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Long Live Summons! - C683 - Old Demon Wei

The countless Thorny Flowers interweaved to form two flower pythons that were even larger than the Azure Swallowing Pythons.

Fast as a moving dragon.

It was tightly entwined with the Azure Swallowing Python.

If it was any other giant python, it would probably strangle it to death in less than a minute if it were entangled with the Python of Heaven Stage level 3. However, for the Thorny Flower, whose body was randomly transforming, strangulation was meaningless. As long as the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen is willing, the Thorny Flower can take on any shape. In addition to being tightly entwined with the Python, the 'Flower Python', which was weaved from the interweaving of the thorny flowers, also quickly spread out countless vines, wrapping the thousand-meter-long Azure Swallowing Python up slowly. Layer upon layer, it was encrypted and eventually formed an inner cavity to digest it.

Naturally, the Azure Swallowing Python wasn't willing to wait helplessly for death; it struggled with all its strength.

The rock like a small mountain in his mouth was spit out.

It opens its huge mouth and uses its devouring power.

The Flower Python wrapped round its body, unable to resist, was swallowed… Old Demon Wei let out a sigh of relief. As long as he could consume it, the Azure Swallowing Python would be invincible.

The queen waved her hand gently.

The 'Flower Python' that had been swallowed became even larger and longer as more Thorny Flowers interweaved together.

The Azure Swallowing Python devoured it quickly, but the Flower Python grew even faster.

In the end, before the Azure Swallowing Python could digest it, that Flower Python that grew bigger and bigger directly squeezed into the Azure Swallowing Python's mouth and burrowed into its esophagus … The head of the Azure Swallowing Python swayed left and right, wanting to spit out this enemy that it couldn't swallow. At the same time, the Azure Swallowing Python twisted its body and released waves of intense electric currents.

"Hehe!" Old Demon Wei laughed complacently.

The Azure Swallowing Python from before was stuck at the second level of Heaven Stage, unable to advance any further.

After being guided by a super powerful expert of Heaven Stage level 6, Old Demon Wei spent a lot of effort to capture a Blizzard Electric Eel of Heaven Stage level 2.

After devouring, digesting and fusing together, the Azure Swallowing Python finally improved, and also gained the ability of the Blizzard Electric Eel to release electric currents.

Although it was slightly weaker than an electric eel, in such a close-combat situation, it could easily kill a warbeast of Heaven Stage level 1. When they first captured the electric eel, if it wasn't for Old Demon Wei who possessed a Photoelectric Demon Crocodile with the same electric attribute, he probably wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything.

The enormous Thorny Flower Python that was coiled around the Azure Swallowing python's body was scorched black in color, and many of the Thorny Flowers were rapidly withering.

The Thorny Flowers that had squeezed into the Azure Swallowing Python's esophagus also stopped moving.

Gradually, there was the trend to disintegrate.

"Hahaha!" Old Demon Wei laughed crazily, "Ignorant child, my Azure Swallowing Python is an invincible warbeast. How dare a small Thorny Flower fight against it?"

Actually, Old Demon Wei was a little worried earlier, afraid that the Azure Swallowing Python would not be able to defeat the Thorny Flower.

Although the opponent's Thorny Flower was very abnormal, in the end, it was only a plant warbeast. Even if it could ignore the poison acid liquid, it was still unable to resist the damage caused by the ice, fire, and electricity elements. The Thorny Flower was no longer a threat. Now, as long as he devoured that female Barbarian Cow with boundless brute force, he would win this battle.

As for the Spirit of Heaven Fire, Old Demon Wei didn't believe that it could cause him any damage.

Moreover, with the Photoelectric Demon Crocodile he was confident that he would be able to move a hundred times faster than the Spirit of Heaven Fire.

The spectators, Black Wind and Paksong, let out sighs of relief as well.

In the end, he was a powerhouse of Heaven Stage level 5. Although Old Demon Wei was too arrogant and noisy, his strength was still there and he had the ability to be arrogant!

Yue Yang watched quietly, temporarily not interfering with the battle of the Golden Crown Thorn Flower Queen.

The Queen grunted a little unhappily.

She pointed with her jade-like hand.

Countless Thorny Flowers emerged from the ground like a sea. Some formed towering trees, and some formed vines that weaved into a net.

