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Long Live Summons! - C664 - War God Guard

Returning from the Black Hole Seal where Queen Fei Wenli lived, Yue Yang sat motionlessly for three days.

Everyone almost suspected that something was wrong with him.

At first, they thought that he was studying runes.

Later, then everyone realized that something was wrong indeed and sent Yue Yu to figure out.

Yue Yu cupped a bowl of porridge for Yue Yang and asked politely, "Did you encounter any problems within your practice? I couldn't figure it out for a while, but I found a way out after telling others about it. " Actually, Yue Yu still had a great knot in her heart. The mysteries of identity had not been solved yet. However, she dared not to think too much about it. She pretended to forget the contradictory conversation between her father Yue Shan and her fifth Grandfather. Now, she pretended to be oblivious and came to comfort Yue Yang because she was afraid that her brother wouldn't be able to figure it out. She was afraid that he wouldn't be able to leave through a bottleneck and cause everyone to worry. Of course, she believed that this clever younger brother had nothing in the world that could rarely get him baffled. This obstacle was tiny and surely temporary.

"I'm all right!" Yue Yang was stunned at first, then smiled and waved his hand, "I am only digesting the stuffs of my new realm. Ah! Did I sit for a long time? "

"Three days," said Yue Yu. When she saw that Yue Yang had returned to normal, she was filled with joy, and relaxed.

"I'm too focused." When Yue Yang returned, he couldn't wait to immerse himself in Sovereign Realm. He thus forgot to give Master of Luo Hua City and the rest a few words, and he had been completely focused on digesting for three days which made everyone worried.

"It's good that you're alright…You can continue. I'm just here to take a look. " Yue Yu thought that she had interrupted Yue Yang practicing and felt a bit guilty.

"I'm not in a hurry to train, but I've only just comprehended the Sovereign's Heart, so I'm too excited. That's why I have been like this. I promise won't happen again." Before Yue Yang could finish speaking, Yue Yu cried out in excitement, "Sovereign's Heart? You say you have comprehended the Sovereign's Heart? Ah, that's wonderful! " Yue Yu insensitively gave Yue Yang a big hug. Without waiting for Yue Yang's reaction, she immediately ran out to announce the good news to Master of Luo Hua City and the rest.

Of course, it caused a sensation.

Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian, the two girls who were pretending to practice but actually observing quietly, came rushing over.

Master of Luo Hua City, Hai Lan, Yue Bing, and Yi Nan had also heard the news and were joyous. Phoenix Fair Beauty who was currently taking a bath, even more so, had completely forgotten everything. She flew up from the water and couldn't wait to kiss Yue Yang for the award. Her bold actions made Yue Yu wild-eyed as she secretly felt ashamed of her inescapable limits.

Sky Disaster had a bit more reserved manner. She wiped her body randomly, drenched the bathrobe, shouted 'Long live brother-in-law' and rushed to join the fun.

Drunken Cat Sister couldn't help but feel agitated.

Her mouth curled.

To show that she didn't care about it.

However, she didn't stop the Little Panda Girl Niuniu to follow the little girl to rush to Yue Yang. She pretended to cultivate and eavesdropped on the distant cheers from the crowd.

About the fact that Yue Yang had comprehended Sovereign's Heart, not to mention they felt joyful, it also delighted Night Empress and Zhi Zun.

They came one after the other. Night Empress talked a lot with Yue Yang.

Regardless of whether Yue Yang could memorize it, she would first imbue him with all sorts of knowledge.

Zhi Zun didn't say too much, just few word, "This is just the beginning!" It was a great compliment from her. Unlike Night Empress, Zhi Zun brought him Dragon Ladies from Eastern Goblin Tribe as present, who were War God Guards. Yue Yang with his comprehension of Sovereign's Heart had truly been approved.

Of course, Yue Yang had surely come up with something without guessing.

The crescent-shaped silver ornament that they had presented him before would definitely need Sovereign's Heart while using or sealing.

The Dragon Ladies had never followed their master Yue Yang like the other Senior Combat Imperial Guards, which must because it can benefit nothing before Yue Yang reached Sovereign Realm. Yue Yang didn't expect what kind of energy the crescent-shaped silver ornament would bring to him, but now he realized that Zhi Zun, Night Empress and Dragon Ladies all had been waiting for him to ascend to Sovereign Realm after all. They must don't want to put him in of his anxiety back earlier and explained nothing to him.

"I'm Yao. You are our master, and we will protect you with our lives! " That serious elder Dragon Lady called herself Yao.

"We have strong ability!" The cute younger Dragon Lady named herself Yu.

Zhi Zun didn't say anything, but when Yue Yang pulled out the crescent-shaped silver ornament, she nodded slightly.

And then she left.

What was the use of this white silver accessory?

Yue Yang was perplexed, but suddenly struck by a thought.

Could this thing be the same as the black jade necklace that sealed Queen Fei Wenli?

There are powerful enemies or experts sealed inside? Or treasure? Holy book? Or a Devine beast? Could it be the Devine blood and the Martial Soul?

Yue Yang's heart flopped over. What Dragon Ladies had presented to him was more than a silver accessory!

