execution.

Completely unaffected.

Pang Man cursed in his heart. What he had attacked was an illusion, his real body was still nowhere to be found!

Just as he was about to retract his fist, a fist with the power of Lightning Strike landed heavily on the back of his heart, hitting Pang Man so hard that both his eyes turned dark and his spine felt like it was about to fracture. Suppressing the pain, Pang Man decided to leave the masked guy's domain of fear. Within this torturing domain of fear, there were countless illusions and images. If they were to fight, they would simply be asking for a beating!

As for Bai Song who kiled his wife and son, without the cooperation of his real body, he would at most be heartbroken.

However, what he was afraid of was Sky Execution, his real body and mirage. He simply couldn't tell it was real or not.

If he didn't leave now, he would die here.

Pang Man turned around and saw Sky Execution chasing after him like an arrow, his entire body flashing with electricity.

As he increased his speed to flee, the space in front of him suddenly changed, turning into a giant wall of steel. Pang Man felt as if he was a madman as he crashed into a mountain wall.

"Fake, these walls are fake." Pang Man gritted his teeth and resolutely dashed towards the mountain wall. Even if he saw the figure of Sky Execution flashing out from within, he wouldn't retreat. The true Sky Execution was chasing after him! This was obviously the City Lord's mansion of the Black Wind, then where did this mountain wall come from? If it was a mountain wall, how could Sky Execution come out from it?


As Pang Man crashed headfirst into the mountain wall, he was struck in the face by the opponent that he believed was an illusion.

One of the front teeth was knocked away, while the other tooth was broken in half.

"I'm the real one! Stupid man, your time has come."

"I'll fight you to the death." Pang Man feigned a posture of risking his life.

As Sky Execution formed a defensive stance, he crashed headfirst into the mountain wall. It was impossible for there to be a mountain rampart in front of him, and Pang Man was convinced of this. Sure enough, the mountain wall was just a mirage. In an instant, Pang Man passed through the mountain wall, but behind the wall was a person wearing a twin mask. Pang Man didn't have the time to retreat but already kicked flying back.

When he fell in front of Sky Execution, he discovered that in the surrounding space, there were at least ten figures wearing the twin mask like this.

Every single one of them seemed to be real.

There was no one who could tell the authenticity of a lifelike illusion.

Pang Man felt like he was in for a tragedy. Why did the masked guy come looking for him without looking for anyone else? If it was wealth, the Master of Black Wind City would be much richer than him. In terms of status, the Master of Black Wind City would be much more powerful than him.

Why did the masked guy and Sky Execution choose to make their first move against him?

The weakest should not be him, but rather General Jin Feng, Captain Lei Kai, and the others. Pang Man was on the verge of tears when he thought of this!

He didn't know, it wasn't just him.

The Master of Black Wind City, Old Demon Wei, Bai Song, Hoka, Savi, Lei Kai and other people of Heaven Stage, all viewed images that no less than his and no weaker than his. Qing Song and Hong Song, who were most unable to resist the illusion of spirit, had already beaten to be cripple by the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor, while General Jin Feng had also beaten up Fei Huang and Hua Ban who had just returned after the act.

Fei Huang and Hua Ban, the two of them realized that they were definite not the first to surrender.

There were also three shameless guys, all of them with the strength of a Heaven Stage level 2, yet they were still flattering Fatty Hai, who was not even as strong as a cow of Earth Stage level 3. They started to think that their companions were actually captives who had surrendered.

The long-serving group of three who surrendered did not know how to deal with the pressure from the two who had just surrendered and had yet to show any sign of success.

If he didn't make a contribution, he wouldn't have a spot to stand at in the future.

From what Zhong Guan accidentally let out, the fellow of Heaven Stage level 4 who had surrendered too late, wanting to surrender without obtaining permission, being locked up somewhere in a very tragic place, he would probably be better off dead than alive … Fei Huang and Hua Ban swore to take down Jin Feng and make contributions. Firstly, Jin Feng was the only one they could take down, and secondly, with the almost invincible combination of domains, it would be difficult to not win. The only problem was how much time they spent taking down the enemy.

"Meow!" gray wolf launched his arrows from left and right, claws flying, tail of the Darkness Demon Sickle crazily chopping down to the left and right of Hoka, causing him to be completely defeated.

"Roar, howl roar!" The newly joined Golden Flaming Lion, who was eager to claim credit from its new master, began fighting with Savi before the little panda girl. It wanted to prove that it was the second most useful warbeast, but of course, it did not dare to compete with the Divine Beast that possessed the Grimoire.

That guy wasn't a wolf at all, he only had the appearance of a wolf!

Lei Kai was scared half to death.

He was almost instantly killed by Princess Qian Qian's Hellsword. Fortunately, at the most critical moment, he shouted, "I belong to the Jade-Green Lord. I once opened the dungeon doors for you, and Captain Raging Flames has proven that your leader also knows this …"

The Prison Emperor Divine Sword came to a halt at his neck, drawing out a red line.

If he was a tenth of a second late.

Then he would be dead!