Some of them had huge petals that spread open, revealing bizarre huge mouths.

"Fire!" Golden Crown Thorn Flower Queen issued her first order, just like the commander.

Lightning flashed in the thousands of Thorny Flower's mouths, then it gushed forth bolts of silver serpent-like electricity. Its target was the Azure Swallowing Python, which was about to break free, and directly bombarded its body. All of a sudden, the silver snakes danced chaotically, causing the entire sky to ring with a sound that made it sky into a silver world where people were unable to see things clearly… After the lightning had passed, other than a slight injury caused by lightning, the Azure Swallowing Python was almost completely unharmed.

After devouring and fusing with the Blizzard Electric Eel, it was already immune to thunder and lightning.

Old Demon Wei laughed maniacally.

"Haha …" The laughter echoed outside Black Wind City.

Black Wind, Paksong and the rest, couldn't laugh. Perhaps the Azure Swallowing Python could withstand the thunder, but what about the other warbeasts?

This little girl who commanded the Thorny Flower wasn't someone to be trifled with. If the electric current just now hadn't been aimed at the Azure Swallowing Python, but someone else, even a expert of Heaven Stage, wouldn't have been so easy to deal with.

"Hang him up, lash him for me!" The Queen was angry.

Little Hands cutely crossed her thin waist, her face full of anger. She felt very displeased that she was unable to quickly take down her enemy in front of Yue Yang. Her orders caused the entire sea of Thorny Flowers to move. Countless Flower Python ropes as huge as the Azure Swallowing Python hung the Azure Swallowing Python on the tree, then nearly ten thousand of them opened their mouths, ready to spit out …

Old Demon Wei laughed coldly in disdain. Didn't attacks just make the Python feel itchy?

However, what was unexpected was …

Even those Thorny Flower that had previously spat out electricity, what it spat out the second time was no longer electricity, but inferno flames … There were fireballs, fire bullets, fire pillars, fire snakes and fire dragons. Depending on the size of the thorns, the flames they spat out were also different in shape. There were nearly ten thousand thorns, but only one thing, the raging flames they spat out, was exactly the same. In an instant, the Azure Swallowing Python was shrouded in raging flames, enduring the extreme high temperature. The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen's jade-like fingers flicked three times, and nearly ten thousand Thorny Flowers sprayed out three times in a row.

Black Wind and the others were shocked and terrified.

Even though they were far away, they could still feel the high temperature of those flames.

One by one, they hurried to see Old Demon Wei, but the expression on his face was calm.

But when the flames dissipated, the Azure Swallowing Python was still unharmed.

"Hahahaha! My Python's skin can withstand temperatures three times higher than volcanic magma. Do you think its strength at the third level of Heaven Stage is useless? Such fire can no way harm my Python. What a joke!" Old Demon Wei threw his head back and laughed. Pang Man, Hoka, and Savi quickly flattered and complimented him as much as they could. Even the Master of Black Wind City gave him a thumbs up.

"Ah, this rotten snake is really amazing." Fatty Hai and Ye Kong gasped.

"…" Sky Execution, Dragon Emperor and the others also frowned.

This Azure Swallowing Python was indeed a little difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, it was the female Barbarian Cow and the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. If it was anyone else, they would have been defeated long ago.

On the distant city walls, the sexy and enchanting beauty that appeared yesterday had appeared again today. Her eyes were a little cunning. She had been looking at Yue Yang and didn't care about the Azure Swallowing Python's performance at all.

Against a woman's innate intuition, the Sky Disaster standing beside Yue Yang sensed it.

She stepped forward and gently held Yue Yang's arm.

This was my brother-in-law!

The Sky Disaster was somewhat of a demonstration. She made a provocative expression towards the distant city walls. How could Yue Yang not understand her thoughts? He told her to leave quickly: "Idiot, we're starting a war now, do you think we should start to eat? Why close up!" The purpose of Sky Disaster had already been achieved. She stuck out her tongue, indicating that she was a good girl, and retreated.

Standing on the other side of Yue Yang, the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen raised her little fist. "Fix it, I hate smelly snakes!"

Following her coquettish pout.

More thorns emerged from the ground.

Tens of thousands of Thorny Flowers of different sizes opened their huge mouths and sprayed out waves in their fifth time towards the Azure Swallowing Python that was hanging on the giant thorny tree.