"Our current strength is only equivalent to a human warrior's power of Innate level 8. Without Holy Book, we can't bring you much help. However, we as War God Guards of Eastern Goblin Tribe, as long as we signed Blood Drop Contract with our master and thus removed the ancestor's expulsion, will be able to obtain forgiveness from our tribe. When we re-inherited the Immortal bloodline, our strength will greatly increase. I believe we can protect you better. " The elder Dragon Lady said that the Immortal bloodline was sealed within the little white silver accessory in Yue Yang's hands.

"Mm, our War God Guard has inherited the Immortal Bloodline, and can also transform into a Divine Weapon of the Adults in battle!" The words of yonger Dragon Lady were stunned Yue Yang.

The Blood Winged Angel next to the Zhi Zun was her War God Guard!

However, how could the Blood Winged Angel be the Eastern Immortal Tribe? And how did he have two War God Guard?

The more Yue Yang thought about it, the more mysteries he had, and he simply didn't want to, since there were many things that he could not find out now. Now, the only thing to do was to bind the Dragon Ladies' Blood Drop Contract and remove their Remote ancestor's curse.

The process of the Blood Drop Contract was very complicated. It was the first to draw a unique contract rune on the Summoning Grimoire, and the two women's foreheads as well.

Then, Yue Yang used the Sovereign Realm to contract with them …

It was impossible to succeed without comprehending the Sovereign's Heart. No wonder they hadn't come looking for Yue Yang before, preferring to accompany Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian to practice their cultivation. Xue Wuxia and the Princess Qian Qian knew all about the Blood Drop Contract, and they all backed out of the door, telling everyone to do what they needed to do.

Hearing their words, the ladies scattered.

They were busy.

Yue Yang, who was trying his best to remain in the Sovereign Realm, discovered that his energy flowed into the bodies of the Dragon Ladies one by one. His mind also merged with them, and his innate energy circulated in their bodies.

The Flames of Nirvana burned the body of the Dragon Ladies, allowing them to shed the old body and cleanse it.

The blood contract was very long.

However, this fusion would not fail one by one. With Yue Yang as the leader and two women as the backup, the three of them would be one.

Yue Yang had the illusion that the two women were a part of his body, a special extension, even more real than the guardian beast that Shadow had … His own thoughts, the two girls couldn't understand, but the two women's thoughts were clearly reflected in Yue Yang's mind. It could be said that no matter what Yue Yang wanted to do, he didn't need to speak. As long as he thought, they could accept and faithfully execute them. As long as this guard, who completely relied on the will of his master, could be called a warlord, he could only call it a War god guard!

The golden light was raising the Summoning Grimoire.

The Summoning Grimoire flipped through.

The content displayed was different from that of normal warbeasts, and it was also different from the guardian beast.

War god guard was a very special existence. They were as loyal as the guardian beasts of life and separated from life and death. They also had independent growth tendencies like ordinary martial artists. They didn't need to participate in the master's battle, and they could cultivate their own cultivation.

The most special thing was that because his mind was as calm as his master's, the War God guard could turn into a Divine Weapon and assist his master in the fight.

This was an ability that neither ordinary warbeasts nor most of the guardian beasts of life could.

Because of the purification of the Flames of Nirvana, the Dragon Ladies were not shy. Instead, they tightly embraced each other. The dragon wings on their backs was gradually appeared when the Remote ancestor's curse, melted into their souls. As they did, the dragon wings dissipated and became invisible. The three ancient runes that Yue Yang had drawn on them … Yue Yang didn't understand why he would do that. In his heart, there was only that kind of inspiration, as if he had some power and intelligence.

When Yue Yang dripped blood on the crescent-shaped , it shattered.

An indescribable force assaulted her face.

It easily penetrated Yue Yang.

However, the strange thing was that Yue Yang didn't suffer the slightest injury. On the contrary, his body seemed to have an inexplicable feeling of comfort, as if he had obtained some sort of conclusion, and it was as if his soul had been aroused by his understanding of the Sovereign's Heart …

Yue Yang closed his eyes, but he could still clearly see that the inheritance power was actually two one, not one.

They were two perfect powers, one on two.

It was like a bird, but it only had one wing to the right and the left.

How beautiful.

As Yue Yang's body flew back and forth, the Qilin girl, who had run out, cried out involuntarily, "It's the lovebirds, how can there be the power of the lovebirds?" Had there been a big war before? "

The two of them merged into Yue Yang's body.

Scattered around the left and right arms, it was transmitted to the Dragon Ladies.

The female Dragon Ladies all let out a scream when they obtained the inheritance of power of the lovebirds. Their voices were as beautiful as the heavenly sounds, and they directly shuddered at their souls.

Even Xue Wuxia outside of them had been stunned for a long time when they heard this, and their minds recovered. Qilin girl Bing Yin pouted her cute little mouth and helped Yue Yang. She extended her hand to his body and poured a large amount of pure energy into her, allowing him to quickly complete the contract. The Dragon Ladies turned into golden light as they bowed to the Qilin and returned to the Grimoire World to rest … Before completely grasping the power of the inheritance, they believed that they still had a long period of rest. Of course, compared to Jiang Ying that had inherited the power of the Dragon God Sovereign, they would be much better off as a war god guard.

"Thank you, girl, you're still cute sometimes!" Yue Yang thought that he would die from exhaustion, but he didn't expect that he would be able to complete the ceremony.

"Ah, you're a madman…" The Qilin girl Bing Yin saw Yue Yang's naked body and covered her face as she ran away.

She was shy!

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