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Chapter 278: Xiao Zuo and Grandpa’s raid

Fang Chixia’s separation policy has been attempted many times after their marriage, but the number of her success was far and in between.

The same was true tonight.

However, she hadn’t had high hopes in this regard. Sleeping in another room was just spoken thoughtlessly. If Luo Yibei were to let her go so easily, she’d be even more surprised.

Truth to tell, sleeping together with Luo Yibei, so long as he wouldn’t boss her around too much, Fang Chixia wouldn’t utter a word of dissent.

Marriage was done, what should be done has been done. So, rejecting afterwards was too shallow.

Luo Yibei liked to sleep with his arms around her, or in a very domineering posture, arms around her waist. Her hand will also be pulled up around his neck.

This unusually intimate posture, which Fang Chixia found indecorous before would have been rebuffed.

Later, it was probably that she got used to it. Several times, he need not initiate pulling her, her arms would naturally wound themselves up.

This time was the same too.

Luo Yibei paid attention no her movements and was a bit taken aback.

When realization came, his lips twitched but nothing was said.

The two people slept in this unusually harmonious sleeping position. But early the next day, the buzzing sound of Luo Yibei’s phone suddenly woke them up.

The vibrating sound of “dudu toot” continued, hinting that the caller might be in a hurry.

Fang Chixia opened her eyes dazedly and looked out of the window, where the sky wasn’t bright yet.

“Your phone!” She shove Luo Yibei around her and tried to wake him up. Luo Yibei just took her arms and leaned over, burying his face in her neck. He even took a bite at her and continued to slumber.

He obviously has heard it.

Moreover, with his keen sense of hearing, she was woken up. How could he not be completely aware.

Fang Chixia knew that he just didn’t want to pay attention to it.

Since he has no intent of answering, it was his phone call. She needn’t care about it.

Furthermore, it was just too early. It was at most five in the morning.

Ignoring the buzzing phone, Fang Chixia wrapped herself in the sheets and closed her eyes.

The phone on the sofa continued shaking.

She was not sure how long the intervals were, but finally it stopped.

Fang Chixia woke up again after more than an hour, stumbled, and was awakened by a burst of footsteps downstairs.

The clear footsteps of two people were accompanied by a childish tender voice, “Grandpa, we just came over without prior notice. Do you think brother Yibei will be suprised?”

“Have you ever seen a surprised look on his face ?” A steady male voice answered him.

“Grandpa, you are too frank. Don’t be so direct, hehe!”

“I’m just telling the truth.”

The dialogue between the two people was very brief, but sounded very familiar.

Xiao Zuo and Luo Enqi!

At this point in time, hearing these two voices, Fang Chixia sobered up in an instant as if splashed with a bucket of cold water. All the drowsiness were swept without a trace.

Xiao Zuo and Grandpa are here?

The footsteps between the hallways were getting closer and closer, seemingly heading in their direction.

Fang Chi Xia was scared silly and her face paled in the blink of an eye. How could they be in Nice at this time?

She perked her ears nervously, listening to the footsteps that were getting closer and closer. her heart went “squeak” and “squeak,” thumping in anxiety.

“Luo Yibei, wake up! Your grandpa’s here! What should I do?” Shaking the man around her, Fang Chixia exclaimed in panic.

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