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Chapter 1779 Let your chrysanthemum wash

He looked serious.

He was seen through in all seriousness.


From time to time, screams could be heard coming from the outer sect of god rare sect.

The screams were extremely sharp, as if they were unparalleled.

The screams did not stop until the afternoon.

Long Fei sat on a rock and looked into the distance. His eyes were filled with frustration and frustration, as if he no longer had any hope in life.


He had never experienced such a failure.

During the entire day, he did not even touch the corner of the Bawang Hua's clothes, but he himself …

His body was covered with wounds, and there was not a single piece of good meat on his body. Green and purple, it was as if he had been brutally treated, even worse than slaves.

How miserable was this?

On the other side, the Bawang Hua was smiling like a flower. Seeing Long Fei's expression, she smiled beautifully, pretended to be flirtatious, and said: "Junior Brother, teach me again, I really want to teach me something."

"Just teach me again."

Long Fei wanted to cry, and said: "This will do for today, go back and properly comprehend it. Next time … Oh... I won't be free next time. "

There won't be a next time.

Never again.

Long Fei was about to have a trauma over his big chest.

Bawang Hua walked over and sat beside Long Fei while holding back his laughter, and asked: "Junior Brother, are you really not going to teach me anymore?"

"You've already graduated, there's no need to teach." Long Fei said.

He had to say it.

Bawang Hua's learning speed was very fast, and she was also in a flirtatious position. In martial-arts arena, she could not hit Long Fei, but now … It was almost impossible to dodge.

He didn't know if it was due to the anti-wolves effect.

The Bawang Hua himself could feel this point. Even though he had seen through Long Fei's thoughts, he did not dare to thank Long Fei in his heart.


She had been laughing the whole day while training with Long Fei.

In a comfortable mood, people learn much faster.

Bawang Hua suddenly quieted down, turning her face to look at Long Fei's face.

The blade was ordinary.

A bit handsome.

Under the afterglow of the setting sun, it gave people a feeling of haziness.

All of a sudden, she said in a strange tone, "If you want to touch my chest, then chase after me."

After saying that, her face turned red.

His heart trembled, and he thought to himself: "Bawang Hua, oh Bawang Hua, how can you say such words? Are you in heat or lust? "

"Are you crazy?"

He couldn't help it.

She was completely unable to control herself as she was attracted by the unique aura on Long Fei's body.

Looking at Long Fei's shoulder, she especially wanted to lean on it to have a good rest. Long Fei's shoulder seemed to be filled with temptation.

This was a feeling that she couldn't even put her finger on.

Long Fei raised his eyes and was shocked. He turned around and looked at Bawang Hua and asked: "Is that okay?"

But right at this moment.

Bawang Hua had already run far away. He nodded and said two words, "Alright!"

Then it disappeared.

Long Fei laughed, "You've gotten lucky again?"

He had to say it.

Long Fei's body had an aura that could captivate women. This aura was innate, and would cause one to be unable to extricate themselves, causing women to be subconsciously attracted to him.

This aura was passed down to his mother.

The unique charm of the Holy Maiden was inherited.

Thus …

Any woman who fell in love with him would be unable to bear falling into it.

Long Fei looked in the direction that the Bawang Hua had disappeared in and smiled slightly.


Thinking about what Li Yuanqing had said in the morning, he had to rush back to the gathering to report before 6 PM.

Long Fei immediately rushed over to the miscellaneous department.

… ….

"As a nominal disciple, you have to understand the identity of the nominal disciple. Then, you should understand what you are trying to do. If anyone of you are going against me, I will make it difficult for you!"

Li Yuanqing said fiercely.

The matter of Long Fei in the martial-arts arena today had caused him to be insulted and scolded by the elders of the room of martial arts training s. He was in a very bad mood.

At this moment.

Long Fei ran in, and said: "Sir Manager, my apologies, I practiced with Senior Sister too late, and I came back late."

Li Yuanqing glared and shouted: "I was talking about you just now. You made such a big deal out of me on the first day. Long Fei, I'm warning you, if you make it difficult for me, I'll make you get the hell out of here, understand?"

Long Fei smiled apologetically: "I understand, I understand."

Towards this kind of man who didn't have a duck's voice, Long Fei didn't need to bother.

Li Yuanqing coldly snorted, and said: "That's more like it."

Long Fei casually asked, and said: "Master Supervisor, my contribution points today …"

Without waiting for Long Fei to finish.

Li Yuanqing asked coldly: "Contribution points? You still want contribution points? Are you dreaming? "

"Because you came back late, so your contribution points were deducted."

Contribution Points were very useful in god rare sect.

It was equivalent to a type of currency, which was even more useful than Divine Spirit Pills. A nominal disciple could also earn contribution points, accumulating enough contribution points to be able to exchange for a quota of official disciples.

Five contribution points were not a lot, but it was a number that many nominal disciples could only earn in a month.

was directly swallowed by Li Yuanqing.

Long Fei was indeed a little unhappy in his heart.

Many of the surrounding disciples were gloating while secretly laughing.

"A rookie from the first day still wants contribution points?"

"In your dreams?"

"Why don't you take a look at yourself? If you don't have the mission given to you by the general director, do you think you can still earn contribution points?"

… ….

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly and relaxed them slightly, then said: "Master Manager, we're out of contribution points, so we should at least eat, right? It's been a day since I ate. "

He was really hungry.

He was locked up for a day without eating.

After training for the entire day, he was exhausted and had not eaten yet.


Li Yuanqing sneered, and said: "You want to eat something? Look for yourself, I'm not your father! "


Long Fei clenched his fist again, and an explosive sound was heard.

Li Yuanqing didn't mind at all, he waved his hand and said: "Disband today, we'll continue tomorrow."

And then …

Li Yuanqing left.

Long Fei pulled a senior disciple and asked: "Senior Brother, where does Master Manager live?"

As he spoke, he took out a Divine Spirit Pill.

The Senior Brother said, "You want to bribe the Head Supervisor? It seems like you're quite sensible, kid. There's a separate courtyard on the east side, and beyond that is the forest. "

"Thank you, Senior Brother!"

Long Fei smiled slightly, and thought to himself: "Swallowing my contribution points, why aren't you giving me food, telling me to not touch you, but can't I do it in secret?"

Long Fei was extremely vengeful.

If it was possible, it was a hatred that did not exist overnight!

In the dead of night!

It was completely silent.

Long Fei came to Li Yuanqing's courtyard with his face covered.

He could only hear the miserable cries of a few men coming from the courtyard … It couldn't be called a scream, but it could also be called a comfortable moan.

"Holy sh * t!"

"Old pervert!"

Long Fei took out another pitch black pellet from his bosom. "Have your chrysanthemum take a bath tonight!"

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