This time, what came out was not electricity or fire, but ice water!

The Azure Swallowing Python's hot skin was sprayed by the extremely cool icy water. The scales on its skin immediately exploded, and a large amount of its skin fell off, revealing the muscles underneath the skin. Old Demon Wei's expression immediately changed, while Pang Man, Hoka and Savi, who were still flattering him, felt as if their mouths were stuffed with cow dung. Their expressions were unspeakably ugly. The Master of Black Wind City quickly put down his thumb. As for Paksong and the others, who were just about to pay their respects, secretly cursed in their hearts. Fortunately, they almost flattered the wrong one.

"Ahahaha, Duo Duo is so smart. Kill this rotten snake and see how mighty it is now!" Fatty Hai was so happy that he danced. He understood why the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen spat out three times when she knew it was useless. The reason was because she used the high-temperature energy conversion.

First, she scalded the skin of the Azure Swallowing Python until it was hot, then used ice water to give it a comfortable cold bath.

The effects came out.

When Old Demon Wei saw the wailing Azure Swallowing Python, he no longer cared about ultimate disgrace and immediately flew out. He charged into the sea of flowers, preparing to rescue his beloved warbeast.

Yue Yang, who had been waiting for him for too long, instantly blocked his path.


The speed of Yue Yang surprised Old Demon Wei.

With the help of Photoelectric Demon Crocodile, his speed was unparalleled among his peers. Other than the clown who was extremely fast, there was no one who could surpass him in terms of speed. Now, Old Demon Wei, who had risen to the fifth level of Heaven Stage, was even confident that he could surpass the clown. But did this human kid in front of him also good at speed?

Old Demon Wei was determined to use his speed to play tricks on his opponent.

Eat the dust!

Old Demon Wei, who was a hundred times faster than lightning, bypassed Yue Yang and towards his own Azure Swallowing Python. He was prepared to save his warbeast and then return to Yue Yang to ruthlessly ridicule his enemy's snail-like speed.

"Bang!" Old Demon Wei, who had just flown out ten meters, was surprised to find that something crashed into his face.

Yue Yang raised his leg.

The soles of his shoes were imprinting on the proud face of Old Demon Wei.

Black Wind and the others could barely see it, but when Old Demon Wei smashed his face into Yue Yang's shoes and was forced to stop, they were all stunned.

Old Demon Wei, who was known for his unparalleled speed, was actual being toyed with by his opponent's speed? This world was simply too crazy. Black Wind discovered that he was a little dizzy. Could it be that he had been sitting on the well and observing the heavens in the past? Or could it be that the experts of the Western Heaven Realm were truly this powerful?

"Dammit!" Old Demon Wei was greatly humiliated in front of his friends, and his heart was burning with rage.

With his maximum speed, he flashed behind Yue Yang.

He ferociously punched out.

Only by instantly killing this hateful human guy could he save his dignity.

His fist hit nothing.

Not good!

As the punch came crashing down, Old Demon Wei discovered that what he had hit was only a shadow. Old Demon Wei, who had just missed his attack, pounced forward and quickly fled. He felt that his opponent was attacking him from behind, using the same move as he did … If he allowed his enemies to successfully use the same move, then he would have no position in the Southern Heaven Realm. He would definite become a laughingstock of the Southern Heaven Realm!


Old Demon Wei helplessly discovered that his highest speed was still slightly slower than his opponent's.

As he fled, he turned his head and saw the opponent's fist shooting towards him like a meteor.

It hit him hard on the bridge of the nose.

That kind of pain was not just physical pain, but rather due to the humiliation in his heart … The fame that had built up over the years vanished with this punch!

Old Demon Wei quickly adjusted his body as it fell. He pressed his hand on the ground and prepared to spring up and use the strength of Heaven Stage level 5 to kill his opponent with force that was impossible for the opponent. In order to win back his dignity, he had ignored everything else … Just as his left hand was pressing down on the ground, his right hand gathered strength, and before he could even bounce up, he was shocked to discover a foot were right in front of him, rushing directly towards his face at high speed.

Old Demon Wei anxiously used his right hand to parry, but sorrowfully discovered that he was still a bit too slow.

He watched helplessly as he was kicked flying by his opponent. Although his strength was not that strong and his injuries were not heavy, the enormous humiliation made him wish he were dead …

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