Princess Qian Qian had been there that day when the dungeon was breached to rescue Flames, but she hadn't seen Lei Kai. This was because Lei Kai, who was in charge of the internal affairs, was rushing to Black Wind City, hinting that the dungeon was captured and Flames were rescued. This shocked the Master of Black Wind City and the others and made it easier for them to hide beside Master of Black Wind City and obtain information.

"I'm on your side!" Lei Kai realized that he had revealed his identity, and the fatty came up to him to give him a good beating. He couldn't help but feel anxious.

"Ah, here's the card." Fatty Hai and his buddies rushed forward and surrounded Lei Kai to beat him up. It was almost as if they were beating up a pig before they stopped. Then, led by Lei Kai, who was at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry, they charged towards the City Lord's Mansion. Lei Kai stepped out of the empty space and discovered that he couldn't see anything within a hundred meters of his domain. As for the original mayor and his personal guards, they were at a complete loss as they watched the strange domain devour all the heaven stages. Lei Kai vented his rage from beating up Fatty Hai and the rest of the guards and began slaughtering them.

"Storm!" Xue Tan Lang unleashed a terrifying tornado towards the City Lord's Mansion.

"Meteor Shower …." Prince Tian Luo also summoned a skyfire meteor, smashing down on those guards who were preparing to shoot with their bows and arrows.

Even more powerful than them were the Heavenly Demon Palace's members. Sky Calamity, Sky Disaster, Sky Crime, Sky Fury, Heavenly Sword, and other Heavenly Demons did not participate in the killing of the Heaven Stage, because their main mission was to use their fastest speed to destroy the City Lord's Mansion and all its defensive capabilities.

The addition of Yue Bing, Yi Nan and the Master of Luo Hua City was definitely the last straw that could topple a camel.

This was especially true for Master of Luo Hua City. Even if he didn't summon the Tier 5 Nirvana Sunflower, just by relying on the speed of the Aurora and the previous Snow Fox Lady in battle, he would be able to take down the City Lord's Mansion's defense alone. Drunken Cat Sister brought the little panda Niu Niu out from the domain and joined the battle because she found that attacking enemies in the domain was way too easy, because the enemies couldn't tell the difference between the real and fake ones. In Yue Yang's Creation Domain, even without the help of real people, they couldn't escape the control of the heart, which was equivalent to the 'false truth' of the Gate of Life.

Dong, dong, dong!

The Sky Fury's Heaven-Shaking Drum rang out, shaking the heavens and earth.

However, the extremely beautiful sound of a lute easily overshadowed the soul-shaking sound of the 'Heaven Shaking Drum'.

It was like a heavenly music to the music of nature, floating; it was like a pearl falling from the sky, tinkling and tinkling. Countless patrolling guards and the loyal personal guards of the Master of Black Wind City's lord had their souls destroyed and died unknowingly in the midst of this wonderful atmosphere

The merchants weren't worried at all about the City Lord's Mansion being attacked.

On the other hand, there was a faint trace of happiness between her eyebrows.

What does it mean to go to war?


No matter who was the ruler, taking over Black wind City, reconstruction and repair was essential. All of these needed money! Settling residents and absorbing businessmen's investment, tax breaks are a variety of measures, this is also money! Lending compensation or converting captured goods, this was a huge business! There were many more. As long as a dozen battles were fought, the bigger they were, the more money the merchants would earn. This was a fact that had existed since the ancient times.

Of course, this kind of war wealth required courage and luck in order to obtain it.

Without courage, without luck, not only would he go bankrupt, he might even lose his life.

When the merchants saw that a battle was only going on in the Mayor's mansion, they were all very safe. They didn't even need to hide, and they were all watching from afar and discussing in hushed voices.


A figure covered in blood shot out from that unknown domain. A strange giant wolf followed closely behind. As its sharp claws danced, it almost tore that bloody man in half at the waist. However, the blood man endured the pain. He crushed the transmission crystal and used a Holy Rank Shield to block the giant wolf's fatal strike. He teleported away instantly, not even caring about the Holy Rank Shield.

Among the merchants, some sharp-eyed people saw clearly that the blood man was the Master of Black Wind City.

The Master of Black Wind City was the only Heaven Stage that had managed to escape.

As for the others, Old Demon Wei, Bai Song, Pang Man, and the rest of the heaven stage experts were still trapped inside, unable to escape …

"The black wind's gone. We can't finish this battle in a short time. Heh, things are getting more and more interesting." The merchants were very happy. After the war, it was not a good thing for them. It was best if they fought every day. Only then would the prices of the goods in their hands rise, and only then would they be able to maintain their sales.

"Raging Flames, it's really you!" Old Demon Wei also wanted to escape, but his opponent had turned into Raging Flames. He instantly despaired, "Black Wind will avenge me!"

"He's just a chess piece that I let go on purpose. It's just a bait that I'll use to catch big fish in the future." Raging Flames laughed and pointed at Old Demon Wei, "Come on, I'll give you a chance to fight him one-on-one. You don't have to say that I'll join hands with that brat to bully you!" Old Demon Wei, to be honest, you are not worthy to be called a Heavenly Stage Level 5 expert with me! "

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